Best Beginner Skateboards

10 Complete Skateboards for Beginners to Consider

Skateboarding is not an easy board sport to learn how to do. However, if you try beginning with the wrong gear, you can make it more challenging than it needs to be or even halt your learning curve altogether. I put the time into making this guide to help you find high quality beginner skateboards that can actually help you learn to skate faster.

I recommend that use this guide like this. First, find a complete skateboard that sounds interesting below, and then use our skateboard size calculator to help you find the right-sized board for you or your child. 

Beginner Skateboard Under $50

Element Complete 8.0″ Complete Skateboard

Element 8.0

The Element 8.0″ is the perfect beginner skateboard that is currently on sale for a steal of a price at $75. This is an excellent beginner board because of the size of the deck and the quality of the trucks and wheels.

The deck is made with 7-ply Canadian maple. Element has this deck available in an 8.0″, which is the perfect size for most teens and smaller adults. This size works well for me, and I am 5’6″ tall with a men’s 8.5 sized shoes. If you need a smaller deck, there are also a few 7.75″ complete skateboards available for the same price here.

Element added 52mm 99a wheels to this skateboard. These wheels will be excellent for anyone interested in learning grind or slide tricks at the skatepark. The wheels are hard enough to slide while still soft enough to cruise over most pavement.

The trucks in this complete are 100% stainless steel and are made by Element. They are pro-quality level trucks designed to fit the 8.0″ deck perfectly, and they will last you years to come.

If you’re looking for the best beginner skateboard under $50, you just found it. Get the Element complete.

For more information, also check out our full Element Complete skateboard review.


  • The price for everything you get is an excellent deal. This is a discounted complete board for less than $40.
  • 52mm 99a wheels will be perfect for skateparks, driveways, and most pavement. They’re also great for learning grind and slide tricks on ledges or boxes.
  • 8.0″ width deck is excellent for anyone that is near 5′ tall or has a foot lower than a men’s size 9. They have a few other smaller decks for the same price here.
  • Excellent skateboard for the skate park or street skating


  • The deck is more than strong enough for a beginner or anyone staying relatively close to the ground. However, it won’t be strong enough to launch off of loading docks or taking massive impacts where you aren’t landing right over your trucks. That said, the trucks, wheels, and bearings alone are worth the price even if you had to buy another deck down the road.


8.0″ X 31.75″ with a 14″ Wheel base

Best Beginner Skateboard for Kids that are 4 or 5 years old

Enjoi Panda 6.75″ Micro Complete Skateboard for Kids

Enjoi Micro Complete skateboard 6.5 for kids

Enjoi skateboard decks offer a decent quality that would be perfect for a young skater that is under four and a half feet tall. This skateboard is great for a lighter skateboarder just starting out because they will not be doing high impact tricks. As the skateboarder gets better, you can always upgrade the deck. Skateboard parts are all relatively inexpensive and interchangeable. I selected this one primarily based on its price point and dimensions. It is primarily the length of the dimensions of the deck that make it great for kids. This particular one is only 28.5 inches long, and a standard skateboard is closer to 31.5 inches long. This is a of a greater quality and will give a skateboarder more of the real feeling of the skateboard over anything you might get at Walmart or Target. Trust me in saying this skateboard is leagues beyond that level of quality.


  • This deck is the right dimensions for a younger skateboarder that is just starting out.
  • Comes with higher quality Abec 5 bearings than most complete set ups. This will be a smooth ride.
  • The 51mm 99A are the perfect wheels for park street and skating.


  • As the skater grows over 4.5′, they should get a slightly longer deck.
  • The core trucks are from a lesser known brand. They are still high quality and shouldn’t give you trouble.

Adult Beginner Skateboard Under $100

Deathwish Complete Skateboard Gang Logo 8.0″

Deathwish Complete Gang Logo Black/Red 8.0

This is the complete setup that I would go with. The deck size is perfect for any adult just starting out. It isn’t too wide where it will be heavy, and it isn’t from a generic brand like most of the completes under $100 tend to come with.

