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Yes Warca Review 2023: An Insanely Fun Volume-Shifted Powder Snowboard

The Yes Warca Uninc JPS is a volume-shifted (short and wide) directional snowboard that is pressable, floats in powder, and is incredibly fun to carve all over the resort.

You might notice the name of the Yes Warca sounds very similar to a few other snowboards. That was no accident. 

The Yes Warca was inspired by combining the best attributes of the Ride Warpig, the Lib Tech Orca, and the Yes 420 snowboards. The result is a powder-focused all-mountain freestyle snowboard that carves beautifully, feels stable, and has a playful freestyle flex that is perfect for buttering.

Yes Warca 2023 Highlights & Specs

Yes Warca UnInc JPS Snowboard 2023


  • A stable, surfy, and fun-to-ride snowboard
  • Versatile – This can float in powder and grip ice
  • Playful freestyle flex excellent for butters and locks into presses
  • Lightweight / Durable
  • Loads of pop for jumps
  • Lifetime warranty
  • It is a board that people ask about


  • Switch riding isn’t a strong suite
  • You will feel chatter under your feet


148, 150, 153, 155

See the Right Size Yes Warca for You
Yes Warca UnInc JPS Weight Range Size Chart
Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)
148120 – 160
150140 – 190
153150 – 200
155160 – 220

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Strata Bindings

Flex: Medium / Stiff – It has a more flexible nose than tail.
It is a 7 out of 10 in the center between your feet and tail, while the nose is closer to a 5 out of 10 flex.

Size of the Yes Warca I Rode: For this review, I rode the 148cm 2023 Yes Warca Unic. JPS Snowboard. For specs, I am 142 pounds with a size nine boot.

Overview Video of the Yes Warca

What Makes the Yes Warca Different From Most Other Volume Shifted Snowboards?

Here are a few key features that make the Yes Warca stand out above most other volume shifted boards.

The Warca’s Directional Shape for Stability & Float

One of the main selling points of the Warca is its shape. This board has a tapered directional twin shape with a centered stance. To give you a better idea of the shape of its nose and tail, here is an image of the Warca resting on the snow.

The nose is nearly 1/8 of an inch (4mm) wider than the tail, with a steeper up-turned angle that allows snow to channel easily under the board. These features help the board float effortlessly in deep snow while still maintaining the balanced, centered feel of a freestyle twin beneath your feet.

The Warca’s Bi-Polar Midbite for Grip & Maneuverability

The Yes Warca has a Bi-Polar midbite in the center of its sidecut. The red section of this image will give you an idea of what it looks like.

The Bi-Polar midbite is an indent in the sidecut that solves the challenge of wider boards feeling like they are difficult to turn. By tapering the edge right behind the front foot, the Warca can engage its sidecut quicker and turn tighter than a wide snowboard should be able to. With the Warca, you get all of the powder floating, fun-to-ride benefits of a wider snowboard while still being able to carve edge to edge quickly.

The Bi-Polar midbite also adds in an extra level of edge hold when carving on ice or harder packed snow. While the midbite itself starts right after your binding, it feels like the board steers right from directly beneath your bindings. It gives the board a very stable-in-control feel as you’re carving around the resort.

The Warca’s Camber Profile for Added Pop

The Warca has a traditional camber (lowercase n-shaped) board profile. The camber profile gives the board its edge control, pop, and adds its responsive feel as you carve. Here is a diagram of what the camber profile looks like if you were to look at the Warca from the side.

The highest point of the curve in the camber profile is directly between your feet. Here is an image of the Warca resting on a table to give you an idea of how much camber there is between your feet.

Why Did I Get the Yes Warca Uninc JPS Snowboard?

I see so many Ride War Pig and Lib Tech Orca boards out there on my local hill. I wanted to try a board that took the best of both of those concepts and blended it into one fun-to-ride snowboard.

I got the Warca because I wanted to see how it would hold up on the east coast. Sure, it looks insanely fun to ride in the west coast powder. However, I wanted to see if it would still be as fun to ride in the usual hard pack of Pennsylvania, and it is.

How Does the Yes Warca 2023 Ride?

Here are the three main adjectives I use to describe how the Warca rides.

  1. Fast
  2. Stable
  3. Surfy

The Warca is a board that wants to go fast, and you can use shorter, tighter carves to help tame it. It’s got a fast sintered base on top of a wider platform. The Warca’s Bi-Polar midbite makes the board feel as maneuverable as a board with a standard, more narrow waist width built into the frame of a significantly wider board. 

