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Jones Tweaker Review: This 2023 – 2024 Snowboard is Perfect East Coast Park Riding

The Jones Tweaker is the first dedicated park board added to the Jones Snowboard lineup. While the Jones Tweaker has a park-specific focus, it also includes several key tech features that make it versatile enough to be your primary daily driver.

Here is an east coast park rider’s full review of the 2024 Jones Tweaker Snowboard.

Jones Tweaker 2023 – 2024 Highlights & Specs

Jones Tweaker Snowboard 2024


  • Twin shape with blunted tips – helps keeps the weight down for maneuverability and spinning
  • V-core 3.0 – Playful for presses yet stable for landing jumps
  • 3d profile – Helps with landing off axis
  • Traction Tech 2.0 – Helps improve its edge hold even while carving on ice
  • Eco friendly materials
  • 3 year warranty


  • It might be too stiff and aggressive for some park riders who want a softer, jib board
  • Can feel chatter at high speeds
  • The matte finish on the topsheet can be difficult to keep clean

Notable Upgrades for 2024

The 2024 version of the Jones Tweaker is identical to the 2023 version except for the new graphic on the topsheet and a few new sizes. This board now comes in three new sizes. The 2024 Tweaker now includes 149, 160 Wide, and 162cm sizes.

There is also a brand new Jones Tweaker Pro version that just released as part of an early 2024 / 2025 product drop.

Sizes Available:
149, 151,154,156, 157 Wide, 159, 160 Wide, 162

See the Right Size Jones Tweaker for You
Jones Tweaker Weight Range Size Chart
Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
149 110 – 160
151 110 – 160
154 120 – 170
156 130 – 180
157 Wide 130 – 180
159 140 – 190
160 Wide 150-200
162 160-210

Flex: Medium (6 out of 10) – The tips can feel stiff while the center of the board has some play to it torsionally and longitudinally

Bindings to Pair With It: The Union Ultra Bindings or Jones Meteorite Bindings

Overview Video of the Jones Tweaker

What Sets the Jones Tweaker Apart From Other Park Snowboards?

The main characteristic that sets this board apart from most other park snowboards is its versatility. The Tweaker is perfect for both jumps and rails. Normally a park board is stronger with either jumping or jibbing. The Jones Tweaker does both remarkably well.

  • It carves well on ice as well as powder.
  • It is stable enough to hit jumps.
  • It is pressable enough to nosepress boxes easily.
  • It works exceptionally well as an all-mountain driver.

It is one of the best park snowboards because it can do everything you need it to very well.

About the Jones Tweaker’s True Camber Profile

The Jones Tweaker has a traditional camber dominant profile. If you were to look at the Jones Tweaker snowboard from the side, you would see this.

The camber section is gradual and fairly mellow. Its highest point is directly in the center of the board, and in my 151cm, it measures 1/4 inch off the surface of the snow.

Here is a close up of what the highest camber section would look like if it were resting on a table.

What Makes the Jones Tweaker Great For Icy East Coast Park Conditions?

Traction Tech 2.0 for Additional Grip

Traction Tech 2.0 is a serrated edge technology that adds additional contact points that work with the camber in this board to grip ice and harder snow. It is one of the main highlights of the Jones Tweaker because it offers an outstanding level of edge hold. Superior edge hold is a rare characteristic to find in a park or freestyle-specific snowboard.

This image shows the additional contact points in the Tweaker. The additional contact points are highlighted in orange.

Diagram of Traction Tech 2.0 in Jones Tweaker

Here is a closeup image of what it looks like if you were to hold the Jones Tweaker and look down at its wavy Traction Tech 2.0 edges.

The waved edges work with the camber profile of this board to offer a firmer grip to the snow as you turn edge to edge. Traction Tech 2.0 makes the icier, harder-packed days us east coast riders encounter that much easier. The Traction Tech edges are the main reason this is one of the top east coast park snowboards.

The Progressive Sidecut for Easy Turn Initiation

The Jones Tweaker features a progressive sidecut. A progressive sidecut means that the sidecut gets more aggressive closer to the contact points and is more mellow between them. The benefit to this type of sidecut is that you get easier turn initiation with a more locked-in feel and gradual exit from your turn. 

The 3D Contour Base for a Catch-Free Feel

This board also has a 3d spoon-like curvature in its nose and tail. This image shows the spoon-like curvature to give you an idea of how this looks when rested on a flat surface.

The 3d curvature in the Tweaker is mellow. The curve measures an even .27 inch (7mm) in both the nose and the tail. This 3d feature combines with the camber board profile to help the board butter, float in powder, and give this board a catch-free feel while still being incredibly responsive.

This diagram shows the spoon curvature levels in the Jones Tweaker.

How Does the Jones Tweaker 2023 Ride?

The Jones Tweaker has a familiar feel that is easy to get used to within the first few runs. When I stepped on the Jones Tweaker, I thought, “wow, this is an outstanding board both in and out of the park.” It carves exceptionally well. It feels grippy when it needs to be as well as catch-free and skate-like while it’s flat on its base. It has a decent level of pop that is easy and predictable to load up and locks into presses easily.

