Union Force Bindings 2025 Gen 3

The 2025 Union Force Bindings Review: Is the Gen 3 Upgrade Worth It?

Back in January, I was invited to a demo event to try out the new 2025 Union bindings line. One of the bindings I got to review was the newly upgraded Gen 3 2025 Union Force bindings.

I’ve owned a pair of the (Gen 2) Union Force classic bindings for the last three seasons, so I wanted to see if the new upgrades felt any better from the previous version. 

Now for a gigantic spoiler – The summary of what you’ll read below is that the new Union Force bindings felt extremely comfortable. However, other than being a little stiffer, most riders will not notice a difference between the Union Force classic (Gen 2 version) and the newly upgraded 2025 Union Force (Gen 3 version).

Review Rating of the 2025 Union Force Gen3 Bindings

All Mountain Binding
Considerations Rating Out 5 Score Out of 100 Weight / Importance to Score
Comfort 5.00 100 10
Responsiveness 4.60 92 10
Customizations 4.25 85 10
Dampness 3.50 70 5
Shock Absorption 3.80 76 5
Support for Carving 4.50 90 10
Stability 4.70 94 5
Board Feel 4.25 85 5
Jibs 3.00 60 5
Jumps 4.70 94 10
Presses / Buttering 3.50 70 5
Ease of Entry / Exit 4.50 90 10
Overall Quality / Build 4.80 96 10
Weighted Score 4.3725 87.45

Our Rating: After calculating the weighted score, my rating for the 2025 Gen3 Union Force Bindings earned an 87.45 out of a possible 100 or 4.37 out of a possible 5 stars.

Image Gallery of the 2025 Union Force Bindings Review

Highlights from my experience:

  • They are stiffer and more responsive than the classic version. The newly upgraded Union Force bindings felt noticeably stiffer and more responsive than the classic version of the Union Force Bindings. From the moment I strapped into these bindings, I noticed they felt around 2 degrees stiffer than the classic version. When I went to make a turn, these bindings instantly gave me back what I put into them. This enhances the upgraded Force binding’s ability to carve.
  • It is noticeably stiffer than the Classic Union Force bindings.
    • The stiffness of the straps felt like a 7/10 while trying to move side to side. There was a little bit of play, but not enough to call them mid-flexing. To me, I’d still call these stiff.
    • The stiffness from toe to heel felt closer to a 9/10 stiffness level. There is virtually no play when you’re trying to bend the highback backward.
  • For how stiff they were, they still felt very comfortable to the point of not noticing that they were there.
  • A highlight of these bindings is how versatile these bindings are. They’re responsive enough to carve well while not being so stiff you can’t carve with them. The Union Force bindings are good for park riding and carving all types of terrain out of the park, too.
  • The straps and forward lean adjustment are all tool-less, so you can easily adjust these bindings without a screwdriver. Simply flip up the little locking clip and slide your straps or FLAD anywhere you need to.
  • Lastly, these bindings offer some noticeable dampening effects. As you ride, these absorb some of the shock you feel while riding over bumpy terrain.


  1. The new Union Force bindings are versatile and perform well for most types of riding.
  2. The Force offers a smooth riding feel with a strong level of response to help link your turns.
  3. The Force’s Molecular Bushing System offers extra dampening and shock absorption.
  4. The Union Force offers great value for their price.
  5. They offer so many customizations and tool-less adjustments.
  6. Union’s lifetime warranty guarantee on the baseplates and heelcups.


  1. You likely will not notice a difference between these and the cheaper Union Force Classics (the Gen 2 versions), so there are cheaper similar options available.
  2. The new Union Force bindings will be too stiff for riders who enjoy jibbing or riding soft flexing boards.
  3. Some riders find the Union Force to feel heavy. They weigh 2lbs.

Sizes Available

Small (US Men’s 6 – 7.5)

Medium (US Men’s 8 – 10)

Large (US Men’s 10.5 – 13)

X-Large (US Men’s 13 – 15)

It’s worth noting that the XL size is only available for the white and black Union Forces. All other colors are available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

Who Are the Upgraded Union Force Bindings Good For:

The type of rider who would benefit most from upgrading to the new 2025 Union Force is the all mountain rider who wants one binding that can do all types of riding and offer some response for linking turns.

Why Are These Upgraded Forces Called the Gen 3 Union Force Bindings?

These are the third major upgrade for the Union Force.

  • GEN. 01 – Was launched in 2004 and was sold until 2012. The first generation of Union Force was said to be the “bombproof” all mountain binding that put Union on the map.
  • GEN. 02 – Launched in 2013 and is still sold today under the new name the “Union Force Classics.” The Gen 2 Union Force was the most award winning / trusted all mountain bindings for over a decade. It’s most known for its durability and versatility.
  • GEN. 03 – Launched in 2023 and is the latest generation of the Union Force bindings. This version builds on the classic versions with the latest tech. It is slightly stiffer, damper, and adds more response.

How are the Gen 3 2024 Union Force Bindings Different From the Gen 3 2025 Union Forces?

