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Chocolate Skateboards an In-depth Deck Review

Chocolate Skateboards was founded in 1994 as a sister company to the Girl Skateboards brand. Chocolate was created when the Girl team didn’t have enough seats in their tour van for everyone on their team. Their solution was to create a brand called Chocolate to support the extra skaters on the pro team’s roster. Chocolate quickly became a respected skate industry brand known for its high-quality decks and completes. Chocolate uses strong 7-ply Canadian maple, featuring fresh, aesthetically pleasing color schemes and iconic graphics.

I’ve always been a fan of Girl Skateboards. However, I’ve never had a Chocolate skateboard deck, so I wanted to review one for this blog.

Here is my full review of Chocolate skateboard decks.

Specs & Highlights of the Chocolate Decks


  • They’re high-quality decks that will last you.
  • They come in many different sizes.
  • These decks have a stable feel.
  • They are perfect for ledge skating. They slide really well. 
  • They are often on sale for under $50.  
  • The team and freshness of the brand. 


  • They can have a shallow tail and concave. 
  • They aren’t the lightest nor the heaviest deck. They’re right in the middle. 


Chocolate and Girl skateboards come in sizes ranging from 7.75″ up to 9.25″. Additionally, Chocolate has multiple length and wheelbase options for each width. Check out the Crailtap size guide to help you learn which size is right for you.

For this review, I skated an 8.0″ wide deck by 31.75″ long with a 14.25″ wheelbase. Crailtap, Chocolate’s distributor, calls this shape the G008.

First Impression of Chocolate Skateboard Decks?

Chocolate always has fresh-looking graphics. It’s a detail that I’ve thought about Chocolate since the moment I saw them. The board that I am reviewing is the same. I hoped that the freshness factor would translate to the board looking good under my feet and I would skate better. That worked for some tricks, while others took some practice.

When I first set this deck up and stood on it, it felt slightly longer than I was used to. It has a consistent pop and a stable feel to it. The deck felt strong when I put all my weight between my trucks and tried to bounce its center. It felt solid.

Weight-wise, this was not the lightest deck I’ve ridden. It also wasn’t the heaviest. It was right in the middle. The concave was very mild. It wasn’t entirely flat. However, it was a little less than I was used to. 

Overall, it was a solid deck that I was excited to have under my feet for a few weeks.

So, How Well Does a Chocolate Deck Skate?

Perfect for Ledge Skating

Chocolate boards are perfect for skaters who love to skate ledges manual. The nose and tail on Chocolate decks are wider and more rounded. The wider nose and tail will give you a wide platform for locking into nose or tail slides. Additionally, the paint on the board has a glossy feel that helps the board slide.

Stable Feeling

Chocolate skateboards have mid-to-flatter concave with a steeper nose and tail. The result is a board that feels stable underfoot and offers a high level of pop.

Strong Pro-Quality Deck

Chocolate skateboards are made in China at the Dailan Huahong woodshop. While China can have the stigma of creating lesser quality products, that is not the case with Chocolate skateboard decks. These decks are made with strong Canadian maple that is built to spec in China to the highest quality standards.

In addition to making Chocolate skateboard decks, the Dailan Huahong woodshop makes decks for Girl, Toy Machine, and Foundation. These are all high-quality decks that will last you.

Why Did I Buy a Chocolate Skate Deck?

Last year, I reviewed the Girl Pop Secret deck as part of my quest to find the strongest skateboard deck. I loved the Girl deck and wanted to see if a non-pop secret deck would still skate well. Both Girl and Chocolate are the same in the wood and sizes they use, and I never had a Chocolate deck, so I wanted to try one.

What Do I Like About Chocolate Skateboard Decks?

The Stable Shape

For this review, I skated the G008 size. It’s an 8″ wide deck with a 31.75″ length and a 14.25″ wheelbase. The shape felt incredibly stable under my feet.

They Slide Well

Chocolate skateboards are exceptional at sliding ledges, curbs, and rails. I found the more rounded off nose and tail to be the perfect platform for nose and tail slides, while the glossy paint helped me get a few extra inches in my slides.

They’re Often On Sale

While Chocolate and Girl decks are usually $60+, you can often find these on sale for around $40-$45. The sale decks are often last season’s decks that just didn’t sell. Check here to see if any Chocolate or Girl decks are on sale.

The Team

Chocolate is known for its incredible pro team. If you haven’t seen it, check out Chocolate’s Bunny Hop video.

What do I dislike about Chocolate Skateboards Decks?

The Shallow Tail

I found this particular deck to be slow to pop. I had to really stomp down and exaggerate my pop to get it right. When I did time it right, there was a load of pop with this deck. However, I just couldn’t quite get used to it. The board would pop a few milliseconds slower than I was used to, and I just couldn’t get the hang of it. I ultimately swapped it out for a board that felt a little lighter with a steeper tail.

That was honestly the main downside to this board. I just needed to practice more to get the feel of it and chose not to. I prefer a deck with steeper kicks. If you enjoy more of a shallow tail, you’ll love this board.

How Do Chocolate Skateboard Decks Compare To Girl Skateboard Decks?

Chocolate is a sister company of Girl Skateboards. The decks are identical in every possible way except for the brand name painted on the bottom. Both Girl and Chocolate use the same woodshop and size dimensions. Whichever you decide to buy would just come down to the graphic you like best.

Are Chocolate Skateboards Good in 2023?

Yes, Chocolate skateboards are made with high-quality Canadian maple. The boards are made to the highest quality standards and will last you for a few months if you land correctly over your bolts.

Are Chocolate Skateboards Beginner Friendly?

Yes, Chocolate skateboards are great for beginners. The rounded, wider nose and tail will give you a slightly wider platform to pop from, making it easier to experiment with where to place your feet. Additionally, the stable feel of these boards will help you stay balanced while riding them. 

Overall Rating of Chocolate Skateboard Decks

Considerations Rating Out 5
Shape & Feel of the Deck 4.8
Slides 4.9
Pop 4.5
Strength of Skate Deck 4.6
Overall Quality 4.8

Overall Rating

Editor’s Rating: 4.72 out of 5 stars

Would You Recommend Chocolate Skateboard Decks?

Yes, I’d recommend Chocolate skateboards to anyone who wants to improve their ledge or curb skating game. These boards are stable, have a lower concave level, and slide well. These are the types of boards that just go when you lock them into a nose or tailslide.

Where Can You Buy Chocolate Skateboards

You can get Chocolate Skateboards at TacticsEvo, or Amazon.

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