2025 Capita Spring Break Resort Twin Review

Capita Spring Break Resort Twin Snowboard Review 2024 – 2025: An In Depth Look

    The Capita Spring Break Resort Twin is a new all-mountain freestyle snowboard that is perfect for riding small East Coast and Mid West Resorts. This board excels on groomers, holds an incredibly strong edge on ice, and completely shines in the park.

    This snowboard is 7% cheaper than the average all-mountain freestyle deck while earning a 2% better review score. It is a well rounded resort board with a ton of pop that also offers an exceptional value for its price.

    Here is my in-depth review of the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin. This board is my daily driver for the 2024 season, so I will be updating this review often.

    The Highlights of the Resort Twin

    PRO TIP: One quick thing to note is that the 2025 graphic of the Resort Twin got an early release, so you can now get next year’s graphic a few months early.

    Sizes Available: The 2025 Capita Spring Break Resort Twin is available in a 152, 154, 156, 158, and 160cm.
    You can use this expandable size chart to find the right size of the Resort Twin for you.

    See the Right Size Spring Break Resort Twin for You
    Spring Break Resort Twin Weight Range
    Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)

    For this review, I rode the 154cm Capita Spring Break Resort Twin. For sizing information, I am 5′ 6″, 142 pounds, and have a size nine boot.

    Flex: The flex is rated at a medium 5 out of 10. The Resort Twin has a playful, pressable flex that still feels in control at all times while carving. I found the board to be slightly stiffer torsionally than longitudinally. After a few days, the board broke in, and I didn’t notice this detail, though.

    Overall Rating Score: 4.6 out of 5

    Overall Rating of the Capita SB Resort Twin Snowboard

    ConsiderationsRating Out 5Score Out of 100Weight / Importance to Score
    Resort Riding / Versatility5.0010010
    Pop / Power5.0010010
    Carving / Turns4.509010
    Ice / Poor Conditions4.50905
    Durability / Quality3.50705
    Fun to ride5.0010010
    Weighted Score4.3887.5100

    Editor’s Rating: 4.38 out of 5 stars 4.375 out of 5 stars for the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin snowboard

    The Review Summary

    The Capita Spring Break Resort Twin is an extremely versatile and fun snowboard to ride. The Resort Twin can do every type of resort riding very well. It can carve well, it feels stable underfoot, it has an exceptional level of pop for jumps, it’s playful enough to be great at jibbing, and its glide is noticeably fast. If you’re looking for a resort snowboard that can truly do it all, get the Resort Twin and love every second of being on it.

    Altogether, the Resort Twin is a phenomenal board at what it is: a resort-focused groomer cruiser that is equally strong in the park for jibbing and jumping. 

    Overview of The Capita Spring Break Resort Twin

    You can watch me ride and review the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin in this TikTok video here.

    The Main Benefits of This Snowboard

    • It Is Very Versatile – This is a resort-focused snowboard that carves well on groomers, icy conditions, and slush. It’s also exceptional in the terrain park.
    • Stable Feeling and Fun to Ride – This is a stable and extremely fun resort board to ride. From the moment I stepped on it, it felt in control and ready for fun. I didn’t want to get off of it. It’s stability across multiple types of riding is its highlight.
    • Perfect 5/10 Medium Flex – It is pressable. It offers a fantastic level of pop for jumps and offers enough power to carve exceptionally well.
    • Massive Pop – The Spring Break Resort Twin board has a hybrid camber profile, which blends the power and precision of traditional camber with the forgiving and easier-to-ride characteristics of a rocker profile. Capita also gave the Resort Twin carbon boosters to increase the level of pop you get from this board.
    • Lightweight – This board features a wooden core with carbon features that make it noticeably lighter than other resort-focused boards.
    • Fast Base That’s Low Maintenance  – The Resort Twin’s base is fast and durable. Additionally, you won’t need to wax it as often as some other resort-focused boards.

     Why Did I Buy the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin Snowboard?

    I wanted a versatile board that was new for this season. Additionally, I wanted something a little larger than what I usually would ride. The 154cm Spring Break Resort Twin fit my description perfectly, so I bought it, and I am extremely happy that I did.

