Jones Mountain Twin Review 2024

Jones Mountain Twin Review

The Perfect East Coast All-Mountain Resort Board

The 2024 Jones Mountain Twin is an all-mountain directional twin-tail snowboard that blends the playfulness of a freestyle board with the edge hold and stability of a freeride board. It is the perfect snowboard for anyone looking for a versatile board that performs well in all conditions and on all types of terrain.

The Mountain Twin is also a favored board among east coast riders due to its built-in technology that enhances its edge grip on ice and slippery conditions.

Here is an east coast rider’s full in-depth review of the 2024 Jones Mountain Twin snowboard.

Highlights & Specs

jones mountain twin 2023 - 2024 review


  • Versatile – Carves well as an all mountain board and also park-friendly
  • Outstanding edge hold on ice
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to ride
  • Playful flex for butters and presses
  • Fast sintered base
  • Eco-friendly


  • Some chatter is felt in the tips when going extremely fast
  • Requires wax often
  • Might be too soft for some more aggressive riders (so they should check out the Ultra Mountain Twin)

Notable Upgrades for 2024

Besides the board’s new graphic on the topsheet, the 2024 version of the Mountain Twin shares all of the same features as the 2023 version. On snow, the 2024 Jones Mountain Twin rides the same as it did last season.


The Mountain Twin has a medium to stiff 6/10 in the center and a softer, more pressable 4/10 flex in the nose and tail. It is easy to butter while being stable enough to carve and hit jumps.

Sizes Available

The Jones Mountain Twin is available in 149cm, 151cm, 156cm Wide, 157cm, 159cm Wide, 160cm, 162cm Wide, 163cm, 165cm Wide, and 168 Wide

See the Right Size Jones Mountain Twin for You
Jones Mountain Twin Weight Range
Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
149 110 – 160
151 110 – 160
154 120 – 170
156 Wide 130 – 180
157 130 – 180
159 Wide 140 – 190
160 150 – 200
162 Wide 150 – 200
163 160 – 210
165 Wide 170 – 220
168 Wide 170 – 220

Overview Video of the Jones Mountain Series Boards

What Sets the Jones Mountain Twin Apart From Other Snowboards?

The primary detail that sets this board apart from most other snowboards is its versatility. The Mountain Twin is a snowboard that does a lot of different types of riding exceptionally well.

  • It carves well in both deep snow as well as on ice.
  •  It is stable enough to ride the entire mountain.
  •  It excels in both aspects of park riding. It can hit jumps as well as press on rails.

It is one board that is ready for any type of terrain.

About the Jones Mountain Twin Camber Profile

The Jones Mountain Twin has a hybrid camber rocker profile shape that looks like this when you look at it from the side.

jones mountain twin from the side to show profile

It has as a camber between your feet and rocker sections outside of your feet extending through to the nose and tail. 

Jones Mountain Twin Camrock profile

The camber section is fairly mellow. Here is a close up picture of the Jones Mountain Twin resting on a table to help you gauge it.

Jones Mountain Twin Camber Section
Close up of the camber profile in the Jones Mountain Twin

The profile of the board gives it a freestyle feel, while the camber provides the board with a lot of energy and pop.

What Makes the Jones Mountain Twin Great For Icy East Coast Conditions?

Traction Tech 3.0 for Added Grip

The Mountain Twin Features Jones’ proprietary edge technology called Traction Tech 3.0. Traction Tech 3.0 means that there are three additional contact points built into the edges of this snowboard on both sides. Traction Tech 3.0 is the primary feature that allows the Jones Mountain Twin to have a superior edge hold on ice or more challenging, harder conditions. If you were to look downward at the snowboard’s edges, you would see a few extended contact points that look like this. 

Close up of Jones Mountain Twin Traction Tech Edges

One contact point is placed at the center between your feet, and then the other two are under each binding. These extra points of contact work together to offer additional grip into ice and rougher conditions. Here is a diagram of Traction Tech 3.0. This shows where each additional contact point is found while also highlighting some of the features that help the board lock into its turns.  

traction tech 3.0 1
Jones Traction Tech 3.0 Diagram

I found the level of edge hold in the Jones Mountain Twin to be incredible. It’s the main feature that makes it one of the best east coast snowboards.

