best snowboards for 2024

Top 10 New Snowboards for This Season

Award Winning Boards for Every Type of Rider

Whether you are the type of rider who likes carving groomers, hitting the features in the park, or cruising through the deepest powder, there’s a new snowboard out there that’s perfect for you. 

This article highlights the most popular and critically acclaimed snowboards for the 2023-2024 season, categorized by type, profile, and riding style. We’ve tested and reviewed dozens of this season’s boards, and these are the top snowboards that stood out as the must-have boards in their respective categories. 

So let’s get right to it.

The Top Resort Snowboards for 2024

An all mountain snowboard is the type of snowboard that is versatile enough to ride all over the mountain. These boards are designed to be ridden anywhere and everywhere, and they will perform well in most conditions.

Most snowboarders who ride at a ski resort will be riding an all mountain snowboard as it is designed for any type of terrain that you will encounter at the resort. This type of snowboard is meant to be the Swiss Army Knife of your snowboard quiver. When you can only buy one snowboard, you get an all mountain snowboard.

All mountain snowboards are the most popular type of snowboard due to their versatility to ride everywhere.

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Jones Mountain Twin 2024

best all mountain snowboard of 2024 the Jones Mountain Twin

The Jones Mountain Twin is the best selling board of the Jones Snowboard brand. The board is an aggressive directional twin. It is an all mountain snowboard that blends the stability of a freeride board with the playfulness of a freestyle board. This deck has a hybrid camber rocker profile shape that looks like this.

Jones Mountain Twin Camrock profile

It is designed as camber between your feet and rocker outside of your bindings in the nose and tail. The profile of the board gives it a freestyle feel while the camber provides the board with a lot of energy and pop. At high speeds, this is a stable board that can hold an edge. One call-out feature of the board is the 3D contour base in the nose and tail. The 3D base will help snow flow out of the sides and make for an excellent glide through deep snow. As you carve on the Jones Mountain Twin, it will feel like you are rolling from edge to edge. What makes the Mountain twin one of the top all-mountain snowboards is its new blunt nose shape. By adding a blunted nose, you will feel the benefits of having a longer nose without the weighed down feel of snow collecting on the top.

If the carving properties of this board sound interesting, you should also read through our freeride snowboard guide.

The 2024 version is out and available for sale now. This board is primarily the same as it was last year with the only upgrade being an addition of a new smaller 149 size added into the lineup. The 2022 version sold out of some of its sizes last season. Buy your Jones Mountain twin now to ensure you get your size.

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  • Damp ride thanks to the dual-density full premium wood core featuring a 2:1 paulownia to poplar stringer ratio
  • Directional Shape / Stability while riding switch
  • Three-year warranty (two-year warranty with a one free year extension)
  • Its shape. All mountain twin that can carve like a directional freeride snowboard.
  • Pre-Broken in – All Jones boards come with “Forever Flex.” A machine was used to mimic extreme riding.


  • Flex rating is on the stiffer side
  • Not the best board for rails
  • Not the most beginner-friendly (Great for more advanced riders)

Sizes Available: 149, 151, 156 Wide, 157, 159 Wide, 160, 162 Wide, 163, 165 Wide, 168 Wide

See the Right Size Jones Mountain Twin for You
Jones Mountain Twin Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
149110 – 160
151110 – 160
154120 – 170
156 Wide130 – 180
157130 – 180
159 Wide140 – 190
160150 – 200
162 Wide150 – 200
163160 – 210
165 Wide170 – 220
168 Wide170 – 220

Flex: Medium to Stiff 6/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Jones Mercury Bindings

Burton Custom Flying V 2024

Burton Custom Flying V 2024

The Burton Custom Flying V 2024 snowboard is designed to be your go-to board, whether you’re hitting the park or conquering all-mountain terrain. Burton has been crafting the Custom Flying V since 1996, and the 2023 – 2024 model continues this legacy.

Featuring Burton’s V-rocker profile hybrid shape, this snowboard is a versatile masterpiece. It combines the ease of riding (and buttering) found in rocker boards with the added pop and stability of camber boards.

burton flying v shape

If you were to look at this board from the side, you’d notice a reverse camber profile between your feet, transitioning to a camber profile just outside your feet and then back to a rocker profile at the tip and tail.

For those who have been riding predominantly rocker boards and seek increased stability before transitioning to a full camber profile, the Custom Flying V is the perfect intermediate choice. It excels in carving, launching off jumps, and buttering down your favorite resort runs.

One notable feature is Burton’s Channel Mounting system, offering precise stance adjustments. Moreover, this board is compatible with a wide range of snowboard bindings, not limited to Burton’s own bindings.

If you’re in search of an all-in-one resort-friendly snowboard, the Burton Custom Flying V 2024 is the answer to your snowboarding dreams.


  • Playful flex – The Custom Flying V is great for butters and presses.
  • This is great for pop.


  • Stability is on the mild side.
  • You will have to get used to landing perfectly over bolts.
  • Doesn’t grip as well as others on ice

Sizes Available: 150, 154, 154 Wide, 156, 158, 158 Wide, 162, 162 Wide, 166 Wide

See the Right Size Burton Custom Flying V for You
Burton Custom Flying V Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
154 Wide120-180
158 Wide150-200
162 Wide180-260​+
166 Wide180-260​+

Flex: Medium 5/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Burton Cartel X EST Snowboard Bindings

Note: The Burton Custom Flying V sells out fast. I found a few smaller sizes still available here too. You can also check out the availability chart below to see the sizes each retailer still have available.

Capita Birds of a Feather Snowboard 2024

Capita Birds of a Feather

The Capita Birds of a Feather is a best selling women’s all-mountain freestyle snowboard year after year. Why? Because this board, and its men’s version the Capita DOA, have won just about every snowboard award a snowboard can win. To put it simply, this board can do it all to perfection.

The Birds of a Feather has technical features that make it the perfect “do everything” all-mountain snowboard.

