Capita Defenders of Awesome (DOA) 2022 – 2023 Review: The Best Freestyle All Mountain Snowboard

The Capita DOA is at the top of our Best All Mountain Snowboards list for good reason.

It rips!

This board is a seven time award winner of the Transworld Good Wood awards. I’ve been riding this board for the past two seasons. This is my full review of the Capita Defenders of Awesome.

So let’s get right to it.

Capita Defenders Of Awesome (the Doa) 2023


  • Pop – The carbon running through this board will launch you.
  • Light – The 2023 version has been upgraded to include the P2 super light core.
  • “The go anywhere, do anything freestyle deck.”


  • Flex – to keep this spring loaded for jumps, the center of the board is on the stiffer side. The nose and tail do flex.
  • Popular / often sold out and likely to see other riders on the mountain with it.

Sizes Available: 148, 150, 152, 153 Wide, 154, 155Wide, 156, 158, 159Wide, 160, 161 Wide, 162, 163 Wide, 164

Flex: Medium 6/10

First Impression of the Capita DOA Snowboard?

I got my first Capita Defenders of Awesome (DOA) in 2019, fairly late in the season. The first thing I noticed was how aggressive the board is. Its shape makes for some contact points that take some getting used to for connecting your turns.

The deck felt stiffer than I thought it would. Reading reviews, it sounds like the board is perfect for the park. I didn’t realize that there are two types of freestyle snowboards to use in the park.

  1. Softer flexing boards that are perfect for jibs and small jumps.
  2. Stiffer boards that blast off jumps and carve the entire mountain exceptionally well.

The DOA is in that second category. It has a level of pop that I’ve never experienced before and grew to love.

So if you are reading about the Capita Defenders of Awesome deck because you want to improve your butters or presses, you should probably check out a softer deck like the Capita Ultrafear. However, if you want to blast off jumps, have a responsive camber deck that can carve beautifully and still hit rails well, then get the DOA immediately.

Why Did I Buy the Capita DOA?

I chose the Capita Defenders of Awesome snowboard because it won seven Transworld Good Wood awards. It is a beloved freestyle deck, and I figured if it was good enough for the pros, it was more than good enough for me.

I didn’t realize how stiff it would be or that it would take some getting used to. However, once you do get used to this deck, it is sheer perfection.

What do I like/dislike about the Defenders of Awesome?


I love the pop this board gets. There are carbon stringers strategically placed in this deck. They give this board a springboard-like pop that will throw you into the air when you learn how to use it. One of my favorite things to do on this deck is jump. I launch off headwalls, side hits, and kickers with ease on the DOA.

I love the graphics. Capita always knocks it out of the park with the DOA. Check out the 2023 DOA line ups graphics.

I love how well the DOA can carve. This deck has a nice edge hold and the perfect level of response that you can expect from a camber deck with carbon fiber built into it.

I like how lightweight this deck is. I have the 150cm version, and on day one, I was doing 540s again. Up to that point, I haven’t spun one of those for five years. (It is worth noting that I am 38 and only just getting back into park riding.)

I like that you can size down a few centimeters on this deck. I was used to riding 154 size decks even though I am probably closer in weight to ride a 148-151cm deck. The DOA has blunted tips so you can size down on this without any problems. I wound up getting the 150cm version, and I felt right at home.

I love the sintered base. It is fast when you wax it up. It is durable enough to withstand jibs and whatever rough terrain you ride on. I am here on the east coast, and the DOA is my go-to All-Mountain/Park ice riding board.

I love that there are two versions of this board depending on your budget. There is the traditional version that I reviewed here. There is also the 2023 Capita Super Doa too. You can read more about that version here.

I love the confidence this board gives you. There is something about riding the chair, and seeing this when you look down.


At first, I was disappointed with how stiff the DOA is. I thought I was getting a freestyle deck that could truly do it all. Which it is. The DOA really can do it all. However, you will need to put some muscle and practice time into learning how to nose press on this deck. The nose has a sweet spot that will flex. It just takes some getting used to. I grew to love the stiffness of this deck for all of the other areas where it helps you.

The shape of the DOA also takes some getting used to. The contact points stick out slightly. When you first learn to ride the DOA, it can feel like you are riding a rectangle-shaped snowboard. Your goal is to keep the rectangle’s corners from digging into the snow, and that is the part that takes some practice. If you’re an intermediate to advanced level rider, it won’t take you long to get used to it, though. The shape combined with the camber profile is where this board gets its responsiveness from.

Who Is the DOA a Good Fit For?

The Capita Defenders of Awesome is perfect for intermediate to advanced level riders who want to carve and hit jumps at the resort.

If you prefer to jump over flexing your board on boxes, you will have a blast on this deck and how fast it can charge down the hill.

What Sets the Capita DOA Apart From Other Snowboards?

