Pizza Skateboards Deck Review

Pizza Skateboards In-Depth Deck Review

    Pizza Skateboards is a brand that knows how to have fun. From their pizza slice-shaped cruisers to their parodies of other famous brands, Pizza Skateboards is all about bringing a sense of humor to skateboarding.

    However, don’t let their playful attitude fool you. Pizza Skateboards also makes high-quality skateboards and clothing. Their decks are made with traditional 7-ply North American maple, and their clothes are designed to be both durable and stylish.

    If you’re looking for a skateboard brand that’s unique and fun, then Pizza Skateboards is the brand for you. In this review, I’ll be taking a closer look at how well a Pizza Skateboard deck actually skates.

    Here is my full skate deck review of Pizza Skateboards.

    Specs & Highlights of Pizza Decks


    • Excellent shape – medium concave steep nose and tail
    • Lightweight
    • Durable / High quality North American Maple
    • Fun graphics
    • Often on sale


    • Loses pop over time (like all 7-ply decks)
    • Gets razor tail (like all 7-ply decks)


    The widths available for Pizza skate decks currently range from 7.75″, 8.0″, 8.25″, 8.375″, 8.5″ and 8.75″.

    Pizza decks come in a variety of widths, lengths, and wheelbase dimensions. For this review, the deck I skated was an 8.0″ by 31.75″ with a 14.25″ wheelbase.

    First Impression of Pizza Skateboard Decks?

    When I got this deck in the mail, I stood on it and thought, “This shape feels awesome, and the graphic looks so sick.” The shape has this really wide nose with a medium to high level of concave in the center and a rounded off steeper tail. It was reminiscent of Primitive skate decks, and I loved those, so it seemed like I would also really like Pizza’s skate decks.

    pizza skateboard deck without trucks

    Where Did the Pizza Skateboards Brand Come From?

    Pizza Skateboards is a small, skater-owned skateboard manufacturer based in Sacramento, California. They started in 2014 and make high-quality skateboards and clothing. Pizza is known for making traditional 7-ply North American maple popsicle decks and pizza slice-shaped cruiser boards. They are known for creating fun cartoon-like graphics that are often parodies of other skateboarding brands, all with the goal of keeping skateboarding fun and light-hearted. 

    So, How Well Does a Pizza Deck Skate?

    pizza skateboard deck set up with trucks on

    Easy to Get Used to

    Once I set the skate deck up, I noticed how easy it was to get used to this deck. The medium concave with slightly steeper kicks made it feel easy to pop and flip my board. Within an hour, I was completely comfortable skating this board, doing my usual lines at my local skatepark.

    Here is a picture of the angle of the tail to give you an idea of just how steep the tail is.

    Solid Feeling

    This is a board that will feel stable underneath your foot. It took around four weeks of skating nearly every day for this to start to get a soggy feeling. Pizza skateboards have a crisp pop with a stable feel.

    Easy to Flip

    The medium concave made this board feel easier to flip than some of the other decks I’ve tried recently. If you’re working on some new flip tricks, the shape of this board will help you learn it.

    Why Did I Buy a Pizza Skate Deck?

    I bought this deck because it was on sale for around $30 from a sale, and it looked like a shape that I would enjoy skating. I work online, so the graphic of the Google T-rex Run Game spoke to me on a fun level, too.

    What Do I Like About Pizza Skateboard Decks?

    The Shape

    The shape of these decks is their highlight. It has a medium concave with a steep nose and tail. These are boards that are built for ledge skating and flip tricks.

    Made By a Reputable Skatewood Shop: PS Stix

    Pizza skateboards are manufactured by PSstix, Professor Paul Schmitt’s board shop. PSstix is a woodshop that is known for making the highest quality skateboards. As of writing, Pizza skateboards are made in the same factory that makes decks for the following companies.

    • Toy Machine
    • Foundation
    • Quasi
    • Thank You
    • Fantasy
    • Frog
    • Hockey
    • FA
    • Disorder
    • Violet
    • WKND
    • Skate Mental

    Pizza skateboards are equally as good as any of the above-listed brands.

    To know if PS Stix made your deck, look for this pressed stamp on the top ply of the deck before you put your grip tape on. It will look like this.

    The Price / They’re Often On Sale

    Pizza skateboards are often on sale. I got this particular deck for less than $40 from sale section.

    What do I dislike about Pizza Skateboards Decks?

    Loses Some Pop Overtime

    As with many traditional 7-ply skateboard decks, they deteriorate over time. My deck began to feel soggy and lose some of its pop around the third week. When I took my trucks off, I noticed that the board had some pressure cracking.

    Otherwise, there isn’t much not to like about these boards. You can get them cheap, and they feel pretty good underfoot.

    Overall Rating of Pizza Skateboard Decks

    Overall Rating

    ConsiderationsRating Out 5
    Shape & Feel of the Deck5
    Strength of Skate Deck4.6
    Overall Value for the Cost5
    Overall Quality4.8

    Overall Rating

    Editor’s Rating:  out of 5 stars 4.9 out of 5 stars

    FAQ Section

    Are Pizza Skateboards Good in 2023?

    Yes, Pizza skateboards are made with the same materials and by the same woodshop that makes other top-quality skateboards like FA, Hockey, Toy Machine, Foundation, and many others. These decks are exactly the same quality, just under the Pizza brand name. Overall, when you buy a Pizza skateboard deck, it will last you.

    Are Pizza Skateboards Beginner Friendly?

    Yes, Pizza skate decks have a medium concave that makes it easy to get to. If you’re new to skateboarding, these boards will help you feel stable while also allowing you to flip your board more easily to learn new flip tricks.

    Would You Recommend Pizza Skateboard Decks?

    Yes, I recommend Pizza skateboard decks to anyone looking for a quality deck that you can get for a cheap price. If you do a lot of flip tricks, you will love these decks. These decks have a medium concave with a steeper nose and tail.

    Where Can You Buy Pizza Skateboards

    You can buy Pizza skateboard decks from here.

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