Best Gift for Skateboarders

Gift Ideas for Skateboarders: Stocking Stuffers to Massive Presents

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of receiving skateboard-related gifts from my parents. I always found it incredibly touching when they took the time to research and find out the right size and brand of deck that worked for me.

Not all skateboards are created equal, and not all deck sizes work for everyone. Skateboard gear comes down to a high degree of personal preference, so when a parent researches to get their child the right gift, it means the world to them.

I put together this gift guide thinking, “What are the gifts that every skateboarder would love to get even if you weren’t quite sure of their preferences?”

The list below is the result.

So if you know the skaters deck size and brand preference, you can always buy a deck. 

However, if you’re unsure, get them one of these other gifts. You will make the skateboarder in your life smile from ear to ear.

Best skateboard gift to practice grinds

The Curb Cover

The Curb Cover is a lightweight, portable rail designed to cover any curb or skate as a standalone, low rail. This is the perfect gift for any new skateboarder because they can take it with them to make any street spot or skatepark even better. It is the perfect portable skate object for beginners because it offers a smooth and easy-to-grind surface. You won’t need to go fast to get this to grind, so you can build your balance and confidence up as you practice.

The Curb Cover is also one of the safest portable skate rails because it has a grippy felt backing that locks the cover in place on curbs. It remains in place as you skate it; you can simply pick it up and move it when you are done. It makes any potential curb skateable without harming or waxing the surface of the curb.

Also read through our in depth Curb Cover review.


  • You can turn any curb into a skate spot.
  • This is durable. It is made of a lightweight galvanized steel
  • It comes in three different lengths – 7ft, 9ft, or 12ft
  • It is sturdy and will not move as you skate it.


  • This is specifically designed to fit curbs. If you are going to skate ledges that are a little higher off the ground, check out the Ledge Cover.

Best skateboard gift overall

The Element Flat Bar or Round Skateboard Rail

This is the gift that got me back into skateboarding. You can read my full review of the element flat bar here. In all honesty, this blog wouldn’t exist if it were not for the Element rail. I live in an area of Pennsylvania where there are no skate parks. I am a 40 year old marketing consultant by day. I don’t want to have the cops called on me for skating someone else’s business location. I bought this rail and I am so glad I did. I have skated it nearly every day for the past six months, and I can’t think of one thing negative to say about it.

UPDATE: I noticed my rail was starting to bend to one side. When I flipped it over I saw that one of the legs was starting to break in its welded area. I reached out to Element and they had me make a warranty claim. They let me know this was not the norm and shipped me a brand new flat bar free of charge. Again, I cannot say enough great things about this rail.

The rail is the perfect gift for any skateboarder because you don’t need to know what size board they skate. For a few dollars more than a complete board, you can get them a skate spot that will last them.

This rail is great for skaters of all abilities. If they are just starting out they can put it on the low setting and figure out the basic rail tricks on it. If they are already advanced, they can put it on its highest setting and practice their technical tricks on it.

If you have a $100 – $150 limit, this is the gift to buy. I recommend getting this from Amazon or anywhere that has free shipping as it is 28 pounds and 6 foot long.


  • It is a portable skate spot that a skater won’t get tired of. This fits in my sedan with the back seat down.
  • Its dimensions are perfect. Its height is adjustable to make it more challenging as the skater progresses.
  • It is sturdy and will not slide around as you skate it.


  • Other than it being a little on the loud side, I cannot think of anything that is a true con.

Low Stock Alert
With it being near the holidays, I am noticing Element hasn’t restocked this rail. If it is out of stock when you check, I also recommend this rail as an alternative to the Element flat bar.

If you want to find the mecca of skate rails, and have closer to $400 to spend, then check out the Transformer Rail. It is a skatepark in one rail. It converts into a round rail, flat rail, and grind bench.

Best gift for a skateboarder under $10 (Stocking Stuffers)

A Skateboard Tool

You can not go wrong if you buy a skateboarder a universal skate tool. This is a lightweight tool that has everything they will need to tighten, or completely, assemble their skateboard. I usually leave mine in a backpack that I take with me.


