Darkstar skateboard review

Darkstar R7 Skateboards Review

Darkstar skateboards are part of the Dwindle Distribution family of skateboards. These decks have the same construction and wood quality as Blind, Almost, Enjoi, and Madness skateboards. I’ve been a fan of Blind skateboards, so I wanted to see what a Darkstar skate deck would be like.

Here is my full in-depth review of Darkstar Skateboards.

Specs & Highlights of the Darkstar R7 Decks

Darkstar R7 Skateboards


  • These are incredibly strong skate decks.
  • You can usually find these on sale for around $10-15 less than most other skateboard decks.
  • They are guaranteed against breaking for 30-days


  • Chips and gets razor tail like any other traditional wood skate deck
  • You need to pay attention to which Darkstar deck you buy. As their quality ranges. Look for the Darkstar R7 or Darkstar Super Sap Decks.


The Darkstar skateboard decks are available in a wide array of deck widths ranging from 6.5″ Micro, 7.25″ Mini, 7.5″, 7.75″, 8.0″, 8.125″, 8.25″, 8.375″, and 8.5″.

The size I skated for this review was 8.125 inches wide with a 31.8 inch length, and a 14.25 inch wheelbase. The nose on this deck measures 6.875 inches with a slightly smaller 6.5 inch tail.

First Impression of Darkstar Skateboard Decks?

When I first got this deck, I loved the graphic. I got the deck for $35 from an EVO.com sale page.

I wasn’t expecting much with the quality for getting the deck so cheaply. However, when it arrived, I was surprised by its quality. The graphic looked vibrant, and the wood looked and felt solid.

What Is a Darkstar R7 Skate Deck?

R7 is a type of skateboard deck construction with 7-maple plys just like a traditional skate deck. However, the difference is that the maple plys are bonded together by epoxy resin instead of regular wood-based glue. The result is a stronger and stiffer deck than a traditional skateboard deck.

I also wrote a full in-depth Blind R7 skateboard deck review that you should check out too.

Why Did I Buy a Darkstar Skate Deck?

I’ve enjoyed Blind and Almost decks in the past, so I wanted to see what a Darkstar skateboard deck was like. It was on sale for only $35, and I knew I had to get it before it sold out at that price.

So How Does a Darkstar R7 Deck Skate?

It skates exceptionally well. In all honesty, it felt exactly like a Blind board underfoot.

It is a stiffer construction that won’t get that soggy loss of pop feeling after a few days. This board felt the same the first time I stepped on it as the last time around one month later.

The shape I skated had a medium concave with a nose and tail that were on the shallow side. Some other brands this skateboard felt similar to were Santa Cruz and Primitive skateboard decks.

If you’re looking for a medium concave board that won’t lose its shape or pop, Darkstar R7 boards are the right board for you.

What do I like about Darkstar Skateboards R7 Decks?

These are Incredibly Strong Decks

The Resin 7 (R7) construction is made of 7-ply maple bonded with reinforced eco-friendly resin glue. The result is a stiffer skateboard deck that lasts longer than most other decks. Also, Darkstar decks don’t lose their pop or feel soggy after a few days. These decks feel the same on the first day you skate them as they will every time you skate them.

Quality Inexpensive Skate Decks

Darkstar makes quality skate decks that are often found discounted or on clearance. If you go to Evo.com’s sale page. You can find a few Darkstar decks for around $30-$40. That is around $10-15 less than most other standard skateboard decks.

Guaranteed against breaking for 30-days

Darkstar guarantees their R7 decks against breakage for 30 days. If you accidentally land wrong and break your deck, reach out to Darkstar to make a warranty claim, and your board will be replaced. For more details or to fill out your warranty claim, check out Darkstar’s Guarantee page.

What do I dislike about Blind Skateboards R7 Decks?

Gets The Occasional Chip

All wooden decks will chip, and Darkstar skate decks are no different. If your board hits the ground just right, it will get a chip.

