Capita DOA 2025

The 2025 Capita DOA Review: Does the New Defenders of Awesome Still Rip?

The Capita DOA (or Defenders of Awesome) is an all-mountain twin snowboard that’s perfect for anyone looking for a “do-it-all” type of board that excels with its carving performance and its pop for hitting jumps.

I’ve been reviewing the DOA each year since 2019, and I was invited to a Capita Snowboards Demo event in January to ride the 2025 version of the DOA.

Here’s the deal with the 2025 version:
The upgrades they made seem pretty minor, and this board is still one of the best, if not the best, all mountain freestyle decks you can get.

Here are my review notes explaining what I like and dislike about the new 2025 DOA.

Capita Defenders Of Awesome (the Doa) 2025


Pro Tip for Buying the DOA:

The 2024 Version (last season’s graphic) is still avaialable and you can find it for around $150 cheaper here.

Main Summary

For me, the Capita DOA’s highlights are its springboard-like pop while still being pressable enough for presses and offering a surprising level of grip for carving. It’s my all mountain deck of choice for the icy conditions I get to ride here in Pennsylvania. I can see clearly why it has won the Transworld Good Wood awards for seven years in a row. It just rips.


  • Pop – The carbon running through this board acts like a springboard to launch you higher off jumps.
  • Light – Last season the core was upgraded to be a little lighter with a new arrangement of paulownia and poplar wood. The 2025 version retained that same configuration.
  • It is a “go anywhere, do anything freestyle deck.”


  • Flex can feel stiff – to keep this spring loaded for jumps, the center of the board is on the stiffer side. The nose and tail do flex.
  • It is popular and often sold out in some sizes. You are also very likely to see other riders on the mountain with it.

Sizes Available: 148, 150, 151 Wide, 152, 153 Wide, 154, 155Wide, 156, 158, 159Wide, 160, 161 Wide, 162, 163 Wide, 164

Flex: Medium 6/10

DOA Review Image Gallery

Here is a collection of images of me reviewing the 2025 Capita DOA.

First Impression of the Capita DOA Snowboard?

I got my first Capita Defenders of Awesome (DOA) late in the 2019 season. I first noticed how stable and precise the board felt to carve. It’s a board that feels relatively aggressive, which surprised me, given how popular this board is for resort riding. The board’s precise carving feel comes from its shape and deeper radial sidecut. If you were to look down at the board while it was lying flat on the snow, you’d be able to tell that the arc of its sides are fairly exaggerated (aggressive or deep) given the size of the board. The more aggressive shape of this board makes the contact points stick out as the widest part of the board.

Here is a pic of the 2025 version resting on the snow showing the extended contact points (the wide points just under the nose and tail that extend).

The wide contact points help the board make tighter turns and give the DOA a more stable, in-control feel. However, depending on the conditions, it can make the board feel catchy. It’s one of the reasons this board is rated more for intermediate riders because if you aren’t careful, you could easily catch your edge while learning to ride the DOA.

I remember the first time I rode the DOA, it felt stiffer than I thought it would. While the new version is definitely pressable, this is still a board that is slightly above a medium flex (6/10 flex). Reading other reviews online, other riders make it sound like the board is a soft noodle for jibbing the park. However, it’s not. It leans more on the jumping, powerful side of the park board spectrum.

If you’re new to riding park, please know that there are two types of freestyle snowboards to use in the park.

  1. Softer flexing boards that are perfect for jibbing and hitting small jumps.
  2. Stiffer boards that blast off jumps and still perform well while carving the entire mountain.

The DOA is more in that second category. It has a level of pop that I’ve never experienced before and grew to love.

If you are reading about the Capita Defenders of Awesome deck to improve your butters or presses, you should probably check out a softer deck like the Capita Ultrafear or Capita Pathfinder. The Capita DOA is not the easiest board for nose or tail presses. However, if you want to blast off jumps, have a responsive camber deck that can carve beautifully and still hit rails well, then get the DOA immediately.

Why Did I Buy the Capita DOA?

I bought the Capita Defenders of Awesome snowboard because it won seven Transworld Good Wood awards seven times, and I heard so many positive reviews about it.