  • One universal tool that has all a skateboarder will need.
  • Light weight
  • Available in most colors


  • Using a skateboard tool is slower to assemble a skateboard than using an electric drill

Best gift for a skateboarder under $15 (Stocking stuffer size)

A Fingerboard Set (on sale today)

I got an alert that this fingerboard set was on sale for $15. This set would be the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for any young skater in your life. This comes with three finger boards from companies like Blind, Real, and Shut Skateboards. Additionally, it comes with ramps that are miniature replicas of three iconic skate spots: Brooklyn Banks, Hubba Hideout, and Venice Beach Ledge!

Your kids can customize their mini skatepark, practice their favorite tricks, and get stoked when they open this gift.


  • An insanely good deal for under $20
  • Comes with three fingerboards
  • Comes with three customizable ramps


  • Can’t select which companies boards it comes with

Best skateboard gift under $20 (Stocking Stuffers)

New Bushings

When a skater changes out their bushings, they will instantly notice they have a smoother, and straighter, riding set up. I would equate it to getting an alignment with your car. You probably didn’t notice how out of alignment your car was until you have it aligned. The bushings inside a skateboard truck can wear out and need to be replaced.

I like Bones bushings because they are manufactured to be light and replace the metal washers and cups that hold the bushings in a skater’s trucks currently. With these, you can actually reduce some of the excess weight in your board. A lighter board is easier to get off the ground.

The only challenging part of buying someone new bushings is that they come in various hardness preference varieties. If a skater likes their trucks looser, they might want a soft or medium bushing. If they like their skate trucks to be more firm, they might want a hard bushing. Here is my recommendation, buy them two types so they can mix and match. If they are a newer skateboarder, go with a medium and hard bushing. At the moment, I use a hard busing mixed with a medium one. It is the perfect skateboard bushing set up. When in doubt, go with a medium middle of the road bushing.


  • Most likely lighter than what is in the skaters trucks currently.
  • Durable
  • Comes in various hardness varieties


  • Bushings come in a variety of hardness depending on how tight the skater wants their trucks.

Best gift for skateboarders under $30 (Stocking Stuffers)

New Bearings

You can’t go wrong with a fresh set of bearings. Bearings don’t come in various sizes, so regardless of which bearing quality you go with, these will fit in the skaters set up.

The bones bearings I linked to are quality bearings made specifically for skateboarding. These will go fast and they will last.


  • Excellent deal for a high quality skate bearing
  • Pre lubricated to be fast


  • These are a middle of the rode bearings. Check out the price on the Bones Swiss Bearings for the best bearing out there. Fair warning, they are $100+.

Best skateboard gift under $40

Skater XL (It is a simulation skateboarding video game)

Skater XL is the perfect new video game for a skateboarder. This is a realistic skateboard simulation game. One of my favorite things to do is relax with headphones in while playing this game. A skater can create entire skateboard video parts in this game. They will love this one.


  • Realistic – the skater can enjoy skateboarding when they are unable to go skate.
  • You can film your own in-game skateboard video parts.
  • The learning curve is minimal.


  • The controls take some getting used to.
  • There are not that many levels to play yet on the PS5, PS4, and Xbox One versions.

Best skateboard gift under $50

A pair of skate shoes

Shoes can be a little tricky to buy as a gift for someone who skateboards. They come in different sizes, shapes, and textures. It can take a while to get used to a new pair of shoes. My recommendation would be to look at the brand, size, and model the skateboarder already uses. I would get a new pair of those to make sure you are getting them a pair of shoes they use.


  • Suede that lasts through ollie and kickflip attempts
  • Comes in a variety of colorways.


  • The rubber on the bottom wore out before the shoe cloth on top.

Best gift for a skateboarder under $60

A Hoodie from a Skate Brand

There are some skateboard brands that have stood the test of time and are beloved in the community. Spitfire is one of those brands. If you buy a skater a spitfire hoodie, you got it right. Regardless of what boards they like riding, chances are somewhere along the way they had Spitfire wheels. It is a high quality hoodie all skaters would enjoy receiving as a gift


  • Adjustable Drawstring on Hood
  • Ribbed Cuffs and Hem


    Best gift for skateboarders under $75

    A complete with a blank deck (or one with a graphic that’s on sale)

    There is nothing cooler than getting an entire complete set up as a gift. It shows that the gift giver cared to do some research. That said, it can be challenging because not all skateboard sizes are created equal. This set up I linked to is the best deal I could find online for a quality set up. I linked to a size that I would skate. Ultimately, you are going to want to measure the width and length of the skateboard deck of the person you are buying this for. You will want to order the version that is closest to what they are skating currently.


