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Jones Tweaker Pro Snowboard Review: Compared to Regular Version

The Jones Tweaker Pro is a new upgraded version of the Jones Tweaker. This board is made to be the lighter, faster, and poppier version of the two snowboards. Jones originally marked this board to be released as part of their 2025 lineup. However, they released it around 200 days early, so it is available to buy now as part of an early release product drop.

I had the opportunity to do an extensive test ride of the 2025 Jones Tweaker Pro at an on-snow demo in Stratton, VT, back in January. Here is my review and all of my notes for how the Tweaker Pro feels compared to the standard version of the Tweaker.

Jones Tweaker Pro 2025 Highlights

Key Takeaways:

The Jones Tweaker Pro is the new “superchargedupgraded version of the Jones Tweaker (the standard non-upgraded version of this snowboard).

  1. The Jones Tweaker Pro has Koroyd, a tube-like material, built into its core. This material makes the board lighter and damper than the standard version of the Jones Tweaker.
  2. The Tweaker Pro is stiffer, giving it a noticeable amount of pop, power, and responsiveness while increasing its stability and response for carving.
  3. The Tweaker Pro has an upgraded sintered base. While it is a faster and more durable material, you might not notice this upgrade.

Pros of the Jones Tweaker Pro

  • Shock Absorption / High End Board Feel – This has Koroyd built into its core to dampen and lighten the board. It makes it feel like a very high-end board.
  • Stability / Carving Performance – Its stiff flex (7 out of 10) for more aggressive carving and for stability while hitting larger park jumps and features.
  • Great for Switch Riding – Its true twin shape for park and switch riding
  • Easy to Turn Yet Powerful Feel – It has a progressive sidecut with a 3d nose and tail that makes for easy turn initiation, while its camber profile gives it some power and pop.
  • Phenomenal Edge Hold – There are extra contact points from the Traction Tech 3.0 built into its edges. These offer extra grip on ice and harder snow.
  • Makes Spinning Feel Easier – This has a blunted nose and tail to help keep its swing weight down for spinning off kickers.

Cons of the Jones Tweaker Pro

  • More Expensive – It’s the more expensive board by $60.
  • It Can Be too Stiff – It will be too stiff for some casual park riders who enjoy pressing rails more than hitting jumps.
  • Buttering is Hard – Its stiffer torsional flex makes buttering challenging.
  • Not Noticeably Faster– The upgraded base wasn’t significantly faster than the standard version of the Jones Tweaker.

Sizes Available: 146cm, 149cm, 151cm, 154cm, 156cm, 157cm Wide, and 159cm

You can see all of the Tweaker Pro’s Specs detailed below here. However, most sizes are not available yet as part of the Jones Snowboards 2025 pre-release lineup.

At the moment, you can only find the 156cm size. The other sizes are expected to be released in September of 2024.

Size I rode for this review: For this review, I rode the 156cm size. For reference, I am 142lbs, 5′ 6″ and have a size 9 boot.

Days I rode this board: I rode this board for two days at the EWSRA 2025 on-snow demo in Stratton, Vermont. On the days I rode this board, the conditions were a little icy with a few softer, powdery stashes from it snowing the day before. I’d consider the conditions to be a typical East Coast riding day.

My Review Rating of the Jones Tweaker Pro

Considerations Rating Out 5 Score Out of 100 Weight / Importance to Score
Pop / Power 4.50 90 10
Carving / Turns 4.25 85 10
Speed 4.00 80 10
Ice / Poor Conditions 4.50 90 10
Switch Riding 5.00 100 10
Jumps 4.75 95 10
Dampness 5.00 100 10
Fun to ride 5.00 100 10
Resort Riding / Versatility 5.00 100 5
Responsiveness 4.25 85 5
Jibs 3.00 60 5
Powder 3.50 70 3
Buttering 2.00 40 2
Weighted Score 4.46 89.15 100

Our Rating: 89.15 out of a possible 100 or 4.46 out of a possible 5 review score for the Jones Men’s Tweaker Pro Snowboard.

Here is a video of me riding the board and narrating the key takeaways from my review.