The Birds of a Feather has Capita’s Resort V1 board profile. It looks like this if you look at the board’s curvature from the side.

Capita V1 Resort Profile

The profile is described as having a camber section between your feet, a flat section immediately underfoot, and then small reverse camber sections in the nose and tail. The benefit is that you get all of the power of a camber dominant snowboard with the catch-free contact points to help you land your tricks.

The Capita Birds of a Feather is an excellent board for hitting jumps or giving you an extra boost with your ollies. This board has carbon stringers built into it that give it springboard-like pop. Additionally, it has an upgrade core to make it a smooth, shock-absorbing / damp ride. Additionally, it has a fast sintered base and durable kevlar sidewalls. The Birds of a Feather is a durable, lightweight, responsive deck capable of any type of riding.

This season’s Capita Birds of Feather is identical to last season’s version in terms of its construction. The only notable updates are the new graphics and the release of the 154 wide size.

Last season, the board got an upgrade that made it lighter than ever before. The board’s core was upgraded to the P2 Superlight core. The P2 Superlight core is made of an even combination of poplar and Paulownia wood. The combination makes the board lightweight and durable while also giving the board some additional pop.

Here is a diagram of the new core’s construction in the 2024 Capita Birds of a Feather.

new Capita birds of a feather p2 core diagram

If you’re looking for a freestyle focused all-mountain snowboard, get the 2024 Capita Birds of a Feather.


  • The perfect freestyle focused “do everything type board”
  • Responsive traditional camber profile / Excellent pop for jumps
  • Twin shape
  • P2 Superlight Core – This makes the board extremely lightweight / durable while absorbing vibrations as you ride
  • Fast / Durable Sintered Base
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • This can do it all. However, it is more resort focused. If you are going to be riding a lot of powder in the backcountry, try another board.
  • The camber profile and carbon worked into this board can make it a little too aggressive for beginners. This is more for intermediate to advanced riders.

Sizes: 140, 142, 144, 146, 148, 148 Wide, 150, 150 Wide, 152, 152 Wide, 154

See the Right Size Capita Birds of a Feather for You
Capita Birds of a Feather Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
148 Wide110-160
150 Wide110-160
152 Wide115-165

Flex: Medium (5 out of 10)

Spring Break Resort Twin

Spring Break Resort Twin

The Spring Break Resort Twin is a brand new snowboard for the 2024 season that is already so popular it sold out on the Capita website within one week of becoming available. This board is the first resort-focused all-mountain freestyle board on the Spring Break lineup. Up to this point, Spring Break has primarily made decks for riding in slush and powder. However, the Resort Twin is the first board in the lineup focused on charging groomers all over your favorite resort.

Here is a quick video overview highlighting all of the core features of this board.

Thanks to the Resort V2 camber profile and its twin shape, the Resort Twin is a versatile board that you can take anywhere at your local resort. If you were to look at the Resort Twin from the side, it would look like this. spring break resort twin resort v2 profile

The Resort V2 profile has a traditional camber section between your feet with reverse camber sections running outside of the insert packs through the nose and tail. The benefit is that you get the power, pop, and drive of positive camber between your feet with the catch-free, easier-to-carve feeling of reverse camber in the tips. This profile gives the board a very predictable, intuitive feel while still coming packed with a generous amount of pop.

The Spring Break Resort Twin is also a board with an incredible level of edge hold for carving. Whether you’re charging at high speeds in perfect conditions or riding more reserved on solid ice, the Resort Twin is a board that will help you lock into every turn.

Here is why.

This board features Spring Break’s Radial Sidecut with Deathgrip technology. This special sidecut means the Resort Twin has a traditional sidecut arc that runs the length of the board, with one additional contact point added directly in the center of the arc. If you were to look closely at the edge of this snowboard, it would look like this.

deathgrip sidecut

Notice the extra bump in the center of the snowboard’s edge? That extra contact point in the center of the sidecut allows the board to grip better in all conditions, regardless of the type of terrain you are riding in. The extra level of grip allows you to feel in control at all times, so you can ride confidently and improve how you connect your turns without worrying if it’s too icy out.

The Resort Twin was built with a lightweight, durable wooden core called Spring Break’s Meta Core. Additionally, Spring Break added in four v-shaper one-inch carbon amplifiers. Here is an image of what the construction of the board looks like underneath its top sheet with the three different types of wood and carbon amplifiers.

resort twin's meta core construction

The Meta Core is a combination of paulownia, poplar, and beech with carbon fiber arranged in a V-shape in the tips of the board. It’s a core that is lightweight, responsive, and durable, while the carbon amplifiers add a level of springboard-like pop to the board.

Spring Break gave the Resort Twin its Power Drive base. This base material is made with a combination of sintered and extruded bases. The benefit is that it’s exceptionally fast, easy to repair, and won’t require a lot of wax to maintain it.

Overall, this is a board that you will feel confident with and have an insane amount of fun riding. From the Resort Twin’s extremely lightweight core and radial sidecut to its superior edge hold, every feature in this board was intentionally crafted to maximize your control and enjoyment at your favorite resort.

If this description sounds interesting, I’d recommend getting the Resort Twin soon before it completely sells out in your size.

Also read our full in depth Capita Spring Break Resort Twin review.


  • Built with the resort rider in mind. This is ne board that can do all types of resort riding well. It’s phenomenal on groomers and excellent in the park.
  • Very locked in feel / Outstanding edge hold
  • Mid flex / Easily pressable while still offering stability
  • Lightweight / Durable
  • Predictable feel that won’t take long to get used to
  • Fast base that is relatively low maintenance


  • Not available in many sizes. If you need a smaller or larger size, check out the Capita Indoor Survival as it has many of the same specs and is available in additional sizes.
  • It is an insanely popular board that sells out fast. This was on the Capita website for one week before selling out.

Sizes: 154, 156, 158, 160

See the Right Size Srping Break Resort Twin for You
Spring Break Resort Twin Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)

Flex: Medium ( 5 out of 10)

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Force Bindings

Note: This board sells out quickly. You can also check out the availability chart to see the sizes each retailer still have available of the Resort Twin.

