Wakeboarding FAQ

A Beginners Wakeboarding FAQ Guide

I am brand new to wakeboarding and wanted to compile a list of the questions I had along with their short answers. I’ll add to this as I learn more.

How Much Do Wakeboards Cost?

For a board with bindings package, you will spend approximately $400 – $600 for your first wakeboard. Wakeboards can range in price anywhere from $150 up to $900 depending on the technology built into them. Bindings for your wakeboard will have a price range from $180 up to $620.

Do Wakeboards Need Bindings?

Yes, Wakeboards do require bindings. These are the attachments that hold your feet to your board. These are also called wakeboard boots. They are a vital piece of your set up because they are your connection to your board. Depending on your riding style, you might want a flexible pair or prefer bindings on the stiffer side. The benefit is the level of maneuverability for doing tricks vs the stability to go fast.

There is a separate water board sport called wakeskating; those boards do not require bindings. See what a wakeskate board looks like here.

Which Wakeboard Should I Get To Start Out?

To start wakeboarding, you will need first to learn your recommended wakeboard size. For that, use our wakeboard size calculator. Once you know your size, get a wakeboard that is well-reviewed. Any of the boards on our best wakeboards of 2021 list is one I would recommend. We also have a guide specifically for the best beginner friendly wakeboards. Any of the boards on that list will serve you well.

When Do New Wakeboards Come Out for the Next Season?

The new release wakeboards tend come out between the middle of August through November. We do our best to cover the best wakeboards of the season right here.

How Long Do Wakeboards Last

A wakeboard’s lifespan varies based on its construction, how you ride, and how often you use it. It is unlikely that your board will break or become less buoyant. Instead, it is more likely that your board will get softer and loses its spring-like pop over time.

To get the most air you can, you will want a board that springs back to its original shape, offering you as much pop just as the first time you road it. Because of the loss of pop, most riders replace their boards every two seasons.

Do Wakeboards Come With Bindings?

Generally, no. Wakeboards and bindings are usually sold separately. Sometimes retailers will sell a “package” of a wakeboard that also comes with bindings. To know if you are buying a package, the product’s title will usually specify that it comes with bindings.

Do Wakeboards Have Weight Limits?

Yes. Wakeboards have suggested weight limits to help ensure they float and perform properly. Here is a general chart to help you ensure you are matching your weight to the proper sized board. Check out our wakeboards size calculator to learn more.

General Wakeboard Size Chart

WeightSize of Wakeboard
 Under 100lbs130cm and below
90lbs to 150lbs130cm through 134cm
130lbs up to 180lbs135cm through 139cm
170lbs up to 250lbs140cm through 144cm
200lbs – 275lbs144cm and up

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