3D Base & Progressive Sidecut for Easier Turn Initiation

While this board can hold an edge, it also has two features that make it easier to lock into turns. 

The Mountain Twin features a 3D contour base in the nose and tail. The 3D base will help snow flow out of the sides and make for an excellent glide through deep snow. As you carve on the Jones Mountain Twin, it will feel like you are rolling from edge to edge effortlessly. 

Jones Snowboards Contour base in Mountain Twin
Diagram of Spoon-like curve in the base

The 3D contouring is mellow. There is only a 4mm spoon bevel in the nose and tail. Here is a close-up of my board’s nose with a ruler balancing on it to show its subtle curvature.

jones mountain twin curveture

The curvature is difficult to notice while you are riding it. However, it’s a subtle detail that helps with turn initiation and this board’s ability to float in powder.

The Jones Mountain Twin snowboard also features a progressive sidecut. A progressive sidecut means that the sidecut gets more aggressive closer to the contact points and is more mellow between them. The benefit to this sidecut is that you get easier turn initiation with a more locked-in feel and gradual exit from your turn. 

Why Did I Get the Jones Mountain Twin?

The Mountain Twin is the type of board that is well-praised. I kept hearing good things about this board and its versatility. As an east coast rider, I wanted to see if it lived up to its hype when the conditions could have been better. It is becoming rare to find a board that can truly do it all and still holds its own in icy conditions. So I got the Mountain Twin to see if it really could, and I was pleasantly surprised that it can.

How Does the Jones Mountain Twin 2024 Ride?

Overall, this is a lightweight board that is easy to carve. It grips to ice, and it will surprise you with how playful it is. It can butter and nose press easily while still being stable enough to hit jumps or charge aggressively down any terrain.  

When I first picked this board up, I was surprised by how lightweight it is. That feature allowed me to ride a little longer without my legs getting tired. The lighter weight also makes this board very park-friendly and maneuverable. 

One of this board’s best features is its level of edge hold. As a result, it can grip ice and harder snow, as well as groomers.  

jones mountain twin

This board has a flex pattern that makes it playful yet stable. The center of the board has a middle-of-the-road 6/10 flex pattern, while the nose and tail are noticeably softer at around a 4/10 flex. The flex pattern comes pre-broken in, so you will notice the softer tips immediately. This is an effortless board to butter with because the softer tips pair well with the 3D contoured base, allowing you to swivel around without catching an edge.

The Jones Mountain Twin has a better-than-average level of pop to it. I wouldn’t say its pop is this board’s strongest feature. However, there is more than enough to launch you. It is easy to learn when to load and release the pop in this board, so you can get the maximum level of pop that this board offers from your first day riding it without much of a learning curve.

While this is a fast board, it is more intended for the type of rider who wants to enjoy the ride down the slope while looking for features to turn every trail into their own personal skatepark. This board isn’t for the type of freerider who wants to carve as fast as possible all day, every day ( the Ultra Mountain Twin is the board for that type of rider). The softer tips in the Jones Mountain Twin chatter at higher speeds, and while the Traction Tech edges help you stay in control, the vibrations will make you want to slow down. For what this board lacks in dampness at high speeds, it gains in its board feel and liveliness.

Lastly, the sintered base is durable and has an excellent glide when you keep it waxed. I hit a few pre-season rocks that didn’t even phase the board’s base. The base of my board still looks phenomenal after a few days of Pennsylvania pre-season park riding.  

Which bindings go well with the Jones Mountain Twin?

The Union Force or Jones Meteorite bindings will pair well with the Jones Mountain Twin. Both of these bindings have a matching flex pattern that compliments the Jones Mountain Twin.

What Do I Like About the Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard?