How the Jones Tweaker Pro Compares to the Standard Jones Tweaker

Here is what jumped out as being notable when I rode the Jones Tweaker Pro.

The Tweaker Pro has a Stiffer Flex Compared to the Standard Jones Tweaker.

The Tweaker Pro feels noticeably stiffer than the standard Tweaker (the non-Pro version) by around three points. I’d put the regular Tweaker at a soft to medium flex at a 4 out of 10 and the upgraded Pro version at a 7.5 out of 10. This flex pattern allows the board to be ridden more aggressively, so if you charge hard, I’d consider the Pro over the standard version of the Tweaker.

The Extra Pop In the Pro Is Noticeable.

The Tweaker Pro has a noticeable amount of extra pop over the standard version of the board. It has around 20% more pop (or two notches more on a scale out of 10). The extra pop doesn’t require you to put any additional effort into loading it up, either. It is just there when you try to pop it off of a jump. The Tweaker Pro just wants to boost.

The Pro Version Is Noticeably Damper Than the Standard Version.

One of the main upgrades in the Jones Tweaker Pro is the Koroyd material built into the nose and tail of the Pro version’s core. 

Koroyd is a lightweight, energy-absorbing material developed by aerospace engineers. It is a sustainable (100% recycled) material built by extrusion welding together a honeycomb-like structure of tubes. 

The benefit of having Koroyd built into the snowboard’s core is that the cells (tubes) of the material flex together evenly to disperse the vibrations felt while riding your snowboard. The Koroyd sections of the snowboard’s core give the board a noticeably damp, smooth-riding feel while also reducing the board’s overall weight. 

The Koroyd in the Jones Tweaker Pro makes the board noticeably more damp than the standard version of the Jones Tweaker. The Pro feels like a higher-end, smooth-riding board. You can ride it in extremely choppy terrain, and you will barely feel any vibrations pass through under your feet. In contrast, the standard version of the Jones Tweaker is a very lively board where you feel every single bump as you ride.

I Didn’t Notice a Dramatic Increase In Speed

Jones gave the Tweaker Pro a faster, upgraded 9900 sintered base (an Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Base with carbon built in) over the standard Tweaker’s 8000 base. However, I didn’t notice a dramatic difference in speed between either version of the Tweaker. It is worth noting that I rode both versions of the 2025 Tweaker at a crowded demo event. Both versions of the board likely needed wax by the time I rode them.

My takeaway is this: If you wax your board often (every three times you ride it), you will notice the extra speed the Tweaker Pro offers with its upgraded base. However, if you don’t like to wax your board often, you probably will not notice the base being that much faster than the standard version of the Tweaker. I say this because if the board’s speed is your main motivation for buying one over the other, it shouldn’t be.

Both Versions of the Jones Tweaker Carve Well, You Can Push the Pro Harder, Though.

Every time I get on the Tweaker, I am always impressed by the level of edge hold in the board and how well it carves, given that its main focus is for park riding.

Jones added Traction Tech 3.0 to these boards. Traction Tech 3.0 is the name of an edge technology Jones Snowboards uses. It means that there are three additional contact points built into the edges of both the Tweaker Pro and the standard version of this snowboard. This edge technology allows the Tweaker and Tweaker Pro to have an incredible level of edge hold on ice and offers extra grip as you carve down more challenging terrain.

Both the Tweaker Pro and Tweaker have the same level of grip, so one is not stronger than the other. Additionally, both boards have the same progressive sidecut. A progressive sidecut means that the sidecut’s angles get more aggressive (steeper) closer to the main contact points in the nose and tail while the angles are more mellow in between them. The benefit of a progressive sidecut is that you get easier turn initiation with a more locked-in, stable feel, and it offers a gradual exit from your turn. Altogether, it makes the Tweaker and Tweaker Pro perfect for making shorter, tighter carves through the trees or park features and offers the board a fun, easy-to-control carving experience.

Both boards carve exceptionally well. However, the Tweaker Pro’s damper feel and stiffer flex make it the version that can be ridden more aggressively.

Both boards can nose press. However, the Standard Tweaker is Better for Butters.

