2022 top carving snowboards

The Best Freeride Snowboards for of 2022: Carving Like a Dream

There is something about charging down the mountain, picking your line through the trees, and getting low (very low) in your carves.

I know you know the feeling. It’s when you are at your best connecting turns and powering through any conditions the mountain brings you.

However, when it comes to carving, snowboards are not created equal.

Carving like a boss requires having a snowboard that can hold an edge through any terrain you ride on with effortless precision. Not all snowboards can do that well.

Whether your terrain of choice is powder in the backcountry or fresh groomers at the resort, you need to make sure you have the right snowboard under your feet to connect those turns. We compiled a list of the best snowboards for carving in the 2021 season to make sure you find the right board for you.

So let’s get started. Scroll below to see our hand selected list of the top six Carving & Freeride Snowboards for 2022.

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Best 3D Profile Carving Snowboard

Jones Flagship Snowboard 2022

The Jones Flagship is the quintessential top freeride snowboard intended to carve through any technical terrain that you throw at it. The board has a fully directional tapered shape. The tail on this board is .49 of an inch more narrow than the nose. The wider nose gives the board its natural ability to float through powder without the need to lean or adjust your stance.

The Flagship has a 3d spoon-like shape in the nose and tail. There is a .27 of an inch curvature to the nose and tail that looks like this.

The curvature helps with connecting turns and gliding through powder. To further help your carving and edge hold, Jones added Traction Tech 3.0 into this deck. Traction tech adds a few small bumps into the edges to improve edge hold. It is similar to Magne Traction, just far less aggressive. Traction Tech 3.0 has three bumps in the side. One traction bump is in the tail, one in the center, and one at the nose. These extra traction points allow you to carve through any terrain without being overly aggressive.

Here is an overview video of the main features in the Jones Flagship.

The wood core is a blend of poplar, paulownia, and bamboo. The center of the Flagship’s core is designed to be slightly softer than the nose and tail. The more pliable center improves the board’s torsional flex while the stiffer nose and tail offer stability. The result perfect combination for connecting turns while having the energy and pop to hit backcountry kickers if you wanted to.

The laminates of the board use Tri-Ax fiberglass. There are X shaped layers throughout the deck to give it its added torsional flex. The Flagship has a sintered base, so it will remain fast for you as long as you wax and maintain it.

This snowboard is a great option for riders who want to focus on their carving at the resort or in the backcountry powder.


  • Shape gives it a natural powder float
  • 3d profile
  • Traction Tech 3.0


  • On the pricey side

Sizes Available: 151, 154,158, 159 Wide, 161, 162 Wide, 164, 165 Wide, 167, 169 Wide, 172

Flex: Stiff 7/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Jones Mercury

Best Freeride Snowboard for Icy Conditions

Lib Tech Dynamo

The Lib Tech Dynamo is a directional freeride snowboard that is versatile enough that you could take it anywhere on the mountain. The Dynamo has a slightly wider nose than its tail. The wider nose helps the board float above the powder on those steep days. The directional shape of the Dynamo gives the board a fun, predictable carve. While the Dynamo is intended to ride in your regular stance, you could still land switch if you were to do a 180.

The carving potential of this board is immense because it features Lib Tech’s Magne-Traction edges. The edges are serrated strategically to provide an exceptional edge hold while you are carving through all conditions. When you look along the sidecut of the board, you will see there are seven angled bumps built into in the edges. These serrated bumps bite into the snow as you carve. No matter how icy it is, this board is going to carve well for you.

The board profile is a C3 camber. It looks like this.

The C3 is a traditional camber board with the slightest bit rocker between your feet. If you were to lay this snowboard board flat on its base, you would notice the rocker between your feet is mild and does not reach the surface it is laying on. The result is you get the versatility of a rocker with the stability of a camber snowboard.

The Dynamo’s core is a wood blend of 75% aspen and 25% paulownia. The combination of wood gives the board its balanced playfulness and lightweight. There are birch rails running through the sidecut to enhance the board’s power and durability.

The laminates are a combination of triaxial and biaxial Fiberglass, and the base is Lib Tech’s Eco Sublimated TNT base. The base is designed to be as tough as a sintered base while reaming fast with less maintenance.

If you are looking for a high performance freeride board that could carve through any condition you throw at it, this is the board for you.


