2023 Best Women's Wakeboards

5 Excellent Women’s Wakeboards

Whether you are just learning to wakeboard or an experienced rider looking to progress, you will have more fun riding when you have the right wakeboard gear for you. To ensure you have the best time wakeboarding, we compiled a list of the top women’s wakeboards of the season.

These are the women’s wakeboards to get.

Best Women’s Wakeboard for Soft Landings

Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard 2023

The Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard is the women’s version of the Shaun Murray pro model. This board is perfect for riders of all skill levels. There are a lot of features designed into this wakeboard that make it pop incredibly well, keep it lightweight, and make it easy to ride.

This board has a mellow three-stage rocker profile. It will give you all of the pop and turning benefits of a three-stage rocker while feeling more controlled and easier to land on.

Here is a quick overview of the tech built into this board.

Another excellent feature you’ll notice right away is that the Prizm’s base isn’t flat in the center like other three-stage rocker wakeboards. Instead, the belly of the Prizm is spoon-like. The main benefit to the spoon-like shape is that it distributes water while you ride and softens your landings.

The edges of the Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard are beveled to help make your turn initiation easier and the overall feel of this wakeboard easy to ride. Looking at this board from its side, you would notice that the edges are sharper on the sides of the nose and tail and more rounded off in the center. The rounded edges give the board a playful catch-free feel, while the sharper edges help you turn to generate speed. The edges in the Hyperlite Prizm are one of the core reasons this board is perfect for riders of all skill levels.

The Hyperlite Prizm is made with Hyperlite’s Biolite 3 core. It is durable and insanely light. The Prizm board also has monocoque construction where the top and bottom layers of the glass are all one piece, so you won’t need to worry about delamination. This is a wakeboard that will last you for years to come.

If you’re looking for a board that is easy to ride while still having tech features that can help you go huge and land soft, get the Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard.



  • Some of the features might make this too playful. If you’re looking for a more aggressive edge, you might want to go with another deck on the list.

Sizes: 134cm, 139cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 4

Bindings to Pair With It: Hyperlite Syn Bindings

The Best Women’s Hybrid Wakeboard (All Terrain for Boat & Cable Riding)

Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard 2023

The Slingshot Contrast is a hybrid wakeboard perfect for either the cable park or boat riding. This wakeboard has technology that makes it lightweight, pressable, and insanely durable.

The Contrast features a 3-stage rocker profile. This is the perfect rocker profile for riding behind a boat or locking into rail features in the park.

Here is a quick overview video of the 2023 Slingshot Contrast.

The Slingshot Contrast is a narrow wakeboard designed to be extremely lightweight. The benefit of the narrow, lightweight combination is that you can go up in length to get the added stability and softer landings of a longer wakeboard.

The Contrast has a feature that makes nose and tail presses easier. Slingshot designed the Contrast with a flex pattern that moved the point the nose or tail flexes closer to the belly of the board. The benefit is that its easier to press on rails or boxes.

While the nose and tail are flexible, there is a stiffer flex pattern between your feet on the Slingshot Contrast. The stiffer belly gives the wakeboard more response and pop when ollieing onto features in the park or while making hard-charging turns behind a boat.

The Contrast is a lively wakeboard with a ton of pop. There are carbon inserts built directly into this board. It gives the board pop, reduces its weight, and dramatically improves its strength. When you pop on this board, you will notice the carbon gives you a springboard-like feel.

The Slingshot Contrast is a durable board that will withstand the abuse of landing onto rails and boxes without any issue. Slingshot gave the Contrast and Atomic Wood Core. The core is a vertically laminated wooden construction. Slingshot also gave the Contrast sidewalls that are made to last even if you accidentally take a side hit from a rail. Slingshot calls the sidewall tech their Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls. It is a urethane material (Skateboard wheel material) that is infused into the sidewall in one piece without any additional tape, staples, glue, or seams.

Slingshot added in its Ballistic base in the Contrast. The base is made of 9/32 inch (slightly over 1/4 of an inch) bulletproof material. This means there is an indestructible material between your board and the rails you are sliding over. The bulletproof construction makes this one of the most durable wakeboard bases you can buy.

If you are looking for an all-terrain wakeboard that is light and built to last you years to come, get the Slingshot Contrast.


  • Perfect for boat or cable riding / Removable fins
  • Flex pattern that is responsive and offers pop while still being easily pressable
  • 3-stage rocker profile – Great for locking into features
  • Springboard-like additional pop
  • Lightweight / Durable


  • Slightly more expensive than others on this list (The added price is made up for in the features, though.)

Sizes: 134cm, 138cm, 142cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 4

Bindings to Pair With It: Slingshot Jewel Wakeboard Bindings

Best Women’s Beginner Wakeboard Package With Bindings

Ronix Krush Wakeboard With Halo Bindings 2023

The Ronix Krush Wakeboard package with Halo bindings is the perfect complete set-up for women who want to learn how to wakeboard. The Krush is a beginner-friendly board specifically designed to make wakeboarding easy and fun to learn. While the Krush wakeboard has an easy-to-ride shape, don’t be fooled, this thing will launch you into the air and serve you well as you progress.

