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Best Skateboard Brands

Excellent Skateboard Brands for Every Part of Your Setup: Decks, Wheels, and Trucks

You will skate better and progress faster when you have quality gear under your feet.

We put together this list of top skateboard brands for every part of your board to help you decide which parts to include in your complete setup.

Every skateboard brand or part recommended in this article makes high quality gear. Many of the parts mentioned below are not the cheapest parts to buy. Please know they aren’t the most expensive either. These are the skateboard brands that deliver on what they say, and they have warranties in case you run into any trouble.

So let’s get right to it. Here are the best skateboard brands.

Skate Decks For Strength & Overall Shape

Santa Cruz Skateboards

For the past 49 years, Santa Cruz has been making skateboard decks. Santa Cruz skate decks are perfect for anyone looking for that sweet spot of durability and an excellent shape. These decks have a mild concave, outstanding pop, and they are one of the strongest skate decks you can buy.

Which Santa Cruz Deck to Get?

Look for the Santa Cruz VX skate deck. The VX technology is made of five thin plys of maple and two propriety VX reinforced layers (Carbon Fiber mixed with other strengthening composite materials). The result is a nearly indestructible skateboard that still has the familiar wooden pop feel as a normal standard deck.

What makes Santa Cruz a Good Skate Brand?

Overall, Santa Cruz makes skateboards that are nearly indestructible. Additionally, they have a fantastic shape that will make it easy to learn tricks.


  • One of the strongest skateboards you can buy
  • Excellent mid concave shape
  • Excellent pop


  • Gets razor tail (like all wooden skateboards)


These are available in a wide array of sizes. Here are the three most popular dimensions. 8.0″ x 31.6″, 8.25″ x 31.8″, 8.5″ x 32.2″

Skate Decks For Durability of Large Drops

Powell Peralta

Since 1978, Powell Peralta has been making skate decks. Every year Powell has been refining their process to create one of the best skateboards you can buy. Powell offers a variety of shapes, sizes, and durability levels in its skate decks. If you decide to buy a Powell deck, you will be getting a quality deck.

Which Powell Deck to Get?

Look for the Powell Flight skate deck. The Flight decks are made of five thinner plies of maple and two reinforced carbon fiber layers. The carbon layers are what make this skate deck nearly indestructible. It will last you for months.

You can check out our full Powell Flight deck review to learn more about this deck.

What makes Powell a Good Skate Brand?

Overall, Powell Peralta makes durable skateboards that will last you for months. Whether you are a beginner or advanced skater, Powell decks are good for any experience level. Additionally, all Powell’s skateboards are made in the USA and inspected to be free of any defects.


  • Possible the stronges skate deck you can buy. There are countless videos of this board getting run over or stomped and it still keeps going.
  • Available in a variety of dimensions
  • Nice round nose and tail for slide tricks


  • Chips on sides
  • Gets razor tail
  • Price


Powell decks come in nearly every dimension. The Powell flight deck is available in 8.0″ x 31.45″, 8.25″ x 31.95″, 8.5″ x 32.08″, 8.75″ x 32.95″, 9.0″ x 32.95″ sizes. It is also available in two concave shapes. One is traditional and there other is symmetrical.

Skate Decks For Shape & Pop


Girl began making skateboards in 1993 in Torrance, California. The company was created by skateboarders Rick Howard and Mike Carroll and skate industry friends Spike Jonze and Megan Baltimore. The company was created to bring a sense of fun back into skateboarding. Throughout the brand’s history, it has always been viewed as one of the cooler brands by skateboarders because of its iconic graphics, the sheer talent of its pro team skaters, and the fact that skateboarders would rather support other skateboarders than a large corporation.

Are Girl Skateboards Meant for Guys Too?

Yes, Girl skateboards are for guys too. Girl is just the brand name of the company. Girl Skateboards are for anyone regardless of their gender or skateboarding experience level.

Which Girl Skateboard Deck Should You Get?

Search for the Girl Pop Secret skate decks.

The Pop Secret decks are made of seven thinner plies of maple and one reinforced top layer of carbon fiber. The carbon layer on top makes the board durable and gives it an unreal level of pop. In addition these decks have a wider variety of shapes that Girl have perfected over the years. With a Girl Pop Secret deck you get a durable deck that will last you for only $5 more than a traditional skateboard deck.

Check out our full Girl Skateboards Pop Secret deck review to learn more.

What Makes Girl Skateboards a Good Skate Brand?

Overall, Girl Skateboards makes quality skateboard decks that are durable and have a shape that makes learning tricks easier, and you are supporting skateboarders who own the company.


