Best Longboards for Cruising Around

5 Longboards for Cruising, Commuting, and Carving

Whether you are new to longboarding, or just want to find the right longboard for cruising around the town, we have the best one for you right here.

So let’s get right to it. These are the best longboards for cruising.

The Longboard to Get for Cruising

Arbor Axis 40″ Flagship Longboard Complete

Arbor Axis 40

The Arbor 40inch Flagship Longboard is an 8ply Canadian Maple longboard that is phenomenal for cruising. Arbor drew from its snowboarding roots to create a board that is smooth and grippy while remaining durable. This will cruise effortlessly on your commutes and feel mellow as you are charging downhill.

This is a complete that comes with:

  • Paris Reverse 50° 180mm trucks
  • Arbor Easyrider 69mm 78a wheels
  • AABEC 5 Bearings with Spacers
  • Clear Grip Tape

If you are looking for a longboard that will feel like you are cruising on a cloud, get the 40″ Arbor longboard.


  • Quality / Stability
  • Cruises effortlessly
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Grippy 69/mm 78a wheels


  • ABEC 5 bearings could use some grease and time to break in


Deck Length 40″ , Deck Width 8.75″, Wheel Base 30.5″

The Budget Longboard for Cruising (Under $100)

Atom Pintail Longboard 39″

Atom Pintail Longboard 39

The 39-inch Atom Pintail longboard is perfect for beginners who want a board to cruise with that won’t break the bank. This has the traditional pintail shape. It is flat with a slightly narrower tail than the nose. The deck is made of 8-ply maple, and it has inserts to avoid wheel bite and keep you cruising smoothly. The deck is on the stiffer side with only about a one-inch flex. That stable flex pattern is perfect for a beginner just beginning to get their footing as they cruise.

This is on the lower end. However, it can be perfect for a beginner who wants to cruise. To keep the cost low, Atom used components that will cruise well. However, you might need to get a new newer set of wheels and bearings as these wear down after a few months.

The Atom Pintail Longboard comes with:

  • 8.5 inch aluminum trucks
  • Atom 65mm 78a wheels
  • AABEC 5 Bearings with Spacers
  • Grip Tape
  • Riser

If you are looking for a cruising longboard under $100, get the Atom Pintail longboard.


  • Cheap price and still works for cruising.
  • Grippy Cruise wheels – 65mm / 78A


  • The wheels are cruise friendly. They won’t work well for slides.
  • This is more for cruising than anything. You will have a harder time doing tricks with this one.


Deck Length 39″, Deck Width 9.4″, Wheel Base 29.5″

Longboards For Commuting All Terrain

Sector 9 Mosaic Dropper Longboard

Sector 9 Mosaic Dropper Longboard

The Sector 9 Mosaic Dropper Longboard is the go-to board for smooth cruising over all types of terrain. This longboard is perfect for your commute because it will cruise smoothly over everything from roads with rock salt, bumpy sidewalks and even sewer grates. The Mosaic Dropper has an 8ply maple drop-through design deck with a mellow kick in the nose and tail. This longboard has a smooth feel with excellent stability. The Mosaic Dropper is stable enough to carve down hills if you wanted to.

The Sector 9 Mosaic Dropper Longboard comes with:

  • Ply Maple 41″ Sector 9 Mosaic Dropper Deck
  • 10.0” Gullwing Reverse Kingpin Trucks
  • 70mm 78a Nineball Wheels
  • ABEC 5 Blaze Bearings with Built-In Spacers
  • 1.125” Truss Head Steel Bolts
  • Extra Grippy Grip Tape

If you are looking for a cruising longboard that can power through all types of conditions on your commute, get the Sector 9 Mosaic Dropper.


  • The Sector 9 Pro Quality
  • Carveability – The 10″ reverse kingpin trucks are perfect for big surf style carves.
  • The smooth feel of the 70mm 78a Nineballs for cruising smoothly and still slide perfectly for slides.


  • It is on the more expensive side.


Deck Length 41″, Deck Width 9.625″, Wheel Base 29.0″

Longboards For Sliding

Landyachtz Drop Cat Vibes Longboard

Landyachtz Drop Cat Vibes Longboard

The Landyachtz Drop Cat Vibes 38″ Longboard has the perfect set up to cruise through the city streets. This Longboard is perfect for learning to carve and slide because it has a rocker type that naturally keeps your feet in a balanced, stable position. Additionally, the Drop Cat Vibes 38″ comes with the perfect wheels for sliding, the Hawgs Plow King 72mm 78a wheels. These wheels are a do it all type high rebound urethane wheel. These have a wider surface and are stoneground specifically to help them slide. The larger surface area makes for the smoothest ride you will ever have while still being able to slide and carve easily. You will be connecting turns on this in no time.

The Landyachtz Drop Cat Vibes 38″ Longboard comes with:

  • 8-Ply Canadian Maple Drop Through Rocker Deck
  • Landyachtz Gen 6 Grizzly 180mm Trucks
  • Hawgs 72mm Plow King Wheels
  • Space Balls ABEC 7 Bearings
  • Grip Tape
  • Hardware

Watch this overview video to learn more.

If you are looking for a super smooth cruising longboard that can connect turns and slide beautifully, then get the Landyachtz Drop Cat Vibes 38″ Longboard.


  • Increased stability
  • Rocker of the deck is comfortable and will help you carve
  • The wheels will help you slide while feeling incredibly smooth.
  • The components used in this are all pro quality and paired specifically for sliding and carving.


  • It is also on the expensive side, and well worth it. This is the one board to get.


Deck Length 38.6″, Deck Width 9.9″, Wheel Base 28.3″

An Excellent Deal On a Longboard for Cruising

Santa Cruz Sundown Pintail Cruiser

Santa Cruz Sundown Pintail Cruiser

If you are looking for a phenomenal deal on a longboard that is perfect for cruising, check out the Santa Cruz Pintail Cruiser. This sale is for a complete longboard set up from Santa Cruz Skateboards. This comes factory assembled with professional quality components for around $150. It is an insanely good deal.

The “Sundown” Pintail Cruiser Longboard is perfect for beginners who want to learn to longboard and cruise on their commute. The deck is made of a stable 9-ply maple. The 72mm 78a wheels will feel incredibly smooth, and the Bullet 180mm trucks will help you get super tight turns for your carves.

The Sundown Pintail Longboard comes with:

  • Santa Cruz 9 ply maple deck
  • Bullet 180mm RKP trucks
  • Slimeballs 72mm 78a wheels
  • Shielded Abec 3 bearings
  • Riser pads
  • Clear Grip Tape
  • Hardware


  • Strong Santa Cruz 9-Ply Concave Deck
  • Carves well / Can make tight turns
  • So smooth for cruising thanks to Slime 72mm 78a wheels


  • The extra maple ply makes it slightly heavier than some of the other decks on the list. (It is stronger, though.)
  • Bearings might need to be changed out after a few months. They are cheap to replace.


Deck Length 39″, Deck Width 9.58″, Wheel Base 27″

Here are the best longboards for cruising in 2022: