About Us

Board of the World is an online skateboard and snowboard shop specializing in writing gear reviews. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect gear. We meticulously review the latest snowboards, skateboards, and wakeboards, sharing the knowledge you need to make informed decisions so you can spend more time riding and skating.

Board of the World, often written as boardoftheworld, began in by Steve Weber as a response to his frustration with the lack of accurate and reliable online reviews for skateboarding and snowboarding gear online. Steve recognized the need for a platform that could provide trustworthy information to fellow skateboarders and snowboarders, assisting them in making well-informed choices when buying gear. 

Today, the Board of the World has become a go-to hub for reviewing board sports gear, and it’s trusted by many skaters and riders when they’re deciding what items to buy.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Steve Weber!

By day, I’m an internet marketer, but by night and weekend, I’m a passionate skateboarder and snowboarder. I’ve been shredding the pavement since I was 13 years old (yeah, that’s a long time ago), and even though I’m pushing 40 now, I still love carving up the streets and slopes just as much as I ever did.

steve weber from board of the world

Board of the World is for all of you out there who are like me: older, average riders who just love to get out there and enjoy the feeling of wind in your hair and adrenaline pumping through your veins. I’m not a pro, and I definitely don’t get to snowboard in the best conditions here on the East Coast (icy patches, anyone?), but still, that doesn’t stop me from having a blast every time I go out to ride.

Steve Weber from Board of the World doing a nosepress

I’m here to share my experiences, tips, and tricks for getting the most out of skateboarding and snowboarding, even if you’re not sponsored or living in the Alps. I’ll also be writing about gear, events, and anything else that catches my eye in the world of action sports.

Steve Weber from Board of the World doing a backside tailslide

So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, I welcome you to join me on this ride. Let’s talk boards, shred some gnar, and maybe even learn a few new things along the way.

If you have a board that should be part of the reviews, contact me. I’d love to test it out.