  • Excellent shape / Good boardfeel
  • Durable / Reinforced options that are less expensive
  • Brand is made by skateboarders for skateboarders


  • While strong it won’t be as strong as the Santa Cruz VX, or Powell Flight Deck (these are around $20 cheaper and will still last you, though)
  • Still gets razor tail and still chips (as do any maple skateboard decks)


The Girl Pop Secret Deck comes in a variety of widths. It is available in 8″, 8.25″, 8.375″, 8.5″, and 8.6″ widths. Girl also offers a few lengths for each width.

Skate Decks For Durability and Overall Value (Can Save $5-$10)

Toy Machine

Toy Machine was founded by pro skateboarder Ed Templeton in 1993. Toy Machine is known for its talented pro skate team, the quality of decks, and its iconic graphics. Ed Templeton uses his artwork for the graphics on these decks and many of which are still available to buy today. Toy Machine skate decks are durable, have a mild concave, and are often found to be less expensive than most other deck companies.

Which Toy Machine Deck to Get?

All Toy Machine decks have the traditional skate deck 7-ply maple construction, so it won’t matter too much which board you get. All of them will have a similar concave. Use our skateboard deck size finder to find your size, then go here to see the latest Toy Machine decks for sale, and look for a deck that has a graphic you like in your price range. Toy Machine decks tend to be $5-$10 cheaper than a lot of other deck companies.

What makes Toy Machine a Good Skate Brand?

Overall, Toy Machine skate decks offer an incredible value because their decks are a few dollars cheaper while still being made of high-quality maple. These decks are durable, and they have some incredible graphics.


  • You can find these cheaper than a lot of other deck companies.
  • Shape – Mild Concave / The board is flatter in the middle than curves out gradually
  • Excellent pop


  • While they are durable, they don’t have any reinforced technology to make them unbreakable.
  • Chips and gets razor tail


These decks also come in a wide range of sizes. Here are a few of the popular Toy Machine deck sizes. 7.75″ x 31.75″, 8.0″ x 31.75″, 8.13″ x 31.38″, 8.125″ x 31.625″, 8.25″ x 32.75″, 8.38″ x 32.25″, 8.5″ 32.25″

Skate Decks For Durability & Sustainability

Blind Skateboards

In 1988, Blind was founded by skateboarder Mark Gonzales. The company has since changed its distribution and manufacturing processes from its early days. Today, Blind makes decks that are guaranteed not to break for one month, have a ton of pop, and an excellent mid-concave shape. The company is best known for its reaper graphics and its incredible skate team.

One detail to consider about Blind is that the quality of their skate decks has dramatically improved over the years. When I started skateboarding back in the 90s, my decks would crack within a couple of sessions. Those days are long gone. These skate decks are made with a better-quality maple and are reinforced with an eco-friendly resin. The new construction gives the board a level of resilience that makes it last and gives it a springboard pop level.

Which Blind Deck to Get?

Look for the R7 (Resin 7) or

You can check out our full Blind Resin 7 skateboard deck review to learn more about this deck.

What makes Blind a Good Skate Brand?

Overall, Blind makes skateboards are guaranteed against breaking while making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint through cleaner manufacturing. The decks have a mid concave and an excellent level of pop. You can learn more about Blind’s Regrowth Sustainability mission here.


  • These decks are guaranteed against breaking for 30 days.
  • Eco-friendly – These were made with a reduced carbon footprint
  • Excellent shape / Pop
  • A few dollars cheaper than the Santa Cruz VX or Powell Flight Decks


  • They still get razor tail (like all the maple boards on this list)
  • While they are strong, they aren’t quite as strong as the Powell Flight Deck or Santa Cruz VX deck.


These decks are available in a variety of sizes. Currently, you can get 8.0, 8.125, 8.25, or 8.375 R7 decks.

Trucks For Grinding & Durability


The Independent Truck Company began making trucks in 1978. Independent skate trucks are also commonly known as “Indys.” Independent is under the same ownership brand umbrella that makes Santa Cruz and Creature skateboards. Independent is the quintessential skate truck brand. These are the best-selling skate truck brand for a good reason; they grind well, are lightweight, and are durable enough to last you for years.

Independent trucks are made with T6 aluminum, steel, and urethane. The primary material used in Independent skate trucks is aluminum treated to the T6 condition. The T6 temper label means that the aluminum used in the skate trucks has been given a treatment that consists of cooling the truck’s material rapidly to increase its hardness. The result is a skate truck that is lightweight and durable enough to grind while withstanding the impacts of landing on your skateboard. In addition to T6 aluminum, steel parts are also used in Independent skate trucks for the kingpin and axle. Urethane is then used for the bushings to help the skateboarder turn and absorb the shock of landings.

Which Independent Trucks to Get?

