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Nidecker Gamma Snowboard Review

The Nidecker Gamma is a freestyle twin snowboard with an asymmetrical sidecut. The Gamma stands out for its exceptional pressability, massive pop, responsiveness, and overall ease of riding in the park. I got to ride this board for a few sessions in all types of terrain, ranging from perfect indoor conditions to harder packed East Coast park conditions. Regardless of the terrain, there was one common thread: this board absolutely rips, regardless of what I rode it on.

Here is my in-depth review of how the Nidecker Gamma rides in the park.

The Highlights

Nidecker Gamma 2024 Snowboard

Nidecker Gamma Snowboard Review


  1. It’s incredibly pressable with its soft to medium 4/10 flex.
  2. It has tons of pop and response.
  3. It is ridiculously easy to ride with smooth, consistent carves.
  4. It’s easy to jib with. It locks on to rails to help you balance.
  5. It’s lightweight.
  6. It floats well thanks to its 3D spoon nose.
  7. Its asymmetrical sidecut makes spinning off jumps feel easier.


  1. It has only two sizes available.
  2. While its base is fast, there are faster bases out there.
  3. The softer tips chatter at higher speeds and you will feel those vibrations pass underfoot.


This board only comes in two sizes so far. It’s available in either a 153cm or 157cm. For this review, I rode the 153cm.

See the Right Size Nidecker Gamma for You
Nidecker Weight Range
Size (cm) Rider Weight Range (lbs)
153 132-165
157 165+

Why Did I Get the Nidecker Gamma Snowboard?

I decided to give the Nidecker Gamma a try because I had heard great things about this deck. Additionally, I wanted to know what an asymmetrical twin freestyle board would feel like to ride in the park.

Overview Video of The Nidecker Gamma

Here is a quick video that covers all of the tech features found in the Nidecker Gamma.

Overall Rating of the Nidecker Gamma

Considerations Rating Out 5 Score Out of 100 Weight (Importance to Score)
Resort Riding 4.85 97 10
Powder 4.00 80 5
Carving / Turns 4.65 93 10
Responsiveness 4.40 88 5
Speed 3.90 78 5
Ice / Poor Conditions 4.50 90 5
Switch 4.50 90 10
Jibs 4.85 97 10
Jumps 4.80 96 10
Durability / Quality 5.00 100 10
Buttering 3.85 77 10
Fun to ride 5.00 100 10
Weighted Score 4.59 91.8

Editor’s Rating: 4.59 out of 5 star rating4.59 out of 5 stars

The Gamma is fun to carve and perfect in the park for both jibbing and jumping. Overall, it’s an incredibly fun board to ride and the score reflects that.

How Well Does the Nidecker Gamma Ride?

This board left me with a phenomenal impression from the very first run I took it on. Here are the notes I highlighted as I rode this snowboard.

The Gamma is Very Pressable and Still Packs a Massive Level of Pop.

For day one, I took the Gamma to the indoor park at Big Snow in New Jersey. The run begins with a long flat box, and I started off with a nose press. Instantly, I noticed how incredibly easy this board is to press. There is an easy-to-find, intuitive sweet spot in the nose and tail. The Gamma is actually so easy to nose press that it threw me off momentarily. I managed to power through to the end of the feature. As I popped out of my nose press, the board launched me over the divot the other riders left. I’d call it a win, and from that moment on, I grew to love this board for its two highlighted features – Its flex and its pop.

The Soft 4/10 Flex

In terms of the board’s specific flex rating, I’d rate it at a four out of ten flex rating. On the Nidecker website, they actually have it at a six out of ten. That doesn’t feel correct. That is true for the other version of the Gamma, the Nidecker Gamma APX, and not this one, the non-APX version. This version of the Gamma is more on the softer side of a medium flex pattern.

To give you an idea of just how flexible this board is, here is an image of me testing its flex before I dropped in.

steve flexing the Nidecker Gamma

The Explosive Pop and Response

In terms of the specifics of the board’s pop, this board has extra carbon fiber stringers running through the length of the board. Nidecker calls this their Pop Carbon. When you look down at the top sheet of the board, you can see the carbon fiber stringers right through the length of the board. It looks like this with the parallel black lines of the carbon visibly running through the length of the board.

pop carbon rods in nidecker gamma

This extra carbon gives the board a snappy, responsive feel with 40% more pop than most other soft flexing camber park boards. What you load into the pop of this board, you get more out of it as the board snaps back into its original shape. That additional level of pop and response allows this board to be equally strong at jumps as it is at jibbing.

It Is Ridiculously Simple to Ride.

The Gamma has a unique true twin shape with an asymmetrical sidecut that looks like this, with the heelside’s sidecut having a deeper radius than the board’s toeside.

nidecker gamma asym sidecut diagram

So what’s the benefit of an asym sidecut?

