Tensor Mag Light Review

Tensor Mag Light Trucks Review: The Lightest Skateboard Truck

Tensor Mag Lights are currently the lightest skateboard trucks that you can buy. Mag Light Trucks are made with lightweight magnesium, whereas most skate trucks use aluminum. The different material makes these trucks lighter and grind faster than trucks from most other skateboard brands.

Here is my in-depth Tensor Mag Light review.

Specs & Highlights of the Tensor Mag Light Trucks With All Terrain Geometry

tensor mag light review


  • Lightweight – 16% lighter than Indy Hollows / 22% lighter than normal (non-hollow) Independent Trucks
  • You can grind the roughest of ledges (even without wax)
  • Responsive / Turn Well
  • Lower Kingpin for Easier Smith and Feeble Grinds


  • They can wear down quicker than other trucks
  • They are squeaky

Tensor Mag Light Trucks Size Chart to Match Skate Deck Width

Tensor Mag Light SizeDeck Width It Fits
4.256.5″ to 6.75″ Decks
4.757.0″ to 7.25″ Decks
5.07.625″ to 7.75″ Decks
5.257.875″ to 8.125″ Decks
5.58.125″ to 8.375″ Decks
5.758.375″ to 8.675″ Decks

What size Tensor trucks go on an 8.0 inch deck?

The 5.25 size Tensor Mag Light Trucks has an eight-inch axle and will fit 8.0″ decks perfectly.

What size Tensor trucks go on an 8.25 inch deck?

The 5.25 size Tensor Mag Light Trucks has an eight-and-a-quarter-inch axle and will fit 8.25″ decks perfectly.

So What Are Tensor Mag Light Trucks Trucks?

Here is a quick video overview that explains what Tensor Mag Light All Terrain Geometry skate trucks are as well as some of their benefits.

Tensor Mag Lights with All Terrain Geometry are the lightest skateboard trucks because they are made with magnesium rather than steel or aluminum. For the All Terrain Geometry (ATG) version, Tensor added in a more responsive bushing for a better turning experience and a lower kingpin for easier smith and feeble grinds. The result is a truck that is 16% lighter than most other hollow skate trucks while still performing just as well.

My First Impression of Tensor Mag Light Trucks Trucks

When they first arrived, they were in a tightly wrapped plastic that kept them looking pristine.

Tensor Mag Light Wrapped in plastic about to be unboxed

When I first picked these trucks up, I noticed just how light they were. I was skating Indy Hollows trucks right before, and the 16% lighter difference translated to my complete skateboard setup being around a quarter-pound lighter overall.

I mounted the Tensor Mag Light trucks on a new Enjoi deck that I got. They are both lightweight and in the Dwindle Distribution family of companies, so they should be an excellent match. The result was a setup that I could instantly notice the lighter weight. In my first session, I was able to get onto ledges and rails I normally wouldn’t be able to.

My overall first impression was that these trucks are outstanding.

Why Are Lighter Skateboard Trucks Better?

Skateboard trucks are the heaviest component on your skateboard, so when you make an effort to reduce the weight of your trucks, you make a noticeable difference in the overall weight of your skateboard.

While it all comes down to your personal preference, most skateboarders like skating on a lighter board because it is easier to get it higher off of the ground. It keeps your legs from getting tired quickly, so you can skate longer. Additionally, the lighter weight of the skate truck allows you to grind or ollie on slightly taller obstacles than you normally would.

Why Did I Buy Tensor Mag Light ATG Skate Trucks?

These Trucks have a sticker on them that says they are the lightest skateboard trucks, and I wanted to see how I would skate when I consciously tried to reduce the overall weight of my skateboard.

tensor mag lights reviewed

Additionally, I got the Tensor Mag Light trucks because I saw the Youtube videos of people being able to grind nearly any surface with ease. I am the type of skater who can spend an entire day sessioning a flatbar or ledge, so any light truck that grinds well is one I had to try.

So How Do Tensor Mag Light ATG Trucks Skate?

Tensor Mag Lights skate nearly identically to Independent trucks. Mag Lights are just dramatically lighter. Both Tensor and Indy have a similar wheelbase as well as very similar feeling bushings.
To my feet, the Tensor Mag Lights feel easier to skate.

Tensor Mag Lights skate far better than I thought they would. I was afraid coming from Indys, my board would have been too light, and I wouldn’t have been able to get used to how they felt.

That wasn’t the case at all.

I was able to get used to these trucks within the first 10 minutes because they felt so familiar to the Independent Tucks that I had been skating all summer.

There is something about reducing the weight of your skateboard that makes skateboarding feel like you have enabled some sort of cheat code. For example, I’ve been practicing back tails, and these trucks have helped me take that trick to higher ledges than I would have previously would have been able to get on with that trick.

All in all, if you’re looking for a lightweight truck option, you will be able to get used to these quicker than you might think.

What do I like about the Tensor Mag Lights With All Terrain Geometry?

Lightest Skate Trucks Available

Tensor Mag Lights are currently the lightest weight truck that you can buy. For comparison, they are 22% lighter than Independent standard trucks and 16% lighter than Independent Stage 11 Hollows.

Tensor Mag Light Sticker says they are the lightest truck

I was able to reduce the weight of my skateboard by .25 of a pound, and that difference was instantly noticed. I find that I can reduce my warm-up time and get onto ledges and rails with less effort. That reduced effort translates to longer sessions. The longer sessions have helped me progress my skating faster than normal.