It is a beloved freestyle deck, and I figured if it was good enough for the pros, it was more than good enough for me.

I didn’t realize how stiff it would be or that it would take some getting used to (especially if you’re coming from an easy to carve rocker profile board). However, once you do get used to this deck, it is sheer perfection.

How Does the Capita 2025 Feel to Ride?

The 2025 version feels so similar to the 2023 and 2024 versions. It’s only got some minor updates for this season.

It’s a Versatile Board

The Capita DOA is a board that is versatile enough to be your all mountain daily driver while still holding up as a go-to park board. The DOA is a board that can carve well between features in the park, launch you to the moon off of jumps, or just carve down any type of terrain at your favorite resort. This is a board that can do 90% of riding well. The one area it lacks is floating in really deep snow. For deeper snow, you’ll want to check out a more powder-friendly option like the Yes Warca we reviewed here.

It Can Hold an Edge

The DOA has a decent, above-average amount of edge hold to offer. This is a board that always feels like it is in control regardless of the conditions. Being an East Coast rider, I’ve ridden the DOA on days where the conditions have been total ice, and the board still offered enough grip to get by.

That said, I wouldn’t say the DOA’s edge hold is its strongest feature. Instead, I would say this board’s strongest feature is its pop and versatility as a do-it-all-all type board. There are other boards out there that can hold a firmer grip on ice.

If you’re an East Coast rider looking specifically for an ice carver, sure, the DOA works. However, this board is more for the all-mountain park rider rather than the full resort hard-charging freerie board. For anyone looking to carve all over your favorite resort and dig trenches with their carves, I’d recommend checking out the Capita Black Snowboard of Death. The Black Snowboard of Death is a firmer option with some additional edge technology to help the board carve well in all types of conditions.

The DOA Doesn’t Float Well in Powder

This board doesn’t offer much help with floating in deep snow. It handles nearly every other type of riding. However, floating is the one area where it lacks. If you do find yourself needing to use this board in deep snow, I’d recommend setting your stance as far back as it will go to help keep your nose up. If you ride pow often, I’d consider a different, more directional board. Take a look through our recommended powder snowboard list to find a board that will work better for you in deeper snow. 

The DOA Is Great For Short Quick Carves 

The DOA has a Blended Radial Sidecut. That means the DOA’s sidecut has one single arc running through the mid-section of the board with some blending near the contact points to improve turn initiation.

The DOA excels at shorter, tighter carves over long, wide-open ones. It’s not that the board isn’t capable of making wider or longer curves. It can. The turning radius in this board is on the tighter side, so it follows a sidecut radius that is right at home, making tighter turns. This feature is excellent for navigating from feature to feature in the park or needing to stop suddenly if someone cuts you off in the middle of your run. 

You Will Feel Some Chatter 

While the DOA does feel stable at high speeds, the nose and tail of this board will vibrate as you go fast on uneven terrain. It’s a manageable level of chatter that can go completely unnoticed if you pair this board with a damp binding like the Union Strata or Ultra. 

This Board Can Lock Into Presses

Even though the DOA is stiffer than I thought it would be, it is excellent for jibbing, too. This board has a few sweet spots that can help it really lock into a press. For nose presses, there is a sweet spot just outside of the contact points where the camber profile starts to flatten. Once you get used to balancing the board in that spot, you’ll be nose pressing everything in sight.

The Capita DOA’s camber profile and flex pattern make it easy to lock into boardslides and other sideways jib tricks. The board cradles the feature nicely, allowing for a more balanced, stable feeling slide.

One really excellent feature about the DOA is that it also launches you out of presses. You can really feel the rebound of the carbon in the board as you pop off of features.

This Board Can Launch You Off Jumps

This is the best feature of the DOA. The Carbon built into this board is designed to help you get into the air, and it will give you a spring-board-like pop that will launch you. The pop is intuitive to load up. It won’t take you long to get used to timing your jumps perfectly for the maximum level of pop. 

What do I like/dislike about the Defenders of Awesome?


