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8 Outstanding Women’s Snowboards 2022: All Mountain Ready For Your Favorite Resort

Winter is nearly here! To ensure you have the best time possible on the snow, we compiled a list of the top women’s snowboards for the 2022 season.

So let’s get right to it.

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Best Women’s Snowboards for Carving

Never Summer Lady West Snowboard 2022

The Never Summer Lady West is an all-mountain snowboard that is also featured on our best carving snowboard of 2022 list. The Lady West is a tapered directional board with many technical features to help it carve through any type of terrain.

The Never Summer Lady West’s profile is a Fusion Rocker Camber with an additional longer extended transitional area in the nose. The board’s profile is described as having a slight rocker section between your feet and then a mellow camber under your front foot, and then a more exaggerated camber section under your back foot through the tail.

It looks like this.

The longer nose of the Never Summer Lady West’s unique shape allows the board to float easier in powder and maintain a stronger edge hold while still having a ton of pop.

The core of this board is a combination of poplar wood reinforced with birch stringers. This combination gives the board a medium flex, keeps it lightweight, and makes it incredibly durable.

To help reduce chatter while carving on rougher terrain, Never Summer added the RDS 2 Damping System. This feature helps reduce the vibration in the board and allow you to ride longer without getting tired.

The Lady West has carbon sections running through its entire construction. The carbon gives the board a springboard-like pop, reinforces its edge hold, and adds more stability while carving.

So what makes this board so great for carving?

This. Never Summer included its Vario Power Grip Sidecut. The Lady West has five additional contact points to improve its edge hold and carving ability. It looks like this where each transition point adds another contact point into the edge.

The base of the Lady West is Never Summer’s high-end sintered base called the Durasurf XT 5501. It is durable, incredibly fast, and ready to rip down any type of terrain you can ride on.

If you are looking for a board that can do it all, is fun to carve, and will progress your riding, then get the Never summer lady west.


  • The unique Fusion Rocker Camber shape
  • Smooth ride thanks to the RDS 2 Damping System
  • Responsive edge to edge
  • Carbon adds tons of pop


  • Not great for beginners due to its profile and stiffer flex

Sizes Available: 144, 147, 149, 151, 153, 156

Flex: Medium / Stiff (7 out of 10)

The Best Women’s Snowboards for Jumps

Capita Birds of a Feather Snowboard 2022

The Capita Birds of a Feather is a best selling women’s all-mountain freestyle snowboard year after year. Why? Because this board, and its men’s version the Capita DOA, have won just about every snowboard award a snowboard can win. To put it simply, this board can do it all to perfection.

The Birds of a Feather has technical features that make it the perfect “do everything” all-mountain snowboard.

The Birds of a Feather has Capita’s Resort V1 board profile. It looks like this if you look at the board’s curvature from the side.

The profile is described as having a camber section between your feet, a flat section immediately underfoot, and then small reverse camber sections in the nose and tail. The benefit is that you get all of the power of a camber dominant snowboard with the catch-free contact points to help you land your tricks.

The Capita Birds of a Feather is an excellent board for hitting jumps or giving you an extra boost with your ollies. This board has carbon stringers built into it that give it springboard-like pop. Additionally, it has an upgrade core to make it a smooth, shock-absorbing / damp ride. Additionally, it has a fast sintered base and durable kevlar sidewalls. The Birds of a Feather is a durable, lightweight and responsive deck capable of any type of riding.

If you’re looking for a freestyle focused all-mountain snowboard, get the 2022 Capita Birds of a Feather.


  • The perfect freestyle focused “do everything type board”
  • Responsive traditional camber profile / Excellent pop for jumps
  • Twin shape
  • Dual Blaster V2 Core – This makes the board lightweight / durable while absorbing vibrations as you ride
  • Fast / Durable Sintered Base
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • This can do it all. However, it is more resort focused. If you are going to be riding a lot of powder in the backcountry, try another board.
  • Not a good option for both riding powder and hitting the park – This is more riding backcountry, carving at your resort, or finding natural jump features.