In the cons, the only detail I could come up with is that I have never skated Core Trucks. They look to get decent reviews, they were likely just included to keep the cost low. They are metal trucks with the right specs to fit the skateboard. You aren’t going to be ollieing off of loading docks during your first few months skateboarding, so these will be perfect for you.

With any of the skateboards on this list, all of the parts are replaceable in expensively. That is the joy of skateboarding. If a part of your set up, isn’t quite what you need, you can change it out.


  • Deathwish is a well known brand and the size of this deck is perfect for an adult.
  • Comes with higher quality Abec 5 bearings than most complete set ups. This will be a smooth ride.
  • The 52mm 99A are the perfect wheels for park street and skating.


  • The core trucks are from a lesser known brand.

Beginner Skateboards for Kids That Are 6, 7, or 8 Years Old

SkateXS 7.0″ Dragon Beginner Complete Skateboard for Kids

SkateXS Dragon Beginner Complete Skateboard for Kids

SkateXS is a company focused on building complete skateboards, specifically with specs for kids and smaller teens. This skateboard is a complete package with everything a kid needs to reduce their learning curve while they learn to skate. All components used in this deck are pro-level quality that is designed to last you while still being designed to be light and small enough for a child to maneuver.

This deck is a 7.0 inches wide by 28 inches long. It has the perfect dimensions for kids who want to learn to skateboard.

Here is an overview video of everything in the 7.0″ SkateXS beginner skateboard.


  • This deck is the right dimensions for kids between the ages of 6 to 8.
  • It’s a lightweight board that will be easy for a child to maneuver.
  • Comes with higher quality Abec 7 bearings than most complete set ups. This will be a smooth ride.
  • The 53mm 90A are the perfect wheels for cruising around. They are softer and more forgiving.


  • The softer wheels, while smoother to ride, will make it harder to learn some tricks like noseslides and powerslides.

Beginner Skateboards For Tall Adults

Enjoi Candy Coated 8.25″ Complete Skateboard

Enjoi Vapeem Orange 8.25

This complete set up would be good for any adult. The width and length are only slightly wider and longer than usual, so even though I am recommending it for a taller beginner, anyone could enjoy riding this skateboard. Having a larger deck is also good for riding mini ramps and bowls. The set up comes with generic (or lesser known) trucks and wheels. These should be fine for you. The key thing to remember is any of these completes are built strong enough for you to learn on, and any of these parts are replaceable.


  • The deck’s wider and slightly longer dimensions will make this perfect for taller adults or anyone with a larger foot size. (Men’s 9.0+)
  • Comes with higher quality Abec 5 bearings than most complete set ups. This will be a smooth ride.
  • The 99a harder wheels will make this perfect for learning slide tricks.
  • Perfect for the skate park or street skating


  • The trucks are from a lesser known brand. The reviews look decent, I have never skated these though.

Best Beginner Skateboards for a 9 or 10 Year Old Who Want to Learn Tricks

SkateXS Panda Advanced Complete Skateboard 7.25″

SkateXS 7.25

This is another excellent deal for a beginner. While I recommend this for anyone learning to skateboard who is 9 or 10 years old, it is more accurate to say this could be good for anyone between 4′ 5″ and 5′ tall, regardless of their age.

SkateXS is a skateboard company focused on designing complete skateboards that help kids and teens learn to skate. This complete skateboard has the proper deck, trucks, and wheel sizes to help someone 9-10 learn to do tricks on their skateboard. While the product’s title says “advanced,” this skateboard is still built to spec for a beginner, it is just the next level up in terms of product quality, so it comes with higher-quality components to assist with learning tricks.


  • The shape of the deck is great for riding and learning tricks.
  • The harder 100a wheels will be great for learning grind and slide ledge tricks.
  • The mid size length. This skateboard really would work well for anyone who is between 4’5″ and 5′ foot tall.
  • Fast abec 7 bearings


  • Slightly more expensive than other boards on the list. It is worth it for the higher quality components

Best Beginner Skateboards for a 9 or 10 Year Old Who Want to Just Ride Around

Bling Reaper Checkers Complete Skateboard 7.375″ (Mid-size Deck)

Bling Reaper Checkers Complete 7.375 mid size deck

This is a great value for only $99. While I recommend this for anyone learning to skateboard who is 9 or 10 years old, it is more accurate to say this could be good for anyone between 4′ 5″ and 5′ tall.