  • Directional shape gives it a natural powder float
  • Magne Traction – can grip any terrain
  • Softer flex in a freeride board


  • Not great for beginners
  • Not intended to ride switch

Sizes Available: 150, 153, 156, 156 Wide, 159, 159 Wide, 162, 162 Wide

Flex: Medium 5/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Bent Metal Solution

The Best All-Mountain Carving Board

Capita Black Snowboard of Death 2022

The Capita Black Snowboard of Death (BSOD) is a directional all-mountain freeride board celebrating its 21st birthday for the 2022 season. Throughout the years, the board has been perfected to be the badass grim reaper or riding that it is today. This board sells out fast, so if you’re interested, I would recommend you preorder the 2022 version while all the sizes are still available.

The Black Snowboard of Death has Capita’s New Age Directional shape. It has a slightly larger nose than tail with a half-inch setback stance. While the board is intended to ride in your regular stance, it can still ride switch exceptionally well.

The BSOD 2022 features Capita’s Alpine V1 profile. It looks like this.

It has a camber section between your feet with a flat tail and then a reverse camber in the nose. The board profile allows the deck to be stable for carving through icy conditions while having a ton of energy and pop. The shape of the board’s nose also makes the BSOD a solid option for riding on powder.

The sidecuts of the Black Snowboard of Death were made for carving with precision. The sidecuts have an extra arc in the middle of the board to provide the BSOD with an extra contact point. Capita calls the tech in the sidecut “Death Grip,” and as the name implies, this board has an insane level of grip while carving in all conditions.

The core of the BSOD is a combination of poplar and paulownia wood. Just like in Capita’s DOA, the BSOD has carbon fiber rods running through its laminates. The carbon allows the board to have spring-loaded pop, offer added stability, and remain lightweight while giving the board an insane durability level. The other laminates include triax fiberglass, flax, and other plant-based materials. The result is an extremely damp, eco-friendly board with a medium flex rating and the perfect level of responsiveness for carving.

The base of the BSOD has Capita’s Hyperdrive base. It is a highly formulated sintered base made with a durable, ultra-high molecular weight high-density polyethylene and other special additives to keep it fast. It then is professionally tuned to keep it fast in all conditions.

If you want to get a board capable of high speed and carving like a dream, then the Black Snowboard of Death is for you.


  • Sidecut with extra grip to help with carving / Built for challenging terrain
  • The board profile making it a solid option for hardpack or powder.
  • Directional Shape
  • Hyperdrive Base – Fast durable sintered base that has been pre-tuned to perfection
  • Damp feeling / Shock absorption


  • Can be expensive
  • Not beginner-friendly. This is fast and grippy. You won’t want this as your first deck.

Sizes Available: 156, 157 Wide, 159, 161 Wide, 162

Flex: Medium to Stiff 6.5/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Force Pro

The Best Snowboard for Eurocarves

Bataleon Party Wave + (Plus version)

The Bataleon Party Wave Plus 2022 is a volume shifted (wider and shorter) snowboard with a tapered directional shape. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants a powder board that is a beast at carving through resort hard pack too. This snowboard has the tech to both float beautifully in powder and carve through slush or ice.

Like other Bataleon snowboards, the Party Wave Plus features Bataleon’s 3BT (triple base technology). 3BT basically means this snowboard has a 3d shaped base where the nose and tail have a spoon-like curvature. What’s different about the Party Wave is that Bataleon modified this particular version of the 3BT tech to make it freeride focused. They call it the 3BT Freeride shape. You can learn more about 3BT Freeride shape as well as the main features of this snowboard by watching this quick overview video.

If you were to flip this board over, you will see the center as being flat with a mellow camber profile between the bindings. However, the contact points of the nose and tail extend out longer than some of the other Bataleon freestyle boards. The 3d curvature, longer contact points, and camber work together in the Party Wave to power up your carves as you are putting your weight into them. The 3BT allows you to glide as you connect your turns.

In addition to the 3d profile, the Party Wave is volume shifted snowboard. This board has a wider than average 28 cm / 11-inch waist width and a unique (deeper given the shorter length) 9-meter radius sidecut. The result is that you will be able to lay into deep carves in any conditions and glide with ease going from edge to edge. If you’re looking to learn Eurocarves, this is the board to learn it on as you won’t have to worry about toe drag.

The Party Wave Plus features a core that is a lightweight combination of paulownia and poplar wood. Additionally, Bataleon added carbon stringers into the core and sidewalls to add a layer of pop and stability into the plus version. The additional carbon is one of the main differences between the Party Wave regular version and the Plus version we are reviewing here.