The Tweaker has a standard camber dominant profile, so if you’ve been riding for a while, you’ve stood on a board that has felt similar. Usually, camber-profiled park snowboards have some rocker (up-lifted) tips to help the board land easier when spinning and give it a more playful park feel. The Tweaker doesn’t have that hybrid, camber plus rocker profile style. Instead, it has a 3D contoured base to make it easier to initiate turns and give it a skate-like playful feel.

The Traction Tech 2.0 offers the perfect edge hold for icier park features. Additionally, I found it was easier to land spins. The 3D base allowed me to land when I was slightly off axis, while the Traction Tech edges allowed me to dig in my edge to prevent me from reverting or washing out.

Overall, the Jones Tweaker is a park snowboard that can jump, jib, and butter exceptionally well. It also carves well enough to be your all-mountain driver. If that sounds interesting, get the Jones Tweaker immediately, as you won’t regret it.

Why Did I Get the Jones Tweaker?

I loved riding and reviewing the Jones Mountain Twin and wanted to feel what a more freestyle-focused true twin version would feel like. I am glad I did because the Jones Tweaker rips.

How Does the Jones Tweaker Compare to The Jones Mountain Twin

Both the Jones Tweaker and Mountain Twin feel very similar to ride. Both perform well in all conditions while still being a solid board to have in your quiver for park riding. The Jones Tweaker performs better in the park due to its slightly more flexible core, blunted tips, .3mm of additional 3D contouring, slightly wider waist width, and true twin shape.
The wider and more flexible Tweaker makes it easier to jib and jump, while the additional 3d contouring in the base makes the board feel more catch-free when you’re spinning and slightly off-axis.

To say it simply, you can’t go wrong with either board. However, if you’re going to spend a little more time in the park than cruising the rest of the mountain, go with the Jones Tweaker.

Which bindings go well with the Jones Tweaker?

Union Ultra Bindings

The Union Ultra bindings are upgraded for the 2023 season with features that will take your park riding to the next level. These bindings are designed specifically to soften your landings, help you tweak your board for tricks in ways that other bindings can’t, and offer an unmatched level of comfort while keeping you locked in.

Here is an image that shows all of the new features that Union worked into the Ultra bindings.

Binding Highlights

  • Shock Absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Tweakability / Flex in highback and baseplate
  • Minidisk compatible
  • Soft and skate-like boardfeel
  • Upgraded no-slip hardware

What Do I Like About the Jones Tweaker Snowboard

Here are the highlights of what I enjoyed about riding the Jones Tweaker.

It’s a Versatile Park Board That Is Right at Home on Ice

I love how the Tweaker can grip ice and rougher conditions better than most other park boards. The Jones Tweaker is a versatile park board that can perform well while carving, jumping, or jibbing. It doesn’t compromise in any of those categories, which makes it a solid park board for east coast riders.

The Jones Tweaker snowboard makes park riding feel easier for the icier east coast conditions.

The Flex Pattern Is Great for Both Jumps and Presses

I’ve read a few reviews of the Jones Tweaker that say it is too flexible for the rider. That wasn’t the case for me. The flex was perfect. It feels like a pressable 6 out of 10, which is exactly as it is marked.

The Tweaker features Jones’ V-Core 3.0 tech. It’s a core primarily made of poplar with a unique flex pattern where the nose and tail are on the medium stiff side, and the center between your feet is a little more playful at a 4 out of 10. You get a playful, pressable board that offers very stable landings for jumps. I found that you can still lock into presses easily, even with the slightly stiffer nose and tail. That said, you will have to put some muscle in to get a very exaggerated, higher press.

Here is a flex pro tip with the Jones Tweaker’s V-Core 3.0 flex.

If you get on this board and the tips are still too playful for you, experiment with setting your stance back a little. The Tweaker has a pressing sweet spot that you can firm up by moving back a little. The Tweaker is a board that you will want to experiment with stance settings until you get it exactly as you need to.

This Board Can Carve Surprisingly Well

I was surprised at how well this board can carve. Please know that it is very much a park board, so it isn’t intended to be a carving-focused freeride board. I think of the Tweaker more as a “controlled between park features and more than capable of being your all-mountain resort board” type of snowboard.

To say it simply, it is a park board with phenomenal grip. While it is a solid feature for riding on ice, the additional grip level is helpful when setting up for spins and for digging in on landings too.

The Eco-Plastic Topsheet

There are some finer details with this board that doesn’t necessarily photograph well. The texture of the topsheet is one of them. Looking closely at the top sheet, it looks similar to a pair of mesh basketball shorts. It’s called Jones Eco-Plastic Topsheet. It is a scratch-resistant topsheet that offers some grip while skating around, and it makes the top sheet snow-repellent. (If it is dry fluffy snow it won’t stick to the top of your board. If it’s wet, cold snow, it will still stick on top of it.)