Able to Grind Anything

These trucks can grind surfaces that most other aluminum trucks can’t. If you wanted to skate a chunky, dry ledge, Tensor Mag Lights would help you do it.

Check out this Youtube video test I found where a curb without wax grinds.

That said, just because you can grind any ledge doesn’t mean you will want to spend an entire session grinding unwaxed ledges. They wind up grinding your axle down quickly. For the best feeling grinds with Tensor Mag Lights, you would still want to use wax and skate ledge spots that have been prepped for skating.

Responsive / Turn Well

These trucks turn really well.

Tensor has refined the angles of how the Tensor Mag Light pivots, making it more responsive and able to make tighter turns. Additionally, Tensor designed the bushings to lock together while remaining perfectly centered. The result is a truck that feels balanced and easier to control than most other skate trucks I’ve skated.

They Are the Best Trucks for Feeble & Smith Grinds

The All Terrain Geometry version of the Tensor Mag Lights has a Kingpin that is nearly 3/16 of an inch lower than most other trucks. This extra distance between the axle and the kingpin makes it easier to feeble or smith grinds.

Lifetime Guarantee

Tensor offers a lifetime warranty which protects against manufacturer defects. If you ever run into trouble with your trucks, just reach out to Tensor here.

What do I dislike about the Tensor Mag Lights With All Terrain Geometry?

They Wear Down Faster Than Other Trucks

The magnesium axle and base plates wear down faster than they would in a standard truck made with aluminum. If you grind ledges often, Tensor Mag Light trucks will last you about 10% to 15% less as long as an Independent or another aluminum skate truck would.

Tensor Mag Lights are still durable, resilient trucks. I am just noticing that they grind down quicker than most other trucks.

I already see a groove worn against the baseplate from doing a few tailslides.

Tensor Mag Light Baseplate worn in

Additionally, I already crooked grind grooves from only doing a handful of crooked grinds.

Showing crooked grind marks after only two sessions

Faster wearing isn’t a deal breaker for me, given how well these trucks skate. However, the lighter trucks have allowed me to skate a little longer before my legs get tired, so I am actually skating more than usual. That detail alone will wear anyone’s skate trucks down at a faster rate.

The Bushings Are Squeaky

There aren’t many details not to like about Tensor Mag Lights, so I know I am being picky with this one. I skate my trucks right in the middle where they are not too loose or tight. The bushings and pivot cups in Tensor Mag Lights are extremely squeaky when you first begin to skate these trucks. I’ve been on Tensor Mag Light trucks for about two weeks, and they are still pretty loud. My hope is they will break in soon, and this sound will quiet down.

How do Tensor Mag Light Trucks Compare to Independent Hollow Trucks?

Tensor Mag Lights are around 16% lighter than Independent Hollow Stage 11 Trucks and 22% lighter than normal non-hollow Independent stage 11 trucks. Here is a chart that shows the weight and percentage difference between Tensor Mag Light Trucks and Independent Hollow Stage 11 Trucks.

SIZETensor Mag Light Weight (G):Indy Hollow Stage 11 Weight (G):Difference in Grams (G)Percentage Lighter Than Indy Hollows
8.0 AXLE292.1935158.8116.8%
8.25 AXLE303.3936359.6116.4%
8.5 AXLE308.1236960.8816.5%

Outside of the weight difference, the wheelbase dimension from axle to axle is nearly identical to an Independent truck. To my feet, that makes these two trucks feel the same when it comes to riding and trying to turn your skateboard.

A few noticeable differences between Tensor Mag Lights to Indy Hollows are that the kingpin nut is slightly lower on Tensor Mag Lights. The lower kingpin clearance makes feeble and smith grinds easier. Additionally, Tensor Mag Light trucks are made with a magnesium hanger that can grind almost any rough ledge you try to grind.

All this said, Independent Trucks grind down slower, so they will last you a little longer than Tensor Mag Lights.

Pricewise How Do Tensor Mag Lights Compare vs. Independent Thunder or Venture Skateboard Trucks?

Here is a price comparison of each brand’s lightweight-hollow skate truck option.

TrucksPrice for a Pair
Tensor Mag Light ATG Trucks$59.95
Independent Hollow Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks$52.95
Thunder Polished Hollow Lights II Trucks$59.95
Venture V-Hollow Light Trucks$59.95
  • Tensor Mag Lights cost around $7 more than Independent Stage 11 Hollow Trucks.
  • Tensor Mag Lights cost the same as standard Venture and Thunder Hollow trucks.

Are Tensor Mag Light Trucks Good for Beginners?

Tensor Mag Light Trucks are great for any skateboarder, regardless of your experience level.

Beginners will like these trucks because they reduce the overall weight of your skateboard, making ollies and kickflips easier to learn. Additionally, the lighter weight allows you to skate a little longer before you get tired. The longer sessions will help hone your skills and progress quicker than you might on a heavier set of skate trucks.

Overall Rating of Tensor Mag Light All Terrain Geometry Skate Trucks

Overall Rating

Considerations Rating Out 5
Turning / Responsiveness 4.75
Grinds 5
Weight 5
Feel While Skating 4.85
Overall Quality 4.75

Editor’s Rating:  out of 5 stars 4.87 out of 5 stars

Where Can You Buy Tensor Mag Light Trucks?

You can buy Tensor Mag Light All Terrain Geometry trucks at Tensor’s Amazon Page.

tensor mag light review

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