See Where the Resort Twin Still Is In Stock

Where is the Capita Spring Break Resort Twin Still In Stock

Here is a chart showing the sizes each retailer still has available for the Capita DOA.

RetailerSizes AvailableBoard Link
Peter Glenn154,156, 158 See Price
Buckman’s154, 156, 158 See Price

Capita Defenders Of Awesome (the Doa) 2024

best snowboards 2024 - the Capita DOA

The CAPiTA Defenders Of Awesome Snowboard, commonly known as the DOA, proudly holds the title of the most awarded board in this guide. It has won the prestigious Good Wood Award for seven consecutive years. Remarkably, this board is a top-seller from Capita, and it’s also one of the boards I personally ride. You can read through my detailed Capita DOA review for an insider’s perspective on how it feels to ride this snowboard.

For the past four years, I’ve seen this board sell out of most of its sizes by the end of January. If you’re interested in the DOA, you’d want to reserve yours fast with the 2024 seasons.

The DOA is the perfect choice for riders seeking an all-mountain board with a freestyle edge. Capita labels its profile shape as “Resort V1 Profile Camber.”

Capita Defenders of Awesome 2024 Board Profile

The resort V1 profile has a small rocker section near the contact points to make the board easier to ride, while the camber section between the feet gives the board its power. That said, what truly makes this board exceptional are the carbon fiber strips running through the deck, providing it with a springboard-like pop. If you load the pop-up in this board, it will rebound you, launching you higher and further than most other boards. Personally, I chose this deck because I wanted an all-mountain board with a touch of a park-style board. While it does offer some flex, you’ll need precision for nose and tail presses to fully harness this benefit. This board is built to handle launches and endure whatever challenges you throw at it.

For the 2024 season, the Capita DOA received an upgrade to its core, resulting in a lighter design than ever before. The 2024 version retains the P2 Superlight core from last year, a combination of Poplar and Paulownia wood expertly assembled to maintain its pop and durability while shedding weight.

Capita DOA 2024 New Features

If you’re searching for a snowboard that effortlessly handles butters and nose presses, this might not be your ideal board. However, if you’re in the market for an all mountain freestyle board with a ton of power and pop, you’ll love the 2024 DOA just as much as I do.


  • Pop – The carbon running through this board will launch you.
  • Light
  • “The go anywhere, do anything freestyle deck.”
  • Perfect for intermediate and advanced riders


  • Flex – to keep this spring loaded for jumps, the center of the board is on the stiffer side. The nose and tail do flex beautifully. You just have to find that sweet spot.
  • Popular / often sold out and likely to see other riders on the mountain with it.

What’s New for 2024: One new size is available at 151cm wide. Other than the new size and graphics, the Capita DOA board has received no other technical upgrades from the 2023 version.

Sizes Available: 148, 150, 151 Wide, 152, 153 Wide, 154, 155 Wide, 156, 157 Wide, 158, 159 Wide, 160, 161 Wide, 162, 163 Wide, 164

See the Right Size Capita DOA for You
Capita DOA Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight Range (lbs)
151 Wide100-150

Flex: Medium 6/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Strata Bindings

The Best All Mountain Directional Board

Capita Mercury Snowboard 2023

Capita Mercury Snowboard 2023

The Capita Mercury is an all-mountain directional snowboard that is perfect for all conditions you will encounter at the resort.

There are only two changes to the Mercury for the 2024 version.

First, it is now available in a 147, so smaller riders can enjoy it.

Second, it now has a new core. This image shows the difference with the older version on the left side and the new 2024 version on the right.

difference in capita mercury 2022 to 2023 versionInstead of having bamboo stringers running through it. Capita added the Hover Core to the 2023 version. This is a Paulownia core combined with 7mm Poplar beams. It is the same core in the Capita Black Snowboard of Death and Outsiders. The hover core is insanely light, floats well on powder, adds tons of response and offers a damp and surfy feel.

Here is the overview video to highlight all of the features of the Mercury.


  • Versatile enough for anything at the resort – From powder to large kickers in the park
  • Excellent edge hold / Carves beautifully
  • Responsive / Stable feel – this rides well at high speeds while still being stable enough to land large jumps without washing out
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent pop
  • Fast sintered base


  • It sells out fast.
  • It has a medium to stiff flex (6.5 / 10). It might be too stiff for riders that are looking for a board to press and butter often.

Sizes Available: 147, 150, 153, 155, 156 Wide, 157, 158 Wide, 159 160 Wide, 161

See the Right Size Capita Mercury for You
Capita Mercury Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
14780 – 140
15090 – 150
153100 – 160
155120 – 180
156 Wide120 – 180
157130 – 190
158 Wide130 – 190
159140 – 200
160 Wide140 – 200+
161160 – 220+

Flex: Medium to Stiff 6.5/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Force Bindings

The Top Freeride Snowboards for 2024

Freeriding is a style of snowboarding that focuses on using the mountain’s natural features and embracing the challenges that nature presents rather than prebuilt resort features. Freeride snowboards are built to be used in the backcountry, riding fast down technical terrain at the resort, or surfing powder. Freeride boards are stiffer and offer an excellent level of stability, so riders who enjoy carving at speed will enjoy this category of boards.

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Capita Mega Death 2024

The Best Snowboards for 2024

The Mega Death is the supercharged version of the Black Snowboard of Death. This board features a lighter core, a full mega carbon topsheet, and a faster base from the original Black Snowboard of Death.

The Capita Mega Death features the Alpine V1 profile.

Capita Alpine V1 Snowboard Profile

The result is a board similar to the Black Snowboard of Death with even more power, pop, and speed.

The 2024 Capita Mega Death is expected to ship on October 2nd 2023. You can preorder it now.


