Foundation Skateboards Deck Review

Foundation Skateboards Deck Review

Here is my full review of a Foundation deck that I bought and skated recently.

Over the past few months I’ve been reviewing all of the strongest skateboard decks. I wanted to switch to a deck that had no additional strengthening technology so that I could see how a normal deck skated. I wound up getting this foundation deck for a really good price, and I wanted to share my thoughts on how it skated.

Here are the snap shot specs and pros and cons of Foundation Skateboard Decks.

Foundation Skateboard Deck Specs

Foundation Skateboard Deck


  • Inexpensive and quality skateboard decks
  • Mild concave
  • Holds its firmness
  • Shape of nose and tail makes manual tricks easier


  • The nose and tail are on the flatter side, so you really have to put effort in to pop.


The decks come in a variety of widths including 8.0 8.25 and 8.5 inches wide.

About the Review

The size of the deck I skated was an 8.0″ X 31.63″, and this review was written between August through October of 2021 as it began to get colder and darker in Pennsylvania.

First Impression of Foundation Skateboard Decks?

When I fist got the deck, it looked like it had a good shape. I bought a graphic that just says “Foundation Skateboards.” The first detail I noticed was that the graphic didn’t help me figure out which end was the nose and which was the tail. I had to actually measure the them to see which was the tail. When I marked off the tail and looked at the graphic, it looked to be upsidedown. 

I spent the first hour skating it second guessing myself that I marked the wrong end as the tail. I eventually got used to it. 

The build of the board is sturdy like a traditional 7-ply skateboard. For the past few months I’ve been reviewing the strongest skateboards, so I’ve been skating decks with carbon fiber in them. The Foundation deck isn’t as stiff. However, it is on the stiffer side of a 7-ply traditional skateboard deck. 

So How Does a Foundation Deck Skate?

The first detail I noticed was that the nose and tail are on the shallow side. After coming from a Santa Cruz VX deck, I found it challenging to learn how to pop the Foundation deck. 

The center concave is on the flatter, more mild side. I actually grew to like it for board slides. The flick of the board works well. I’ve been improving my heelflips and switch kickflips while my regular kickflip still looks sad. (I was always more of a heelflip guy, so that doesn’t say much for this deck.) 

The deck itself is strong. I’ve had it for about four weeks and there are pressure cracks coming out of the truck holes. However, they aren’t noticeable. The pop of the board is still there and the stiffness is still as strong as when I first got it. 

Why Did I Buy a Foundation Skate Deck?

I grew up skating in the 90s. Foundation is a brand that brings a level of nostalgia with it, and I never had one. I bought this to see how it would skate. 

The complete I got was on sale for $80 here, so price was a factor in my purchase too. 

What do I like about Foundation Skateboards?

The price is the best part about Foundation. You can find some insane deals on their decks if you look at the clearance racks or size down. 

The strength of the deck. My deck is still going strong and there have been some hard drops where I did not land over my trucks. 

The nostalgia factor – The brand has been around for so long that it takes me back to the 90s and learning to skate with my friends. 

The team is insane. Have you seen the Star and Moon video? 

What do I dislike about Foundation Skateboards?

The only real con here is personal preference. For me, the nose and tail are too shallow and took some getting used to. Within five hours of skating, I was getting the hang of it and popping as high as I was on my Santa Cruz. It takes some effort, though. 

On the other hand, the shallow nose and tail are useful for manual tricks. I find that I can get away with being slightly off balance and then compensating for it with speed due to the fact that the angle of the nose isn’t as exaggerated. It is a little more naturally angled and is catch-free as a result. 

Who are Foundation Skateboards a Good Fit For?

Anyone who would like a deck with a mild concave and a shallower (more flat) nose and tail. 

Beginners would be right at home on these decks as they aren’t expensive, and you can find an inexpensive complete skateboard here

Overall Rating of Foundation Skateboard Decks

Overall Rating

Considerations Rating Out 5
Strength of Skate Deck 3
Wood Quality (Chips / Splinters / Breaks) 4
Pop 3.8
Shape & Feel of the Deck 3.9
Overall Quality 4.4

Editor’s Rating:  out of 5 stars 3.82 out of 5 stars

Would You Recommend Foundation Skateboard Decks? 

Absolutely. If you’re looking for a quality deck with more shallow kicks and a mild concave (a flatter board), then this is definitely the deck for you. 

If you are used to steeper kicks and concave, this is probably not the skate deck for you. 

Where Can You Buy Foundation Skateboards

Support your local skateshop first and foremost. 

You can find Foundation Skate Decks online for some really great prices at Tactics.

This post was last updated on 05/23/2024. The product links were outdated, so I fixed them to point to working links.

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