The laminates are made of Triax fiberglass. It gives the board a strong responsiveness with around a medium flex. The base is a high-end sintered base. Bataleon designed it to be incredibly fast and durable. Additionally, Bataleon made the base to be eco-friendly. Some bases will have an opposite color pattern so that all of the materials in the production. As a result, you might wind up with a Party Wave where the nose is black while the tail will be orange. This helped the Bataleon reduce waste during the construction of the deck.

If you are looking for a volume shifted snowboard that can carve through powder and allow you to lay out turns at the resorts, this is the deck to go with.


  • The unique Freeride 3BT shape
  • Volume shifter wider width for long euro carves.
  • Effortless glide edge to edge
  • Great option for powder


  • The Plus version is sells out fast. Preorder the 2022 version to ensure they have your size. The preorder is available right now.

Sizes Available: 148, 151, 154, 157

Flex: Medium 5.5/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Bataleon Blaster

Best Carving Snowboards for East Coast Riders

Never Summer East Snowboard 2022

The East is an extremely fast, aggressive, and beast of a carving board that is specifically designed to handle the icy conditions that east coast riders can encounter at any moment. Think of the Never Summer East as the stiffer flex, east coast cousin, to the West Bound snowboard.

The board profile of the East is an extended Ripsaw camber. The board’s profile looks like this.

The Ripsaw camber is described as having a mellow to flat rocker between your feet and extended camber sections directly under your feet. The extended camber sections add additional pressure to your edges as you carve into ice.

The nose and tail of the East are shortened while there is a slightly wider waist width than other snowboard decks. The result is an aggressive board with more of an effective edge than other boards at the same size. To improve its carving performance through rough terrain, Never Summer included the same seven-point sidecut that it has in the Chairman. The additional contact points maximize the board’s long effective edge to give you an incredible grip as you charge through ice and hard pack.

The East is the most damp and aggressive snowboard in the Never Summer 2022 line. The RDS 1+ Damping System adds a lot of rubber into the East. The dampening system will eliminate the chatter and vibrations that riders might feel in their legs while riding hard pack at high speeds. Never Summer rates the dampness of this board at a 9 out of 10.

The core of the East also has Never Summer’s Superlight Wood Core. It is a combination of poplar wood reinforced with birch stringers. The result is a snowboard that is lighter weight and more durable than other decks out there. Just like the West Bound, the sidewalls are designed to be durable and crack-free, thanks to Never Summer making them out of sintered P-Tex.

The base of the East is scientifically built to reach insanely high speeds. It is a high quality sintered base specifically intended for racing. The base on the East is made with an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), black carbon, and modified with special paraffin base additives. Let’s just say you will be able to glide through any terrain while ripping at speeds that you have never reached before.

If you are an east coast rider who wants to carve the resorts at high speeds, this is the snowboard to get.


  • Massive effective edge with seven contact points
  • Dampening system 9/10 dampness
  • One of the fastest sintered bases you will ride


  • On the more expensive side
  • Too fast for beginners, perfect charger for advanced riders.

Sizes Available: 152, 157,161, 165

Flex: Very Stiff 9/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Falcor

Best Women’s Board for Carving

Never Summer Lady West Snowboard 2022

The Never Summer Lady West is a tapered directional all mountain snowboard with a freeride focus. This is an intermediate to expert level snowboard featuring a lot of technology that will keep you carving beautifully in any condition.

The Lady West’s board profile features a Fusion Rocker Camber with an extended transitional area. It looks like this.

The board’s profile is described as having a slight rocker section between your feet and then a mellow section camber under your front foot and a more aggressive camber section under your back foot through the tail. The largest difference between this shape and other hybrid camber shapes is an additional extended transitional area. The first camber zone outside of your front foot is set back with an early rise. The Never Summer Lady West’s unique shape allows the board to float easier, have a stronger edge hold, and have a ton of pop.

The core of the Lady West features Never Summer’s Superlight Wood Core. It is a combination of poplar wood reinforced with birch stringers. The result is a medium flex core that is exceptionally lightweight and durable. The Lady West also includes Never Summer’s RDS 2 Damping System. When you are carving through rough terrain, you will not feel any reverberation or chatter up into your feet. This is a smooth ride that you will be able to ride for hours on end.

The Lady West has carbon running through its construction in the shape of a web. The carbon is strategically placed to give the board a springboard-like pop, reinforce its edge hold, and offer added stability while carving.