The main call-out feature is how good of a deal this is. You can get both the wakeboard and bindings for less than $500.

Here is a quick overview video about this wakeboard.

The Ronix Krush has an asymmetrical edge design. The toe side rail is thinner, while the heel side rail is more rounded and full. The result is you will have a ridiculously simple time learning to ride and connect your turns on the Ronix Krush wakeboard.

The Ronix Krush has a mellow 3-stage rocker profile. This profile curve is where the board gets its additional pop from. The rocker profile in the Krush has a flatter base with an angled nose and tail than most other 3-stage rocker boards. As the angled nose hits the wake, you will get launched higher than some other beginner-friendly wakeboards.

This wakeboard is built to be lightweight and durable. For 2023, Ronix managed to reduce this wakeboard’s overall weight by 20% from last year’s model.

The base of the Ronix Krush has two molded-in fiberglass fins. These fins add the stability new riders need without the drag that slows you down.

This wakeboard package comes with the Ronix Halo Bindings. The bindings are a medium flex open-toe bindings designed to be comfortable and soften your landings. The Halo bindings have the proper support while placing a focus on comfort.

If you are a girl looking for an easy and fun board to learn to ride with, go with the Krush wakeboard and Halo binding package.


  • An inexpensive bundle of a board with bindings that’s perfect for beginners just learning to ride.
  • Designed to launch you / added pop
  • One of the easiest to ride wakeboards for beginners / learn heel side and toe side turns quicker
  • Two fin design
  • Three stage rocker profile


  • The fins aren’t removable.

Sizes: 130cm, 135cm, 140cm

Size Chart
Board Size Rider Weight
130 cm 60lbs – 125lbs
135 cm 120lbs – 160lbs
140cm 150lbs – 190lbs

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 2

The Best Value Women’s Boat Wakeboard

Connelly Lotus Women’s Wakeboard 2023

The Connelly Lotus is a playful wakeboard perfect for riders of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, there is tech built into this board that will progress your riding.

Here is an overview of the Connelly Lotus wakeboard.

The Lotus has a subtle 3-stage rocker profile. Connelly’s 3-stage rocker is easy to ride while still offering plenty of pop off of the wake. The profile of the Lotus offers response and stability while blending in massive pop. If you were to look at this wakeboard from the side, you would notice this profile shape.

The Connelly Lotus has the best shape to learn on. This wakeboard has a longer shape with molded fins to gain traction without adding any unnecessary drag while you ride. The removable center fin offers an added layer of grip. However, you have the option to take it out as you progress.

Connelly made this board with a system 80 core. The Lotus has a sandwich construction core where Connelly used a full sheet of wood in the center with a lightweight responsive PVC laminated shell on the outside. The benefit is that it is durable, lightweight, and offers a skate-like board feel.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-ride wakeboard that offers a ton of pop, check out the Connelly Lotus women’s wakeboard.


  • Easy to ride – Great for beginners
  • Excellent pop – 3-stage rocker profile
  • Molded and removeable fins
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Soft landings – This has a spine running down its center to distribute water evenly as you land


  • Lacks some of the carbon and additional tech features advanced riders might want.

Sizes: 130cm, 134cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 2

Bindings to Pair With It: Connelly Optima Wakeboard Bindings

The Best Women’s Cable Park Wakeboard

Liquid Force Virago Wakeboard 2023

The Liquid Force Virago Wakeboard is the ideal cable park board. This lightweight and responsive wakeboard is ready to press and slide your favorite park features.

Here is a quick overview video of the Liquid Force Virago Wakeboard.

The Virago has an aggressive continuous rocker profile. The curve of the board is one continuous arc. The benefit is that the board’s profile generates speed easily while feeling smooth to ride. Liquid Force added in Concave Beveled Rails to give this wakeboard a more catch-free, skate-like feel.

The Liquid Force Virago has a Full Rounded Thumbtail shape. This shape gives the board stability, allows for tighter carves, and adds additional pop for larger airs.

This wakeboard features Liquid Force’s triple concave. This triple concave adds pop while giving the board an added level of control for carving. This feature makes the board maneuverable.

The Liquid Force Virago is an incredibly durable board. It is made with a full paulownia wood core. The Paulownia adds stability and strength while giving this board the perfect flex and pop for park riding. The Virago’s fiberglass is weaved together to give the board an added layer of strength and response. The Virago also has an indestructible base that is ready to slide all of the features in the park without giving you any issues.

If you’re looking for the best women’s park board, you just found it. Get the Liquid Force Virago.


  • Lightweight / Durable – Reinforced edges and an indestructible base
  • Responsive and easy to ride / Catch free feel
  • Continuous rocker profile – Great for generating speed / pressing features / pop
  • Optimized for LF 4D Bindings | Compatible with All Bindings – Can fine tune your stance


  • Not the most beginner friendly board. This is more for intermediate to advanced riders.

Sizes: 137cm, 142cm, 147cm, 152cm

Mount Pattern: Flextrack

Fins: 0

Bindings to Pair With It: Liquid Force Vale Wakeboard Bindings

So there you have it.

Here are 5 excellent women’s wakeboards for 2023

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