    The graphics on this board are so eye catching, too. It looks nice with the white and black layout with its bright green sidewalls. I set my white 2023 Union Ultra bindings up on it, took this picture, and couldn’t wait to ride it.

    How Does the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin Ride?

     Here are the main highlights for what it feels like to ride the Resort Twin.

    It’s An All-Mountain Snowboard That Carves Exceptionally Well

    The Resort Twin can carve incredibly well. When you first step on this board, you’ll notice it has an exceptional level of edge hold. Capita Gave this board its Radial Sidecut with Deathgrip technology. This special sidecut means the Resort Twin has a traditional sidecut arc that runs the length of the board, with one additional contact point added directly in the center of the arc. If you were to look closely at the edge of this snowboard, it would look like this.

    capita SB resort twin's sidecut

    Notice the extra bump in the center of the snowboard’s edge? That extra contact point in the center of the sidecut allows the board to grip better in all conditions, regardless of the type of terrain you are riding in. The extra level of grip allows you to feel in control at all times, so you can ride confidently and improve how you connect your turns without worrying if it’s too icy out.

    Is the Resort Twin for the rider who is meticulous with their carves? No.

    The Spring Break Resort Twin excels at quicker, tighter turns. This board’s shorter sidecut radius and camber dominant profile make it easier to make tighter, more abrupt turns. The carving abilities of the Resort Twin make it perfect for carving groomers at your favorite resort, cruising through trees, and navigating from feature to feature in the terrain park.

    While the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin is capable of making the occasional wider, more precise carve, too, it’s just not its strong suit.

    If you’re primarily focused on carving and digging precise, deep trenches at higher speeds, there are better carving-focused boards than the Resort Twin for you to consider. The Resort Twin is intended more for the all-mountain resort rider that wants one board that can do a little bit of everything well and not for the hard charging carver.

    Its Base is Fast

    Capita gave this board a hybrid “sintruded” base. Capita calls it the Power Drive Base. It was originally formulated for the wider Spring Break Powder Division boards. It combines the speed and durability of a sintered base with the low maintenance characteristics of an extruded base.

    spring break resort twin snowboard's base

    I was surprised at how fast the board is, though. I was expecting it to be like a slower extruded base, and it wasn’t. Underfoot, it feels exactly like a sintered base. I wax it just as I would a sintered base, and I’ve had no issues getting speed. It flies through flatter sections and has no issues getting speed between features in the park.

    The Flex Is Easy to Nose Press yet Challenging to Butter

    The Resort Twin has a medium middle-of-the-road flex that is incredibly easy to nose press. The playful flex of the board doesn’t take away from how well this board holds an edge while carving, either.

    There is an important note about the flex, though.

    It’s easier to nose and tail press than it is to swivel around for butters. This is due to the board having a softer longitudinal flex compared to its torsional flex.

    The board’s longitudinal flex, the flex from nose to tail, is softer (rated at 5/10), allowing the board to press easily. However, the board’s torsional flex, the flex pattern from toe to heel, is a little stiffer (rated at 6.5/10), which allows the board to feel stable while you carving.

    The more rigid flex pattern from torsionally is a characteristic of the V-shaped carbon boosters Capita added into the nose and tail. It adds power and pop to this board. However, it makes it a little harder to spin around with your butters because it makes it harder to ensure your weight is always uphill. 

    Buttering can definitely still be done. I just wouldn’t say flat ground tricks are a strong suit of this board. It’s more for carving groomers and pressing features in the park. 

    It’s a Stable Ride Where You Still Feel Some Chatter

    Capita added two v-shaped carbon boosters into the nose and tail of this board. These boosters have two primary benefits. They give the board an additional level of pop, and they add some dampening effects. While the dampening is noticed, this board feels more lively than it does damp. At higher speeds, you will notice the tips of this board start to chatter, and those vibrations are felt slightly underfoot.

    You can reduce the vibrations you will feel by pairing this snowboard with a pair of bindings that offer some additional dampening properties, like the Union Ultra or Union Force.

    For this review, I went with the Union Ultra bindings.

    Spring Break Resort Twin on snow

    It’s Shines In the Park Too

    One of the perks of this board is how well it performs in the park. If you’re like me and spend a lot of time hiking rails and hitting small to medium jumps, the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin will be perfect for you. The carbon added to this board gives it a little extra spring-board-like pop off of jumps, and the flex pattern allows the board to lock into rails easily without overbending or catching.