To make this snowboard one of the best for carving, Never Summer included its Vario Power Grip Sidecut. There are five different angled points of contact to improve this board’s edge hold and carving ability. The sidewalls are designed to be crack-free thanks to Never Summer, making them out of sintered P-Tex. The material that is ordinarily used in the snowboard base was designed into the sidewalls of the Lady West.

The board’s base is Never Summer’s high-end sintered base called the Durasurf XT 5501. It is incredibly fast, durable, and ready for any terrain you ride it on.

If you are looking for a damp board with a ton of tech and a focus on carving, the Lady West is for you.

Looking for more options for women’s snowboards? Check out our Best Women’s Snowboards of 2022 award list.


  • The unique Fusion Rocker Camber shape
  • Smoot ride thanks to the RDS 2 Damping System
  • Responsive edge to edge
  • Carbon adds tons of pop


  • Not great for beginners due to its profile and stiff flex

Sizes Available: 144, 147, 149, 151, 153, 156

Flex: Stiff 7/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Trilogy

What is carving snowboard?

Carving is a foundational part of snowboarding, so technically, you can carve” with any deck. However, a snowboard for carving is one that primarily excels and is intended to carve down the mountain. These are more commonly called freeride snowboards. While they are perfect for riding on resort terrain, they are the type of board you would ride in the backcountry.

What makes a good carving snowboard?

There are a few attributes that will make a snowboard perfect for carving.

  • A directional shape of the snowboard
  • A positive camber board profile
  • A board with a stiff flex rating
  • A longer effective edge
  • A higher sidecut radius
  • Added tech to help with edge hold

Here is what to look for.

The Directional Shape

Snowboards with a directional shape are usually longer than freestyle or all-mountain snowboards. They have either a pointed nose or a longer nose and are more suited for riding regular rather than switch stance. They are intended to go in one direction.

A directional snowboard rides well in the direction or its larger or wider nose.

Directional snowboards can be used on any terrain, from backcountry riding to resorts. In addition, they make for perfect carving freeride snowboards because they have properties that help them float in deeper snow.

Positive Camber Profile

Camber refers to the curvature of the snowboard from its nose to its tail. For carving specifically, you will want a board that has a positive camber profile. That means that while you are standing on the snowboard the board is curving upward towards you.

A positive camber profile, also referred to as a camber dominant board profile, gives the snowboard more resistance when flexed or titled onto an edge. The positive camber helps the board rebound and dig its edge in. The positive camber profile is what makes the snowboard responsive and stable. It is the perfect board profile for someone looking to go fast and carve.

A Stiff Flex

When searching for a snowboard for carving, look for boards with a stiffer flex rating. Most snowboard companies have a rating scale out of ten to indicate their flexibility. For a carving board, you should try to get a board with a stiff flex. Usually that would mean a flex rating score greater than six out of ten.

A stiffer snowboard helps with carving because it has added an increased level of response and edge hold. This added level of response is helpful at faster speeds as you carve from edge to edge.

Carving Snowboard Flex Ratings
Type of Riding Flex Category Flex Numeric
Freeride / Backcountry Medium – Stiff 5 to 10
Carving / Racing Stiff 7 to 10
Longer Effective Edge Length

Effective edge is the measured length between the widest parts of the snowboard’s nose and tail along with the entire sidecut. Boards that carve well generally have a larger effective edge. A longer effective edge will give you a slower, smoother response while carving.

Higher Sidecut Radius

Sidecut radius is the measurement of the arc of the sides of your snowboard. For a smoother, longer carve, you will want a snowboard with a higher sidecut radius number. This means the sidecut is longer and has a more shallow curve.

Technology To Help With Edge Hold / Grip

Snowboard manufactures have also added some technology into the edges themselves that will help you grip the snow as you carve. You will find everything from knife-like serrated edges to multiple angled bumps to help you dig into the snow. This technology is designed to help you maintain a strong level of edge hold while carving on ice or rougher terrain.

So there you have it.

The best carving snowboards for 2021 – 2022 are:
  1. Best 3D Profile Carving Board: Jones Flagship Snowboard
  2. Best Freeride Snowboard for Icy Conditions: Lib Tech Dynamo
  3. The Best Snowboard for Eurocarves: Bataleon Party Wave Plus
  4. Best Carving Boards for East Coast Riders: Never Summer East 2022
  5. The Best All-Mountain Carving Board: Capita Black Snowboard of Death 2022
  6. The Best Women’s Carving Board: Never Summer Lady West 2022

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