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How We Test and Review Gear

Board of the World began in 2020 by Steve Weber as a response to his frustration with the lack of accurate and reliable online reviews for skateboarding and snowboarding gear online. Steve recognized the need for a platform that could provide trustworthy information to fellow skateboarders and snowboarders, assisting them in making well-informed choices when buying gear. 

Today, the Board of the World has become a go-to hub for reviewing board sports gear, and it’s trusted by many skaters and riders when they’re deciding what items to buy.

Our Commitment to Our Readers

People who visit this website make their buying choices based on our knowledge, suggestions, and the details we give them. As our readers rely on us for accurate reviews, we maintain independence from brands and offer straightforward and honest opinions on all the board sports products we evaluate.

With that said, our ability to provide accurate, in-depth reviews is a result of our thorough testing methodology. Our team extensively tests numerous pieces of snowboard, skateboard, and wakeboard gear each year, testing each in all types of conditions. Each item is rigorously tested for a minimum of one week before we write our review. Additionally, if our review is labeled or titled with the words “in-depth,” it means that it is for a piece of gear that our team used regularly throughout an entire season.

Our testing methodology enables us to push each piece of gear to its limits so we can uncover any potential weaknesses or shortcomings and highlight any standout features or benefits. This approach is tailored to each specific board sport, the intended use of the item, or any unique characteristics associated with the product.

Now, let’s dive into how we conduct testing in various categories of gear.

How We Test And Review

How We Test Snowboards

We don’t just ride each snowboard for a minimum of one week; we thoroughly test each snowboard in the conditions it’s meant for.

We focus on 14 main points in our reviews: how good the board is for riding at resorts, how well it floats in powder, how well it turns, how responsive it is, how damp it feels, how fast it rides, how it handles icy or bumpy terrain, how it rides both regular and switch, how well it does tricks on rails, how it performs during jumps, how much “pop” it has, its overall durability and quality, how it does with tricks on flat ground, and how fun it is to ride in its category.

Our goal is always to provide detailed and accurate information to help you find the best snowboard for your specific needs and style of riding. Keep in mind that the top snowboards can work well for any rider as long as they meet your requirements.

An excellent snowboard should perform well in various conditions and terrains, from smooth trails to deep powder to steep backcountry slopes. It should also be durable and dependable, capable of enduring regular use without breaking or degrading its performance. Finally, an excellent snowboard should be worth its price tag, meaning that it should be made with high-quality materials and construction and provide the rider with a good value for their money.

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How We Test Skateboards

We don’t just ride each skateboard for a week; we put each deck through thorough testing tailored to its intended style of skating.

Our skateboard reviews revolve around six key aspects:

  1. The deck’s overall shape and feel.
  2. The deck’s overall strength.
  3. How well it slides and performs for ledge tricks.
  4. The amount of pop it offers.
  5. Its value for the money.
  6. The overall quality of the deck.

Our primary goal is to offer you detailed and accurate information to assist you in finding the perfect skateboard deck. Keep in mind that the finest skate decks can work well for any skater as long as they meet your specific needs.

A top-notch skateboard should be durable enough to endure the demands of street skating, including being dropped, stomped on, and scraped. Additionally, an outstanding should justify its price by offering a great value for your money.

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Our Team

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Affiliate Disclosure

Sometimes, when you make a purchase using the links on our website, we receive affiliate commissions from retailers. However, it’s important to note that if you buy a product and then decide to return it to the retailer, we won’t earn any commission on that transaction.

We want to make it clear that our recommendations are based on the quality of the products, and whether or not we have an affiliate relationship with a retailer does not influence our recommendations. Our primary commitment is always to our readers. We’ve communicated to all our retail partners that our top priority is providing trustworthy information to our audience.

Board of the World wouldn’t be where it is today without the trust our readers have in us. This trust enables us to do what we love every day, and we are dedicated to safeguarding that trust. You can read more about our affiliate disclosure here.

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