  • One of the fastest freeride boards you can buy
  • Sidecut with extra grip to help with carving
  • The board profile making it a solid option for hardpack or powder.
  • Damp


  • It is pricey. This is one of the most expensive boards on this list (for good reason, it rips).
  • This isn’t beginner-friendly. Like the BSOD, the Mega Death is fast and grippy. It is for intermediate to advanced riders

Sizes Available: 156, 157 Wide, 159, 161 Wide, 162

See the Right Size Capita Mega Death for You
Capita Mega Death Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
157 Wide140-200
161 Wide150-210

Flex: Medium to Stiff 6.5/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Force 2024

Jones Freecarver 9000s Snowboard

Jones Freecarver 9000s Snowboard

The Freecarver 9000s is the ideal snowboard for riders looking for the highest-performance freeride board. This board has a stiff flex, full camber profile, and tapered directional shape. The Freecarver 9000s provides a blend of tech features that make it a powerful beast of a carving board. This snowboard features a long nine-meter sidecut radius and an effective edge that allows you to lay down the deepest carves easily. For riders that want to charge and plow through conditions with a precision carving machine, the Freecarver 9000s is the board for you.

The Jones Freecarver 6000s features a true camber profile with Traction Tech. Here is an overview image of the tech found in this board

jones free carver 9000s


  • Handles long and short carves exceptionally well (it’s a precision carving machine)
  • Very Stable / Damp
  • Outstanding Edgehold
  • Fastest base you can buy


  • Will be far too stiff for some riders
  • On the expensive side

Sizes: 152, 156, 160, 164

Flex: Stiff (8 out of 10)

K2 Alchemist 2024 Snowboard

K2 Alchemist 2024 Snowboard

The K2 Alchemist is an all-mountain freeride snowboard with a tapered directional shape. This board was tailor-made for powder riders and known for its exceptional carving capabilities. Packed with premium features, this board offers speed, responsiveness, dampening, and lightweight performance, quickly earning it a die-hard loyal fan base.

To put it simply, the Alchemist was designed to cater to intermediate to advanced riders who seek an aggressive, versatile board with rock-solid stability.

For an in-depth look at the technology packed into the K2 Alchemist, check out this overview video:

To enhance its float performance in deep snow, the Alchemist boasts a tapered directional shape with a setback stance of 0.75 inches (19.05 millimeters). Additionally, this board has a wider nose than the tail, with the nose of the board’s width measuring 0.236 inches (6 millimeters) wider than the tail.

This snowboard’s main feature is its unmatched stability level. The stable feel of the board comes from its hybrid profile and unique flex pattern.

Here’s a side view of the Alchemist’s board profile:

k2 alchemist 2024 board profile

The board camber profile combines an early-rise rocker section in the nose with a positive camber profile beneath the first insert pack that extends through the rest of the board. This hybrid profile, coupled with the directional shape, delivers power, pop, and responsiveness from the camber section while allowing an easier turn initiation and float in powder with the rocker section in the nose.

Every detail about this board was designed to help it charge while keeping it stable. The fiberglass in this board was laid by incorporating a carbon-weave pattern with tighter angles in the nose and tail and with more obtuse angles in the center. This carbon weave gives the board its stiffer yet by no means lifeless flex. The uniquely woven design offers a superior edge hold regardless of conditions while still maintaining an extraordinary degree of precision and stability that most other boards lack.

k2 carbon weave in alchemist snowboard

Look closely at the image above; you’ll notice two carbon forks in the tail. These forks contribute to extra ollie pop and increased energy in and out of your turns.

Thanks to the board’s core, the Alchemist is one of the dampest boards you can buy. The Alchemist features the S1 Core, a blend of Bamboo, Aspen, and lightweight Paulownia. This wood combination makes for a light, durable, and remarkably damp ride. You’ll experience virtually no chatter underfoot while riding the K2 Alchemist.

Completing the package is K2’s Edge Pressure Carbon Infused Sintered 5500 base. It’s a base built with speed and durability in mind. This base offers blistering speeds. You just need to keep it waxed and maintain it.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, aggressive board that can charge with an unmatched level of stability, get the K2 Alchemist.


  • Extremely stable, damp, and smooth riding aggressive snowboard
  • Extremely fast base – This is excellent for riding extremely fast in the backcountry or at the resort
  • The shape and sidecut are excellent for carving with carbon that helps spring you in and out of turns
  • Lightweight / Durable


  • It is too stiff to butter. This board has a 9/10 flex rating. If you’re looking for a freeride board that is flexible, this is not the snowboard for you.
  • Not the most beginner-friendly snowboard – The deep sidecut and stiffer flex is made more for intermediate riders who want to go fast.

Sizes Available: 154, 157, 159 Wide, 160, 163, 164 Wide

See the Right Size K2 Alchemist for You
K2 Alchemist Weight Range Size Chart
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
159 Wide130-220​+
164 Wide130-220​+

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Falcor

Flex: Stiff ( 9 out of 10)

Never Summer Lady FR Snowboard 2024

Never Summer Lady FR 2024

The Never Summer Lady FR is a tapered directional all-mountain snowboard with a freeride focus. The Lady FR has all of the versatile properties of the now discontinued Lady West Snowboard and combines it with the camber profile and lightweight core of the Men’s Never Summer Proto FR. This board has a few key technical features that help it carve through any type of terrain you’ll encounter at the resort.

The Lady FR’s board profile is a Triple Fusion Camber profile. It looks like this if you look at it from the side.

Never Summer triple fusion camber board profile

The Triple Camber Fusion profile gives the Lady FR a third camber section connected in the nose and tail by two small rocker sections. Additionally, the nose has an early rise section to help the snowboard float in powder. Combining rocker and camber in the profile is that you get a response board that holds an edge while still being playful and easy to ride.

The longer nose of the Never Summer Lady FR’s unique shape allows the board to float easier in powder and maintain a stronger edge hold while still having a ton of pop.

The core of this board is a combination of bamboo wood reinforced with birch stringers. This combination gives the board a medium flex, keeps it lightweight, and makes it incredibly durable.