It’s A Do-It-All Resort Board That Handles Ice

I love how this snowboard can do so many different things well while still being able to grip ice and harder snow. It’s rare to find a board that fits in the all-mountain category and performs well on both jumps and rails in the park. 

Simply put, this board makes riding on the east coast easier. 

It’s Easy to Ride

The Jones Mountain Twin is a board that grips and can rip any terrain. However, it is also ridiculously simple to ride. There wasn’t much of a learning curve required with this board. Its turning feels effortless yet stable. With this board, you will be ripping all over your resort on your first day. 

It’s Extremely Lightweight

The Jones Mountain Twin feels lighter than most other setups I ride. This is because Jones gave the Mountain Twin a lighter 2 to 1 paulownia to poplar stringer core and a blunted nose shape. By adding a blunted nose and a lighter core, you will feel the benefits of having a longer nose without the weighed-down feel of snow collecting on the top. It also keeps the board’s swing weight down when you’re trying to spin off of jumps.

It’s Park Ready

The Jones Mountain Twin surprised me with how park-friendly it is. The Jones Mountain twin is stable enough for jumps while still being flexible enough to butter and press.

For jumping, this board has a nice, predictable pop to it. It is intuitive to know exactly when to load it up and release it so you can get the maximum pop level to launch you. The 3D curvature in the nose and tail made landings more forgiving. If I was slightly off-axis with my spins, I could skirt that last few degrees around without catching an edge. The 3D shaping also made buttering easier. As long as I put my weight on the side of the nose or tail uphill, I could swivel around without catching an edge. 

Additionally, the Jones Mountain Twin has a softer nose and tail. As a result, it is easy to lock in and hold presses without much effort. 

Fast Durable Base

Jones added a fast, durable Sintered 8000 base to the Mountain Twin. This base is noticeably fast when I keep it waxed. It also handled the pre-season conditions without leaving so much as a scratch to the base of my board.

Here is a close up image to show the texture of the base.

close up of base on jones mountain twin

Supports a Good Cause

Jones Snowboards contributes at least one percent of its annual sales to support environmental causes. Jones calls it their “1% for the Planet” mission. Its goal is to create an alliance of businesses financially to create a healthy planet.

What Do I Dislike About the Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard?

You Feel Chatter At Fast Speeds

While this board can go exceptionally fast, vibrations will roll through the softer nose up into your feet. You don’t feel these vibrations at a normal comfortable, cruiser-style pace. However, when you charge at full speed, you do.

The Jones Mountain Twin is meant for the resort rider looking to enjoy the ride and turn every trail into a skatepark while they hit every natural feature along their path. If you’re looking to go as fast as possible most of the time, check out the Jones Ultra Mountain Twin. It’s the supercharged version of this board. It is stiffer, faster, and has additional materials to make it the damper version of this board.

You Will Need to Wax It Often

The sintered base is fast and durable. However, you will need to wax it often to keep it protected and as fast as possible.

Who Is the Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard a Good Fit For?

The Jones Mountain Twin is perfect for an intermediate to advanced level rider who wants a versatile resort board that can carve their favorite trails as well as excel in the park. Additionally, this board is an exceptional choice for east coast riders because it grips to ice and powers through rougher conditions.

The Mountain Twin leans heavier on the freestyle than the freeride side of the riding spectrum. If you’re the type of rider who enjoys riding in the park and looking for side hits and natural jib features, the Jones Mountain Twin is the perfect resort board for you.

How Beginner-Friendly is the Jones Mountain Twin?

While a beginner could get used to this board, this snowboard is better suited for an intermediate to advanced-level rider. It has Traction Tech 3.0 built into its edges. This feature makes the board phenomenal for gripping to ice and harder conditions. However, it is a little too grippy of a board to learn to snowboard with. If you’re looking for a snowboard to learn on, then check our best beginner snowboard list to find a board that will help you learn to ride.

