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Independent Titanium Trucks Review: How Do They Skate?

The Independent Stage 11 forged titanium trucks weigh 15% less than most other skate trucks because they have a titanium axel, a hollow kingpin, and a thinner forged baseplate. I wanted to see how well these trucks skated, so I bought a pair to review and have been skating them for the past month.

Here is my review of the Independent Titanium skateboard trucks.

Independent Stage 11 Forged Titanium Trucks

Independent Titanium Trucks Review


Lighter than most other skate trucks – These are 15% lighter (53 grams lighter) than Indy standard trucks and 5% lighter (15 grams lighter) than Independent Stage 11 Hollow Trucks.

They grind exceptionally well – These grind better than the lighter magnesium trucks.

Durable – They are just as durable as any other Independent skate trucks

Warranty – Independent Trucks Warranty covers manufacturing defects and axle issues, including bending, slipping, casting anomalies, deformation anomalies, threading issues, and wiggling kingpins or shaft nuts.


Can be expensive – Titanium is a rare metal, so these trucks are more expensive than most other trucks available.

Thin baseplate – The base plate is made with a thin aluminum that starts to wear over time as you nose or tailslide.

Might need risers – If you use wheels over 54MM, you should also use riser pads so you don’t get wheel bite.

Independent Truck SizeFits Skate Deck Width
109Under 7.5 Inches
1297.5 to 8 Inches
1397.8 to 8.2 Inches
1448.2 to 8.375 Inches
1498.375 to 8.6 Inches
1598.6 to 9 Inches
1699 to 9.5 Inches
2159.5 to 10.5 Inches

I skated the 139 Independent Stage 11 Forged Titanium trucks for this review.

What size independent trucks go on an 8.0 inch deck?

Independent’s 139-size trucks will pair perfectly with an eight-inch skateboard deck.

What size independent trucks go on an 8.25inch deck?

Independent’s 144-size trucks will pair perfectly with an eight and a quarter inch skateboard deck.

So What Are Independent Forged Stage 11 Titanium Trucks?

Independent Stage 11 Forged Titanium trucks are super lightweight higher-end skateboard trucks. These trucks use a combination of forged aluminum and titanium components to make them light and durable while still being able to grind exceptionally well.

Independent Titanium Trucks Hanger Grinded Down

Titanium Indys are designed to fill a gap in the skateboard truck market. They are the lightest truck that still feels and grinds like a standard aluminum truck you are used to skating. 

Other companies have designed lighter-weight trucks using magnesium, like the Tensor Mag Light Trucks. However, magnesium has a different overall feel and a slower grind to it. This is because magnesium is a softer metal than the aluminum used in the standard truck that all of us are used to skating. In addition to being lighter, magnesium also has one other benefit. It allows street skaters to grind gritty, chunky curbs that a standard aluminum truck typically can’t (without a lot of wax). However, the trade-off is that magnesium doesn’t grind well on material harder than it is, so it doesn’t grind well on the steel coping and rails you would skate at a skatepark. It also isn’t that durable, so the trucks tend to grind down to their axle very quickly. 

That’s where the Indy Titanium trucks fit into the market. 

The Independent Titanium trucks are for skaters who want a lightweight truck that is well-rounded enough to skate well everywhere while still having a smooth, consistent feeling grind at the skatepark. With the Independent Stage 11 Forged Titanium trucks, you get the benefit of having a very lightweight and durable truck with the same consistent feeling grind of a standard truck.

What Specifically Makes the Independent Titanium Trucks Light?

Contrary to their name. Independent Titanium trucks aren’t made entirely of titanium. The Independent Forged Titanium trucks have the same aluminum hanger as all other Independent trucks, with a few other components in the truck specifically optimized to reduce the truck’s overall weight. One of those components is the use of a titanium axle. That’s where these trucks get their product name from.

