The best snowboard deals right now

Best Snowboard Deals: Lowest Priced Gear You Can Find Online

Snowboarding gear can be expensive. A decent board can cost you over $500, and you’re lucky if you get a lift ticket for less than $60.

I’ve always been someone who loves a good deal. I am currently riding a youth-size snowboard that I love. It was a closeout deck for $120, and I ride it more than my regular snowboard setup. Excellent snowboard deals are out there, and I want to help you find them.

The following is a curated list of snowboards that I’ve found at any moment. At the time of writing, these are available. However, please know a great deal is the type of thing you act on because these will sell out.

I’ll do my best to keep this list of snowboard gear up to date, so here goes.

Here is a collection of every board that is on sale that I could find. right now.

Snowboard Coupon Codes & Deals Running Right Now

Best Never Summer Snowboard Deals

Never Summer Men’s Proto Synthesis Snowboard ’21

Never Summer Men's Proto Synthesis Snowboard '21

The Never Summer Proto Synthesis is a twin all-mountain snowboard that is responsive and has loads of pop. If you ride a 158cm, check out this deal as it is an incredible price and will go fast.

The Never Summer Proto Synthesis is an all-mountain board that will improve your jumps and carving. There is carbon built into this snowboard to give it additional pop and responsiveness. You will be able to load the pop up in the board. As you ollie, the carbon reacts like a springboard to launch you even higher. Additionally, the carbon gives the board a better edge hold while keeping the board’s flex pattern the same over a long time.

If you are looking for a fast board with a ton of pop that can conquer the whole mountain, check out the Never Summer Proto Synthesis.


  • Carbon added for pop and responsiveness
  • Lightweight
  • Durable laminates and sidewalls
  • 3 year Warranty
  • Fast base – This has Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base the fastest Never Summer has ever used.


  • The sale only has a 158cm left..
  • This is more for intermediate to advanced riders. It is not the most beginner friendly.



Best Snowboard Deal Under $200

Evol Logo Twin

Evol Logo Twin

This is a softer flexing directional twin shape board. That means it has the flex you look for to ride in the terrain park. However, it also has a slightly longer nose than tail The benefit there is that it will do well in deeper snow as your all-mountain board. If you are looking for an all-mountain freestyle board under $200, go with this one.

The deck has a light camber profile, so it will carve well and still be beginner-friendly.

Why is it so cheap? Evol is hitting a lower price point with their brand, and we are hitting discounts as it gets later in the 2021 season.

Sizes: 152cm, 155cm, 158cm

Best Snowboard Deals: Lib Tech Board

Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 2020 Version

Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 2020 Version

Lib Tech’s Skate Banana is an easy to ride twin-shaped all-mountain freestyle board. This snowboard deal is for last year’s model, and the only real difference is that it has a different graphic than the newer version.

The board’s shape is what makes it easy and fun to ride. This snowboard is a hybrid rocker-shaped (banana-shaped) between your feet with slight camber zones under your feet to the nose and tail. The banana shape makes for a playful ride to learn butter and press tricks easier than some other boards on this list. The Skate Banana won’t catch an edge easily, so it is a beginner-friendly board.

This board is lightweight, flexible, and has some technology built into its edges that most snowboards don’t have. It is called Magne-Traction. If you were to look at the edges, it would look like a serrated knife. The benefit is that it can hold an edge wall you carve.

If you’re looking for a playful board that you can ride the entire mountain with, take a look at this deal.

Sizes: 154cm, 156cm Wide

Here is how to find the best discounted snowboard for you

Best Snowboard Deals: Rome SDS

Rome Reverb Rocker SE Snowboard 2019

Rome Reverb Rocker SE Snowboard 2019

The Rome Reverb Rocker SE snowboard is a true twin, with a medium flex that you can ride anywhere on the mountain. It is a hybrid-shaped deck. It is rocker (spoon shaped) between your feet, and then it is camber (lower case n shaped) outside of your feet. The benefit of this design is that it gives you the carving benefits of a camber board while still being playful, poppy, and easy to ride in the park.

This is a true twin board that will ride the same switch or regular. Its core is a combination of bamboo, carbon, and wood. The wood keeps it lightweight, while the carbon gives it an extra level of pop and durability. The base is the “SinterTrue” base. It is a high-performance sintered base that is designed for maximum durability and wax absorption.

This is a fantastic deck for anyone looking for an all-mountain snowboard under $400. It is on sale because it is a leftover from a previous season.

Sizes: 151cm

Best Snowboard Deals: All Mountain Board

Lib Tech Box Knife Snowboard 2020 Version

Lib Tech Box Knife Snowboard 2020 Version

While the Lib Tech Box Knife has the word box in it, and you would think, “oh, it is a jib board,” it is more of an all-mountain deck. The Box Knife has a hybrid C3 camber shape. This means there is a mild rocker (u shape curve) between your boots and camber (lower case n curve) outside of your feet. The benefit is you get a versatile board that is easy to ride and is good for both carving while still being playful.

This deck also features Magne-Traction edges. That means the edges of the board are serrated like a steak knife. It will carve into ice or any type of terrain you might run into.

If you’re someone looking for an all-mountain board that is fast, precise, and still playful, you should take advantage of the deal and get this one.