    When Will the New 2025 Capita SB Resort Twin Be Released?

    The 2025 Capita Spring Break Resort Twin has been released a few months early and is available now. It started to hit shelves on February 28, 2024. This is 198 days earlier than the original expected date of September 13, 2024.

    a sneak peak of the 2025 Capita Resort Twin snowboard

    What Is Different About the New Version of the Resort Twin?

    The new 2024 – 2025 Capita SB Resort Twin didn’t receive any technical upgrades or new features. 

    Here are the only new details:

    • It has a new graphic. 
    • It is now available in three new sizes, including 152cm, 155cm Wide, and 158cm Wide.

    So if you were bummed the 2024 Resort Twin didn’t come in a smaller size, now you can get it in a 152cm version.


    Here are the things I loved about the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin.

    It’s Versatile Enough for Both Resort Carving and Park Riding

    This is a board that can truly do it all well. It carves, jumps, presses, and can still hold an edge. There are few sacrifices with this board. If you are looking for one board that can do most riding very well, this is it.

    It Offers a Locked-In Yet Playful Feel

    A main highlight of the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin is the level of stability it offers while still being fun to ride. This board features Spring Break’s Radial Sidecut with Deathgrip technology. The technology allows the board to feel locked into turns while you’re carving, and the board’s unique flex pattern makes it still incredibly pressable for freestyle riding.

    It Has an Exceptional Level of Pop

    Capita gave the Resort Twin two v-shaped carbon boosters in both the nose and tail, along with two beech stringers running through the center of the board. These features work together to give the Resort Twin an extra boosted level of pop. On a scale of massive pop being rated a 5 and weak pop being rated at a 0, I’d rate the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin’s pop at a 4.4.

    It’s not so much pop that it will overshoot you or be challenging to learn the timing of, either. The level of pop feels perfect to me. It has an intuitive feel with a little something more to it to help get you in the air.

    It Offers More Forgiving Landings

    One feature to love about the Resort Twin is that its camber profile makes landing spins easier. If you’re slightly off axis when you land, you can simply revert into place and ride away. This is because of the Resort Twin’s hybrid camber profile makes the contact points of this board feel more forgiving and less catchy when you land. Capita calls this profile their Resort V2 Profile. If you were to look at the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin from the side, its profile would look like this.

    spring break resort twin resort v2 profile

    The Resort V2 profile has a traditional camber section between your feet with reverse camber sections running outside of the insert packs through the nose and tail. The benefit is that you get the power, pop, and drive of positive camber between your feet with the catch-free landings and the easier-to-carve feeling of reverse camber in the tips. This profile gives the board a very predictable, intuitive feel while still coming packed with a generous amount of pop.

    It’s Lightweight and Durable

    The Resort Twin Was built with a noticeably lightweight, durable wooden core called Spring Break’s Meta Core. Here is an image of what the construction of the board looks like underneath its topsheet with the three different types of wood and carbon amplifiers.

    resort twin's meta core construction

    Its Eye Catching Graphic

    What’s not to love about a white snowboard with a spider web on it and bright green sidewalls? This board looks so nice. I loved looking down at my snowboard and seeing this.

    There is something to how you ride better when you are on a board that you think looks fresh. You get a little added level of confidence to ride harder or try tricks you may not otherwise try.  

    Here is a close up of what you would see between your feet on the 2025 Resort Twin’s graphic.

    Spring Break Snowboard’s Warranty

    Spring Break Snowboards are a collaboration between the owner of Spring Break, Corey Smith, and Capita. Capita now manufactures the entire Spring Break collection of snowboards at the Capita Mothership manufacturing plant in Austria.

    Because Capita manufacturers these boards, they offer their standard two-year warranty on all Spring Break snowboards. This warranty covers defects in material or workmanship from the date of purchase. The warranty applies to Capita and Spring Break products purchased from an authorized dealer.

