Transformer Rails Review

Transformer Rails Review: The Convertible Skateboard Bench & Rail

I’ve wanted to skate a Transformer Rail since the moment I saw some friends skating one in an instagram clip. Unfortunately, I don’t have a skatepark anywhere near me, so I wanted to get a rail or grind bench that I could put in the trunk of my car and take to empty parking lots after work. The Transformer Rail looked like it was the perfect option for me because it is one rail that is both a grind rail and bench in one unit.

I measured my car’s trunk to see what the longest rail I could get in there was and wound up buying the six foot version.

Here is my full review of the 6 foot Transformer Rail.

Transformer Rails 6ft



  • One rail that converts to a grind box, a flat bar, or a round rail.
  • It fits in the trunk of your car and is a traveling skatepark.
  • This gets to be the highest portable rail you can buy.
  • It is sturdy and will not slide.
  • It is durable. This is made with top materials.


  • It is on the expensive (and so very worth it) side. Buy the three objects this converts into would cost you at least $200-300 more
  • Heavier than an element rail (it is also far more durable).


  • Height is adjustable – starts at 12 Inches and can go up to Two Feet (You can make it diagnolly sloped too)
  • Length is 6 Foot Long
  • Weight is 55 lbs
  • 12 Inches wide when in grind box position
  • 3 Inches Wide Flat Bar Rail
  • 2.375 Inches Wide Round Rail

What is a Transformer Rail?

A transformer rail is a portable skateboard grind rail that can convert into a flat rail, round bar, or grind box. It has three positions that can be adjusted with a 3/4″ socket wrench. The height is adjustable from various custom increments between one and two feet. It is all of the grindable features you would find at a skatepark in one unit.

First Impression of the Transformer Rail

When this first arrived on my porch, I was still in the middle of my workday and had to move the box into my garage. The box it arrives in is a little awkward to move due to being close to 60 pounds and a little over 6 feet long. I began to doubt how easily I would put it in and take it out of my trunk to go skate after work.  

After work, I went outside to unpack and assemble everything. There isn’t much to assemble. There are three pieces to the whole rail. The rail itself that you will grind and its two adjustable legs. 

I watched a video Cory the owner, sent me on how to assemble it, and had it together in five minutes.

The good news is that it is far easier to lift and move around once it is assembled than the bulkyness of the box made it seem.

When I first set it up, I thought to myself, “this thing is awesome!” It is seriously a marvel of engineering. You loosen two bolts, and this rail can become either a grind box, round rail, or flat bar. The excellent part is how the rail legs have steel rivets to reinforce whichever position you have it in. 

I stared at it for a few minutes and then began to figure out how this was to fit inside my trunk with my back seat down. 

I drive a Hyundai Elantra and this rail fits in my car easily with the rear left seat pulled down if the rail is in either round rail or flat bar position. All I needed to do was pull out the supporting feet’s pegs, take off the rail’s feet, and it slid right into the trunk of my car. 

When I got to an empty school parking lot by my house, I pulled the rail out of my trunk, put the feet back on and was skating in two minutes of arriving.

After skating it for a few minutes, I got warmed up and wanted to put it in its bench / grind box position. To do this, I got a socket wrench out of my back pack and loosened the bolt in the rail’s legs to be able to do this. 

I find that it takes me about 3-4 minutes to get the bolts loosened enough to spin the rails position. The pro tip here is to always take your socket wrench with you every time you skate a Transformer Rail. 

So How Does it Skate?

The rail itself grinds and slides beautifully. The paint used on the rails seems to be slick enough without wax. However, I prewaxed it just in case. Both the box and rail positions grind like butter. 

The only challenging aspect so far has been with blunt slides and popping over the rail’s supporting leg. If you look in the image, the leg I am sliding towards has a 1/4 inch gap before it. As long as you go fast and give yourself a little pop before it, you will be fine.