Here is an image of what the Eco-Plastic Topsheet looks like up close. The holes shown in the upper right corner is the best representation.

Fast Durable Sintered Base

Jones added a fast, durable Sintered 8000 base to the Tweaker. This base is noticeably fast when I keep it waxed.

Here is a closeup image to show the texture of the base.

Supports a Good Cause

Jones Snowboards contributes at least one percent of its annual sales to support environmental causes. Jones calls it their “1% for the Planet” mission. Its goal is to create an alliance of businesses financially to create a healthy planet.

What Do I Dislike About the Jones Tweaker Snowboard?

The Topsheet Shows Fingerprints and Boot Marks Easily

While the Eco-Plastic Topsheet is scratch resistant, its black matte finish show finger and boot prints easily.

Here is an image of what I mean. Just from picking up the board, I had fingerprints on it that looked this visible.

Your fingerprints will come off easily when you wipe them with a damp rag. I got in the habit of cleaning off my topsheet every time I wax my board.

You Feel Some Chatter At Fast Speeds

While this board can go fast, you will feel vibrations will roll through into your feet. You don’t feel these vibrations at a normal comfortable, cruiser-style pace. However, when you try to charge at full speed, you do.

The Jones Tweaker is meant for the park rider and not the freerider who is looking to charge as fast as possible at all times. While the board is not the dampest feeling ride, it has the perfect level of board feel to help you adjust while hitting rails and boxes.

You Will Need to Wax It Often

The sintered base is fast and durable. After five park riding sessions, I had no deep scratches or issues with the base. However, I had to wax the board every other time I rode it to keep it fast. All sintered bases require waxing them. It is worth it to have a faster, durable base.

Jones Tweaker 2023 Specs

Size (cm)151154156157W159
Board Weight (lbs)5.725.725.946.166.16
Effective Edge (cm)116.2118.6120121122.4
Tip Width (cm)2929.429.830.730.2
Waist Width (cm)24.825.125.426.325.7
Tail Width (cm)2929.429.830.730.2
Underfoot Width – Front (cm)25.8126.1726.5327.4926.89
Underfoot Width – Rear (cm)25.8126.1726.5327.4926.89
Sidecut Radius (m)
Stance Setback (cm)00000
Rider Weight (lbs)110 – 160120 – 170130 – 180130 – 180140 – 190

Who Is the Jones Tweaker Snowboard a Good Fit For?

The Jones Tweaker is perfect for the park rider who wants a mid-flexing board that can grip icier conditions and carves well on groomers. While the Jones Tweaker is a park-focused snowboard, it is more than stable enough to serve as your all-mountain daily driver too. 

The Tweaker is exceptional for east coast park riders or anyone who wants a pressable park board yet still a very controlled ride. It is excellent for both jibbing and jumping and is very easy and stable to carve with all over the entire mountain. 

How Beginner-Friendly is the Jones Tweaker?

This is not the most beginner-friendly snowboard. The Jones Tweaker is intended more for intermediate riders because of its grippier feeling edge hold. If you are still learning how to carve, this snowboard can easily catch an edge and send you flying to the ground. That said, it isn’t that a beginner cannot learn to ride this board. They absolutely can. It is just that your learning curve will be reduced on a board that has less of an edge hold and is more intended for a beginner. 

If you are learning to snowboard, I recommend going with one of these beginner-friendly snowboards instead. 

Overall Rating for the Jones Tweaker

ConsiderationsRating Out 5
Resort Riding5.0
Carving / Turns4.8
Ice / Poor Conditions5.0
Durability / Quality4.6
Fun to ride5.0
Editor’s Average Rating4.8

Editor’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars for the Jones Tweaker

So Is the Jones Tweaker Any Good?

The Jones Tweaker is an exceptional park and all-mountain snowboard for anyone who encounters a lot of ice or harder snow at their local resort. The Tweaker ranks above average from most camber park boards at the same price point. This board earned a 4.8 out of 5 with its main features: grip, stability, lightweight, and pop.

Do I Recommend the Jones Tweaker Snowboard?

Absolutely! I recommend the Jones Tweaker for any rider who will be spending 50% or more of their time in the park. If you’re often riding icy or in harder park conditions, get this board immediately while your size is still available.

Check out the Jones Tweaker snowboard if you’re looking for a versatile board that will rip it park while being all-mountain / all-conditions ready out of the park.

Similar Snowboards to Consider

Where Can You Buy the Jones Tweaker

You can buy the Jones Tweaker at EVO or directly on the website.

About the Reviewer

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Home Mountains: Big Boulder, Jack Frost, Montage – North Eastern Pennsylvania (Lots of east coast ice.)

Pre-Season Mountains: Big Snow

Size / Model: The board I reviewed was the 2023 Jones Tweaker 151 (The 2024 is identical other than the graphic.)

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Rider Height: 5′ 6″

Bindings Used: The Union Ultra Bindings

Boots Used: DC Phase Snowboard Boots

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