Game Tribute: Wakeboarding Unleashed

Last updated on April 9th, 2021 at 11:30 am

This is a tribute to the best wakeboard game on the planet, Wakeboarding Unleashed. Now go fire up that ps2, do a front roll to a switch front boardslide, and join me in appreciating the game.

Wakeboarding Unleashed is in the same style of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, only you wakeboard rather than skate. Here is what the game looked like back in 2003.


Where to Buy Wakeboarding Unleashed?

Wakeboarding Unleashed is still available for sale on amazon here.

Riders In the Game

Shaun Murray

Shaun Murray is the definition of style. This two-time world champion wakeboarder is one of the O.G.s. His smooth form and laid-back riding have given him the nickname, “House of Style.” Much like other riders, Shaun started on skis, but all that Changed after one trip on the wakeboard. Riding professionally for the last six years, Shaun has proven to be a perfect ambassador for the sport of wakeboarding.

Boards Used:
2003 Belmont 141
DNA 2003 Belmont 131
BIO 2003 Belmont 141 BIO

Parks Bonifay

Parks received a Guinness World Record when he became the youngest person to waterski at six months of age. A lot has changed in the last twenty years. Parks now finds himself on the cutting edge of this blossoming sport. His fearless style of riding and insane slider abilities rank him at the top of everyone’s list of best wakeboarders.

Boards Used:
2003 Parks 138 BIO
2003 Parks 143 BIO
2003 Parks 133 DNA

Dallas Friday

Dallas Friday came onto the wake-boarding scene at the tender age of thirteen and immediately made an impact. With an extensive background in gymnastics, Dallas is able to launch herself and pull off moves that most other riders dream about. She’s a World Cup, Gravity Games and Pro Tour Champion wakeboarder and an all-time heartbreaker. She’s Dallas Friday and she means business.

Boards Used:
Myth 126
03 Custom 142
2003 Rail 132
Jet Board

Tara Hamilton

Watch your back ladies, Tara has come to play. Tara pretty much set the pace of women’s wakeboarding for four years, but a bum heel kept her out of events in 2001 and 2002. This season Tara plans to come back in a big way, healed and ready to go.

Boards Used:
Raku 131
Subarshii 135 (Rail Balance, Air Control)
Karmic 135 (Carve Balance, Turning)
Jet Board (Thrust when not holding Rope)

Cobe Mikacich

“The Mikker” is one of the premier ambassadors for the sport of wakeboarding. Oh yeah, he’s not too shabby on a board, either. 2002 was a comeback year for Cobe, who sustained a major knee injury the previous season. Cobe’s been riding since 1990 and has competed in numerous professional tournaments. He also runs his own summer tour where he gives people in the wake-boarding community a chance to ride with the pros and learn the basics of riding.

Boards Used:
2003 Cobe 142
2003 Cobe 137 Cirrus
2003 Cobe 137
Jet Board

Darin Shapiro

Darin has been involved in the competitive end of the sport since the beginning, and has won every title possible in wakeboarding. He takes the sport seriously and is partly responsible for its recent ascent in the ranks of extreme sports. He practices hard and rides even harder. He also produces his own music in a recording studio in his house. If you ever run into him, make sure to ask for one of his CDs.

Boards Used:
2003 Shapiro 138 Cirrus
2003 Shapiro 143
2002 Shapiro 138
Jet Board

Collin Wright

Mainstream and Collin Wright are two things that don’t go together. Collin sets his own pace in the sport of wakeboarding. Known to his friends as “C-Dub,” Collin can be found at Mt. Hood in the winter and various waterways and skateparks in the summer. Collin also runs his own production company from which he produces his own wakeboarding videos.

Boards Used:
Dorado 141
Cosmic 143
Show Stopper 143
Jet Board

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