    The warranty covers the following:

    • Topsheet, base, or sidewall delamination due to manufacturing defect
    • Manufacturing defect resulting in cracking on the topsheet, base, sidewall, or edge
    • Misaligned, spinning, or stripped inserts

    Capita makes registering your board in their warranty database simple. When your board arrives, scan the NFC sticker on your board with your phone and fill out the registration form.


    Here are some details about the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin I didn’t like.

    It Is Not the Dampest Riding Board

    This is a lively board with a ton of boardfeel to it. However, you do feel vibrations as you ride over choppy terrain. This was never so bad that it wore my legs out or interfered with the way I rode the board, it’s just a noticeable detail that you do feel the terrain as you ride over it.

    The Topsheet Chips

    The Resort Twin is a board you will want to be careful with in the lift lines. The white topsheet can chip right where it meets the bright green (or yellow) sidewalls. I went to the indoor park on a crowded day, and from other riders running into me in the lift line, I got this chip.

    chipped sidewall

    Fortunately for me, I was able to secure this back down thanks to some Gorilla Glue gel, and now it looks like this.

    repaired chip on a spring break resort twin snowboard

    That said, all snowboard topsheets will chip if someone accidentally runs their ski or snowboard’s edge into or over your topsheet. With the bright contrasting colors of this board showing chips easily, you might just want to give people a little extra room in the lift lines with this snowboard.

    It Is Torsionally Stiff, So It Is Not the Easiest Board to Butter

    While this snowboard is very easy to nose press and tail press, it isn’t as easy to butter with. The board is softer from nose to tail (longitudinally) than it is from edge to edge (torsionally). The stiffer torsional flex makes it challenging to butter because it’s harder to bend the nose towards your toes or towards your heels enough to ensure your weight is always uphill as you swivel your butters around.

    The stiffer torsional flex is a characteristic of the Carbon V-tech Amplifiers that Capita and Spring Break added into this snowboard. You can see the carbon amplifiers in the gray portion of this diagram.

    Carbon V-tech amplifiers in the capita resort twin

    The carbon amplifiers offer this snowboard a ton of additional pop and response. However, they make it a little more challenging to spin with your butters.

    It isn’t impossible, just harder than you would think.

    If you are searching for a board to specifically help you master your flat ground tricks, check out one of the boards featured on our best snowboards for buttering award list.

    Who Is the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin a Good Fit For?

    The Capita Spring Break Resort Twin is a good fit for anyone who wants a fun and versatile all-mountain freestyle snowboard that can go anywhere and do anything. It’s the perfect do-it-all snowboard for riders who want to be able to cruise down groomed runs, hit the park, and explore all of their favorite resort.

    Spring Break Resort Twin Rider Type Specs

    What Experience Level Rider Should Get the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin?

    The Capita Spring Break Resort Twin is best suited for intermediate to advanced riders.

    Beginners can learn to ride it, too. However, it is more intended for riders who are used to or looking for the power and response of a camber-dominant resort snowboard. If you already have the fundamentals of riding down, you will enjoy this board.

    Capita Spring Break Resort Twin Snowboard 2024-2025 Specs

    Size (cm)154156158160
    Effective Edge (mm)119.6121.1122.7124.2
    Tip Width (cm)3030.430.831.2
    Waist Width (cm)25.525.82626.2
    Tail Width (cm)3030.430.831.2
    Sidecut Radius (m)7.9 / -1.5 / 7.97.9 / -1.5 / 7.98.0 / -1.5 / 8.08.1 / -1.5 / 8.1
    Reference Stance (in)21222223
    Stance Setback (in)0000
    Rider Weight (lbs)105-165115-175135-195150-210​+
    Rider Weight (kg)47-7552-7961-8868-95+

    Editor’s Rating:  out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars for the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin snowboard

    Is the Resort Twin Worth Buying?

    Yes, this board is absolutely worth buying.

    The Capita Spring Break Resort Twin is a near-perfect all-mountain freestyle board that’s worth every penny. With the season only just beginning and it already selling out of some sizes, I can’t be the only one who thinks so. 

    If this board sounds interesting and it is still available in your size, I’d recommend acting fast before it is gone.

    Is the Resort Twin Great in Powder, Too?

    I would say it is only ok in powder, and if you ride powder often, I’d recommend checking our the Spring Break Powder Twin instead as its the more directional powder-focused version of this board.