Blind was the first brand of skateboard deck I ever had. I loved it. Everything about Blind is awesome. Their pro team, the excellent reaper graphics, and best of all is the shape of their decks. This skateboard will be great for learning tricks, however, its the wheels that made me recommend it as a more of a cruiser board than a trick skateboard.

There are benefits to soft wheels. They won’t take as much effort to push, they roll well on most driveways, and they grip better. It speaks to beginners or anyone who just wants to cruise or carve around. So why doesn’t everyone skate soft wheels then? Well, because when you go to do a noseslide or tailslide on a curb the wheels stick and prevent you from sliding. If you are learning tricks on flatground, these are perfect. If you are going to be skating a box or rail you set up in your driveway, you can always swap these wheels out for something harder.


  • This has soft wheels, so it will be easy to skate on rougher pavement. This is great for kids just starting out. There will be more grip, board control, and less sliding.
  • Comes with higher quality bearings than most complete. This will be a smooth ride.
  • The trucks have a hollow kingpin making the skateboard light. This is a good complete to learning flatground tricks. (The soft wheels will make ledge tricks a little more difficult to learn because they won’t slide easily.)


  • The soft wheels will make it challenging to do certain tricks like powerslides or nose slides. It makes it easier to ride, though. As you progress, you might want to get a pair of harder wheels (like a 99a or 100a) that you can swap out.

Best Beginner Skateboard for a 12 Year Old

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete 7.75″

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete 7.75

Technically this set up could work for all teenagers and adults too. In the early 2000’s it was common to skate a deck with a smaller width like a 7.75″. The smaller width is great for learning flip tricks.

I chose this as the set up of choice for 12 and 13 year old beginners because it comes from a trusted brand and its size is likely going to work for you.

If you are just starting out, you are going to enjoy the softer 92a wheels. As you progress and want to learn more grind tricks, you might want to get a pair of harder wheels to swap these out. Otherwise, you will thoroughly enjoy complete deck from Enjoi.


  • This includes everything you will need from a trusted, well known, skate brand.
  • The size is good for anyone who has a smaller foot or wants a lighter deck to help them learn kickflips or heelflips.
  • The wheels are softer, so this will be good on a driveway with slightly rougher pavement.


  • This has softer wheels. It will be incredible for cruising around. The softer wheels make it challenging to learn some grind and slide tricks, though.

Best Skateboards For Teenagers

Powell Dragon Complete Skateboard 7.63″

Powell Dragon Complete 7.63


  • This includes everything you will need from a trusted, well known, skate brand.
  • The size is good for anyone who has a smaller foot or wants a lighter skateboard to help them learn kickflips or heelflips.
  • The wheels are softer, so this will be good on a driveway with slightly rougher pavement.


  • This is a regular 31″ length deck. It will get you used to skating a “normal” deck size. However, you might want to find a shorter length if you are on the shorter size. Anyone above 4′ should get comfortable riding this.

Beginner Skateboards for Rougher Pavement

Santa Cruz Green Dot Complete Skateboard 7.8″

Santa Cruz Green Dot Complete 7.8

This complete is a little more narrow at 7.8″. It would be good for teenagers and adults who want a lighter skateboard. Santa Cruz is a well known brand with one of my favorite deck shapes. This deck comes with softer wheels. These wheels are perfect for cruising around, however, it will make some tricks where your wheels need to slide difficult. If you want a smooth ride, go for this. As you progress, you might want to pick up a set of 99a or 100a wheels to learn ledge tricks.


  • Santa Cruz deck shape is great for learning ollies and kickflips
  • The wheels are soft, so they will help you go faster and ride on rougher pavement
  • The quality and value for right around $100


  • The softer wheels will make it more difficult to powerslide or learn sliding ledge tricks
  • The trucks and bearings are from a less popular brand called Bullet. Bullet is from the same parent company as Creature and Santa Cruz. I consider these as a generic version from a stellar company. They will be fine for you.

