Hi my name is Steve Weber. By day I am an internet marketer, and by nights and weekends, I love to skate and snowboard.

I would consider myself in the older skateboard and snowboard crowd. At the time of writing I am 37. I started skating when I was 13 and kept at it until I was 24. I started again recently. I am by no means an expert. I do this for the fun of it.

Here is why I created this blog.

Board of the world is a skateboard and snowboard review blog. My main motivations for creating this site were twofold.

First, I spend so much money on skateboard and snowboard gear that I wanted to review the gear I was using myself.

The second reason is that by day I am a full time search engine optimization consultant. I need a website that I can use as an example or testing playground. This is my website and passion project for that.

If you have a board that should be part of the reviews, contact me and I’d love to test it out.