These boards are built to be easier to ride.

Asymmetrical boards are designed to compensate for the natural asymmetry of the human body. Most of us tend to have more strength and control on our toeside than our heelside. This asymmetry can make it harder to initiate and hold turns on our heelside edges.

Asymmetrical snowboards have a deeper sidecut under the heels, which makes it easier to engage the edge and initiate turns. The shorter heelside edge can help you carve deeper turns and improve your overall riding experience.

The asymmetrical sidecut in the Nidecker Gamma makes the board ridiculously easy to ride. Within a few runs, you’ll be used to the board and ripping down the hill with no issues.

What types of carves does the Gamma excel at?

In terms of the Nidecker Gamma’s carving abilities, the board’s strengths are more in shorter, quicker, abrupt carves. It is right at home with the medium mellow carves, too.

While the Gamma is capable of longer, more aggressive carves, this board is more for park riding and exploring the resort with your friends. If you are specifically looking for a carving machine of a snowboard, this isn’t going to be the right board for you. Instead, check out one of the boards on our best freeride snowboards award list. However, if you are looking for a park and all-mountain dominator of a board, the Gamma is sheer perfection.

What types of conditions is the Gamma best suited for?

The Nidecker Gamma will be a strong option in most of the types of park conditions you will encounter. It’s perfect for groomed terrain. It can hold a decent edge on ice, and it managed to float well on the 8″ of soft snow I got to ride it in.

While I can’t speak to what it’s like to ride in extremely deep snow, it will float better than most other park boards because of it’s evolution spoon nose. Nidecker designed the Gamma with a 3D shaped nose and tail which helps the board float in really deep snow.

The evolution nose looks like this.

Nidecker's 3d spoon nose

Notice how the contact points are lifted upwards? This upward curvature allows deeper snow to channel around your board allowing you to float on top of it. The also helps with turn initiation and giving the board a slight catch free feel.

It’s worth noting that the 3D spoon nosed never got in the way while pressing a feature in the park either. Sometimes a steeper 3D profile can make a board very difficult to balance on features, and that wasn’t the case with this board.

The Gamma Makes Landing Spins Feel Easier

The Nidecker Gamma’s versatile design makes it ideal for hitting small and medium-sized jumps. If you’re going to be hitting larger jumps, check out the slightly stiffer version of this board, the Gamma APX.

I found the board to be incredibly easy to spin with. The Gamma’s deeper heelside radius will allow you to get the perfect setup carve, while the additional pop from the carbon in this board will launch you higher and give you more power to initiate your spins. Additionally, the Gamma makes landing your spins cleaner, too. The longer toeside edge intuitively digs in upon your landings, allowing you to ride away clean without scrubbing or reverting.

The Gamma Is Perfect for Hitting Boxes and Rails.

The Gamma’s softer flex works very well for jibbing rails, too. Whenever I went to board or tailslide a rail, I noticed the softer flex of the board would gently conform around the feature in a way that helped me maintain my balance. I never felt like the flex pattern got in the way or over-flexed, either. The carbon stringers in the board worked to balance the softer flex out and made for an all-around board that is easy to jib with.

Here is an image of my friend and all-around insane rider, Scott Mantua, showing exactly what the softer flex of the Nidecker Gamma is capable of.

Scott Mantua doing a weddle tailpress on the nidecker gamma snowboard

Buttering Will Take Some Practice

With this board having a camber dominant profile and carbon stringers running through it, it constantly wants to snap back down into its original shape. While that rebounding effect adds a ton of pop and response to the board, it makes buttering more challenging than it is with most other soft flexing boards. While the rebounding is easily controllable when you’re holding a nose press, it gets a little more challenging to prevent when you’re trying to spin around with it for butters.

That said, buttering is completely still possible with this board. It just takes some practice to understand where to put your weight. Keep this in mind when you’re reviewing the notes about this board. If flat-ground tricks are your primary focus, this won’t be the right board for you. Instead, check out our best boards for buttering award list. However, if you’re looking for a park specific board that makes most tricks feel a little easier, than this will be a fantastic board for you.

It’s Not The Fastest Base. It’s Perfect for Park Riding, Though.

The one aspect of this board I was skeptical about was that it has a hybrid sintered and extruded base. It’s called the N-7000 Sintruded base.

the base of the nidecker gamma

That’s basically an extruded base with carbon particles added into it to make it a little faster. I’ll be honest in saying that it isn’t the fastest base I’ve ever ridden in a park board. However, it definitely wasn’t the slowest either. I found it to be perfect for hitting park features while keeping the overall cost of the board under $500. Additionally, the N-7000 base is also incredibly durable. There were a few instances where I hit a corner of a rail, and the base just powered through it without leaving a scratch.