To help reduce chatter while carving on rougher terrain, Never Summer added the RDS 2 Damping System with Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers. These features help reduce the board’s vibration and allow you to ride longer without getting tired. The overall dampness rating of the Lady FR is an eight out of 10.

The Lady FR has carbon sections throughout its entire construction. The carbon gives the board a springboard-like pop, reinforces its edge hold, and adds more stability while carving.

To help the Lady FR carve more aggressively, Never Summer included its Power Grip Sidecut. The Lady FR has five additional contact points to improve its edge hold and carving ability. It looks like this, where each transition point adds another contact point to the edge.

The base of the Lady FR is Never Summer’s high-end sintered base, the Durasurf XT 5501. It is durable, incredibly fast, and ready to rip down any terrain you can ride on.

If you are looking for a board that can do it all, is fun to carve, and will progress your riding, then get the Never summer Lady FR.

Also, check out our Best Women’s Snowboards of 2024 award list to see other all-mountain boards that are phenomenal at carving.


  • The unique Triple Fusion Camber profile
  • Smooth ride thanks to the RDS 2 Damping System and Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers
  • Responsive edge to edge
  • Carbon adds tons of pop and durability


  • Not great for beginners due to its hybrid profile and stiffer flex

Sizes Available: 144, 147, 151, 153, 156

See the Right Size Never Summer Lady FR for You
Never Summer Lady FR Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)

Flex: Medium / Stiff (7 out of 10)

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Trilogy

The Top Freestyle Snowboards for 2024

Park snowboards, also known as freestyle snowboards, are specifically designed to be used for tricks at the resort’s terrain park or for hitting handrails in the streets. This type of snowboard is designed with a focus on maneuverability, pop, and playfulness.

Although park snowboards are capable of carving all over the resort, these snowboards are specifically designed for riders who spend most of their time doing tricks in the terrain park. Freestyle snowboards often have deeper sidecuts which allow them to make tighter turns to help you hit features in the park.

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Salomon Abstract Snowboard

Salomon Abstract Snowboard

The Salomon Abstract is a new unisex snowboard for the 2022-2023 season. This board was designed by Salomon Women’s pro rider Desiree Melancon, and it replaces both the Salomon Women’s Gypsy and Salomon Men’s Villain from the 2022 snowboard lineup.

The Abstract is a versatile all-mountain freestyle board with tech that helps you carve, hit rails, and launch off jumps in the park.

The Abstract has a true twin shape with a blunted nose and tail. Salomon’s designers removed any unnecessary material in the nose and tail of this snowboard to reduce its swing weight. The benefit is that the board is more maneuverable for your jibs and spins. Additionally, it is lighter and easier to turn than most other all-mountain boards.

The profile of the Salomon Abstract is a rock out camber. It looks like this.

Salomon snowboard rock out camber board profile diagram

The profile has a long rocker section in the nose and tail, and then there is an exaggerated camber to flat section between your feet. The benefit is that the rocker sections give the Abstract its playful, skate-like feel while the camber and flat section give the board its responsiveness, power, and pop.

The Abstract is a versatile board that can do more than just be your park board. It has features built into its sidecut that make it easy to carve while also giving it a superior edge hold. Here is a quick overview video that covers all of these features.

This board has a sintered stone ground base. It will be fast and durable for you. You will just need to wax it regularly.

If you’re looking for a jib board that can still excel all over the mountain, get the Salmon Abstract.


  • Versatile Park Board that carves beautifully out of the park too
  • Easy to ride profile that still has tons of power and pop
  • Low swing weight – Perfect for jibs and spins of jumps
  • Durable – Stone ground sintered base


  • This board has been selling out often.

Sizes: 138, 143, 147, 151, 153, 155, 155 Wide, 158, 158 Wide

See the Right Size Salomon Abstract for You
Salomon Abstract Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
13880 – 130
14380 – 130
147100 – 145
151110 – 160
153125 – 165
155125 – 190
155W145 – 210
158140 – 195
158W155 – 230

Flex: Medium (5 out of 10) / The nose and tail are slightly stiffer to give the board its pop

GNU Headspace 2023 – 2024 Snowboard

GNU Headspace Park Snowboards 2024

The GNU Head Space is a freestyle asymmetrical twin snowboard. It is the pro model board for GNU team rider Forest Bailey. Here is an overview video where Forest Bailey describes all of the important features of this board.

For the 2024 season, the Headspace was updated to a new pill shape with a rounded-off nose and tail. Here is an image to show how the new 2024 GNU Headspace shape was updated from last season’s version.

gnu headspace snowboard 2024 vs 2023 shape

It is worth noting that last season the Gnu Headspace had an asymmetrical shape with a cut-off nose and tail, and for the 2024 season, the GNU Headspace has a twin shape. On snow, the new Headspace has a familiar feel that is easy to ride and very simple to get used to. It’s an outstanding park board that is simple to nosepress while still being stable enough to hit medium-sized jumps with ease.

This deck has the c3 profile shape to help give it a ton of pop, maintain control and precision, and remain flexible for jibs and rails. The c3 camber profile shape is described as a camber dominant snowboard. It has a mild rocker between your feet and camber under your feet to the nose or tail. The profile gives this board a playful feel while still maintaining the responsive feel of camber right under your bindings. The Head Space features Magne-Traction Serrated Edges, giving it a few extra contact points to help it grip down in ice and firmer snow. The Gnu Head Space snowboard has a designated heelside and toeside edge to help make it easy to ride, pliable, and still maintain a fierce edge hold. This board is excellent for park features, and it still packs a lot of technology into it that will help you outside of the park as well. The flex rating of this snowboard is around a medium 5/10. It will offer stability and be playful if you put some effort into your butters and presses. Overall, if you are looking for a freestyle snowboard where you can be confident going sideways into nose and tail slides and catch-free if landing slightly off-axis on jumps, this is the deck for you.