I love the pop this board gets. There are carbon stringers strategically placed in this deck. They give this board a springboard-like pop that will throw you into the air when you learn how to use it. One of my favorite things to do on this deck is jump. I launch off headwalls, side hits, and kickers with ease on the DOA.

I love the graphics. Capita always knocks it out of the park with the DOA. Check out the 2024 DOA line ups graphics.

I love how well the DOA can carve. This deck has a nice edge hold and the perfect level of response that you can expect from a camber deck with carbon fiber built into it.

I like how lightweight this deck is. I have the 150cm version, and on day one, I was doing 540s again. Up to that point, I haven’t spun one of those for five years. (It is worth noting that I am 41 and only just getting back into park riding.)

I like that you can size down a few centimeters on this deck. I was used to riding 154 size decks even though I am probably closer in weight to ride a 148-151cm deck. The DOA has blunted tips so you can size down on this without any problems. I wound up getting the 150cm version, and I felt right at home.

I love the sintered base. It is fast when you wax it up. It is durable enough to withstand jibs and whatever rough terrain you ride on. I am here on the east coast, and the DOA is my go-to All-Mountain/Park ice riding board.

I love that there are two versions of this board depending on your budget. There is the traditional version that I reviewed here. There is also the Capita Super DOA too. You can read more about that version here.

I love the confidence this board gives you. There is something about riding the chair, and seeing this when you look down.


It might be stiffer than you think

At first, I was disappointed with how stiff the DOA is. I thought I was getting a freestyle deck that could truly do it all. Which it is. The DOA really can do it all. However, you will need to put some muscle and practice time into learning how to nose press on this deck. The nose has a sweet spot that will flex. It just takes some getting used to. I grew to love the stiffness of this deck for all of the other areas where it helps you.

It takes some getting used to

The shape of the DOA also takes some getting used to. The contact points stick out slightly. When you first learn to ride the DOA, it can feel like you are riding a rectangle-shaped snowboard. Your goal is to keep the rectangle’s corners from digging into the snow, and that is the part that takes some practice. If you’re an intermediate to advanced level rider, it won’t take you long to get used to it, though. The shape combined with the camber profile is where this board gets its responsiveness from.

Who Is the DOA a Good Fit For?

This is a board with edge hold and some massive pop. The Capita DOA is the perfect board for intermediate to advanced level riders who want a board around the $500 price range that can blast off jumps and carve exceptionally well.

If you prefer jumpping over flexing your board on boxes, you will have a blast on this deck and how fast it can charge down the hill.

How Beginner Friendly is the Capita DOA?

The Capita DOA is not the most beginner-friendly snowboard. That is not to say that a beginner will not get used to riding the board. They absolutely will. However, the Capita Defenders of Awesome is better suited for an intermediate to advanced-level rider. This board will be perfect if you already know how to carve, stop, and hit jumps comfortably. However, if this is your first time riding a snowboard, I recommend checking out an easier board to learn on.

The Capita DOA is not the best option for beginners because its contact points stick out wider intentionally to bite into the snow. This feature is exceptional when you spin off jumps because as you land, you can dig your edge into the ground to lock yourself back into place.

However, if you are still learning to snowboard, that feature can interfere with your progression more than it can help. The contact points are easy to catch in the snow accidentally, which can send you flying into the ground.

If you are brand new to snowboarding and interested in the Capita DOA, consider the Bataleon Evil Twin Plus. It is a very similar board spec and shape-wise with one key variation. Its contact points are intentionally lifted off the snow, making it easier to ride.

What Sets the Capita DOA Apart From Other Snowboards?

This snowboard has an unmatchable level of pop that will help you launch off jumps higher than most other snowboards. The added pop comes from the combination of the carbon fiber boosters, the camber dominant board profile, and an extremely lightweight core.

The Capita DOA excels at both riding park and carving everywhere at your local resort. It is rare to find a versatile park board that is also a fantastic all-mountain snowboard, and the DOA is precisely that. It can jib and jump. It also has the proper sidecut and edge hold to carve beautifully outside the park.

What is New for the 2025 Version of the Capita DOA (vs the 2024 Version)?