The primary differences are the colors they come in and the new Team Highback design. (Some of the new colors have a solid high back with Union’s logo. The highback itself is the same, though.)

Otherwise, the 2024 and 2025 versions have the exact same technical specs.

This image of their specs side by side shows that they are both identical.

What Boards Would Pair Well With the Union Force Bindings?

Because the bindings are so versatile, they will be a good fit with most boards. Any board with a flex rating of 5-8 out of 10 will match well to the flex pattern of the upgrade Union Force.

What Type of Board Won’t Be a Good Fit for the Union Force Bindings?

Jibbers with a really soft board won’t benefit much from the newly upgraded Union Force bindings.

The upgraded stiffer Union Force can overpower soft jib boards, reducing their natural flex and boardfeel, which are two attributes the jibber needs. That said, the upgraded Union Force bindings are still excellent for riders who primarily focus on jumps with occasional jib sessions. They just are not the ideal choice for a very soft, jib-specific board.

How Do The Upgraded Union Force Bindings Perform?

Groomed Resort Riding: These bindings are meant for resort riding. The Union Force Bindings are perfect for resort riding. They are meant to be a “one binding to rule them all” type of binding, where you aren’t sure what type of riding you want to do and need a binding versatile enough for any type of resort riding.

Icy Conditions & Hard Pack: The upgraded Union Force binding will work exceptionally well on hardpack and icy terrain. The added response in the upgraded 2025 bindings allowed me to engage my edges when needed, offering me a little more control on icy terrain than my soft Union Ultras that I run on my park setup.

Powder: These will work well. However, depending on your board and riding style, you may even want a stiffer binding like the Union Atlas.

Park Riding: The new Union Force bindings will work well in the park. These bindings are better for hitting jumps than jibbing, so it depends on the style of park riding you do most often.

  1. Jumps: These bindings are excellent for jumps. They offer enough shock absorption to land comfortably. However, there are even better options if jumps are your focus. Check out the Union Ultra (4/10 flex) or the newly upgraded 2025 Union Falcor bindings (6.5/10 flex) for additional shock absorption.
  2. Jibbing: The bindings work for jibbing. However, they are a bit too stiff to help you press your board. If jibbing is your focus, check out the Union Ultra bindings.

Carving: The Union Force is a binding that can help you link your turns. The added support and response in the 2025 upgraded version

Comparing the upgraded 2025 Union Force (Gen 3) Bindings to the Union Force Classic Bindings:

The main differences are that the New, upgraded 2025 Union Force is slightly stiffer, more comfortable, and damper. It’s a $50 price upgrade that offers a higher-end feel, while the Union Force Classic is the tried-and-true all mountain binding with many of the same characteristics.

Here is a quick comparison summary for both versions of the Union Force.

2025 Union Force vs. Union Force Classic Bindings
Feature 2025 Union Force Union Force Classic
Stiffness Slightly Stiffer 7.5 / 10 (Torsional & Lateral) More Flexible 6.5 /10
Comfort More Padding & Damping Standard Padding
Feel High-End, Smoother, Damper Standard
Price $329 $279
Value Good, High-End Feel Excellent, More Affordable
Riding Style All Mountain All Mountain
Tool-less Adjustments Yes (Straps & Forward Lean) Yes (Straps & Forward Lean)
Baseplate Full Disk (Great Power Transmission) Full Disk (Great Power Transmission)
Carving Phenomenal for carving Phenomenal for carving
Park Performance Good Slightly Better (More Flexible)
Weight 2 lbs 2 lbs

So, is the Gen3 Union Force Upgrade Worth It?

The honest answer is that most riders will not notice a difference, and you will most likely be fine keeping your Union Force classics or saving the $50 and just getting the classics instead of the Gen 3 versions. Both versions of the Union Force are built for the same types of riding and are incredibly similar to one another. Since the classics are cheaper, I recommend going with those instead.

So when is the Gen3 worth the upgrade over the classics? 

If you’re already a fan of the Union Force Classic bindings and want an upgrade that offers more of response and the latest tech features, it’s worth the upgrade.

Where to Buy the New 2025 Union Force Gen 3 Bindings?

The 2024 Force bindings are still available. However, Union released the 2025 Union Force in the Gunmetal colorway as an early release. You can buy the 2025 Gunmetal color at any of the following shops.

Union Force at Tactics

Union Force at EVO

Union Force at Backcountry

About the Reviewer

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Where I Rode: Stratton, VT and Montage Mountain, PA

Number of Days Rode: The Gen 3 Union Force – one day during a demo event. The Gen 2 Union Force Classics – I own these and rode them for around 200 plus days across three seasons.

Conditions: It was a mix of hardpack and ice with the occasional soft section from 1″ of fresh snow falling the night before.

Size / Model of Bindings Used: The 2025 Union Force Gen 3 Bindings in size medium and 2021 Union Force Classics (Gen 2) in size medium

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Board Used: 2025 Capita Navigator

Boots Used: Thirty Two STW Boa

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