Sizes: 140, 142, 144, 146, 148, 148 Wide, 150, 150 Wide, 152, 152 Wide, 154

Flex: Medium (5 out of 10)

The Best Women’s Do It All Snowboards

Bataleon Distortia Women’s Snowboard 2022

The Bataleon Distortia is another best-selling women’s all-mountain freestyle snowboard. This is the sister version of the Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard. The Distortia has all of the same features as the Evil Twin. However, it is designed specifically with the female rider in mind. (It comes in smaller sizes and has a slightly softer flex pattern of 4/10.)

The Bataleon Distortia has a tech feature that sets it above and beyond most other women’s all-mountain snowboards. This snowboard has Bataleon’s 3BT (Triple Base Technology) with Sidekick. That means the snowboard’s base has a 3d spoon shape to it in its nose and tail. Here is a quick video that describes 3BT.

The main benefits of this 3BT are that it improves turn initiation, helps the board float on powder, and gives you a playful catch-free feel while you’re riding it. Add those characteristics on top of a twin snowboard with a traditional camber profile, and you have the versatile “go anywhere do anything” resort beast that is Bataleon’s Distortia.

If you’re looking for a board that can hit the park, float on deep snow, and works insanely well as your all-mountain resort board, get the Bataleon Distortia 2022 snowboard.


  • 3BT+ Sidekick profile – The nose and tail are spoon like. This gives the board better turn initiation, better float in deeper snow, and a catch free ride.
  • Stable all mountain board while still being playful and perfect for park riding
  • Medium/ Soft flex makes it easier to press and butter
  • Light and durable


  • It can take a few runs to get used to 3BT
  • Can occasionally slide on jump landings due to the catch free feel (You will be fine on normal balanced landings. It is more when you’re off axis.)

Sizes: 143, 146, 149, 152

Flex: Soft / Medium (4 out of 10)

The Best Women’s All Mountain Freeride Snowboards

Jones Women’s Flagship Snowboard 2022

The Jones Women’s Flagship is the perfect all-mountain / freeride snowboard for carving on any terrain. The Flagship has the perfect combination of features for connecting turns at your favorite resort or floating on deep snow in the backcountry.

The Jones Flagship is a stiffer flexing snowboard with a hybrid camber/rocker board profile. It has a camber profile between your feet with a slight rocker profile in the nose and tail. This board also has a 3d spoon-like curvature in its nose and tail. This image shows the spoon-like curvature to give you an idea of how this looks when rested on a flat surface.

This 3d feature combines with the hybrid board profile to help the board float in powder, makes connecting turns easier, and gives this board a catch-free feel while still being incredibly responsive.

The Flagship is a tapered directional-shaped snowboard, and it has a slightly wider ( by .49 of an inch) nose than its tale. Additionally, its stance is set back by .79 of an inch (20 Millimeters). These shaping features combine to keep the board’s nose up and float with a surf-like feel on powder.

The Women’s Flagship features Traction Tech 3.0 technology built into its edges. This feature gives the board an increased edge hold on ice and rougher conditions. There are three additional contact points added to the board’s edges on both sides. One contact point is placed at the center between your feet, and then the other two are under each binding. These extra points of contact help the board carve through ice and rougher conditions.

If you’re looking for a snowboard that can handle all conditions while being insanely fun to ride, then get the Jones Flagship 2022 snowboard.


  • Directional shape with a setback stance – Helps it float in powder
  • 3d profile – Helps turn initiation
  • Traction Tech 3.0 – Helps improve its edge hold even while carving on ice
  • Eco friendly materials
  • 3 year warranty


  • On the more expensive side compared to others on this list.

Sizes: 146, 149, 152, 155

Flex: Stiff (8 out of 10)

The Best Womens Snowboards for East Coast Riding

GNU Asym Ladies Choice C2X Women’s Snowboard 2022

The GNU Asym Ladies Choice Snowboard is a do it all asymmetrical twin that is light, stable, and poppy while being ridiculously easy to ride.