Here are all of the lightweight components of the Independent Titanium Trucks:

  1. The axle inside the truck’s hanger is made of a solid piece of lightweight titanium.
  2. The kingpin is hollowed out to reduce its extra weight.
  3. A lightweight, forged aluminum hanger
  4. A lightweight, forged aluminum baseplate

Most of the weight reduction comes from Indy using a titanium axle instead of a steel one.

Independent Titanium Axle with a spitfire wheel on it

This is the main difference between the Indy titanium trucks and Indy Hollows. In the Hollow trucks, Independent uses a hollowed-out steel axle. The axle in the Indy Titanium trucks is not hollowed. It is a solid piece of titanium. By using titanium instead of steel, Independent made the Independent Titanium trucks 5% lighter (lighter by 15 grams) than the Indy Hollows.

Why Did I Buy Independent Titanium Stage 11 Trucks?

In all honesty, these were an eBay impulse buy.

I bought these trucks very lightly used on eBay. I loved skating the Independent Stage 11 Hollow trucks and wanted to see what they would feel like with a 5% weight reduction.

I saw someone listed them on eBay for $35. I analyzed the pictures in the auction, which looked like they were barely used. When they arrived, I saw that was precisely the case. They were practically brand new, so I figured I would review them here.

My Overall Impression of Independent Titanium Trucks

The Independent Titanium trucks feel nearly identical to the Independent Hollow trucks, with the only difference being that the Titanium trucks are noticeably lighter.

Why Are Lighter Skateboard Trucks Better?

Indy Titanium trucks are one of the lightest skate trucks you can buy. Lighter skateboard trucks are better for street and park skating because they make it easier to get your skateboard higher off the ground.

Skateboard trucks are the heaviest components you can add to your board setup. When you select a lighter-weight titanium skateboard truck, you significantly reduce your skateboard’s overall weight.

Pricewise How Do Independent Stage 11 Titanium Trucks Compare to Independent Stage 11 Hollow Trucks

Indy Stage 11 titanium trucks cost $87.95 compared to the $64.95 price of the forged Independent Stage 11 Hollow Trucks or the $54.95 for the non-forged Hollow version.

indy titaniums vs indy hollow trucks

Outside of their price, the only other noticeable difference is their overall weight. The Titanium trucks are lighter, and you feel that difference while skating them. All other aspects like the truck’s geometry and the way it turns, are identical.

Pricewise How Do Independent Stage 11 Titanium Trucks Compare vs. Tensor Mag Lights

Currently, Indy Stage 11 titanium trucks cost $87.95 compared to the $69.95 price of the Tensor Mag Light trucks

indy titanium trucks vs tensor mag lights

Which is lighter the Tensor Mag Light or Independent Titanium Trucks?

The Tensor Mag Light Trucks are the lighter option. Tensor Mag Lights are 9.5% lighter (31 grams lighter) than the Independent Stage 11 Forged Titanium trucks. However, as mentioned above, the Tensor Mag Lights have a very different feeling grind due to their use of magnesium instead of aluminum in their hanger.

So, How Do Independent Titanium Trucks Skate?

These trucks skate incredibly well and feel like a slightly lighter version of the Independent Hollow trucks. They have the feel of a lightweight Indy. Their turning is responsive. Their grind is smooth and consistent. Altogether, they feel noticeably light without making any sacrifices in their performance.

What do I like about Independent Titanium Trucks?

The Lightest Trucks Indy Makes

These are the lightest trucks that Independent makes and one of the most lightweight options available all around. What I love about Indy Titanium trucks is that they aren’t so light that they start to interfere with how you manual. These trucks are noticeably light while still feeling like a skateboard truck you are already used to.

The Smooth Grind

After coming from the Tensor Mag Lights, I can really appreciate the regular, consistent feeling of how well an Indy truck grinds. These trucks manage to reduce their weight without making any noticeable differences in how they feel while grinding. 

If you have ever skated an Independent truck before, the Indy titanium trucks grind exactly like what you’ve skated. The titanium trucks grind exactly the same as all other Independent trucks, and that is the main highlight here.