Mine began to chip from missing flip tricks. As the sides of my nose banged against the ground, I began noticing it was chipping. I could prevent the chip from completely falling off by sanding it down slightly.

Gets Razor Tail

Just like with chipping, all wooden skateboards will get razor tail as their tail wears down from use.

You can follow my guide on preventing razor tail to get a few more weeks out of your Darkstar skateboard.

You Need to Pay Attention to Which Darkstar Deck You Buy

Darkstar also makes entry-level complete skateboards sold in big box stores like Walmart. While these boards are inexpensive, they don’t have the same quality construction as a Darkstar skateboard deck that you would buy at your local skateshop or favorite online skate supply retailer.

An easy way to tell you that you’re getting a pro-quality level Darkstar deck is to buy it without any trucks or wheels. If you spent at least $30 on the Darkstar deck, it will be a pro-quality deck that will last you far longer than one you would have purchased at Walmart.

Additionally, look for the words “R7,” “Super Sap,” or “Impact Light” in the product’s title or description to ensure you are purchasing one of the strongest skateboards that Darkstar offers. For this review, I skated an R7 deck. However, both the Super Sap and Impact Light

How Do Darkstar Decks Compare To Blind Skateboard Decks?

Both Blind and Darkstar feel exactly the same to skate. That statement is true of most brands that fall under the Dwindle distribution parent company umbrella. Blind, Darkstar, Enjoi, and Almost skateboards all have a similar, more rigid feel to them than most other skateboard decks. It’s due to the eco-friendly resin glue used to hold the maple plys together of these decks. The resin makes the board stronger while feeling stiffer than a traditional maple skateboard deck.

When you stand in the center of a Darkstar r7 deck, you will instantly notice the more rigid feel. For most pro-quality skateboard decks, you will feel bounciness to the deck when you stand in the center. With Darkstar and all of the other Dwindle brands, you don’t.

Check out my Blind R7 Skateboard review to learn more about the resin seven technology and a review of a very similar feeling board to this one.

Are Darkstar Skateboards Good in 2022?

Darkstar is an excellent skateboard brand that offers stronger decks while still being less expensive than most other skateboard brands. Get a Darkstar skateboard deck if you’re looking for the most value for your money.

It is worth noting that Darkstar also sells lower-quality entry-level complete skateboards to Walmart, so they are sometimes viewed as a lower-end brand, and they aren’t. Darkstar just offers decks at a few different price points.

Are Darkstar Skateboards Beginner Friendly?

Darkstar skateboards are excellent for beginners through advanced skateboarders. Any skateboarder will be able to progress their skating on these boards.

Darkstar skateboard decks are great for beginners because the steeper nose and tail will help you pop your ollies, while the medium concave won’t take long to get used to. Additionally, these boards’ have a stable, consistent feel that will make it easier for you to feel comfortable riding your board. Over time most skate decks start to get a soggy/bouncy feeling as they weaken. When the board is no longer rigid, you lose some of the pop you need to be able to ollie. Darkstar decks made with the R7 construction don’t have that problem. The resin helps the skate deck retain its pop and consistent feel.

Overall Rating of Darkstar Skateboard Decks

Overall Rating

Considerations Rating Out 5
Strength of Skate Deck 4.3
Wood Quality (Chips / Splinters / Breaks) 4.5
Pop 4.4
Shape & Feel of the Deck 4.8
Overall Quality 4.5

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Would You Recommend Darkstar Skateboard Decks?

Yes, I recommend Darkstar decks for any skater looking for a deck with a stronger construction, medium concave, and a traditional popsicle shape. Darkstar decks are perfect for anyone who will be flipping their board off of stairs or taking larger impacts.

If you’re looking for a strong skate deck that will last you without costing a lot, get a Darkstar R7 deck.

Where Can You Buy Darkstar Skateboards

You can buy Darkstar skateboard decks online from Amazon.

Darkstar R7 Skateboards

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