Beginner Complete Skateboards Under $80

Globe Goodstock Complete Skateboard

Globe Goodstock Complete

The Globe Goodstock is a complete skateboard setup that comes preassembled with everything you need to learn to skateboard. This comes in at $80, and at that price, it is a steal. The quality is pro-level, and it is leagues beyond what you would buy from Walmart or Target.

The skateboard has a durable 7-ply maple deck. That is the standard, and it will last you for months as you learn to skate. The shape of the skateboard has a slight concave to it, so it will have the right feel to learn ollies and flip tricks. The trucks this comes with are tensor trucks, and they will match the correct size truck to go with the skateboard size that you order. The wheels are Globe 52mm 99a wheels. They are the standard hard wheels that would be for street skateboarding, park skating, and sliding ledges.

My recommendation is to go with the 8.0″ skateboard or greater if your shoe size is larger than a US men’s 8.0. Check out our skateboard size guide to learn the best size for you.


  • The price for a pro-level quality complete skateboard.
  • The 99a hard wheels are perfect for street skating and learning ledge tricks.
  • The mellow concave deck is perfect for learning ollies.
  • Comes preassembled with the proper sized trucks to match the skateboard.


  • The bearings and bushings might need to be replaced after a few months. That is normal and both are under $10 to replace.
  • While Globe is a known skatebard brand, they are known more so for their skate shoes than their skateboards.


Comes in all major sizes: 7.75 Inches, 8.0 Inches, 8.125 Inches, 8.25 Inches, 8.375 Inches

Complete Skateboard Package for Beginners

Element Off The Charts 7.75 Complete Skateboard With Full Jr Pad Set

Best Beginner Skateboard Element Skateboard and Pads Complete Set

If you are a parent looking to buy a complete skateboard package for your son or daughter who is over four feet tall, I would recommend going with this one. Everything in the package is made with professional skate quality gear, and it comes preassembled, ready to skate out of the box.

This package comes with a complete skateboard, a helmet, and an entire set of pads. Some skate parks require kids to wear pads, and this package has every single thing they would need to learn to skateboard at their local skatepark.

The complete skateboard comes with a 7.75-inch Element skate deck and all adequately sized trucks, wheels, grip tape, and hardware to match. All of the components are made by Element Skateboards. Element has been making excellent skate gear since 1992. I’ve been skated Element decks over the years, and I always loved the shape and feel. Your son or daughter will love skating this too. If you are looking for one package with everything you need, this is it.


  • This has everything a kid would need to learn to skateboard.
  • Comes preassembled with all properly sized parts.
  • Pro Element skateboard trucks
  • Perfect for most skaters older than 8 years old.


  • The pads would be too small for an adult.


7.75″ In Deck With Helmet and Pads

PS. If you don’t need the pads, you can save a few dollars by buying just the skateboard here.

So there you have it

The options below will help guide you, however, ultimately you need the right size skateboard. 

Here are a few guiding principles that will help you when you are just starting out. 

A Few Tips to Help You Find Your First Skateboard

  1. Skip a skateboard from the major retail outlets like Walmart, Target, etc. 
  2. Skim through Amazon for complete skateboard packages in the $50 – $100 or $100 – $150 range. 
  3. Look for brand name decks from some of the more well known industry brands like, Element, Sanata Cruz, Baker, Deathwish, Enjoi, Creature, Powell, Blind, Primitive, and Globe. The name of the deck brand is most likely going to be the brand name in the product’s title.
  4. Don’t worry too much if the trucks, bearings, or wheels are not from a well known brand. All skateboard parts are interchangeable. If you are just beginning, you won’t be doing many high impact tricks, so having a generic set of trucks will not hurt your progress.
  5. We recommend beginning with a complete skateboard because it will come with all of the correctly matched size parts. This will help ensure that you have the right sized trucks to match your skateboard deck. Additionally, it will save you time having to research the exact dimensions you will need for everything. 

Now all that is left to do, is go skateboard and have fun.

Good luck out there, everyone!

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