Blind Skateboards Review

Blind Skateboards R7 Deck Review

Blind makes a skate deck called the Resin 7 (R7) that is guaranteed against breakage for 30 days. The deck uses epoxy resin instead of the normal wood based glue that a traditional skate deck uses. I skated it for about four weeks and put my full review together right here.

So let’s get right to it.

Specs & Highlights of the Blind R7 Decks


  • Strong decks that are made of 7 maple plys reinforced with epoxy resin
  • 30-day warranty against breakage
  • Medium concave
  • A ton of pop / Steeper nose and tail
  • Priced the same as a standard skate deck / About $20 cheaper than a carbon fiber skate deck and skates just as well
  • Doesn’t chip as easily as some of the other reinforced / strong skate decks


  • Gets razor tail just like any maple deck


These decks are available in a variety of sizes. Currently, you can get 8.0, 8.125, 8.25, or 8.375 R7 decks.

 First Impression of Blind Skateboard Decks?

Blind is not a new skateboard brand, so my first impression is a little different than my impression now. Back in 1997, when I began skateboarding, I saw the Reaper graphics in a CCS catalog, and I was hooked. 

I bought my first Blind deck, the Blind Reaper Noose. It looked like this.

I loved the shape and all that was Blind until something less than ideal happened. 

I broke a Blind deck within 15 minutes on a flatground heelflip. 

The good news is that it was 25 years ago now, and it would never happen again with the new way that Blind makes their decks.  

I heard that Blind started adding an eco-friendly resin into the manufacturing process of all of their “R7” decks. Now they are offering a 30-day break-free warranty. That’s the detail that won me back over to start skating Blind decks again. I am glad I did because these decks rip.

So What Is an R7 Skate Deck?

R7 is a type of skateboard deck construction with 7-maple plys just like there are in a traditional skate deck. However, the difference is that instead of using a typical wood-based glue, the maple plys are bonded together by epoxy resin. The result is a stronger and stiffer deck than a traditional skateboard deck.

Why Did I Buy a Blind Skate Deck?

For the past few years, I’ve been reviewing working on a longer comparison review to find the strongest skateboard decks available. I’ve tried out all of the carbon fiber and composite skateboard decks. That’s what lead me to want to try one of Blind’s R7 decks.  

For this review, I skated the Blind R7 deck, and I bought a TJ Rogers Pro Super Sap R7 Model to set up next, so I can get a few more weeks on an R7 to add to this review post.

So How Does a Blind R7 Deck Skate?

These decks feel as stiff and strong as a Santa Cruz VX deck (which is my pick for the strongest and best skate deck at the moment). However, the Blind R7 skate decks skate are about $20 less expensive.

To me, both decks feel and skate ver similarly. They both have a medium concave, excellent pop, and they don’t get that soggy/bouncy feeling after a few weeks of skating them. 

What do I like about Blind Skateboards R7 Decks?

I like the shape, feel, and pop of Blind decks. This deck has a steeper nose and tail with a rigid feel. However, every day I skated it, it had a ton of pop to offer me.

The 30 Day Warranty these decks are guaranteed not to break in 30 days. If you get the Super Sap version, that warranty is extended to a 90 Day Warranty against warpage too.

The iconic graphics and nostalgic feel. There is something about how being on a Blind deck makes me feel like I am just learning to skate again. It makes me as hungry to skate and learn new tricks as I was as a teenager in the 90s.

They come with free grip tape and free shipping from their manufacturer’s site, Thank You Supply co.

What do I dislike about Blind Skateboards R7 Decks?

As with any maple deck, these decks get razor tail over time. That is about it, though.

I did notice that my razor tail process was a little slower than some of the other recent decks that I’ve skated though. After about five weeks of skating this, I still have some of my tail layers left.

How Do Blind R7 Decks Compare To Blind Super Sap R7 Skateboard Decks?

Since writing this review, I bought a Blind Super Sap R7 deck to compare it to the non-Super Sap R7 version.

In all honesty, I didn’t notice a difference at all.

The Super Sap felt slightly stiffer underfoot. However, it is such a negligible difference that didn’t bring any benefit to my skating or the durability of the skateboard.

When the Super Sap decks first came out, I could have sworn the product details said the decks were warrantied against breakage for 90 days. Now, it says they are warrantied against breakage for only 30 days, just like the normal, non-Super Sap R7 decks.

While I would encourage all skaters to do their part to save the planet by skating eco-friendly materials when they can, it is difficult to justify spending an additional $20-$25 more per deck for the Super Sap version. The normal, non-Super Sap R7 version is just as strong, significantly less expensive, and will last you just as long.

I recommend looking for the R7 in the product title and getting the less expensive version of the size deck that you skate.

Are Blind Skateboards Good in 2023?

Blind makes exceptional quality skateboard decks that do not break easily. Blind’s decks are reinforced with a special epoxy that makes them feel stiffer and last longer than most other skate decks. Additionally, Blind presses their skateboards one at a time rather than in increments of five to fifteen, like most other skate deck manufacturers. Because each Blind skate deck is pressed individually, they have a consistent shape and feel when you skate them.

The main point here is that it is common for you to buy two of the same skateboard decks, and they do not feel or skate the same. That is not the case with Blind Skateboards. When you find a shape you like, it will feel the same every time you buy the same one.

Are Blind Skateboards Beginner Friendly?

Blind skate decks are great for skateboarders of all experience levels regardless of the type of skating you like to do. 

Blind skateboard decks are extremely beginner-friendly because the steeper nose and tail will help you pop your ollies, while the medium concave won’t take that long to get used to. Additionally, these boards’ have a stable, consistent feel that will make it easier for you to feel comfortable riding your board. Over time most skate decks start to get a soggy / bouncy feeling as they weaken. When the board is no longer rigid, you lose some of the pop you need to be able to ollie. Blind decks made with the R7 construction don’t have that problem. The resin helps the skate deck retain its pop and consistent feel.

Overall Rating of Blind Skateboard Decks

Overall Rating

Considerations Rating Out 5
Strength of Skate Deck 4.3
Wood Quality (Chips / Splinters / Breaks) 4.5
Pop 4.4
Shape & Feel of the Deck 4.8
Overall Quality 4.5

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Would You Recommend Blind Skateboard Decks?


The Blind R7 Skateboard Deck would be a great deck to try out. It is constructed of seven-ply maple wood. It has a classic popsicle shape and medium concave, perfect for skaters looking to flip their board a lot.

I spend a lot of time skating boxes and ledges. I found this deck to be perfect for grind and slide tricks. The deck never cracked or chipped while many of its carbon fiber based competitors did for me.

If you’re looking for a strong skate deck that will last you and won’t cost a lot, get a Blind R7 deck.

Where Can You Buy Blind Skateboards

You can buy Blind decks at Amazon.

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