Other than the new graphics, there is only one minor upgrade to the 2025 version. Capita has now interwoven the Hybrid Holysheet™ with the carbon boosters of the board. It’s said to give a lighter, more precise feel. However, I couldn’t really tell much of a difference in the feel of the board between the 2024 version.

If it has been a few years since you looked at the DOA, most of its tech upgrades came with last year’s version.

What Was Added into Last Year’s DOA (the 2024 vs 2023 DOA)?

Last season, the Capita DOA became lighter than ever before because Capita upgraded the board to include the P2 Superlight core in the 2023 version of the DOA. The new core is a blend of Poplar and Paulownia wood assembled in a way that makes the board retain its pop and durability while being incredibly lightweight. Here is an image overview of the core and its features.

With the addition of the new size, the DOA now comes in 16 sizes, so there is bound to be one that fits you.

Capita DOA 2025 Specs

Size (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Tip Width (mm) Waist Width (mm) Tail Width (mm) Sidecut Radius (m) Stance Range (inches) Stance Range (mm) Rider Weight (lbs)
148 1176 287 244 287 7.6 21 533 90-150
150 1191 290 246 290 7.7 21 533 100-150
151W 1170 297 255 297 7.9 22 559 110-150
152 1207 292 248 292 7.8 22 559 110-150
153W 1185 299 256 299 8 22 559 120-180
154 1222 295 250 295 7.9 22 559 120-180
155W 1205 302 258 302 8.1 22 559 130-190
156 1233 298 252 298 8 22 559 130-190
157W 1239 305 260 305 8.17 23 584 140-200
158 1256 300 254 300 8.1 23 584 140-200
159W 1259 307 261 307 8.2 23 584 150-210
160 1270 304 257 304 8.2 23 584 160-220
161W 1280 309 262 309 8.3 23 584 160-220
162 1287 306 259 306 8.3 23 584 180-240
163W 1294 311 263 311 8.4 23 584 170-230+
164 1301 309 261 309 8.4 23 584 190-245+



What Other Benefits to the Defenders of Awesome are There?

This deck is durable. There are reinforced sidewalls, and the edge runs 360 degrees around the entire board. So if you accidentally run into a park feature or hit a rock, you will be fine.

The board is created in an environmentally friendly factory. The Capita Mothership factory in Austria makes everything with clean energy.


Overall Rating for the Capita DOA

Considerations Rating Out 5
Resort Riding 5
Powder 3.3
Carving / Turns 4.3
Responsiveness 4.8
Speed 4.6
Ice / Poor Conditions 4.4
Switch 5
Jibs 4.4
Jumps 5
Durability / Quality 4.6
Buttering 3.6

Editor’s Review Rating of the Capita DOA: 4.5 out of 5 stars.


So Do I Recommend the Capita Defenders of Awesome?

Absolutely, this is hands down the best all-mountain freestyle deck you can buy..

I am even considering buying the supercharged version the Capita Super Doa.


Which bindings go well with the Capita DOA?

I’ve ridden this with both the Union Force and the Union Stratas. I prefer my Union Stratas for this board. However, the truth is both are phenomenal to pair with the Capita DOA. I would make your decision based on these two points.

  • If you will be carving and taking runs more than going through the park, go with the Union Force bindings.
  • If you will be carving and still taking a ton of park laps, go with the Union Strata bindings. They are flexible and still responsive enough to carve with.


Is the Capita DOA Good for Riding Switch?

The Capita DOA’s true twin shape makes it a fun board for riding switch. The DOA has a symmetrical nose and tail, so regardless of the direction you are riding it, it will feel the same.

2025 Capita Doa With Union Strata Bindings Bundle

2025 Capita Doa With Union Strata Bundle


When is the Capita DOA 2025 Release Date?

The 2024 DOA is currently still available. However, the new graphic for the 2025 Capita DOA is expected to be released and shipped on September 13th, 2024. I got to see it at a recent trade show, and it looks outstanding. Here is a preview of the topsheet and base of the 2025 Capita DOA snowboard.

Where Can You Buy a Capita DOA?