Jones Mountain Twin 2024 Specs

Size (cm)149151154156W157159W160162W163165W168W
Board Weight (lbs)4.845.
Effective Edge (cm)115116.2118.6120.4121123123.4125.6125.8127.8134
Nose Width (cm)28.528.929.230.129.630.43030.730.331.131.4
Waist Width (cm)24.424.825.125.925.426.125.726.32626.726.9
Tail Width (cm)28.528.929.230.129.630.43030.730.331.131.4
Front Underfoot Width (cm)25.5325.8726.2227.0826.6427.3226.9127.4927.1827.8728.04
Rear Underfoot Width (cm)25.7326.0626.4127.2726.8427.5227.1127.6927.3828.0628.23
Sidecut Radius (m)
Stance Range (cm)28.5 – 7.228.9 – 7.429.2 – 7.630.1 – 7.829.6 – 7.930.4 – 830 – 8.130.7 – 8.230.3 – 8.331.1 – 8.531.4 – 8.5
Rider Weight (lbs)110 – 160110 – 160120 – 170130 – 180130 – 180140 – 190150 – 200150 – 200160 – 210170 – 220170 – 220

Overall Rating for the Jones Mountain Twin

ConsiderationsRating Out 5
Resort Riding5.0
Carving / Turns4.8
Ice / Poor Conditions5.0
Durability / Quality4.6
Fun to ride5.0

Editor’s Rating:  out of 5 stars 4.7 out of 5 stars for the Jones Mountain Twin

So Do I Recommend the Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard?

Of course, I do! I thoroughly enjoy riding this snowboard, and I know you will too. It is so versatile that whatever type of riding you enjoy doing, this will be a very strong option for you to get.

Similar Snowboards to Consider

Where Can You Buy the Jones Mountain Twin

You can buy the Jones Mountain Twin directly from Jones at their website here.

best all mountain snowboard of 2024 the Jones Mountain Twin

About the Reviewer

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Home Mountains: Big Boulder, Jack Frost, Montage – North Eastern Pennsylvania (Lots of east coast ice.)

Pre-Season Mountains: Big Snow

Size / Model: The board I reviewed was the 2023 Jones Mountain Twin Size 151 (The 2024 is identical to it other than its new graphic.)

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Rider Height: 5′ 6″

Bindings Used: The Union Force with an upgraded Union Forma Strap

Boots Used: DC Phase Snowboard Boots

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  1. Hi Steve. Nice review. Thanks for that. One question – what are the comparable boards with MT from Capita and Bataleon?

    Now I have regular MT but want to try something a bit stiffer for fast edge to edge rides down the slopes – I am thinking about UMT but I am also wondering about some boards from Capita or Bataleon. What would you suggest to try?

    1. Hey Peter! The Mountain Twin is a directional twin with a slightly set back stance. If you’re looking to keep that exact configuration and don’t want to be centered stance, I’d recommend checking out the Capita Mercury and Capita Mega Merc for a board that is slightly stiffer and more powerful from edge to edge. If you’re ok trying a similar board with a centered stance, I’d recommend checking out the new Capita Spring Break Resort Twin or Bataleon Goliath Plus, too. Good luck in your board search!

  2. Hi Steve, great review thanks! Do you remember at what speed the vibrations were felt when riding on the edge? If you had to choose between Burton Customs and MT, which would you choose? Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much, Marcin! I didn’t feel the vibrations in the tips when I was just casually riding this board and not concerned with my speed. It was when I was deliberately bombing hills to test the limits of the board that I noticed it. I wasn’t recording my speed at the time to share exact measurements. However, I’d say if you tried to skip a section of the mountain where you would have usually made four full left and right turns, you would have picked up around the same speed I had when I was starting to feel the vibrations. It won’t be an issue for most resort riders. I’d just consider how often you like to bomb hills / go flat based at full speed. If you do that often, maybe go with an even stiffer, more freeride focused board like the Jones Ultra Mountain Twin over both the MT and Custom. If you don’t often bomb hills, then go with the Jones Mountain Twin over the Custom and Ultra Mountain Twin.

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