Long Lasting

Independent trucks that can take a beating. I’ve got 12 months out of my Indy Hollow Trucks, and because they have the same hanger, I can tell I will get around the same lifespan out of my Indy Titanium trucks, too.

That said, the lifespan of any truck depends on what you’re grinding and the number of hard impacts you take. If you grind rough concrete daily, your trucks will wear down faster than if you’re primarily grinding rails or boxes with metal coping. While I skate the occasional waxed chunky curb, I mainly skate my Transformer Rail and ledges with coping at our local skatepark.

Responsive Turning

I’m impressed with the responsiveness and turning ability of the Independent Titanium trucks. Unlike some trucks, there is no delay or learning curve for turning these. They have an intuitive feel and don’t take long to break in. Within an hour or two, these will start to feel like your trucks, and you’ll be skating them to the fullest.

Independent Titanium Trucks with orange indy bushings

It is worth noting the original version of these trucks came with white bushings that were worn down. I swapped those out for the standard orange (medium hardness) bushings that come with Independent Stage 11 Titanium trucks. While the white color bushings looked better, I did this to review the trucks as close to the stock specs as possible.

Lifetime Warranty

Independent trucks have a lifetime warranty against axle bending, axle slipping, casting anomalies, axle deformation anomalies, threading issues at the point of purchase, and wiggling kingpins or shaft nuts. This means that if your trucks break due to one of these defects, Independent will replace them for free, no matter how long you have owned them. If you encounter any issues, just fill out a warranty form here.

What do I dislike about Independent Titanium Trucks?

The Higher Price Tag

Titanium is rare and expensive to produce. As a result, the Independent Titanium Trucks come with a higher price tag than most of the other skateboard trucks out there.

If you cannot reasonably afford these, consider trying the Indy Hollow trucks first to see if you like the overall feel of the truck before spending the $90 for Independent Titanium trucks. The Hollows are around $30 cheaper while sharing many of the same components.

Wearing On Baseplate

The baseplate of the titanium truck is thin to keep the truck’s overall weight down. Due to it being thin, it tends to wear down quickly when doing nose or tail slides.

wearing on indy titanium baseplate

Ultimately, the baseplate makes a groove similar to a crooked grind groove that helps you with your slides. I put it under the dislike section because the groove can get sharp and start to dig into your deck.

Are Independent Titanium Trucks Good for Beginners?

Yes. The Indy Titanium trucks are great for skaters of all experience levels, from beginner to advanced skateboarders. 

The independent titanium trucks are perfect for beginners because they help keep the overall weight of your skateboard down, making it easier to learn your first ollies and kickflips.

Overall Rating of Independent Titanium Trucks?

Overall Rating

ConsiderationsRating Out 5Score Out of 100Weight (Importance to Score)
Turning / Responsiveness4.759510
Quality of Matrials 4.759510
Value for Money4.208410
Feel While Skating5.0010015
Weighted Score4.8496.8

Editor’s Rating: 4.84 out of 5 stars4.84 out of 5 stars

The Independent Titanium Stage 11 Forged skate trucks earned a weighted rating of 4.84 out of 5 stars.

Summary: Are Independent Titanium Trucks Worth Buying?

The Indy Titaniums are perfect for anyone who wants a lightweight truck that still grinds and feels like a standard truck. The only real downside to these is that they are on the expensive side. While I believe the cost to be worth it, the decision comes down to this question: Is the 15-gram per truck reduction worth the additional $30 over the Independent Hollows?

I think it is. The Independent Titanium trucks have helped me reduce the weight of my skateboard setup without making any noticeable impact on its performance. To me, that alone is huge. By having a lighter skateboard, I’ve been able to warm up faster and extend my skate sessions a little longer, thanks to my legs not tiring out as quickly as they would if I were using a heavier setup. 

That said, if the 15 grams per truck (30 grams in total) doesn’t sound worth the $30 difference to you, you’ll be perfectly fine with the Independent Hollow trucks.

Where Can You Buy Independent Titanium Trucks?

Independent Titaniums Review