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Gnu Money Snowboard Review: The Budget Friendly East Coast Shred Stick

The GNU Money is an beginner level twin shaped all mountain freestyle snowboard. This board has all of the beloved highlights of a GNU board with its, made in the USA build quality, Magne Traction edges, and easy to ride C2e camber profile. One of the best parts about this board is that it is so cheap, too. It is usually priced at $400 at the beginning of the season. It is available for $360 right now.

I had the opportunity to try this board for a few hours at a local demo event, so here is my full review of it.

The Summary:
The main perk of this board is its value for its price. The GNU Money is priced 36.4% below ($208.15 cheaper) than the average all mountain freestyle snowboard that I’ve reviewed this year while earning a review rating that is right around the average (it was only 4% or .172 points lower than average of my 2024 reviews).

All in all, the GNU money offers an incredible value for any beginner who is looking to learn to ride and is interested in hitting the park.

If you are already an experienced rider, you will enjoy the precision carving of this board, but you will find its pop and speed to be lacking.

Review Rating

Considerations Rating Out 5 Score Out of 100 Weight / Importance to Score
Resort Riding / Versatility 5.00 100 5
Pop / Power 3.50 70 10
Powder 3.50 70 5
Carving / Turns 4.25 85 10
Responsiveness 4.25 85 5
Speed 3.50 70 10
Ice / Poor Conditions 5.00 100 10
Switch 5.00 100 10
Jibs 4.00 80 5
Jumps 3.50 70 10
Dampness 3.50 70 10
Buttering 4.00 80 5
Fun to ride 5.00 100 5
Weighted Score 4.1125 82.25 100

Our Rating: 4.11 out of 5 starsAfter calculating the weighted score, my rating for the GNU Money earned a 82.255 out of a possible 100 or 4.46 out of a possible 5 stars.

GNU Money Review


  • It features GNU’s Magne Traction serrated edges, which help it grip to ice while carving better than most other all mountain freestyle boards. This feature makes the Gnu Money an outstanding snowboard for anyone on the East Coast or Midwest who rides a lot of icy conditions.
  • The Money has an exceptional build quality for its price. Like other GNU and Lib Tech snowboards, it’s made in the USA by Mervin Manufacturing. This contributes to the board’s overall value, considering its price point of around $400.
  • It is a great first snowboard because it is easy to learn on. It features an easy to ride rocker between the feet profile (GNU’s C2e profile).
  • It is built to be durable enough for learning to jib. GNU made this board with a special material, UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene, built into its sidewalls. This allows the board to take accidental impacts off its sidewalls, like bashing it off the support leg of a rail, without running the risks of denting the board’s core.


  • The GNU Money can feel slow compared to more expensive boards. The extruded base in this board is not the fastest base available. That said, it is more than fast enough to learn to ride.
  • The C2e profile isn’t for everyone. If you’re already an experienced rider who is used to having a camber-dominant profile between your feet, you will find this board to be lacking in its pop and carving power.

Bindings to Pair With It: Union Ultra Bindings

Size of the Board I Rode: 152cm GNU Money.

Conditions I Rode it In: It was pouring rain. There was slush, hardpack, and a few icy spots.

Flex: Medium (5 out of 10)

Where to Buy: You can get this board from Tactics or EVO right now. With it being late in the season all are running sales.

The Board’s Main Highlight: It’s Carving Precision on Ice

From the moment I stepped on the Gnu Money, I noticed this board felt precise and in control at all times. It became the highlight of the board for me.

The Magne Traction built into this board gives it a level of edge hold/grip while carving that you can’t find in a snowboard priced under $500.

So what exactly is Magne Traction? It’s the shape of the metal edges built into this snowboard. If you were to look at this snowboard from the side, you would see that the board’s edges are serrated like a steak knife.

This image does a great job showing the wavy, Magne Traction serrated edges and highlights their benefit.

GNU Magne Traction Edges Explained

The Magne Traction built into this board makes the Money snowboard an excellent option for East Coast riders because the extra contact points of the serrated edge give the board an additional level of grip as it carves across all types of terrain.

Here is a closer look at the Magne Traction in the GNU Money.

GNU Money Magne Traction

How Good Is It at Carving?

I rated its carving ability at an 8.5 out of 10 and would classify this as an entry-level board that carves surprisingly well. Its strong suits are with shorter, tighter carves. However, it can also make the occasional wider drawn out turn when you need it to as well.

It is worth noting that GNU classifies this board as being a park board. It carves well enough to be considered as an all-mountain / freestyle board. It’s ready and able to carve all over your favorite resort, even outside of the park, too. So don’t be too concerned that it is labeled for park use if you want to take it outside of the park.

How Flexible / Pressable Is the GNU Money?

I’d rate the flex in this deck at a middle of the road 5 out of 10. It’s easy to nose press and butter because of its C2e profile. With having rocker between your feet, pressing this board feels as simple as leaning forward on a feature. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to lock into a nose press.

Additionally, this board also has a middle-of-the-road torsional flex (still a 5/10), which helps make it easy to butter.

How is the GNU Money In the Park?

The GNU Money is an excellent option for anyone looking for their first park board because it is a very easy ride and is simple to press on park features.

The one downside for park riding that you should know about with the GNU Money is that it has a very average level of pop to offer you. I didn’t notice any extra pop or power coming from this board when I loaded it up to pop.

How Good Is the GNU Money for Hitting Jumps?

I’d rate the jumping capabilities of this board at an 8 out of 10. With that said, it’s more intended for a beginner, and an 8 out of 10 score is rated towards hitting the small and medium sized jumps that a beginner would be hitting. This isn’t the type of board you would want to launch off large jumps. Instead, the GNU Money is better for hitting jumps that are less than 40 feet. Anything above that, and there is a good chance that it will wash out if you don’t land directly over the bolts.

Spinning off of jumps felt a little easier with the GNU Money. Two features really help you with your spins.

The first is the blunted shape of the nose and tail. These work to keep the board’s overall swing weight down.

blunted tail of the GNU Money Snowboard

The second is the board’s Magne Traction edges. It was a little easier to lock into landings than usual. The Magne Traction helps you to stop your rotation so you don’t revert around (keep spinning after you land).

How Good Is the GNU Money for Jibbing?

Jibbing is a highlight for GNU Money because of the board’s flex pattern and rocker-dominant profile. You can nose press simply by putting your weight forward. There isn’t any resistance from the board’s profile, so you can just lock into the press by holding it.

The GNU Money is soft enough to mold to the features you’re jibbing, which makes it easier to balance while sliding across features.

How Damp Does It Feel?

This isn’t a damp or smooth feeling board to ride. It is very lively, and you will notice nearly all of the vibrations and chatter as you ride over choppy terrain. With that said, for what it lacks in dampness, you gain in its overall board feel, which is helpful for jibbing in the park. The additional level of board feel helps you know what’s going on underneath your board and allows you to fine-tune the movements you make.

About the Reviewer

Steve holding the Gnu Money

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Where I Rode: Montage Mountain, PA

Conditions: It was pouring rain. There was a mix of hard pack, slush, and ice.

Size / Model: The board I reviewed was a 152cm GNU Money.

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Bindings Used: 2024 Union Ultra

Boots Used: Thirty Two STW Boa

Days Rode this Deck: 1 day at a demo event in Montage Mountain PA

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