Look for the Independent Stage 11 Hollow trucks. The Hollow Stage 11 Indys are made to be 10% lighter than traditional Indys. The Hollow Stage 11 trucks have a hollow axle and kingpin. The lighter weight makes your skateboard easier to get off the ground without sacrificing any of the turning responsiveness or durability.

Read our full Indepenendt Hollow Stage 11 Skate Trucks review.

What makes Independent a Good Skate Truck Brand?

Independent emphasized quality and function. These trucks are lightweight, durable, and grind exceptionally well. If you run into any issues, Independent also offers a 120-day warranty.


  • Smooth grinds – Independent trucks have one of the smoothest grinding trucks you can buy.
  • Durability – Depending on how hard you skate, these can last you years.
  • Available in different weight ranges. You can get hollow or titanium trucks to reduce the overall weight of your skateboard by 10 – 20%.
  • 120 Day Warranty – Independent trucks are warranted against manufacturer defects for the first four months.


  • They can be a $5-$15 more than some of the other brands. The extra price is worth it, though.
  • The stock bushings blow out after a few months. When they do, just buy replacements for $9 here.


Independent trucks are sized by their millimeter length. They come in a variety of sizes. Here is a quick tutorial on which size you might need.

109mm trucks are for decks under 7.5 inches wide, 129mm trucks are for decks 7.5 to 8 inches wide, 139mm trucks are for decks 7.8 to 8.2 inches wide, 144mm trucks are for decks 8.2 to 8.375 inches wide, 149mm trucks are for decks 8.375 to 8.6 inches wide

The bolded ones are what most of you will wind up needing.

Wheels That Last


Spitfire Wheels began making wheels in 1986. Spitfire is the favorite wheel brand of most skateboarders because they are so reliable. Spitfire wheels do everything you would expect your skate wheel to do. They are durable enough to last, don’t get flat spots easily, and the slide on tricks when you need them to. Spitfire wheels are made of urethane. Most Spitfire wheels are rated with a hardness level of either 99a or 101a durometer. Both of these hardness levels are perfect for street and park skateboarding. The 101a durometer is a slightly harder wheel. 101a is perfect for skaters who often go to skateparks and roll on perfectly smooth surfaces. At the same time, the 99a is slightly softer and more forgiving for street pavement that is not as smooth.

Which Spitfire Wheels to Get?

Check out the Spitfire Formula Four Wheels. The Formula Four wheels are specially formulated urethane that will not get flat spots. One of the downsides to buying wheels is that if you slide on a wheel enough, it will start to get flat in sections. It becomes harder to skate when that happens because you will go slower and feel choppy while you ride on it. The choppy feel of a flat wheel can be distracting as you pop your tricks. The Formula Four wheels prevent this from happening, so they will last you for months longer than most other skateboard wheels.

What makes Spitfire a Good Skate Wheel Brand?

Spitfire is one of the most popular wheel brands because they make wheels that are fast, slide well for tricks, and last you for months.


  • Fast
  • Durable / Won’t flat spot easily
  • Slide well
  • Variety of sizes and durometer (hardness)


  • These can be more expensive by $10-$20 than some other wheel brands – It is worth it. I’ve had cheap wheels only last me one session.


Spitfire wheels typically come in the following sizes: 50mm, 51mm, 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 55mm, 56mm, 57mm, 58mm, and 60mm. In addition to the overall size, these wheels come in various shapes and widths.

Fast Bearings That Last


Bronson is a newer skateboard bearing brand that reimagined the bearing to make them last longer and roll faster. The brand started in 2013 and is under the same NHS parent brand as Independent, Santa Cruz and Creature skateboards. These bearings last long, roll fast, and offer an excellent value for your money.

Which Bronson Skateboard Bearings Should You Get?

Buy the Bronson G3 bearings. The G3 are only around $10 more than most entry level bearings, and they will roll faster and last you 10 times longer. They are a phenomenal skateboard bearing for the money.

What makes Bronson a Good Skate Bearing Brand?

Bronson’s bearings have a deeper groove where the ball bearing itself can roll. This small change to the traditional skateboard bearing allows Bronson’s bearings to last longer and take impacts better. In addition, Bronson adds in a special high-speed oil to ensure the bearings are fast. The result is an outstanding skate bearing that doesn’t cost that much.


  • Fast – These bearings come with pre oiled with High Speed Ceramic Oil
  • Durable – These bearings are designed to take impacts better than the other options. These will last you.
  • Come with spacers and washer


  • These aren’t the cheapest option. However, they aren’t expensive either. These are around $10 more than some of the entry level skate bearings.


Skateboard bearings are universal, so all bearings have the same height and width dimensions.

So there you have it. Here are the skateboard brands that do things right.

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