You can preorder the new 2025 DOA here.

Here is a chart showing the sizes each retailer still has available for the Capita DOA.

Retailer Sizes Available Board Link
Gravity Coalition 148, 152, 154, 157 Wide, 159 Wide, 161 Wide, 162, 163 Wide, 164 *On Sale* See Price
EVO 153W, 158, 162, 164 See Price
Sun and Ski 148, 154, 156, 158, 160, 162 See Price
REI 156, 158, 161 Wide See Price
Backcountry 160 See Price
Dreamruns 148 See Price
Peter Glenn 150, 152, 154 See Price
Buckman’s Ski Shop 152, 153 Wide, 154, 156, 158, 162, 164 See Price

The Capita DOA sells out fast for a few of the more popular sizes. You can preorder the 2025 DOA here to ensure your size will be available.

Capita Defenders Of Awesome (the Doa) 2025




You can order the Capita Defenders of Awesome DOA snowboard online here.


What Does the Capita DOA Snowboard Acronym Stand for?

Capita’s acronym D.O.A. stands for “Defenders of Awesome,” not “dead on arrival.” The DOA is a popular series of snowboards that features a graphic by artist Corey Smith of a woman known as the “Acid Mother Guru.” The woman in the graphic’s goal is to unite all people beyond religion, culture, and ethnicity. The DOA is Capita’s best-selling all-mountain freestyle snowboard, known for its spring-board like pop, responsiveness, and versatility to ride all over the resort.

It is worth noting that the woman in Capita’s DOA graphic has had a few other names over the year. In addition to the Acid Mother Guru, she has also been referred to as the Queen of Eternity, the Goddess of Eternal Sleep, the Witch of the Woods, and the Lady Death, depending on the model year the snowboard was released.

Other Comparable Snowboards to the Capita DOA to Consider

Here are four other boards that are similar to the Capita DOA.

About the reviewer

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Field Test Notes: I rode the 2025 Capita DOA at the EWSRA on snow demo in Stratton VT on January 30th 2024. I rode the 2020 Capita DOA for approximately 250 days (over the 3 seasons). Both versions of the board are very similar with the newer version feeling a hair lighter.

Rider Experience Level: Intermediate to advanced – I’ve been riding for over 15 years. However, I lean more freestyle than freeride (I prefer hitting jumps and rails over making the perfect turn.) .

Rider’s Preferred Terrain: The park with small to medium sized features

Home Mountains: Big Boulder, Jack Frost, Montage – North Eastern Pennsylvania (Lots of east coast ice.)

Size / Model: The board I reviewed was a 2025 Capita DOA size 154cm.

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Days Rode this Deck: 250+ I wrote this review after riding this deck for a season and a half.

I rode the 2025 version for one day at a demo event in Stratton, Vt.

Bindings Used: The 2025 Union Falcor

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  1. I see you also wrote a review on ‘YES Dicey’, I’m kind of the low-intermediate level, which one do you recommend more?

    1. Hi Peilin, Of the two boards, I found the Dicey to be a hair more beginner-friendly option because it’s softer and slightly more forgiving while carving around. Both boards are perfect for intermediate riders, though. The detail to note for beginner riders is the Capita DOA is bit catchier feeling while carving due to its deeper sidecut. With that said, I prefer the Capita DOA over the Yes Dicey for intermediate riders. I think of the Capita DOA as the more versatile all-mountain / freestyle board because it carves well, jumps phenomenally well, and can still press for jibs in the park. The Dicey I see more as a beginner to intermediate pressable park board where carving outside of the park is a secondary feature. The Dicey just doesn’t have the additional carbon built into it for that power and snap you’ll get in the DOA.

      So I’d treat it like this. If you will spend 100% of your time in the park learning to jib and hit small features, go with the Yes Dicey. However, if you’re looking for an all mountain freestyle board to take your riding up a few notches, get the DOA. Just consider how “low-intermediate” you are or how much jibbing you’ll be doing. If you’re in your first year of riding or jibbing a lot, the Dicey might be more fun, and if not, go wit the DOA for its more well-rounded features. Good luck with your board search!

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