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2022 Best Snowboard Goggles

Excellent Snowboard Goggles for 2022 – 2023: See Better & Ride Better

Goggles are such a vital part of your snowboarding toolkit. They keep the sun, wind, and snow out of your eyes, all while helping you stay warm.

The three primary details to consider when shopping for a pair of snowboard goggles are:

  • They need to fit your face comfortably.
  • They are explicitly designed to prevent fogging.
  • The lenses should match the conditions you will be riding in or allow you to swap lenses.

Every pair of Google on this list was selected based on these three considerations, so as long as you choose the right size, you will have an incredible day at the resort snowboarding.

Here are the best snowboard goggles for 2023.

The Clearest Snowboarding Goggles

Oakley Flight Deck Prizm Goggles 2022

The Oakley Flight Prizm Googles were inspired by jet pilot goggles to improve your vision while you ride. These snowboarding goggles feature Prizm lens technology which allows you to see colors and contrast in more detail. The Flight Deck snow goggles features a rimless design for a larger field of vision. If you want to see the mountain in total clarity, get the Oakley Flight Deck.

Sizes Available

    Medium and Large / They also sell a smaller XM medium size here too. (It has an X before the size so XL is large while XM is medium.)


  • F3 anti fog coating
  • Prizm lens to make colors pop
  • Interchangeable lenses to match conditions based on various Visible light transmission(VLT) ratings
  • Comfortable foam
  • Oversized field of vision / Rimless design
  • Lenses available that are 100% UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light protection


  • Come with only one lens – You can purchase other ones here.

The Best Anti-Fog Snowboard Goggles

Smith I​/O MAG Goggles

The Smith I/O MAG™ goggles are perfect if you’re looking for an option that won’t fog on you. These Goggles have lenses specifically designed to reduce fog by five times more than lenses from other manufacturers. Smith also added in ventilation to help keep these goggles free of any fogging while integrating nicely with your helmet. Smith added in ChromaPop™ leness tech to help make colors pop. These also allow you to swap your lenses out to match the conditions of the day. If you’re looking for a pair of googles that won’t fog on you, check out the Smith I/O MAG™ goggles.

Sizes Available

    Medium and Extra Large – The picture is for the medium size. You can get the XL size here.


  • Incredible Anti-Fog / 5X™ Anti-Fog Inner Lens – This is a lens specifically created to reduce fog 5x greater than other lenses on the market. They also have AirEvac™ ventilation to help reduce fogging in the first place.
  • Fit over your glasses (OTG) and these goggles are compatible with the Smith optical docking system (ODS) prescription lens insert
  • Magnet held interchangeable lenses to help you match the conditions
  • Comfortable responsive fit that contours to your face
  • Scratch resistant


  • The new 2022 model is slightly different shaped so older lenses from before 2020 won’t be compatible.
  • Some riders don’t like the contouring foam that lines the frame. It is comfortable, just not for everyone.

The Best Photochromic Snowboard Goggles (Adaptive / Change Tint)

Dragon PXV Snow Goggles 2022 With Yellow Photochromatic Lenses

The Dragon PXV Snowboard Goggles have an option that comes with photochromic transition lenses. These are the transition option that self adjust to match the conditions you’re riding in.

You can learn more about the technology in Dragon’s photochromic lenses here.

These Googles are perfect for riders with larger faces and are built with a frameless design to fit perfectly with your helmet. The PXV snow goggle comes with Dragon’s Super anti-fog coating along with ventilation at the top, so you won’t need to worry about these goggles fogging up on you. If you’re looking for goggles that take care of all the guesswork as to which lenses you should use, get the Dragon PXV with photochromic lenses.

Sizes Available

    One Size Adjustable


  • Transition / self adjusting photochromic lenses
  • Lumalens technology to increase contrast while you’re riding
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Designed to fit seamlessly with your helmet
  • 100% UV protection
  • Hypoallergenic foam


  • The version with the transition lenses are more expensive.
  • Not all versions of this goggle come with photochromic lenses, so you have to make sure you are selecting the onese that say they do.

Best Snowboard Goggles Under $200

Anon Sync Goggles

The Anon Sync Snowboard Goggles are a low profile Goggle that adds in some tech to improve your vision on the snow. These Goggles have cylindrical lenses with a full ventilation system to prevent them from fogging. The lenses are interchangeable so you can change lenses to match your riding conditions. Additionally, these Goggles are compatible with Anon’s MFI facemasks and hoodies, so if you have one of those, these will work with them.

If you’re looking for a premium goggle in the $150-$200 range, get the 2022 Anon Sync Snow Goggles.