  • The c3 profile shape
  • Magne-Traction™: Unreal edge hold
  • This is easy to ride – The asymmetrical shape makes this board easier to carve and hold your balance on.
  • Fast sintered base


  • Limited 1-year manufacturer warranty (some of the other warranties are a little longer)
  • Might not be the best in deeper conditions. (Intended for park)
  • The base will require some waxing and maintenance to keep it fast

Sizes Available: 149, 152, 155, 155 Wide, 158

See the Right Size GNU Head Space for You
GNU Head Space Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
14990 – 160
152100 – 180
155110 – 200
158140 – 250
155W150 – 280

Flex: Softer Side of Medium 4/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Bent Metal Transfer

Salomon Huck Knife 2024 Snowboard

Salomon Huck Knife Park Snowboards

The Salomon Huck Knife is an extremely lightweight, responsive, and fast true twin freestyle snowboard. This snowboard deck has a slightly wider profile to add balance and control. If you were to look at this board on its side, it would look like this.

Salomon Quad Core Camber

The board’s profile is camber between the feet, aggressive camber under your feet, and rocker on the tip and tail. Think of the board profile as a less catchy camber dominant profile. It will be reactive, poppy, and still forgiving if you land slightly off-axis. The energy of this snowboard comes from the tech built into its edges and core. The Huck Knife uses paulownia wood in various cuts and thicknesses to keep its weight light. Salomon added carbon strings into the core to give the Salomon Huck Knife a spring-loaded pop that you can load up. Carbon stringers are added to this snowboard’s sidewalls to give it durability and additional shock absorption. Salomon has detuned the edges in the tip and tail, added a 2-degree edge holding tune in certain areas, and given the deck a 3-degree bevel between your feet. The tech built into the edges offers an incredible edge hold when you need it while remaining catch-free on rails. The Salomon Huck Knife has a sintered base that will remain fast for you. Just remember to keep it waxed. If you are searching for freestyle snowboards that will give you a ton of pop in a balanced, controllable ride, this board is for you.


  • Pop of this board
  • Playful 3/10 flex in a camber park board
  • The edges – Perfect for edge hold when you need it and dialed back for rails.
  • The balanced feel. The deck is slightly wider than other boards on this list.


  • Flex on this board is on the stiffer side
  • Not beginner friendly (perfect for intermediate to advanced riders)

Sizes Available: 148, 152, 155, 155 Wide, 158, 158 Wide, 162

See Which Size of the Salomon Huck Knife You Need
Salomon Huck Knife Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight Range (lbs)
148100 – 145
152110 – 155
155120 – 165
155W175 – 242
158145 – 200
158W200 – 275
162200 – 275

Flex: Medium 5/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Salomon District

Pro Tip:The Salomon Huck Knife also comes in an upgraded super charged version called the Huck Knife Pro.

Nidecker Sensor Plus Snowboard 2024

Nidecker Sensor Plus Snowboard 2024

When it comes to freestyle boards that are made specifically for jumping, the 2024 Nidecker Sensor Plus stands out as the true champion of the 2024 season. This board is perfect for jumps of all sizes. It has features that give it a massive level of pop while also allowing for forgiving, catch-free landings.

Here is a quick overview video of the Sensor Plus’ features.


What makes it great for the jump line?

This board has a medium to stiff flex, a camber dominant profile, and carbon stringers that work together to launch you. This board’s pop is on a whole other level of snappiness. It’s also stable underfoot, so whether you’re eyeing those massive kickers or aiming for stylish spins on smaller jumps, the Sensor Plus will have your back.

A highlight of this board is how easy it is to land spins with. This board features the same Sidekick technology as a Bataleon board. Sidekick tech means that the board’s contact points were lifted up and out of the snow. This gives the board a two unique benefits.

  • It allows the board to have an effortless turn initiation, making it easy to ride.
  • It offers more forgiving landings. If you land slightly off-axis, you can simply skirt your shoulders around and ride away clean.

Here is a closer look at the board’s contact points.

2024 Nideker Sensor Plus contact points

Adding to its arsenal of features, the Sensor Plus sports a unique Absorbnid topsheet. Crafted from a rubbery matte material, it not only helps cushion impact during landings but also dampens the board, ensuring a smoother ride down the mountain.

While the Sensor Plus is a powerhouse of a park board, it’s also incredibly lightweight. The board’s core is made from a combination of poplar, beech, spruce, and paulownia. It offers the perfect balance between weight and durability.

The Sensor Plus is one of the fastest park boards on the market thanks to its N-7000 base. This sintered base is infused with carbon nanoparticles for exceptional glide. It’s the perfect base for maintaining your speed between park features and gaining momentum to clear jumps.

If you’re looking to take your jump game to the next level, check out the Nidecker Sensor Plus.

You can learn more about this board in our in-depth Nidecker Sensor Plus Review.


  • Insane Pop – Camber with carbon to make it even more explosive
  • Fast – Nidecker’s N-7000 Sintered Base
  • Lightweight / Durable
  • Sidekick – Features the same curveture in the nose and tail as a Bataleon board. This helps it feel easier to ride / makes it feel catch-free.
  • Nidecker’s 3 Year Warranty


  • It will be too stiff for some riders. If looking for a more jib-friendly softer board, check out the Nidecker Sensor (non-plus version).
  • Not the most beginner friendly board. Sure, the uplifted contact points will help, its stiffness and camber profile make this an excellent board for intermediate and advanced riders, not so much for beginners.


147, 150, 153, 156, 159 Wide

Bataleon Evil Twin 2024 Snowboard

Bataleon Evil Twin 2023 - 2024 Park Snowboards

The Evil Twin is a true twin shape freestyle board that Bataleon has been perfecting since 2003. This board has a full camber profile with Bataleon’s 3BT™ (Triple Base Technology). This video does an excellent job of describing what that means as well as covering the call out features of this snowboard.

