2025 Salomon Snowboards Preview

2025 Salomon Snowboards Lineup Preview And Release Dates

In January, I went to the EWSRA tradeshow to see some of the new 2025 Salomon snowboards that will be released next season. Here are the pictures and all of the notes that I gathered from the tradeshow.

You can see more pictures and read more info in the Gear Preview, too.

What’s New for the Salomon Snowboard Line in 2025?

Outside of the new graphics, nearly all of the updates for the 2025 Salomon Snowboard lineup centered around configuration changes of existing models to make them lighter and float better in deep snow.

  • The Salomon Assassin was upgraded to include a longer nose and tail to improve its float in powder. Salomon also added in more reverse camber in the nose to make the contact points feel less catchy. 
  •  The Salomon Assassin Pro now uses a completely separate shape mold from the standard Salomon Assassin. The Assassin Pro is still the lighter and stiffer model of the Assassin. However, now the nose and tail have been blunted to reduce the swing weight. It now has a longer effective edge, and its stance is now set back 20mm. These upgrades improve its float and carving performance.
  •  The Salomon Rumblefish received a core upgrade to make it lighter and more responsive. It now features bamboo, carbon strings, and Salomon’s Quadrizer Sidecut. It also received the same configuration updates as the Assassin and the Assassin Pro making it float better.
  •  The Salomon Huck Knife and Huck Knife Pro the Huck Knifes are returning for the 2025 season. This year, they feature no technical upgrades other than their bases feature now feature the same graphic while the topsheets can be used to help differentiate them. The Huck Knife Pro is still the lighter and stiffer supercharged version. 
  • The Salmon Dancehaul Pro was a limited run last year, and it will return for the 2025 season. This is the stiffer and lighter supercharged version of the Dancehaul. The Pro version adds in more carbon for added response and pop over the traditional Dancehaul. The Dancehaul Pro will be a limited board in the lineup again this year, so if it sounds interesting, you’ll want to preorder it.
  • The Pro Series boards for the 2025 lineup will all be limited to 200 boards of each model. These include:
    • The Salmon Dancehaul Pro
    • Salmon Huck Knife Pro
    • Salmon Assasin Pro
    • Salmon Super 8 Pro
    • Salmon HPS – Takaharu Nakai E.P.
    • Salmon HPS – Takaharu Nakai
    • Salmon HPS – Louif Paradis
    • Salmon HPS – Want Nyvelt Fish
    • Salmon HPS – Taka Split 2.0

The 2025 Salomon snowboard lineup is expected to ship in the Fall of 2024 in the USA. Tentatively, these boards are expected to release around September 27 2024.

You can also learn more about each of these boards in EVO’s sneak peak at the upcoming 2025 line.

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