All in all, you get a base that’s quick and durable enough for park riding without needing to wax it as often as some other boards.

What Do I Like About the Nidecker Gamma?

  1. I love how easy this board is to ride. Its asymmetrical sidecut makes short, tight carves feel incredibly easy. It’s a board that offers a laid-back ride while still offering a ton of power and response. That really became a highlight for me.
  2. I love how easy it is to hold nose presses on this board and how it snaps back as you’re popping out of the feature to give you a little extra boost of pop off. This board’s balance of being pressable yet still poppy is another highlight for me, as I like to find boards that excel at both jibbing and jumping. This board does both exceptionally well.
  3. I love the massive level of pop this board has for hitting jumps. It felt intuitive to load up to engage, and when I was ready to pop, it exploded like a springboard with an extra level of boost. This board features Nidecker’s Pop Carbon – this means carbon fiber was strategically placed from the tail to the rear inserts and from the nose to the front inserts, resulting in an explosively snappy board.
  4. I love how this board locks onto rails. The Gamma is flexible enough to lock onto rails in a way that hugs the rail without overdoing it. It makes it feel a little easier to jib.
  5. I like the board’s graphics. The bright base makes a strong impression, and you can even see the carbon fiber stringers right through the top sheet, giving it the feel of a high-end board.
  6. I like that this board has a three-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. You can register your board for the warranty here.
  7. I love that this board is under $500. It’s got everything you could need in a high-performance freestyle all-mountain board.
Nidecker Gamma on the snow

What Do I Dislike About the Nidecker Gamma?

  1. I wish this board came in more than two sizes. Currently, it’s only available in 153 and 157. The 153 worked nicely for me, though.
  2. I would have liked to see what the N-9000 base (the higher-end base in the APX version of this board) felt like with this version of the Gamma’s flex pattern. This base is more than fast enough for park riding. It just has me curious what it would be like with that little extra oomph.

Who Is the Gamma a Good Fit For?

The Nidecker Gamma Snowboard 2024 is a perfect choice for riders of all experience levels looking for a freestyle/park board that excels at both jibbing and jumping while still being able to carve well all over the resort. 

The Gamma’s soft to medium flex pattern and energetic pop make it a force to be reckoned with in the terrain park, while its asymmetrical sidecut makes it incredibly fun to carve out of the park.  

The Types of Riders Who Will Enjoy the Nidecker Gamma:

  • Park riders who enjoy hitting small to medium jumps and rails
  • All-mountain resort riders seeking a playful and forgiving camber dominant board that’s simple to carve with

Nidecker Gamma Snowboard 2024 Specs

Board Size (CM)153157
Nose Length (CM)2727
Contact Edge Length (CM)113103
Effective Edge Length (CM)99117
Tail Length (CM)2727
Sidecut Radius (M)7.2 Toe
6.9 Heel
7.5 Toe
7.2 Heel
Nose Width (CM)29.229.6
Underfoot Width : Front Foot (CM)26.126.6
Waist Width (CM)25.225.6
Underfoot Width : Rear Foot (CM)26.126.6
Tail Width (CM)29.229.6
Reference Stance (CM)5354
Minimum – Maximum Stance (IN)19.6 – 24.419.6 – 24.4
Recommended Weight (LBS.)132 – 165165+
Taper (CM)00
Set Back (CM)00

So, Do I Recommend the Nidecker Gamma?

100%, yes! The asym sidecut makes for a fun ride. The soft flex with its explosive pop makes this a terrain park dominator of a board that every park rider needs to try.

Which bindings go well with the Nidecker Gamma Snowboard?

For this review, I used my 2024 Union Ultra Bindings. They complimented the board’s flex pattern perfectly while offering some additional dampening.

nidecker gamma with blue union ultra bindings


The Gamma is excellent for any riders who ride predominantly park and are looking for a board that is pressable yet can still hold its own on jumps while feeling incredibly easy to carve and explore the mountain with. This board is very easy to ride, offers effortless turn initiation, is incredibly responsive yet still lightweight, and is pressable with tons of pop and energy.

Where Can You Buy a Nidecker Gamma?

You can buy the Nidecker Gamma from here.

Nidecker Gamma Snowboard

About the reviewer

steve weber holding the nidecker gamma

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Home Mountains: Big Boulder, Jack Frost, Montage – North Eastern Pennsylvania (Lots of east coast ice.)

Pre-Season Mountains: Big Snow

Size / Model: The board I reviewed was a 2024 Nidecker Gamma Size 153cm

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Bindings Used: 2024 Union Ultra Bindings

Boots Used: DC Phase Snowboard Boots

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