Review of DC Lynx Zero Skate Shoes

DC Lynx Zero Review: Do These Shoes Skate Well?

The DC Lynx Zero is a lighter, lower profile version of the beloved DC Lynx skate shoe released in 1998. The Lynx was a popular DC style known for its durable construction, shock absorption, and comfortable fit. The Lynx Zero shares those attributes in a more modern design and at a less expensive price point.

Here is my full review of how well the DC Lynx Zero shoes skate.

DC Lynx Zero Highlights & Specs

DC Lynx Zero

DC Lynx Zero

The Highlights & Specs of the DC Lynx Zero

Pros of the DC Lynx Zero Skate Shoe

  • 90s-inspired skate shoe with a modern level of board feel
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Cupsole that offers a lot of shock absorption
  • Soft foam footbeds
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Low prices – You can usually find these on sale for less than $50.

Cons of the DC Lynx Zero Skate Shoe

  • It will be too “chunky” for skaters who are used to a low minimal vulcanized shoe.
  • Board feel takes some getting used to.
  • The rubber outsole can feel stiff and takes around two sessions to break in.

Why Did I Buy the DC Lynx Zero Skate Shoes

I started skateboarding in 1996, so the late 90s era of skateboard shoes has always been near and dear to my heart. I bought the DC Lynx Zero because they remind me of that era while still being a modern cupsole skate shoe.

The 90s were an era for skate shoes that were defined by shoes with a lot of extra padding. The tongue of your shoe was puffed out, and there was all around more heft to a skateboard shoe than there is in most of the modern skate shoes that you see offered now.

Well, DC is hyper-aware that modern skate shoes don’t do it for every skater. They call to my 90s nostalgic self, with the Lynx Zero being a slightly more modern version of the Lynx. After just finishing my review of the Cariuma Naioca Pro skate shoes, I wanted to get back to a chunkier cupsole skate shoe. The Lynx Zero was on sale on DC’s website for $45, so I jumped at the chance to try these.

dc lynx zero 1

How is the DC Lynx Zero Skate Shoe Different From the Lynx?

While the Lynx Zero is based on the original Lynx shoes from 1998, there are a few differences to note.

DC Lynx OG vs Lynx Zero Skate Shoes
  1. The DC Lynx Zero is more affordable than the original (OG) Lynx. The DC Lynx Zero is around $40 cheaper than the original Lynx.
  2. The Lynx Zero is slimmer and lighter by .32 pounds.
  3. The DC Lynx Zero has a different-shaped toe box that is more modern and better for flip tricks. The OG has a rounded off toe box, while the Lynx Zero’s toe box resembles a Nike Dunk.
  4. The Lynx Zero outsole is slimmer and closer to the ground. This is felt with additional boardfeel.
  5. The upper of the Lynx Zero is slimmer than the OG Lynx. They are both “chunky” skate shoes. However, the OG is even chunkier. Zero sits lower with a slightly slimmer will be better for flip tricks.
  6. The original Lynx outsole had an airbag in the heel, which offered more shock absorption. The Lynx Zero doesn’t have that airbag.
  7. The shoelace holes (eyelets) in the OG had a webbing lace system. You put your laces through folded pieces of fabric that lined the tongue of the shoe. The DC Lynx Zero has standard punched holes that you put your laces through.
  8. The OG has a cloth ribbon that says “DC Shoes” underneath the laces. The Lynx Zero doesn’t have that piece of cloth.
  9. The OG’s midsole says, “DC Shoes,” while the Zero’s midsole is plain.

Who Is the DC Lynx Zero a Good Fit For?

The DC Lynx Zero is a great shoe for all skateboarders regardless of their skill level, so if you are a beginner or an experienced skater, you will enjoy the DC Lynx Zero. That said, these shoes will appeal more to older skateboarders who have some nostalgia tied to the 1998 era of the original DC Lynx.

If this collaboration video between DC shoes and Sabotage productions gets you stoked, then the Lynx Zero shoes are for you.

What do I like about the DC Lynx Zero Shoes

Shock Absorption With Some Board Feel

I love that these are very padded while still having some boardfeel. The Lynx Zero offers the best of both worlds with a lot of shock absorption while still offering some boardfeel. These skate shoes pull inspiration from one of the most iconic skate shoes. The Lynx Zero will feel familiar to anyone who misses that era of skateboarding.


The Lynx Zero is a shoe that will last you. The upper on the Lynx Zero comes in a few different materials. The version that I skated came in DC’s standard suede. It also comes in DC’s reinforced Super Suede and DC’s Zero Waste version, which is a combination of synthetic leather-like material with suede sections. The standard suede has been sufficiently strong. I’ve been skating the shoe for 20 hours with no issues or early signs of tearing.


These are some of the most comfortable skate shoes. The Lynx Zero has a very soft Impact-ALG insole for additional cushioning. The Impact-ALG insoles are soft moldable foam that is sourced from algae.


The DC Lynx Zero is around $40 cheaper than the original Lynx. Additionally, DC often runs sales, so you can find these skate shoes for under $50.

The Cons: What do I not like about the DC Lynx Zero Shoes

Need to Be Broken In

The DC Lynx has an outsole that will feel stiff the first time you wear these. It took a session or two to break them in. Once they were broken in, I had no issues. 

To expedite the break-in period, I recommend folding the shoe in half and standing on them upside down. This will help to fold the outsole and the upper part of the shoe. It works to stretch the rubber and suede simultaneously.

Took Some Getting Used To

The Lynx Zero took some getting used to. I was skating a thin, vulcanized shoe right before this one that offered a lot of board feel. The Lynx Zero is a chunky shoe, which is what I wanted. I just needed to get used to skating padded chunky shoes again. It takes a few sessions to get used to.

How Quickly Do They Wear Down?

I’ve been wearing my DC Lynx Zero shoes for one full month of active summer skating (around 30 hours), and they are still going strong with minor signs of wear on the suede. 

The most noticeable sign of wear was from heelflips. I started to see the foam and mesh lining towards the top of the shoe starting to wear down quicker than the rest of the shoe.

heelflip wear on dc lynx zero after 20 days

I still have several layers to go through before this will become a problem.

The rest of my DC Lynx Zeros are still holding up nicely.

On the upper part of the shoe, there are only a few minor scuff marks on the suede from ollies and kickflips.

dc lynx zero signs of wear on upper

The soles are still in an outstanding condition and offering a ton of grip. The outsole shoes some very early signs of wearing towards my heel which you can see towards the bottom of this picture.

dc sole grip 1

Other than that, they are just dirty from skating a spot near my house that was recently paved and wasn’t done drying. 

Overall, it looks like the shoes will last me around 2 to 2.5 months of active skating (around 60 – 70 hours) which is right around my average for really durable skate shoes.

Overall Rating of the DC Lynx Zero Skate Shoes

ConsiderationsRating Out 5
How Well They Skate4.7
Board Feel4.5
Flick for Flip Tricks4.9
Overall Quality5.0
Smart Rating4.81

Editor’s Rating:  out of 5 stars 4.81 out of 5 stars

Would You Recommend the DC Lynx Zero?

Yes, I would recommend the DC Lynx Zero skate shoes. They are an excellent option for skaters who are looking for a comfortable, durable, and affordable shoe. The Lynx Zero offers a lot of shock absorption with some boardfeel, making them a good choice for skaters of all skill levels. They are also made with high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

Where Can You Buy These DC Shoes?

You can buy the DC Lynx Zero from Amazon here, or you can often find some incredible deals getting them from DC’s official webstore.

DC Lynx Zero

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