The wider platform of the Yes Warca gives the board a very stable, in-control, yet surfy-playful feel. It didn’t take me long to get used to it. After three practice runs, I really got to appreciate the fun factor of this snowboard. I started bombing hills, leaning further into turns, and looking for every headwall to pop off of while getting to the bottom faster and faster every time. 

Overall, the Warca was the most fun-to-ride snowboard I’ve been on in a long time. I was worried that, being on the east coast without a lot of powder, I wouldn’t fully appreciate this snowboard. That wasn’t the case. 

The Warca is so versatile and fun to ride as an all-mountain board that you will have a great time riding it at your local resort regardless of the conditions. 

While we don’t get a lot of powder in Pennsylvania, we get the occasional slushy, softer day. On those softer days, I break out the Warca and have the time of my life surfing on top of the softer, uneven snow while watching most other riders get thrown around.

If you are looking for a directional board that blends aggressive with playful resorting riding, you’ve got to try the Yes Warca. 

How Is the Warca in the Park?

It is just ok in the terrain park. The Warca is more intended for the rider who wants to make the entire mountain their own personal board park rather than being designed specifically for the park itself. 

The Warca’s camber profile gives the board its power and a little extra boost of pop. That added level of pop is phenomenal for jumping off knuckles, boosting off of side hits, and launching into steeper slopes. The only potential downside was that the shape of the tail made it challenging to land or ride switch.  

In terms of jibbing, the Warca holds its own quite well. Nose presses were ridiculously simple, while tail presses required a little more muscle and timing to find the sweet spot. The wider platform made 50-50s and board slides feel easier, and the Bi-Polar midbite never seemed to catch or get in the way. 

Altogether, while the Warca holds its own in the park, it isn’t this board’s primary specialty. If you are looking for a board that specifically excels in the park, check out our list of the best park snowboards

What Do I Like About the Yes Warca Snowboard?

Here are a few aspects of the Yes Warca that I grew to love.

The Stable Feel While Still Being Easy to Ride

I love how stable the Warca Uninc JPS feels for being such an easy board to ride. The Warca is an excellent entry step into riding a volume-shifted snowboard because it rides very similar to a standard all-mountain snowboard.

The Board Can Do It All Well

Whether you are riding powder, slush, or ice, the Warca handles it quite well. The Warca’s shape helps it float on powder and power through uneven slushy terrain. Additionally, the board’s Bi-Polar midbite helps give it two extra contact points to help it grip into ice.  

Its Extremely Lightweight Durable Core

I love how light the Warca feels. For a wide, stable board, I loved how lightweight the Warca felt underfoot.

The core of the Yes Warca is a combination of Poplar, Paulownia, and Bamboo stringers. The construction looks like this.

The Poplar and Paulownia (indicated in white and red) work together to make the Yes Warca lightweight and durable, while the bamboo stringers (indicated in black) work with the camber profile to give this board its response and incredible pop.

How It Is Fast & Surfy On Any Terrain

I love how the Warca is fast and surfy to ride regardless of the type of snow you are on. You will want to rip down the mountain as fast as possible when you get on it. Yes added a sintered base to the Warca. It will remain fast and durable for you as long as you keep it waxed. I waxed mine every fourth time I took it out, and it was exceptionally fast.

The Level of Pop While Still Being Pressable

I love how the Warca’s camber profile gives it an extra springboard-like level of pop while the board is still very pressable. I found the Warca’s nose could easily lock into presses. The tail could initiate a press easily too. However, it took a little extra effort to hold it. The pop and pressable nature of the Warca add to its versatility. I looked for every natural kicker and side hit I could find. The Warca is a board that looks for the most fun path down the hill.  

It Has a Lifetime Warranty

When you register your Warca with Yes snowboards, you enable a lifetime warranty. Yes warranties all of its boards against material or craftsmanship defects. If you run into trouble with your board, file a claim with Yes through their warranty page.

It’s a Board That Gets Asked About

The Warca is a board that people ask about in the lift line. Every time I took it out, someone asked what I was riding. It’s a board that is as fun to ride as it looks. 

Here is what it looks like when you look down at your board strapped in.

What Do I Dislike About the Yes Warca Snowboard?

Here are a few details about the YES Warca Unnic JPS Snowboard that I didn’t like.

Riding Switch Isn’t Its Strong Suit

While the Yes Warca can ride switch, it was challenging to land switch off of jumps or rails. It feels controlled when you are low to the ground and butter into a switch stance. However, when you land into switch stance, there is an abrupt noticeable difference in how the board tracks riding backward that tripped me up a few times. I still haven’t quite gotten used to it. That said, this is a directional snowboard. It is intended to ride primarily with your lead foot forward.

Here is a closer look at the tail of the board.

Chatter In the Nose At Very Fast Speeds

The Warca is a board that is ready to power through any terrain. However, due to its flex pattern and longer nose, there is some chatter you will feel underfoot.  

When I got the Warca up to some extremely fast speeds, I noticed its nose would vibrate, and I would feel those vibrations under my feet. 

The Warca is a lively, responsive board. The vibrations I felt in the nose were never overpowering to the point where they tired me out or took away from how fun this board was to ride. 

I recommend pairing this board with bindings designed to add extra dampening to your setup, like the Union Ultra or Strata, and you can stay out riding longer. 

Who Is the Yes Warca Snowboard a Good Fit For?

The Warca is an exceptional board for anyone looking for a volume-shifted all-mountain board to ride on those powder or slushy days. It’s the perfect snowboard for anyone who enjoys launching off of side hits, buttering, and surfing down the hill as fast as possible. 

Is the Yes Warca Uninc JPS Snowboard Good for Beginners?

No. This board is meant more for intermediate to expert-level riders. It’s for someone that wants to get to the bottom of the hill as fast as possible while taking the most freestyle, stylish route. 

That’s not to say a beginner couldn’t learn to ride the Yes Warca. They can. However, the wider profile of the Yes Warca makes it a challenging board to learn the fundamentals of snowboarding on. It would be better for a rider who already knows how to carve and stop comfortably than someone trying to learn on this board.  

If you’re new to snowboarding and looking for a beginner board, check out our best beginner snowboards list for a board that will be easier to learn on. 

Yes Warca 2023 Specs

Board Length (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)Nose Length (cm)Tail Length (cm)Effective Edge Length (cm)Contact Length (cm)Waist Width (cm)Front Foot Width (cm)Rear Foot Width (cm)Tip Width (cm)Tail Width (cm)Taper (cm)Rocker / Camber (mm)Sidecut (m)Surface Area (cm2)Ref. Point (cm)Ref. Point (in)Ref. Stance Setback (mm)Min Ref. Stance Width (cm)Min Ref. Stance Width (in)Max Ref. Stance Width (cm)Max Ref. Stance Width (in)

Which Bindings Go Well With the Yes Warca Snowboard?

Union Strata

The Union Strata is a lightweight freestyle binding with a six out of ten flex rating. These bindings are perfect to pair with the Capita Ultrafear. These are some of the most responsive freestyle snowboard bindings you will find on this list.

If you are looking for a lightweight, flexible, yet still responsive binding, check out the Union Strata.

Highlights for the Union Strata

  • Shock absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Flex in highback and baseplate
  • Minidisk compatible
  • Soft and surfy board feel
  • Upgraded no-slip hardware


Small (US Men’s 6 – 7.5), Medium (US Men’s 8 – 10), Large (US Men’s 10.5+)

Overall Rating for the Yes Warca

ConsiderationsRating Out 5
Resort Riding5.0
Carving / Turns4.7
Ice / Poor Conditions4.6
Durability / Quality4.7
Fun to ride5.0
Total Rating4.7

Editor’s Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars for the Yes Warca

Do I Recommend the Yes Warca Snowboard?

Yes! I recommend the Yes Warca for anyone looking for a volume-shifted powder or slush-specific all-mountain board to add to their quiver.

While this board can handle all types of conditions, it really shines on the softer days. So if you’re looking for a board that is perfect for powder and the slushy softer days, get the Yes Warca immediately.

Similar Snowboards to the Yes Warca Consider

Here are a few similar boards to the Yes Warca that you should check out too.

Do Yes Snowboards Come Waxed?

All Yes snowboards come factory waxed and ready to ride right out of the wrapper. The factory wax and tuning that each Yes snowboard receives right at the end of the manufacturing process is good enough for most snowboarders.

That said, the Yes Warca has a sintered base that does require you to wax it often to keep it fast. I recommend waxing it every fourth time you ride it or as you see the base of your board starting to dry or turn gray.

Where Can You Buy the Yes Warca

You can buy the Yes Dicey online at or from

About the Reviewer

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Home Mountains: Big Boulder, Jack Frost, Montage – North Eastern Pennsylvania (Lots of east coast ice.)

Size / Model: The board I reviewed was the 2023 Yes. Warca Unic. JPS Snowboard 148

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Rider Height: 5′ 6″

Bindings Used: Union Strata Bindings

Boots Used: DC Phase Snowboard Boots

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