2024 Burton Blossom Snowboard Review

Burton Blossom Review: How Does This Board Ride in the Park?

The 2024 Burton Blossom is a new twin-tail freestyle snowboard that joined the Burton lineup two years ago. This snowboard quickly became a staple park board on the Burton lineup because it can carve, jib, and jump exceptionally well.

The Burton Blossom has a few features that make it the perfect, versatile park board.

  1. Its pressable flex pattern makes it easy to jib and butter.
  2. Its traditional camber profile pairs well with the carbon in its construction to make the board feel stable, explosively poppy, and exceptionally lightweight.

Here is our full 2024 burton blossom snowboard review.

The Highlights of the Burton Blossom Snowboard

burton blossom 2024 review

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  • Medium Flex: Makes it easy to jib and butter while being stable enough to jump.
  • Tons of Pop: Burton used carbon and triax fiberglass with a camber profile. This board will launch you.
  • Durable: Burton added in its Super Fly II™ 700G Core
  • Responsive with Smooth Continuous Edge Control: Burton’s Dualzone™ EGD™ technology strategically lays the wood of the core around the edges to allow for smooth, continuous edge control, biting into snow and ice with precision.
  • Lightweight: Burton used Triax Fiberfglass, milled the core, and included a carbon beam
  • Ready to Ride From Day 1 (Pre-Broken In): Burton’s Infinite Ride technology for consistent flex and pop from day one. Burton uses a machine to flex your board until its ready to ride.
  • Fast: Burton used its Sintered WFO Base for durability and speed.
  • 3 Year Warranty: Burton offers a 3 year warranty on all of its boards.


  • No Wide Sizes Available: There are currently no wider sizes available for this board. If you need a wider size, you will need to size up.
  • Might Be Too Stiff For Some: If your primary focus is to jib and butter, you will prefer a softer board.
  • Not the Cheapest Board: This is on the pricier side for a park board.

Sizes Available

The Burton Blossom is available in the following lengths 149, 152, 155, 158, and 162 cm. Check out the specs section below to see all of the dimensions at each size.

This expandable chart will help you see which size of the Burton Blossom will be right for you.

Click to See Which Size of the Burton Blossom You Need
Burton Blossom Weight Range
Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
149 100-150
152 120-180
155 120-180
158 150-200
162 180-260​+

For this review I rode the 155cm 2024 Burton Blossom.

Overview Video of The Burton Blossom

First Impression of the 2023 – 2024 Burton Blossom Snowboard?

When I first heard about the Burton Blossom two years ago, I didn’t know what to think about it. The original graphic had three butterflies on its base, and it just didn’t seem like a board I could see myself riding. Well, here we are two years later, and the board finally got my attention.

After seeing a few youtube videos pop up of the pros riding a new Burton board, I started to research what exactly they were riding, and it turns out it’s the brand new 2024 version of the Burton Blossom.

Alex Caccamo riding the 2024 burton blossom
Alex Caccamo riding the 2024 Burton Blossom

I heard that Burton would be demoing the brand new 2024 Blossom at the indoor snowboard park at Big Snow in NJ, so I drove out to try it.

Once I got to ride it, my first impression was that it was fast, stable, flexible with some effort, and an overall smooth ride. The graphics are also so very sick. It’s the type of board that, when you stand on it, you feel badass.

So How Does the New Blossom Feel to Ride?

It feels familiar and is easy to get used to.

I found the 2024 Burton Blossom incredibly easy to get used to. Because of its shape, the board felt very familiar from the moment I stepped on it. The Burton Blossom is a freestyle board with a twin-tail design and rounded-off tips. It shares the same shape that many of us used to ride for hours in the ’90s and early 2000s. If you’ve ever ridden a freestyle board with rounded tips, you’ll love the Blossom. It combines all the lightweight, carbon, Triaxial fiberglass, and newer tech features into a familiar and easy-to-ride package.

It’s Insanely Poppy While Offering More Forgiving Landings.

The level of pop in this board is one of its primary features. The traditional camber profile combines well with the carbon beam running through its core and the triax fiberglass used in its construction. The result is a powerful, snappy board that is still pressable. 

Here is a closer look at the section of the board between the bindings. This image will give you an idea about how much the camber profile’s arc brings the base of the Blossom off of the snow.

camber profile in the 2024 Burton Blossom

The Blossom makes hitting jumps feel a little easier than normal. When launching off jumps, you will get a little extra boost of air, and while landing, the board’s flex pattern and edge technology allowed for more forgiving, catch-free landings. I was surprised to ride away from a few frontside 360s that I didn’t have all the way around.

It’s a Smooth Ride That Carves Well Enough to Ride All Over.

While this board is designed to ride in the park, the Burton Blossom carves well enough to be your daily driver for runs outside the park. I wouldn’t say this is a carving-focused board, though. Instead, I would classify the Burton Blossom as a park-focused board first and an all-mountain resort board second. If you’re looking for a board that will dig deep trenches to connect technical turns, this won’t be your board. Instead, the Blossom is made for park riders who are looking for a board that can jump, jib, and carve. 

The Blossom offers a smooth, damp ride. I didn’t feel any chatter while I was riding it. While I didn’t get to ride any ice while riding it indoors at Big Snow, it felt in control at all times with a decent edge hold. If I were to hit a patch of ice, this board would have powered right through it. 

It’s a Fast Board.

Burton designed the 2024 Blossom with a WFO (wide f—king open) sintered base. It’s made with a high-density material that allows it to absorb wax deep into its pores. To put it simply. It is an exceptionally fast board.