Sizes: 151cm, 157cm Wide

Best Deals: GNU Snowboards

GNU T2B (Top to Bottom)

GNU T2B (Top to Bottom)

This is an insane deal on one of the best snowboards of 2021. T2B means top to bottom, which is what this board is meant for; ripping the entire resort. The GNU T2B is a board that is perfect for hardpack to powder, from rails to side hits, and everything in between.

The T2B is a rocker profile between your boots and a mellow camber outside of your feet. The benefit of the shape is that it’s easy to ride, and you get the camber zones’ responsive benefits.

Most rider’s favorite feature is the flex of the board. The T2B is a soft, more playful all-mountain freestyle board that can carve. With the board being on the softer side, you will be able to do butters and nose or tail presses far easier than other boards on this list. The T2B has a skateboard-like feel to it.

If you are a beginner to intermediate rider, this board can be perfect for you because it is simple to ride. That said, if you are an advanced rider looking to add an all-mountain / park board to your quiver, this is perfect for you too.


  • Magne-Traction® for effortless riding on rough snow
  • Rediculously flexible
  • Beginner friendly / lightweight and forgiving
  • Made in the USA


  • Soft side / easy to flex and not great for stability
  • The board is on the looser side.


158cm, 161cm, 161cm Wide

Note: I found a slightly better sale price here on a 155cm and 158cm. Check that out here.

Best Deals: Jones Snowboards

Jones Frontier Snowboard 2020 Version

Jones Frontier Snowboard 2020 Version

The Jones Frontier Snowboard is a stiffer board that can float through powder and carve the entire mountain while still having a freestyle feel.

The shape of the board is a Directional Rocker profile. This has camber between your feet and rocker in the nose and tail. The shape works because it gives you all the precision carving benefits of camber board with the catch-free easy to ride benefits of a camber board.

A highlight of the board is that it has a 3d contoured base. The nose and tail are curved like a spoon. It is designed to plow through powder and help you carve edge to edge.

If you are looking for a snowboard that can carve the backcountry, be excellent at resorts, and send it on the occasional jump, get this deal.

Sizes: 165cm

Best Park Snowboard Deals

Dinosaurs Will Die Rat Snowboard

Dinosaurs Will Die Rat Snowboard

The Dinosaurs Will Die Rat Snowboard is one of the best park snowboards out there. The board’s shape is a rocker in the nose and tail and flat in between your feet. The shape offers a more stable feel than other rocker profile boards while still being playful. The Dinosaurs Will Die Rat Snowboard has a medium flex making it perfect for rails and jumps.

This deck is perfect if you would consider your self a park rat. If you’re looking for a soft to medium flexing board that is supper poppy, responsive, and insanely light, then get the rat while it is on sale.

Sizes: 151cm, 153cm, 155cm

Best Capita Snowboard Deal

Capita Supernova 2021 Version

Capita Supernova 2021 Version

The Capita Supernova is now on sale for a steal of a price.

The Supernova is Capita’s directional all-mountain freeride board, and it is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders who love to carve and go fast. This board rips, and it won the Transworld snowboarding good wood award for two years for a good reason.

The board profile is a hybrid shape that is perfect for riding powder or carving resort terrain. The profile has rocker in the nose and under your foot and then camber just after your front foot through the rest of the snowboard. The rocker zone will help this board float, and the camber will help you get the response to carve quickly and confidently.

The Supernova has plenty of tech built into it. It has Capita’s fast sintered base and carbon fiber to help give it a springboard like pop.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a 2021 Capita Doa before it sold out, consider its more powder friendly cousin, the Capita Supernova. There are a few larger sizes left of this one, so if you are a heavier rider who wants to ride some powder and charge the entire mountain, this is the deal I would consider buying.

Sizes: 153cm, 159cm, 162cm

Best Park Snowboard Deal

GNU Headspace

GNU Headspace

The GNU Head Space is one of the best park snowboards for 2021. It is on sale now for $100 off, and at that price, it is an insane deal.

This is an asymmetrical twin snowboard with the c3 rocker profile. Think of this as a camber dominant snowboard even though there is a mild rocker between your feet. The result is a playful, easy-to-ride snowboard blended with the stability and precision of the camber profile. The GNU Head Space has all of the pop and precision you would need to launch yourself off jumps while still being playful enough for jibs.

While I would put this board more in the park-focused crowd, it really has all you need to be your all-mountain board. The Head Space features Magne-Traction Serrated Edges giving it extra grip as you carve. If you’re on the east coast like me, the serrated edges will be useful on those icy days as they can carve on any terrain type.

If you’re looking for a park set up that you could easily ride the entire resort with, take advantage of this great deal before the board sells out.


  • The c3 profile shape
  • Magne-Traction™: Unreal edge hold
  • The balance of the asymetrical shape


  • Limited 1-year manufacturer warranty (some of the other warrantys are a little longer)
  • Might not be the best in deeper conditions. (Intended for park)
  • The extruded base isn’t the fastest. It is good enough to accelerate from rails to jumps.


149, 152, 152 Wide, 155, 155 Wide, 158

How To Find the Best Discount on a Snowboard

  1. Use the snowboard length calculator to learn the size snowboard you need.
  2. Check out the discount or sale pages from the snowboard stores online. Here are my favorites The House’s snowboard outlet page here, Evo’s page where they show all their discounted snowboards here, or Backcountry’s “on sale” page filtered specifically to snowboards here.
  3. Find a board that matches your size, and is the right type of snowboard for the type of riding you will do. In other words, you won’t want to take a stiff freeride snowboard into the terrain park or vice versa.