    Other Comparable Snowboards to the Capita Resort Twin You Should Consider

    • The Capita DOA
    • The K2 Medium
    • The Burton Custom Camber
    • The Salomon Huck Knife
    • The Gnu Headspace

    How Does the SB Resort Twin Compare to the Capita DOA?

    Both boards are very similar boards from Capita. The main summary is that the Resort Twin is the more versatile go-anywhere-and-do-anything board while the DOA is the better option for freestyle riding. Check out our in-depth comparison of the Capita DOA vs The Capita Resort Twin to learn more.

    Which bindings go well with the Spring Break Resort Twin Snowboard?

    If you will ride in the park often, go with the Union Ultra Bindings.
    If you want to carve more with some park runs thrown in, go with the Union Force Bindings.

    Where Can You Buy a Spring Break Resort Twin?

    About the reviewer

    Rider Name: Steve Weber
    Where I Rode This Board: 1) Stratton in VT, 2) Big Snow in East Rutherford, NJ, 3) Montage in Scranton, PA, and 4) Jack Frost in White Haven, PA.
    Size / Model I Ride: To write this review, I rode two versions of this board. I rode the 2024 Capita SB Resort Twin in a 154. This is the board that I own. I also rode the 2025 Capita SB Resort Twin in a 154. I got to demo the new 2025 at a Capita Demo event in Stratton, VT.
    Rider Weight: 142lbs
    Rider Height: 5′ 6″
    Bindings Used: 1) Size Medium 2024 Union Ultra Bindings 2) Size Medium 2025 Union Falcor Bindings
    Boots Used: Size 9 DC Phase Boots

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    Have a question about this snowboard?
    Leave a comment below.


  1. Deciding between this and the Jones Mountain Twin for my one board to do it all. I’m smack dab in the middle of an intermediate rider. Mostly stick to blue groomers, but mess around on greens, and send it down black diamonds. I really want to try hitting the park this season, something I’ve never done.

    6′ 190 lbs. Thinking of getting a ~158cm board of one of these two. Is there one board you recommend over the other here? Thanks!

    1. Alex! Thanks for the question. I would say I love both of the boards that you’re interested in equally, and you really won’t make a wrong decision. It comes down to one main use case difference, though. Will you be using your do-it-all board also to hit powder? Or is it more intended to be your resort board on groomed terrain, and you have a different board for cruising on the deeper days? I ask because the Capita SB Resort Twin wouldn’t perform as well in powder as the Jones Mountain Twin would. The Capita floats decently to get by. However, the Jones Mountain Twin has a 3d spoon nose and a setback stance that makes its powder performance a little better than the Resort Twin. While on the other hand, I’d say the Capita SB Resort Twin is the more stable of the two options for groomed terrain. Both are really strong in the park. I tend to prefer the Capita SB Resort Twin due to it being centred stance. So, my recommendation would be to make your decision around how often you get to ride powder. It’s the groomed vs powder decision. If you’ll be on groomed terrain far more often, go with the Capita. If you get more than the occasional pow day, go with the Jones.

      In terms of your sizing, you’re spot on with the 158 for the Capita Resort Twin. The Mountain Twin doesn’t have a 158 option at the moment, so I’d recommend going 160.
      Good luck with your riding this season, and let me know how it goes!

  2. Steve
    I have a question regarding this board. I am looking to purchase the 2024 model. I am torn on the size I should get. I am 5’9″ 185 lbs. Everyone is sold out of the 154 and the 156 is available. Do you think that size is too big for me. I am an experienced rider who wants this as my everyday board on groomers.

    1. Hey Art, This is one of those boards where you’ll want to get as close with Capita’s weight recommendations as you get the pop and flex Capita were intending. There are carbon boosters in the nose and tail for extra pop, and I really found those to help me with power for turning and to get an extra boost off jumps. I am considering the pop and flex of the board as they are such a strong selling feature for this deck, so I’d steer you more towards the 156. If you have a 154 now, and worry sizing up to a 156 will be too big, it won’t be a noticeable difference. The waist width and sidecut configurations are very close between the two models. Now, with all that said, Capita’s specs would really recommend that you consider the 158 based on how much you weigh. Capita SB Resort Twin Weight and Size Chart

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