Enjoi Super Sap Skateboard Decks review

Enjoi Skateboards Super Sap Deck Review

An Enjoi Super Sap skateboard deck is designed to be stronger and more eco-friendly than a traditional skateboard deck. These skateboards use a special type of epoxy to bond their wooden layers together, which reduces the impact on the environment while making the skateboard exceptionally strong.

Here is my full in-depth review of Enjoi Skateboards.

Specs & Highlights of the Enjoi Super Sap Decks

Enjoi Super Sap Decks

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  • Eco-Friendly While Being Very Strong / Durable
  • Holds Pop and Feel
  • Lightweight
  • Slides well


  • Chips and Gets Razor Tail
  • Might Feel Too Stiff for Some Skaters


These decks are available in a variety of sizes. They have decks that are available in 7.75″, 8.0″, 8.25″, 8.375″, 8.5″, and 8.75″ wide.

The size I skated for this review was 8.0″ wide by 31.6″ long with a 14.0″ wheelbase

First Impression of Enjoi Super Skateboard Decks?

When this deck arrived, I took it out of its sustainable bag, looked at it, and thought, “wow, this is a gorgeous-looking deck.” The design of Enjoi decks is often simple yet colorful. This skate deck’s blue background pops against the quintessential Enjoi panda graphic that covers the tail.  

The deck construction and shape looked very similar to the Blind and Darkstar R7 decks I reviewed. Enjoi is also under the Dwindle Distribution umbrella, so this deck was made in China’s woodshop using the same single-press technology. 

Standing on the deck, I could tell it would last a while. The Super Sap used in this deck is a version of eco-friendly reinforced epoxy that bonds each ply of the deck together. The epoxy also works to reinforce the strength and pop of the deck. 

My initial feel of the deck was that it has a medium concave with a nose and tail on the more shallow side. In addition to Blind and Darkstar, this deck feels similar to a deck from Santa Cruz, Primitive, Girl or Chocolate skateboards. It isn’t too steep, and it isn’t too shallow. It falls right in that medium, perfect feel category. 

My overall first impression was that this deck looked outstanding, and I couldn’t wait to skate it. 

What Is an Enjoi Super Sap Skate Deck?

An Enjoi Super Sap deck is a strong reinforced eco-friendly skateboard deck. 

Here is a quick video overview of what goes into a deck constructed with Super Sap technology.

An Enjoi Super Sap deck is a skateboard deck pressed with strong eco-friendly epoxy. Skateboards are often made with petroleum-based glue, and the epoxy used in Super Sap decks is made specifically to replace that process. The Super Sap epoxy is formulated with biobased renewable raw materials. The result is a stronger skateboard deck that will keep its pop and shape longer than most other skateboard decks.  

All Enjoi Super Sap decks are guaranteed against breaking for 30 days and warpage for 90 days. If you have issues with your deck before then, reach out to Enjoi on their contact page.

The deck will also arrive in a 100% compostable bag. The bag will prevent your deck from getting scratched or damaged during shipping, and you can bury it in the ground to dispose of it. It will disintegrate in four weeks.  

Why Did I Buy an Enjoi Super Sap Skate Deck?

I got this deck because I’ve been testing out the strongest skateboard decks over the past two years. I am a fan of Blind R7 decks, and I wanted to see what the more eco-friendly decks from Blind’s sister company, Enjoi felt like.

Skateboards can often vary in their feel from brand to brand, even when you get the same dimensions. I wanted to try an Enjoi deck to feel if it was different than a Blind deck in any way. It isn’t. These decks feel the same, which is good because if you’ve skated any other Dwindle-branded decks, this won’t take long to get used to.

So How Does an Enjoi Super Sap Deck Skate?

An Enjoi deck skates exceptionally well. These decks feel like all other Dwindle distribution boards, so if you’ve ever skated a Blind, Almost, Darkstar, or Monarch Project board, you would have skated a very similar feeling board.

enjoi super sap skateboard deck

The single-press construction combined with the Super Sap epoxy gives this board a stiffer feel than most other skateboard decks. You’ll notice this detail from the moment you stand on it. If you try to bounce in the center of the board, there is very little give to it. It resists you trying to flex it. That said, some skaters like that traditional wood bouncier feel. I don’t miss it. Enjoi Super Sap decks have a very solid feel, and I love it.

The solid feel translates to pop that lasts for weeks. Enjoi makes decks that won’t get that soggy, loss-of-pop feeling. The Super Sap allows this board to feel the same every time you stand on it. That consistent feel helps you get used to your board faster so you can spend more time progressing rather than trying to figure out what’s different with your deck.

What do I like about Enjoi Super Sap Skateboard Decks?