The Evil Twin’s camber profile gives the deck its stability for both carving and hitting jumps. However, what makes this board truly unique from others on freestyle boards, is its 3BT™ with SideKick™ technology. That means the deck has an uplifted side base. If you were riding the Evil Twin flat on its base, its side edges would curve upwards towards you. The benefit is that it makes it board stable, yet surfy, and extremely catch free. You will notice the 3BT™ makes this board easier to carve, butter, and hit rails. The balance of the camber’s stability mixed with the catch-free playfulness of 3BT™ makes this an excellent freestyle board for your quiver.

The core of the Bataleon Evil Twin is made of 70% Swiss paulownia and 30% poplar wood blend for an incredibly balanced strength to weight ratio. Like some of the other boards on the list, the Evil Twin has carbon stringers running through its core to give it an added layer of pop and stability. The sintered base of the Evil Twin will remain fast and durable as long as you maintain and wax it. Altogether, if you are looking for a playful, positive camber snowboard that can butter and still be stable enough to hit jumps, this is the park board for you.

It is here! The 2024 Evil Twin just became available. This deck sells out fast, so get your order in early to ensure they have your size.

The 2024 Bataleon Evil Twin is expected to ship around September 29th 2023.


  • Medium/ Soft flex makes it easier to press and butter
  • Playful and stable feel perfect for park riding
  • Catch free ride thanks to 3BT™
  • The true twin shape


  • You have to be more precise with your edges (due to the 3BT™)
  • Can slide on jump landings due to 3BT™ (Just land bolts)

Sizes Available: 149,151,154,156 Wide, 157, 159, 159 Wide

See Which Size of the Bataleon Evil Twin You Need
Bataleon Evil Twin Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)

Flex: Medium 5/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Bataleon Blaster

One Extra Pro Tip About the Bataleon Evil Twin:There is a higher-end version of this snowboard available for only $80 more. It is called the Evil Twin Plus. The higher-end version has all of the primary features of the standard Evil Twin, along with a faster base and more carbon fiber added into its core. The result is a super-charged park board with enough pop and response to launch you off larger jumps while offering enough stability to be your daily all-mountain driver too.

Bataleon Evil Twin Plus 2024

Here is a quick overview video that covers all of the upgrades found in the Bataleon Evil Twin Plus. If you’re considering the Evil Twin, check out the Evil Twin Plus.

This is the park board I will be riding all season. Check out my full Bataleon Evil Twin Plus review to learn more.

Top Powder Snowboards for 2024

Powder snowboards are boards designed specifically to cruise and float in deep snow. These boards are often shorter in length and wider in their waist width than the typical board for your size. Like a freeride snowboard, a powder snowboard also has a setback stance with a wider nose than a tail. The wide nose combination of the wider nose and the rider’s weight being towards the back of the board are what allows it to float effortlessly on top of fresh powder. 

Also check out our best powder snowboards list.

K2 Excavator Snowboard 2024

K2 Excavator Snowboard 2024

The Excavator was introduced to the K2 lineup last year as a powder-ready all mountain snowboard, and it quickly became a fan favorite board. This snowboard has technology built into it that makes it fast, responsive, and lightweight. It was designed with the intermediate to advanced rider who wants to chase pow runs at the resort. It was named the Excavator because its deep sidecut radius will dig into groomers and powder.

To help the board float in deeper snow, the Excavator has a tapered directional shape with a setback stance of .75 of an inch (19.05 millimeters). If you were to look at the Excavator’s side, its board profile would look like this.

K2 Excavator Board Profile

The board profile has a rocker section in the nose, and then underfoot through the rest of the board, it has a positive camber profile. The benefit of the hybrid profile combined with the directional shape is that you get a ton of power, pop, and response from the camber section, along with easier turn initiation and float from the rocker in the nose.

The K2 Excavator is a volume shifted snowboard. This means that it has a wider waist width, and you can ride it 5cm smaller than your normal deck. Additionally, the board has a unique sandwiched construction design that makes it lighter and smoother ride than the typical directional powder snowboard. The result is that you will be able to ride the Excavator longer before your legs get tired.

The construction of the board looks like this.

K2 Excavator Board's Construction

The Excavator is built with K2’s Bambooyah Pro Core. This is a combination of bamboo and lightweight paulownia. Towards the tail, you will notice the Carbon Power Forks. These forks help give the tail an additional springboard-like pop for your ollies while giving the board more energy in and out of your turns. K2 also added in tip to tail carbon stringers. The bamboo and paulownia make this board a damp ride where you will feel virtually not chatter underfoot while the carbon stringers give the board its incredible power and pop.

The Excavator has K2’s Edge Pressure Carbon Infused Sintered 5500 base. The base is the fastest base in the entire K2 line. It is durable, designed to improve wax retention, and rip as fast as you want to rip.

If you’re looking for a carving, powder, all-mountain conquering monster of a snowboard, you just found it. Get the K2 Excavator.


  • Excellent for chasing powder runs at resorts
  • Fast base
  • Smooth / Damp ride
  • The shape of the board is excellent for carving
  • Light


  • It is too stiff to butter. This board has a 7/10 flex rating. If you’re looking for a powder board that is flexible, this is not the snowboard for you.
  • Not the most beginner friendly snowboard – The deep sidecut and stiffer flex is made more for intermediate riders who want to go fast.

Similar Boards to the K2 Excavator: Salomon Dancehaul, Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro

Sizes: 142, 146, 150, 154, 158, 162

See the Right Size K2 Excavator for You
K2 Excavator Weight Range Size Chart
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
14290 – 160+
14690 – 160+
150120 – 190+
154120 – 190+
158130 – 210+
162130 – 210+

Flex: Medium – Stiff 7/10

Bindings to Pair With It: K2 Formula Bindings

Yes Warca UnInc JPS Snowboard 2024

Yes Warca UnInc JPS Snowboard 2024

The Yes Warca Uninc JPS is a volume-shifted, shorter and wider snowboard inspired by Yes’ best-selling 420 snowboard. However, you can tell from its name that it is also inspired by combining the best attributes of the Ride Warpig and Lib Tech Orca. The result is a powder-focused board that carves beautifully with a freestyle, playful flex that is perfect for buttering.

