Cariuma Naioca Pro Review

Cariuma Naioca Pro Skate Shoes Review

Here is an honest review of the Cariuma Naioca Pro skateboard shoes. These shoes are comfortable and offer the perfect level of grip.

Darkstar skateboard review

Darkstar R7 Skateboards Review

Here is an in-depth review of Darkstar r7 Skateboards. If you’re looking for a stronger deck at a lower price point, check out this review.

Santa Cruz Everslick Skateboard Review

Santa Cruz Everslick Skateboard Deck Review

This is our review of Santa Cruz Everslick skateboard deck. We’ve tried other Santa Cruz decks and wanted to see what having a slick deck would be like. Here is what we thought.

Powell Flight Deck

Powell Flight Skate Deck Full Review

This is my full review of the Powell Flight deck. This deck has two carbon layers and five maple layers. It is nearly indestructible.

Braille Skateboard Review

Braille Skateboards Bamboo Deck Review

Here is a review of a Bamboo Braille Skateboard. This is an overview of what its like to skate and some of the trouble I ran into with it.