Here is a close up image of the WFO base.

Burton Blossom's WFO sintered base

I would rate the WFO sintered base in the Blossom closer to the higher-end sintered bases in other non-Burton boards. The Blossom’s ability to gain speed quickly reminded me of the higher-end carbon-infused sintered base in the Bataleon Evil Twin Plus. The base in that board is such a stand-out feature for me, and Blossom’s base has a very similar feel.

What I Love About the 2024 Burton Blossom

Feels Like a Higher End Board

The Burton Blossom is a board that feels outstanding underfoot, and you will get stoked looking down on it from the lift. Every detail about this snowboard feels nice, from the intricate pattern on the topsheet to the speed of the base.

Here is a close up image of the topsheet to show its pattern.

detail in burton blossoms top sheet 1

Burton used a higher-end triax fibreglass and sintered base in this board. Compared to many of the other boards you will see cruising through the park, this is on the higher end of the spectrum, and that will translate into confidence points as you ride it.

Easy to Get Speed Between Park Features

From the moment I stepped on it, the Burton Blossom felt fast and easy to carve from feature to feature in the park. I always had enough speed to get from feature to feature. Even when I fell, I could always get the momentum needed to hit the next feature. It’s a snowboard that just goes, regardless of the conditions, and in a park board, that is a rare characteristic.

The Level of Pop

The Burton Blossom is a board that has a springboard level of pop. I would compare its pop to the Capita DOA. Both boards run a traditional camber profile with an additional carbon beam running through them. The camber with the carbon springs back underfoot to launch you into the air, similar to a diving board. 

The timing on the pop feels intuitive, so it won’t take long to master when to load it up and release it for its maximum level of pop.

It’s a Familiar Feeling Ride

I enjoyed the familiar shape of this board. It makes me think of the old twin-tip freestyle Forum boards I had 20 years ago with upgraded tech to make them lighter and more responsive. The familiar freestyle twin shape made getting used to the Burton Blossom really simple.

What I Do Not Like About the 2024 Burton Blossom

Slightly More Expensive Than Other Park Boards

There isn’t much not to like about the Burton Blossom. In a world where you get what you pay for, the Blossom is a few dollars more expensive than the average park snowboard by around $80 – $100. The difference is well worth considering as this board will last you longer.

Some Riders Will Find It Too Stiff

If you’re looking to jib for 90% of your time in the park, the Burton Blossom might be a little too stiff for your tastes. It’s a board that is right in the mid-flexing range. It can get tall presses with some effort. However, this board is more for someone who will be both hitting jumps and jibbing during their time in the park. It offers outstanding stability for medium to large jumps while being flexible enough to press. Jibbing isn’t the sole focus of this board. It offers more of a happy medium between both jibbing and jumping.

Who Is the Blossom a Good Fit For?

The Blossom is perfect for the intermediate to advanced rider who spends most of their time in the park. If you are looking for a board designed to get you in the air while still being flexible enough to jib and butter, this is that board. If you are looking for a board that is a jibbing machine, this probably isn’t the board for you. It can jib well. However, it is stiff and stable enough to launch you off jibs. The Blossom is for the park riders who want to be well-balanced.

2024 burton blossom from the lift

Burton Blossom Snowboard 2023 – 2024 Specs

Size (cm) Effective Edge (cm) Tip Width (cm) Waist Width (cm) Tail Width (mm) Sidecut Radius (m) Stance Setback (cm) Stance Range (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
149 112.5 28.39 24.4 28.39 7.3 0 53 100-150
152 115.5 29 24.9 29 7.5 0 53 120-180
155 118.5 29.31 25.1 29.31 7.7 0 56 120-180
158 121.5 29.72 25.4 29.72 7.9 0 56 150-200
162 125.5 30.27 25.8 30.27 8.2 0 56 180-260​+

Which bindings go well with the Burton Blossom Snowboard?

Burton Cartel

Burton Cartel Bindings 2024

Highlights for the Burton Cartel

  • Medium Flex (Park or All Mountain Riding)
  • Comfortable
  • Ridiculously Simple to Get In and Out Of

Overall Rating of the Burton Blossom Snowboard 2024

ConsiderationsRating Out 5
Resort Riding4.7
Carving / Turns4.6
Ice / Poor Conditions4.6
Durability / Quality5.0
Fun to ride5.0
Total Rating4.7

Editor’s Review Rating of the Burton Blossom:  out of 5 stars 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The Main Summary: Is the Blossom Worth It?

Yes! The Blossom is one of the best park boards you can buy for the 2023 – 2024 season (if not the best park board). If you’re looking for a board that can both jib and jump, you just found it. Get the Burton Blossom here.

burton blossom 2024 top sheet

Other Comparable Snowboards to Consider

Where Can You Buy a Burton Blossom?

The 2024 Burton Blossom is available for sale now at Evo.com and Burton.com. Alternatively, the 2023 Burton Blossom has identical specs as the 2024 version, and it is on sale from Burton.com here.

burton blossom 2024 review

About This Review

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Size / Model of the Board Reviewed: The board I reviewed was the 2024 Burton Blossom 155cm.

Where I Rode This Board: I tested the Blossom at Big Snow the indoor ski resort in East Rutherford, New Jersey

Conditions When Rode: The snow was dry and powdery with pockets of harder packed snow leading up to park features.

Rider Weight: 144lbs

Rider Boot Size: Men’s size 9

Bindings Used: 2024 Burton Cartel bindings in a size medium

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