Sizes Available

    One Size Adjustable


  • Excellent price for a quality pair of snow goggles with cylindrical lenses.
  • Magnetic Interchangeable lenses – this comes with one extra lens (one is for sunny days another for overcast days)
  • Comfortable triple layer face foam
  • Anti fog lens with full ventilation – this is useful if you hike the board park.
  • Fully compatible with Anon’s MFI face mask
  • Perfect for larger noses


  • There is not much to not like. Some riders complain of these starting to fog after wiping the anti fog coating – This is a reminded to not do that. (And you can always buy lenses for this should you ever run into that issue.)

The Best Snowboard Goggles Under $50

Outdoor Masters PRO XM Snow Goggles + An Extra Bonus Lens

As you can see from the other snowboard goggles on the list, snow goggles can get extremely expensive. It is common for snowboarders to spend between $150 to $300 for a decent pair of Goggles. That said, as long as your visibility is great, and they won’t fog on you, you really could do well with a less expensive goggles. You need a pair of goggles that perform well and won’t break the bank. That is exactly what the Outdoor Masters XM pro Googles do. They are under $50, have an anti fog coating, and a ton of interchangeable lenses that you can choose from.

I recommend this bundle because it comes with two lenses. I would recommend going with the 99% VLT (visible light transmission) clear lenses and the 10% VLT Gray lenses. With both of those lenses, you would have everything you need for sunny days and days where you don’t need the extra tint.

So do they work well for the price?

The goggles themselves are incredible, and I wouldn’t know the difference from a more expensive pair. The only potential con is that they are not as scratch-resistant as more high-end pair. I solve this by keeping them in the soft protective case they came with whenever I am not snowboarding. That solution should work for you too. They have interchangeable lenses, so worst-case scenario, you go back here and get another lens for $20.

These really are the best value snowboard goggles that you can get that work incredibly well without fogging on you.

Oh, one more thing! If you use the Outdoor Masters coupon code botw15 at checkout, you will receive 15% off your order.

Sizes Available

    One Size Adjustable


  • The price. These are the best ski goggles for the money. They perform as well as the others for a fraction of the price.
  • Interchangeable lenses – this bundle actually comes with an extra spare lens
  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Anti Fog Coating (just don’t wipe it off)
  • Fit over the glasses
  • Breathable three layer foam
  • photochromic lens option is available


  • These are made to be scratch resistant. Mine scratched a little after taking a slam. – You can easily replace a lens for $20 should you run into any trouble.

Best Snowboard Goggles for Large Heads

Oakley Flight Path Ski Goggles 2022

The Oakley Flight Path XL snowboard googles use PRIZM lens technology. PRIZM filters out noisy colors while making the colors you need while snowboarding easier to see. There are a variety of interchangeable lenses you can choose from based on the conditions. You can find additional lenses for these goggles here.

The Flight Path XL ski goggles uses a spherical lens. This lens type is the more bubble-like technology. It is great because it allows you to get more peripheral vision. On busy days, you will be able to see people riding next to you more clearly. Additionally, there is an anti-fog coating on the inside of the lenses with excellent ventilation.

The Flight Path XL is a great goggle option for riders with a larger head. These particular ski goggles featured are for the XL (the larger size). The Oakely Flight Path XL comes equipped with a 50mm (nearly two inches) adjustable strap, so you can expand the strap for comfort as well as to fit the Flight Path around your helmet. There is also a silicon grip wrapping the lining of the band to keep them in place at all times.

The Flight Path has a triple-layer face foam to improve its comfort with a fleece layer to be sweatproof and moisture-wicking. The 2021-2022 version added additional foam around the nose area to ensure the Flight Path fits all nose sizes comfortably.

These snow goggles feature a semi-rimless design. The bottom has no rim, while the top and sides do. The benefit here is that you get a better downward field of vision. While riding, you often need to look down to see the snow or check your snowboard boots. These snow goggles eliminate the blind spot that most other goggles would give you.

If you’re looking for a snowboard goggle that adds to your field of vision and will last you years to come, get the Oakley Flight Path.

Sizes Available

    Medium and Large – The picture is for the XL size.


  • Excellent Value
  • Oakley’s Prizm Lens Technology – Enhances contrast so you can see better while snowboarding.
  • Spherical Lenses – Have a larger field of vision / More peripheral vision
  • Adjustable 1.96 Inch Strap
  • Extra foam padding to fit all noses sizes / keep you warm
  • Anti Fog Coating


  • Lenses can scratch on the inside, so take care of your goggles when you are not riding and it shouldn’t be an issue.

Steve Weber is an avid snowboarder and skateboarder. He has been snowboarding for 26 years, skateboarding for 20, and is always looking for a new board sport to try out. When he is not riding or skating, he runs a marketing agency. Board of the World is Steve’s blog for skateboard and snowboard gear reviews. The blog’s goal is to help people find the right board for them and encourage people to have fun outside.