This snowboard has an unmatchable level of pop that will help you launch off jumps higher than most other snowboards. The added pop comes from the combination of the carbon fiber boosters, the camber dominant board profile, and an extremely lightweight core.

The Capita DOA excels at both riding park and carving everywhere at your local resort. It is rare to find a versatile park board that is also a fantastic all-mountain snowboard, and the DOA is precisely that. It can jib and jump. It also has the proper sidecut and edge hold to carve beautifully outside the park.

What’s New For the 2023 Version?

For this coming season, the Capita DOA has gotten even lighter. Capita added in the P2 Superlight core for the 2023 DOA. The new core is a blend of Poplar and Paulownia wood assembled in a way that makes the board retain its pop and durability while being incredibly lightweight. Here is an image overview of the core and its features.

After that, the only other new feature is that this board now comes in a 164 size too.

Capita DOA 2023 Specs

Size (cm) 148 150 152 153W 154 155W 156 157W 158 159W 160 161W 162 163W 164
Effective Edge (mm) 1176 1191 1207 1185 1222 1205 1233 1239 1256 1259 1270 1280 1287 1294 1301
Tip Width (mm) 287 290 292 299 295 302 298 305 300 307 304 309 306 311 309
Waist Width (mm) 244 246 248 256 250 258 252 260 254 261 257 262 259 263 261
Tail Width (mm) 287 290 292 299 295 302 298 305 300 307 304 309 306 311 309
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.6 7.7 7.8 8 7.9 8.1 8 8.17 8.1 8.2 8.2 8.3 8.3 8.4 8.4
Stance Range (mm) 613 613 639 639 639 639 639 664 664 664 664 664 664 664 664
Rider Weight (lbs) 90-150 100-150 110-150 120-180 120-180 130-190 130-190 140-200 140-200 150-210 160-220 160-220​ 180-240​ 170-230+ 190-245​+
Width Regular Regular Regular Wide Regular Wide Regular Wide Regular Wide Regular Wide Regular Wide Regular

What Other Benefits to the Defenders of Awesome are There?

This deck is durable. There are reinforced sidewalls, and the edge runs 360 degrees around the entire board. So if you accidentally run into a park feature or hit a rock, you will be fine.

The board is created in an environmentally friendly factory. The Capita Mothership factory in Austria makes everything with clean energy.

Overall Rating for the Capita DOA

Considerations Rating Out 5
Resort Riding 5
Powder 3.3
Carving / Turns 4.3
Responsiveness 4.8
Speed 4.6
Ice / Poor Conditions 4.4
Switch 5
Jibs 4.4
Jumps 5
Durability / Quality 4.6
Buttering 3.6
Fun to ride 5

Editor’s Rating of the Capita DOA: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

So Do I Recommend the Capita Defenders of Awesome?

Absolutely, this is hands down the best all-mountain freestyle deck you can buy for the 2022 – 2023 season.

I am even considering buying the supercharged version the 2023 Capita Super Doa.

Which bindings go well with the Capita DOA?

I’ve ridden this with both the Union Force and the Union Contact Pros. I prefer my Union Contact Pros for this board. However, the truth is both are phenomenal to pair with the Capita DOA. I would make your decision based on these two points.

  • If you will be carving and taking runs more than going through the park, go with the Union Force bindings.
  • If you will be carving and still taking a ton of park laps, go with the Union Contact Pro bindings. They are flexible and still responsive enough to carve with.

2023 Capita Doa With Union Strata Bindings Bundle

2023 Capita Doa With Union Strata Bundle

When is the Capita DOA 2023 Release Date?

The 2022 is currently still available. The new graphic for the 2023 Capita DOA is expected to be released and ship on September 20th, 2022. Here is a preview of the new Capita DOA graphic.

This snowboard tends to sell out, so get your size now while it is still available.

Where Can You Buy a Capita DOA?

The Capita DOA sells out fast. You can preorder the 2023 DOA here.

Capita Defenders Of Awesome (the Doa) 2023

You can pre-order the Capita Defenders of Awesome DOA snowboard online here.

Other Comparable Snowboards to Consider

Here are four other boards that are similar to the Capita DOA.

About the reviewer

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Home Mountains: Big Boulder, Jack Frost, Montage – North Eastern Pennsylvania (Lots of east coast ice.)

Size / Model: The board I reviewed was a 2019 Capita DOA size 150cm.

Rider Weight: 138lbs

Days Rode this Deck: 100+ I wrote this review after riding this deck for a season and a half.

Steve Weber is an avid snowboarder and skateboarder. He has been snowboarding for 26 years, skateboarding for 20, and is always looking for a new board sport to try out. When he is not riding or skating, he runs a marketing agency. Board of the world is Steve’s blog for skateboard and snowboard gear reviews. The blog’s goal is to help people find the right board for them and encourage people to have fun outside.