Both of these boards can nose press features in the park. However, the Tweaker (non-pro version) is the better option for buttering. This is due to the torsional flex of the Tweaker Pro. The board is slightly stiffer torsionally (bending from toe to heel edge) rather than longitudinally (bending from nose to tail). The torsional stiffness makes it challenging to butter because it’s hard to ensure your weight is constantly on your heel as you swivel around. This isn’t as much of an issue on the standard version of the Tweaker.

If buttering is important to you, go with the regular version of the Tweaker over the Pro version.

Who Is the Ideal Rider for the Jones Tweaker Pro?

The Jones Tweaker Pro is for the aggressive all-mountain freestyle rider who wants a stable, smooth riding board for hitting jumps that also carves like a high performance board outside of the park.

The Jones Tweaker Pro is for the aggressive all-mountain freestyler who needs some stability, dampness, and power under their feet. It’s a board that will launch you off jumps of all sizes and allow you to charge aggressively all over your favorite resort. It’s a board that blurs the lines between a high end park and all-mountain board. 

If you’re looking for an all-mountain freestyle board with high-tech features that will improve your riding for under $600, you definitely should check out the Jones Tweaker Pro.

Is the Pro Version Worth the Upgrade?

It could be, depending on if you are the right type of rider and what you’re looking for in your next snowboard.

Yes, it will be worth it if carving performance and shock absorption are important to you as primary considerations. This board feels so smooth, it’s got a ton of pop, and it carves incredibly well and will be worth every cent of the $60 upgrade for you.

No, it won’t be worth it if you primarily use your park board to jib features in the park (if you jib more than you hit jumps). 

If you’re reading this review and wondering if you can easily press the Jones Tweaker Pro on rails? Then, no, the upgrade to the Pro version of the Jones Tweaker won’t be worth it for you. Instead, go with the standard version of the board. The standard version still carves exceptionally well, and you can press it with far less effort than the pro version. 

I also don’t think you would notice a difference with the upgraded base, so the only tradeoff will be the board’s dampness. The standard version of the Jones Tweaker lacks the same level of shock absorption, but you gain a level of flex and board feel that helps you with jibbing features in the park.

So, Can the Jones Tweaker Pro Nose Press At All?

Yes, with some effort and balance, you can press this board. You will need to get far over your nose and go fast. 

The standard version of the Tweaker (the non pro version) is the better option for jibbing. 

If you like Jones Snowboards and enjoy jibbing, you should also check out a new Jones board that’s getting added to the 2025 lineup. It’s called the Jones Rally Cat. It’s a soft jibbable board that still includes Jones’ traction tech for carving stability. It will be the most jibbable board in the Jones lineup.  

Which Version of the Tweaker Do I Prefer?

For me, it’s the Tweaker Pro. I love the dampness and higher end feel of the Tweaker Pro. I also prefer the black topsheet over the white topsheet of the regular Tweaker.

The only detail I don’t love about the Pro version is that it takes more effort to press and butter.

Jones Tweaker Pro 2025 Specs

Size (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Tip Width (mm) Waist Width (cm) Tail Width (mm) Sidecut Radius (m) Rider Weight (lbs)
146 1120 284 24.4 284 7.3 110 – 160
149 1146 288 24.6 288 7.5 110 – 160
151 1162 290 24.8 290 7.6 110 – 160
154 1186 294 25.1 294 7.7 120 – 170
156 1200 298 25.4 298 7.8 130 – 180
157W 1210 307 26.3 307 7.9 130 – 180
159 1224 302 25.7 302 7.9 140 – 190

Which Bindings Go With the Jones Tweaker?

I recommend pairing both the Jones Tweaker and Tweaker Pro with the Union Ultra Bindings.

Where Can You Buy the Jones Tweaker Pro?

You can get it directly from the Jones Snowboards Website here.

About the Reviewer

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Where I Rode: Stratton, VT

Conditions: A mix of fresh powder and choppy, icy terrain

Size / Model: The board I reviewed was a 156cm 2025 Jones Tweaker Pro
(and compared it to the 2025 Jones Tweaker)

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Bindings Used: 2024 Union Ultra

Boots Used: Thirty Two STW Boa

Days Rode this Deck: 2 days at a demo event in Stratton VT

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