The primary feature of the Warca is its shape. This board has a tapered directional twin shape with a centered stance. Here is a closer look at the tapered shape.

Yes Warca shape

The nose is nearly 1/8 of an inch (4mm) wider than the tail with a steeper up-turned angle that allows snow to channel easily under the board. These features help the board float effortlessly in deep snow while still maintaining the balanced, centered feel of a freestyle twin beneath your feet.

In the image above, notice the red section of the board. The red section is the Warca’s Bi-Polar Midbite. This feature solves the challenge of wider boards feeling like they are difficult to turn. By tapering the edge right behind the front foot, the Warca can engage its sidecut quicker and turn tighter than a wide snowboard should be able to. With the Warca, you get all of the powder floating, fun-to-ride benefits of a wider snowboard while still being able to carve edge to edge quickly.

The Warca has a traditional camber (lowercase n-shaped) board profile. The camber profile gives the board its edge control, pop, and adds its responsive feel as you carve.

The core of the Yes Warca is a combination of Poplar, Paulownia, and Bamboo stringers. The construction looks like this.

Wood Core Construction of Yes Warca JPS

The Poplar and Paulownia (indicated in white and red) work together to make the Yes Warca lightweight and durable, while the bamboo stringers (indicated in black) work with the camber profile to give this board its response and incredible pop.

The overall flex rating of the Yes Warca is a seven out of ten. However, it doesn’t feel that stiff in the nose and tail. The center of the board is its stiffest part, while the nose and tail are softer and make locking into butters feel simple.

The base is sintered and ready to charge through groomers and deep snow. It will remain fast and durable for you as long as you keep it waxed.

If you’re looking for an insanely fun powder board to ride, get the Yes Warca snowboard.

You can learn more about this board in our in-depth Yes Warca review.


  • A fun to ride wider snowboard that can carve well in deep snow.
  • Playful freestyle flex that’s excellent for butters.
  • Lightweight / Durable
  • Responsive / Loads of pop


  • In lumpy terrain you can feel chatter from the wider, more flexible nose that will pass through to your legs.
  • It is popular, so you will see others in the lift line.

Similar Boards to the Yes Warca UnInc JPS: Lib Tech Orca, Ride Warpig

Sizes: 148, 150, 153, 155

See the Right Size Yes Warca UnInc JPS for You
Yes Warca UnInc JPS Weight Range Size Chart
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
148120 – 160
150140 – 190
153150 – 200
155160 – 220

Flex: Medium / Stiff (7 out of 10)

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Strata Bindings

Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard 2024

Best Snowboards 2022 Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard

The Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard is the supercharged version of the traditional Travis Rice Orca mixed with the features of the T.Rice Pro. The result is a board that is a more freestyle-friendly all-mountain beast of a deck that is ready to charge through all conditions in either regular or switch stance.

The Golden Orca is a versatile board with a medium to stiff flex (7 / 10). It is built on the Lib Tech C2X rocker profile with a one-inch setback stance. It looks like this when you look at the board from its side.

Golden Orca C2X Board Profile

The C2X profile shape is described as a noticeable rocker between your feet and two camber zones directly under your feet. The benefit of this rocker profile with a stance that is nearly centered is that it is perfect for all conditions you will encounter at the resort while being right at home as your powder board too. The Golden Orca offers stability with power and the pop to match it.

A new addition to the Golden Orca from the Traditional Orca is the Power Kink Tail technology Lib Tech added in. The tail is long and has a more mellow angled rise to it. The design makes the Golden Orca the better Orca deck for riding switch.

The Golden Orca comes in slightly narrower than the traditional deck. That said, it is still wider than most snowboards. Lib Tech recommends going with a size that is one to three centimeters smaller than your usual length to find the perfect Golden Orca size for you.

This deck has nine millimeters of taper. The nose on this snowboard is nine millimeters wider than the tail. The tapered shape gives this deck its flawless ability to float in powder. It also makes carving on this board feel effortless.

The base is a sintered base. It will be durable and fast. However, you will need to maintain it and wax it regularly.

If you’re looking for a supercharged freestyle all-mountain snowboard that can float on powder and charge through any condition, you just found it. Get the Golden Orca. This deck is expected to sell out, so if you’re thinking about it, get one.

Sizes Available: 153, 157, 161

Flex: Stiff 7/10


  • All of the powder ready benefits of the traditional orca in a super charged all-mountain deck.
  • Its directional shape.
  • Built to be insanely lightweight and durable
  • Rides switch (the regular orca didn’t)
  • Magne Traction – Insanely good edge hold when riding in icy or poor conditions


  • It is on the expensive side coming in at around $750. (It is so very worth it.)

Sizes Available: 150, 153, 157, 161 – This is meant to ride 1-3 cm shorter than your typical board. It is volume shifted, so it is wider than a traditional snowboard.

See the Right Size Lib Tech Golden Orca for You
Lib Tech Golden Orca Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)

Flex: Stiff 7/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Falcor Bindings

Pro Tip: There is now an even higher end version of this board with more carbon to keep it lighter and a faster base. It’s called the Lib Tech Apex Golden Orca.

Lib Tech Golden Apex Orca Snowboard 2024

Best Snowboards 2024 Lib Tech Apex Golden Orca Snowboard

The Lib Tech Golden Apex Orca is the brand new, premium ultralight version of the Golden Orca. It’s meant to float in pow, carve trenches on groomers, and blast out of side hits with more power than ever before. This board was made with Lib Tech’s new “Anti Matter” construction. Think of it as the insanely lightweight, faster cousin of the Golden Orca. If that sounds interesting, get yours soon because these are expected to sell out.

Sizes Available: 150, 153, 157, 161 – This is meant to ride 1-3 cm shorter than your typical board. It is volume shifted, so it is wider than a traditional snowboard.

See the Right Size Lib Tech Apex Golden Orca for You
Lib Tech Apex Golden Orca Weight Range
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)

Flex: Stiff 7/10

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Falcor Bindings

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