    • This is a complete board setup for all levels of skateboarders from beginner to pro.
    • The 52mm 99A wheels are perfect for street and park skating.


    • You are going to need to know the skater’s deck size preference. (Measure the width and length of their deck when they aren’t looking.)

    Best Skateboard Gift Under $100

    A complete with a quality graphic deck

    Just like with the previous gift idea, there is nothing better than getting a complete set up with the exact specs you enjoy skating. It really shows that the family member did their research. The best way to go about this would be to ask a friend of the skateboarder what they seem to enjoy riding. If the friend doesn’t know you can always measure the width and length of the skateboard deck they are currently riding. If you can still read it, also take note of the brand they are riding too. These details matter most for a skateboarder that is in the intermediate to advanced category. If the skater is still new, it likely will not matter as much.


    • My recommendation would be to get this one. Deathwish is a well known brand and the size of this deck is perfect for an adult.
    • Comes with higher quality Abec 5 bearings than most complete set ups. This will be a smooth ride.
    • The 52mm 99A are the perfect wheels for park street and skating.


    • You are going to need to know the skater’s deck size preference. (Measure the width and length of their deck when they aren’t looking.)

    Best Skateboard Gift Under $200

    A 4ft Grind Box

    If you get a skateboarder a grind box, you are setting them up for success. There is something about having your own ramp or rail in your driveway that allows for a level of board control that you cannot get while your friends are around. It is a skatepark object that you own and that you can skate at any hour of the day. This grind box is made by a well known ramp manufacturer. You can learn more about it in their video


    • Comes with highest class lumber
    • Can be assembled in 20 minutes
    • The metal coping prevents rusting


    Best gift for a skateboarder under $300

    Gopro Hero 10 Camera (or newer)

    If you are looking for the perfect gift near the $300 range, consider getting the skateboarder something to film their tricks with. One of the best parts about skateboarding is watching skate videos. With this camera, the skater will be able to upload clips to youtube and instagram.

    One of the best ways to improve is to watch yourself skating. It lets you see the tiny nuances you otherwise wouldn’t notice from your own perspective.


    • Incredible image stabilization system making it the perfect low cost camera for skateboarding.
    • 4k video with many other frame rate options


    • The screen is smaller than some other alternative action cameras.

    Best Portable Ramp Gift for a Skateboarder

    This Foldable Quarter Pipe

    There is nothing like having a mini ramp at your own house. However, what do you do when you don’t have space? You get a four-foot portable quarter pipe that can fold up. If I had this as a kid, I would have never left my house. This quarter pipe is weatherproof, can last longer than wood, fold up to a Folds up to a 20x20x47 triangle, and can be stored anywhere.

    If you are looking for an extremely nice gift around the $500 price point.


    • Sets up in minutes
    • Foldable with wheels to move it
    • Weatherproof – This last 10 times longer than wood ramps


    • It weighs 162 lbs – it comes with roller wheels to move it, though.

    The Most Expensive / Absolute Jaw Dropping Best Skateboard Gift

    A Mini Ramp (a small vert ramp)

    If you want to get a skateboarder’s jaw to drop, then you get them a mini ramp. This is a 3 foot tall mini ramp. It is perfect for skaters just starting out and advanced skateboarders. By having a mini ramp in your yard or garage, you are giving a skateboarder an entire skatepark. They will be able to master ramp tricks in the comfort of their own home. This is the equivalent of getting someone who loves to swim a swimming pool. When you get a skateboarder a grind box, you are setting them up for success. This ramp is made by a well known ramp manufacturer. It comes pre drilled and ready for assembly. You can learn more about it in their video


    • Comes with highest class lumber
    • Comes pre drilled with assembly instructions
    • The metal coping prevents rusting


    • This is estimated as taking four to six hours to assemble
    • They recommend one gallon (or four of quarts) of this additional sealant.

    So there you have it.

    The Best Gifts to Buy for Skateboarders Are: