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Yes Dicey Snowboard Review

The Most Pressable Camber Park Snowboard

The Yes Dicey is a camber true twin park board that has tech built into to help it flex for presses and feel stable underfoot. Here is our full in-depth review of the 2023 – 2024 Yes Dicey snowboard.

Yes Dicey Highlights & Specs

Yes Dicey 2024


  • A very pressable yet stable park board with a true twin shape
  • Yes’ MidBite – a narrow waist width a wider nose & tail offers a very stable platform to ride
  • Tons of pop – Camber between the feet / Rocker in nose and tail
  • This is a forgiving ride that is great for riders of all experience levels
  • It is a good deal. This board is cheaper than a lot of comparable boards.


  • Not available in smaller sizes
  • You will feel chatter in the nose and tail when riding at speed

Flex: It is labeled a 6/10. However, it feels softer like a 4/10. It is very pressable without a lot of effort.

Sizes Available: 152, 154, 156, 158

See Which Size of the Yes Dicey You Need
Yes Dicey Weight Range
Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
152 110 – 150
154 120 – 160
156 140 – 190
158 150 – 200

Overview Video of the Yes Dicey

What Makes the Yes Dicey an Excellent Park Board?

The Yes Dicey’s Midbite Profile Tech for Stability and Grip

The Dicey has Yes’ midbite profile technology worked into it. This is a section in the middle of the snowboard that is designed to be narrower than the wider nose and tail. It looks like a sidecut with an indented, exaggerated U-shape to it.The benefit of this feature is that the wider nose and tail are more stable to balance on while pressing on rails and boxes. The wider nose and tail also give this board a wider platform to land spins with, while the more narrow waist helps the Dicey get a faster edge-to-edge response while carving in between park features. Additionally, the midbite helps give an extra point of contact for gripping to ice and harder-packed snow.

Here is a zoomed in image of what the midbite looks like as you’re looking down the edge of this snowboard..

The Dicey’s Camrock Profile for Added Pop

The camber profile of the Yes Dicey is a camrock. It’s primarily positive camber between your feet and reverse camber in the nose and tail.

The camrock profile gives you the responsive and springboard-like nature of a positive camber board combined with a rocker board’s float and playful feel. The Yes Dicey is a board that has loads of pop, yet it doesn’t catch if you land off-axis slightly on your spins. It is the perfect profile combination for an easy to ride park board.

Here is a closeup image of the camber section between your feet to help you gauge how much camber is built into the profile.

The Dicey’s Flexible and Lightweight Poplar Core

The Yes Dicey features a very flexible yet stable poplar core. The entire board is made with a lightweight poplar wood core. The result is a predictable flex that is easy to butter and press while still feeling solid for jumping.

Why Did I Get the Yes. Dicey Snowboard?

I was searching for a board with a slightly wider waist width that was both lightweight and pressable. Additionally, the Yes Dicey caught my eye because of its low price tag and the fact that I don’t see it out on the mountain often. The Dicey is less expensive than most other boards that have similar features by around $60 – $150, so I got it to see if the tech in the board held up to the demands of park riding.

How Does the Yes Dicey 2024 Ride?

The three main characteristics I use to describe the Dicey are stable, lightweight, and pressable.

The Dicey is a very easy-to-ride park board with an above-average level of pop. The board’s wider nose and tail give it a very solid feel underfoot. When you stomp a landing, you feel planted and in control. When you try to press this board, you’ll notice it flexes a little higher than you thought it would. However, it doesn’t feel overly flimsy. The Dicey rides like a stable, medium-flexing snowboard.

It is an easy board to lock into butters and presses, and you will not have to put a lot of extra effort into holding it. The combination of the Dicey’s poplar core and its camrock profile help to give this board a sweet spot for taller nose and tail presses.

Overall, it’s a board that carves well in all conditions. The Dicey’s midbite section helps it gain some additional traction while carving on ice. While it can carve well enough to ride all over the mountain, being an all-mountain cruiser isn’t its strong suit. Its strong suit is in the medium to shorter, tighter turns you would make between features in the park. It carves well enough for you to take a few runs with your friends. However, this is more intended for someone who predominately rides in the park.

What Do I Like About the Yes Dicey Snowboard?

The Stable Feel for Jibs and Jumps

I love how stable the Yes Dicey feels when balancing on rails. The wider nose and tail of this board are a feature I grew to rely on with jib tricks. The wider tips helped make locking into nose presses feel significantly easier. I could nose press on rails that I ordinarily wouldn’t, and my presses on boxes started to get more stylish. With the additional surface in the tips, I could throw my back foot more to the side to help my nose presses get a more crooked grind look.

The stable feel also translates to more solid, confident jump landings. You feel planted and in control when you land jumps with the Yes Dicey. The wider profile gives you more surface to land on, while the midbite helps offer a little grip to prevent you from reverting your spins.

It’s Very Easy to Ride

The Yes Dicey is a very easy snowboard to ride. The softer flex and hybrid profile make this board an excellent option for riders of all experience levels. It’s common for a board with this much camber between the feet to feel a little overpowering, and it doesn’t happen in the Dicey. The Yes Dicey feels like a forgiving yet stable park board that is ready to hit every feature the park has to offer.

It Offers Extra Grip On Ice and Harder Snow

The Dicey gripped really well to the icy east coast park conditions I encountered. The Dicey’s midbite technology offers an extra point of contact to grip icy park conditions. It isn’t as quite as grippy of a park board as the Jones Tweaker. However, the Dicey still has the perfect level of edge hold to make icy park conditions rideable without the edges feeling too grippy while you are jibbing.

It’s Extremely Lightweight

The Yes Dicey feels extremely lightweight and maneuverable underfoot. This board has a lightweight full Poplar wood core, and Yes gave the Dicey blunted tips to keep the swing weight down. The lighter weight made the Dicey easy to get up on to higher park features, while the swing weight made it feel easier to learn 270s out.

The Level of Pop

The Dicey has a little extra springiness to its level of pop. It was intuitive to learn when to load it up and release it to get the maximum pop from this board. This is a board that will spring back and launches you off rails and boxes when you’re pressing.

It Has a Lifetime Warranty

When you register your board with Yes snowboards, you enable a lifetime warranty. Yes warranties all of its boards against material or craftsmanship defects. If you run into trouble with your board, file a claim with Yes through their warranty page.

It’s an Excellent Deal

This board offers an excellent bang for your buck. It’s one of the cheaper park boards on the Yes lineup. If you’re looking for a board that makes jibbing and jumping feel easier without breaking the bank, then the Yes Dicey is worth checking out.

What Do I Dislike About the Yes Dicey Snowboard?

The Smallest Size is a 152

At this time, the Dicey has no smaller sizes than 152 cm. I typically ride a 149 – 151cm board, so it didn’t take much to get used to the 152. However, if there were smaller sizes, I would have bought one of them instead of the 152.

That said, I grew to enjoy the longer, wider footprint of the Dicey. It didn’t take long to get used to at all.

It Has an Extruded Base

To keep the cost a little lower, Yes used an extruded base in the Dicey. Extruded bases are typically slower than sintered bases while requiring less waxing maintenance. While the Base in the Dicey is fast enough to rip through the park and keep up with friends, it isn’t the fastest park board you can buy. With that in mind, the Dicey is intended for small to medium jumps and jibbing; for that purpose, it is more than fast enough.

If you’re interested in what the Dicey would be like with a sintered base, check out the Yes Jackpot. It shares many of the same tech specs as the Dicey, with the Jackpot being a full camber profile, using Triax glass, and having a faster-sintered base. However, it runs around $60 more than the Dicey.

On that note, if you are interested in checking out a pressable park board with an extremely fast base, also check out our review of the Bataleon Evil Twin Plus.

You Feel Some Chatter At Fast Speeds

The Dicey is meant for the park rider, not the all-mountain resort rider looking to charge as fast as possible. While this board is capable of getting up to faster speeds on steeper terrain, you will feel vibrations will roll through into your feet. You won’t notice these vibrations at a normal comfortable, park-style pace. However, when you try to charge at full speed, you do.

That said, the chatter in the Dicey shouldn’t be a deal breaker, though. Keep your knees bent, and pair this board with a damper set of binding like the Union Ultra or Strata, and you will be able to stay out there longer, progressing your park riding in no time.

Who Is the Yes Dicey Snowboard a Good Fit For?

The Dicey is a great option for the park rider looking for a stable yet pressable board under $500.

This is the right board if you spend 70% or more of your time in the park. If you are interested in cruising outside of the park often, you might want to consider more of an all-mountain board. The Yes Dicey is an excellent snowboard for anyone looking to specifically progress their park riding without breaking the bank. If you want to get taller presses, feel more stable on rails, and have loads of pop, check out the Yes Dicey.

How Beginner-Friendly is the Yes Dicey?

Yes recommends the Dicey for the intermediate-level rider. However, I found this board to be easy to ride and forgiving, so I would say it is beginner friendly too. If you are looking for an entry-level park board to learn how to hit rails and jumps with, the Yes Dicey will be the perfect park board for you. It has a stable feel that will help you progress your riding to the larger park features.

Yes Dicey 2024 Specs

Size (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)Effective Edge (cm)Tip Width (cm)Waist Width (cm)Tail Width (cm)Sidecut Radius (m)Stance Range (in)Stance Setback (cm)Rocker in Nose (cm)Camber (cm)Rocker in Tail (cm)
152110 – 150115.33025306.920.4 – 23.600.020.040.02
154120 – 16011730.325.230.3720.9 –
156140 – 190118.730.525.430.57.221.4 – 24.600.020.040.02
158150 – 200120.430.725.630.77.421.9 –

Which bindings go well with the Yes Dicey Snowboard?

The Union Ultra bindings pair exceptionally well with the Yes Dicey because of their pressable flex and vibration dampening. These bindings will allow you to get the tallest presses while offering a level of shock absorption that helps you ride a little longer before your legs get tired.

Union Ultra Bindings

Highlights of the Union Ultra

  • Shock Absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Tweakability / Flex in highback and baseplate
  • Minidisk compatible
  • Soft and skate-like boardfeel
  • Upgraded no-slip hardware

Overall Rating for the Yes Dicey

ConsiderationsRating Out 5
Resort Riding3.9
Carving / Turns4.0
Ice / Poor Conditions4.6
Durability / Quality4.4
Fun to ride5.0
Total Rating4.5

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars for the Yes Dicey

Do I Recommend the Yes Dicey Park Snowboard?

Yes, I recommend the Yes. Dicey snowboard for any rider who will be spending 70% or more of their time in the park. If you’re interested in a snappy camber board that can still press every feature in sight, then the Yes Dicey is worth checking out.

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Where Can You Buy the Yes Dicey

You can buy the Yes Dicey online at or from

About the Reviewer

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Home Mountains: Big Boulder, Jack Frost, Montage – North Eastern Pennsylvania (Lots of east coast ice.)

Size / Model: The board I reviewed was the 2023 Yes. Dicey Snowboard 152

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Rider Height: 5′ 6″

Bindings Used: The Union Ultra Bindings

Boots Used: DC Phase Snowboard Boots

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  1. What would you reccomend for a “Yes Dicey 2020-2021” New Force, Ultra or Strata. I am mainly riding on groomed slopes. My level is beginner-intermediate.

    1. I would rank them like this Ultra would be my first choice for the Yes Dicey. 2nd place would be the Strata and 3rd place would be the Force. All three will work well. However, the Ultra would pair best with the Yes Dicey’s flex pattern.
      Good luck in your board search!

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