Girl Pop Secret Skate Deck Review

Girl Pop Secret Deck Review: Strongest Skate Deck with the Best Pop

This is a full review of the Girl Pop Secret skateboard deck. Over the past few months, I’ve been reviewing and comparing all of the new carbon fiber skateboard decks. The pop secret deck has one carbon fiber layer with seven thinner plies of maple. The result is a deck that is difficult to break with a ton of pop.

Here are the snap shot specs of the flight deck.

Girl Pop Secret Deck Specs


  • One of the strongest maple and carbon fiber skateboard decks you can buy.
  • Gets razor tail slower than Santa Cruz VX or Powell Flight – due to their being more maple plys in the deck.
  • Doesn’t get that soggy used feeling of a traditional seven-ply deck
  • The coating used over the graphic makes it slide nicely and preserves the graphic
  • The shape of the deck is awesome.
  • It is cheaper than a VX or Flight deck.


  • It is still prone to chipping
  • It is more expensive than a wooden deck by $10 – $15 (and it sells out fast)
  • It does get pressure cracks – This didn’t start until around 30 days into the review.
  • It still gets razor tail just like the other carbon fiber skate decks.
  • It feels heavier than other comparable decks.


The Girl Pop Secret Deck comes in a variety of widths. It is available in 8″, 8.25″, 8.375″, 8.5″, and 8.6″ widths.

For this review, I skate the 8″ x 31.83″ G008 shape.

First Impression of the Girl Pop Secret Deck

The first time I stepped on the Pop Secret deck, I thought it was a little too long for me. I had been skating a Santa Cruz VX Deck right before it that was .2″ shorter.

The first detail I noticed was that it felt extremely similar to the VX deck. The Pop Secret only has one carbon fiber layer on top right under the grip tape with seven maple ply layers right beneath it. You can feel that construction when you stand on it. It feels firm, and the neat part is that firmness doesn’t go away. It makes for a consistent feel every time you step on the deck.

The concave on the Girl Pop Secret deck is subtle. It didn’t feel too steep, and it certainly wasn’t flat. It was the perfect amount where doing flip tricks on the deck felt nice, and I needed to put the extra effort in that I would have to with a more flatter deck.

My favorite feature of the Pop Secret is the shape of the nose and tail. They were both more rounded and slightly longer than what I was skating previously on my Santa Cruz deck. I noticed this right away when I did a tailslide on my Element Flat Bar. It just coasted.

Why Did I Buy the Girl Pop Secret Deck?

I bought the Pop Secret because I like the feel of a carbon fiber street skate deck. I’ve been reviewing all of the comparable decks here.

The main benefit I like about the Girl Pop Secret is its consistent firm feel. The deck doesn’t get soggy or bounce as it deteriorates. It skates the same on day one as it does on day 30.

The detail about it being difficult to break is nice too. When you skate a carbon fiber deck like the Pop Secret, you get an extra ounce of confidence to commit to tricks off stairs. You know it is unlikely you will break your board if you land without being over your trucks, so you go for it.

What do I like/dislike about the Santa Cruz VX Deck?

I like that it has a carbon fiber layer with more maple plys than the VX or Powell flight deck. This slowed the razor tail process down. All of these composite carbon decks get razor tail. The Girl Pop Secret was slower to get razor tail than the others.

I like that this deck is cheaper than the Santa Cruz VX deck or Powell Flight Deck and it still lasted me just as long. I made 42 days with the Girl Pop Secret before I traded it out and the longest I’ve ever made it with the Santa Cruz VX deck was 45 days. The truth is I could have kept going on the Girl Pop Secret deck, so it lasts just as long as the others.

I disliked that it chipped right on the base layer of my tail.

That chip happened on the fifth day of skating the deck, and I was able to reattach the chip with Gorilla Glue Gel. My patch worked perfectly for the about 20 days, and then it broke off again and I wasn’t able to reattach it. The chip wound up making 360 flips incredibly difficult. It also made the deck sticky when I went to tail or blunt slide.

After that, there isn’t much to dislike here. It is a carbon fiber deck with an excellent shape, that is cheaper than the two that are thought of as the best. This is a comparable deck to the Santa Cruz VX deck.

Who Is the Girl Pop Secret Deck a Good Fit For?

This is good for anyone who wants a deck that stays firm, has a good shape, and a ton of pop.

This would be good for beginners because it feels consistent. As you’re learning to skate it is helpful because your board will feel the same every time you stand on it.

More advanced skaters will like this because it is durable. While you can break this, it is going to be difficult to break. You will have a difficult time breaking it if you land remotely close to being over your trucks.

What Other Benefits to the Pop Secret Deck are There?

This deck has a ton of pop! The one carbon layer in combination with the wooden layers, I found this deck to have a spring board like feel to it whenever I popped it. The result is your ollies will be higher.

Overall Rating of the Girl Pop Secret Skateboard Deck

Considerations Rating Out 5
Strength of Skate Deck 4
Wood Quality (Chips / Splinters / Breaks) 3.9
Pop 4.8
Shape & Feel of the Deck 4.7
Overall Quality 4.5

Editor’s Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Would You Recommend a Girl Pop Secret Deck?

Yes! This is the perfect carbon deck. It is only a few dollars more than a traditional deck and it will last you about 50% longer. Additionally, it is going to feel the same that entire time.

Where Can You Buy a Pop Secret Deck?

You can buy a Girl Pop Secret deck right on Amazon. This button will take you right to its product page.

Note: The Girl Pop Secret is starting to sell out online. The Chocolate Pop Secret decks are an alternative to check out. They feature the same deck technology.

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