It is the only detail you would need to adapt to the ledge setting of this box compared to a normal wooden grind box. Other than that, this skates exactly as you would expect a sturdy flat bar, round rail, and bench to skate.

It slides smooth and is insanely fun.

Why Did I Buy the Transformer Rail?

I bought this rail because there are no skateparks in a driveable distance near me. I wanted something I could drive to an empty parking lot and skate as I had time. 

After breaking two Element Flat Bars, I wanted to find another portable skate obstacle that wouldn’t break or need to be rewelded in a few months. The transformer rail is insanely durable. I wanted something sturdier than the Element Rail, would still fit in my car, and looked fun to skate.

What do I like about Transformer Rails?

I love how versatile this rail is. Not only can it be a grind box, round rail, and flat bar, it also has three different mounting holes for the legs that let you set it up as a downward slope. Between the adjustable height and angles, there are enough settings to keep you progressing for years. 

I love that I am learning tricks I never knew how to do before. Anytime you own a skate obstacle you get the benefit of putting the time in to it. Being that its yours, you can figure tricks out without looking stupid in front of anyone else. From having my first round rail, I was able to learn Feebles. It was a trick I just couldn’t figure out on my Element Flat Bar.

I love how sturdy this rail is. I have yet to see this rail budge at all. That said, it is 55 pounds it is twice as heavy as a rail you would buy on Amazon. It is also much lighter and easier to move than a ledge or box you would build out of wood. This is the most sturdy of the portable skate obstacle options that I have found.

I love how durable the rail is. As I mentioned above, I kept breaking my Element Rail. Transformer Rails use steel, and heavier duty materials than Element does with their rails. It also has the mounting legs separate (they are detachable) from the core rail itself. My Element Flat Bar’s legs kept breaking off, and the Transformer rail could never have that issue because it is held together by a heavy-duty replaceable bolt. 

I love that it fits in my trunk and is still long enough to feel like you’re grinding or sliding. With the legs coming off, the Transformer Rail can store easily in your garage or basement without taking up a lot of space. When I am not using it, I lean it up against the wall in my garage without its legs on. 

What do I dislike about Transformer Rails? 

There is not much to dislike here. 

It is on the expensive side. However, I see it as an investment. By the time you purchased a $140 Flat bar, a $140 Round Rail, and a $299 Grind Box, you would be paying $579 for all three individually. 

The last note I dislike is minor. With the rail being steel, I am finding that there are some sharper edges. When I fell next to the rail, I wound up putting my hand down on one of the corners of the rails feet. It cut me instantly. I lined the edges with electrical tape to solve this, and it hasn’t been an issue since. 

How Durable Are Transformer Rails?

This section was added after one year of skating this rail.

The Transformer Rail is the most durable portable skate rail I’ve ever owned. In one year’s time, I’ve gone through two Element Flatbars. I keep breaking the legs off those rails while my Transformer rail is still going as strong as ever. It comes down to the Transformer Rail being made with steel rather than aluminum.

It is strong enough that you could even session this with a bike.

Who are Transformer Rails a Good Fit For?

Any skateboarder, scooter rider, or bike rider who wants a rail and box for their driveway. 

Specifically, anyone who doesn’t have access to a skatepark would love to have a Transformer Rail.  

What Other Benefits to Transformer Rails Are There?

This height setting gets to two feet, making it the tallest portable rail that you can buy. If you wanted to, you could get this rail to mimic a small handrail when you put it off a ledge or loading dock. 

Overall Rating of the 6 Foot Transformer Rail

Considerations Rating Out 5
Fun Factor 5
Sturdiness and Durability 5
Slides and Grinds Well 5
Portability 4.8
Overall Quality 5

Editor’s Rating: 4.96 out of 5 stars

Would You Recommend the Transformer Rail?

Yes, the Transformer Rail is awesome!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a portable skate rail or box.

It is worth its price tag, and you won’t be disappointed.

Where Can You Buy Transformer Rails?

You can get a Transformer Rail at their website here.

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