Very Strong / Durable

These decks are durable. You will notice the reinforced, solid feel every time you go to pop this board. It feels sturdy. The deck is perfect if you’re going to skate stairs or larger drops. It is one of the stronger skateboard decks you can buy now, and it is less expensive than some of the other strong skateboard decks, like a Powell Flight Deck or Santa Cruz VX skate deck.

super sap happy tree 1
Look for the “Happy Trees Construction with Super Sap” stamp on the top of your deck.

Holds Pop and Feel

The Super Sap reinforces this deck in a way that allows it to maintain its shape and pop without feeling soggy over time. Every time you stand on this deck, it will feel identical to the day you first stood on it. That makes this deck easier to get used to.


An Enjoi Super Sap deck is a noticeably lightweight deck. I paired it with some extremely lightweight Tensor Mag Light trucks, and the combo has been a perfect match.

It is nearly winter in Pennsylvania, so it is getting darker earlier. I don’t get to skate as much as I did during the summer. Because I am not skating as much, it takes me longer to warm up. The lighter deck helped speed up that whole warm-up process. Now, I can skate at my full potential a little earlier in the session, and I attribute that to the dramatically lighter weight of the deck and trucks.

Slides well

The glossy paint used on the Enjoi Super Sap deck slides exceptionally well. If you’re doing a lot of slide tricks, you will like the slicker feeling of an Enjoi Super Sap deck.

The 30-Day Guarantee

Enjoi Super Sap decks are guaranteed against breaking for the first 30 days you skate them. That is a better warranty than most other skateboard manufacturers offer.

What do I dislike about Enjoi Super Sap Skateboards Decks?

They Still Chip and Get Razor Tail

Even though these boards are reinforced with a special type of epoxy, they are still primarily made of wood. They can break, chip, and get razor tails like any maple skateboard deck. The Super Sap helps slow down how quickly you might break or chip these decks. 

Early signs of razor tail in an enjoi skateboard deck

The Stiffer Feel Can Be Too Much for Some

Some skaters who come from a standard wooden skateboard deck bonded with a petroleum-based glue might find the Enjoi Super Sap R7 decks too stiff. I’ve had friends try this deck after coming from skating on Girl and Chocolate skateboards, and they said it was rough getting used to the overall feel of this deck.

I grew to like that feeling. However, it has a slight learning curve for anyone who might have yet to skate on a deck that uses R7 or Super Sap to bond the plies of their skateboard together.

How Do Darkstar, Blind, and Almost Compare To Enjoi Skateboard Decks?

To my feet, they feel nearly identical. Ultimately, it depends on the shape of the deck, and the type of bonding agent used to hold the plies of wood together.

Whether you are skating an Enjoi or a Blind deck, all Dwindle Distribution branded decks (Blind, Almost, Enjoi, and Darkstar) will skate and feel nearly the same.

All of these brands offer stronger, reinforced skate decks. Look for the words “Super Sap,” “Happy Tree,” or R7 (Resin 7) in their product title, and you will know you are getting one of the strongest skate decks you can buy regardless of its brand name.

Are Enjoi Skateboards Still Good in 2022?

Yes, Enjoi skateboards make some of the highest-quality decks you can buy now.

It is worth noting that Enjoi skateboards are pressed in a woodshop that is located in China. That might make you think these boards are made with low-quality standards. They aren’t. Enjoi decks are pressed with exceptionally high standards and are guaranteed against breaking for 30-days. These skateboard decks will last you for months and retain a consistent level of pop the entire time you skate them.

Are Enjoi Skateboards Beginner Friendly?

Enjoi skateboard decks are beginner friendly.

The reinforced epoxy will allow this skateboard to feel consistent the entire time you skate on it. Most skateboards lose their level of pop over time, making it challenging to learn your first few tricks when you have to pop your skateboard differently every time you stand on it. The consistent feel will help anyone learning to skateboard reduce their learning curve.

Overall Rating of Enjoi Super Sap Skateboard Decks

Considerations Rating Out 5
Strength of Skate Deck 4.65
Wood Quality (Chips / Splinters / Breaks) 4.7
Pop 5
Shape & Feel of the Deck 4.8
Overall Quality 4.85

Editor’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars 4.8 out of 5 stars

Would You Recommend Enjoi Skateboard Decks?

Yes, I recommend Enjoi Super Sap decks for any skater looking for a deck with stronger construction, medium concave, and the traditional popsicle skateboard shape. Enjoi Super Sap decks are perfect for anyone who will be skating off stairs, taking larger impacts, or hitting flatbars at their local skatepark.

Get an Enjoi Super Sap deck if you’re looking for a strong skate deck that will last you without costing a lot.

Where Can You Buy Enjoi Skateboards

You can buy Enjoi Super Sap decks at Amazon.

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