The Asym Ladies Choice is built on the C2X rocker profile. This profile is a more exaggerated rocker (curves like the letter u) between the bindings while slight camber sections under your foot (curves like the letter n). The board’s profile looks like this.

The benefits of the board’s profile are that it will have the playful, forgiving feel of a banana rocker shape with the combined responsive precision of a traditional camber board.

Additionally, this snowboard has an asymmetrical sidecut. That means that it has a deeper heelside sidecut than its toe side edge. The asymmetrical shape helps it lock into turns and make it slightly easier to ride than other boards on this list. It is also a twin shape so that it will ride switch as well. However, if you ride with a regular or goofy stance, you will want to set this board up with the designated heelside edge being your primary heelside edge.

The Ladies Choice is the perfect board for east coast riders because it can hold an edge even on ice. The GNU Ladies Choice holds an edge incredibly well thanks to its Magne Traction edges. If you were to look at the edges of this board, you would see they look like a serrated steak knife. This image does a great job showing the wavy, Magne Traction serrated edges and highlights their benefit.

Combine the serrated edges with the asym shape and C2x profile, and you have a playful all-mountain board that can grip anything.

The GNU Ladies Choice is made to be durable, lightweight, poppy, and fast. The core of the board is a combination of balsa, aspen, and paulownia wood. GNU also added in UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) sidewalls to help the board remain unharmed if it hits a rail or rock on its side. To round it all off, GNU added in a fast-sintered base. The base is durable and will remain fast for you when you wax and maintain it.

If you’re looking for an awesome snowboard that is fun to ride and can hold an edge in all conditions, get the GNU Asym Ladies Choice Snowboard.


  • A playful / easy to ride all mountain board (Good for beginners through advanced riders)
  • Asymmetrical twin shape – this makes it easier to carve / allows you to ride longer with less fatigue in your legs
  • Light, durable, and poppy core
  • Sintered base
  • Magne traction edges – the edge hold is incredible even on ice
  • An excellent do it all snowboard
  • Hand made in the USA


  • It does ok in powder thanks to the rocker profile between the feet. However, if you will be riding deeper snow often, check out one of the directional shape boards on this list.

Sizes: 139.5, 142.5, 145.5, 148.5, 151.5, 153.5

Flex: Soft / Medium (4 out of 10)

The Best Women’s All Mountain / Powder Snowboard

Jones Dream Catcher Snowboard

The Jones Dream Catcher is the perfect board for anyone looking for a snowboard that can do it all. This can be your resort board while still having all the features you need to take in the backcountry powder too.

The Dream Catcher is a directional snowboard, meaning that it performs best when ridden with its nose pointed forward. Its board profile is traditional camber underfoot with rocker in the nose and tail. The Dream Catcher also features the same Jones’ 3D contour base technology as the Jones Flagship mentioned above. If you flipped the board over, you would find a nose and a tail with this spoon-like curvature.

The benefit of combining the directional shape with Jones’ spoon-like curvature is that this board performs as well floating on top of deep snow as it rips down groomers at your favorite resort. The Jones Dream Catcher can be both your all-mountain resort board as well as your powder snowboard. The 3D contour also makes the turn initiation easier and gives this board an incredibly smooth-riding feel.

One feature that sets the Dream Catcher apart from most all-mountain freeride boards is that it doesn’t have the really stiffer flexing tail. Instead, the Dream Catcher has a more freestyle-inspired, medium-flexing tail. The benefit here is that it makes the board more versatile to take to resorts and much easier to ride for riders at all skill levels.

The Dream Catcher can carve well on ice too. Jones added Traction Tech 2.0 into the edges of this snowboard. There is an extra serrated notch at each of the contact points and in the middle of the snowboard to help improve this board’s edge hold and carving performance.

The Jones Dream Catcher is lightweight, durable, and easier to ride than some other all-mountain boards. This board features a full-length poplar wood core. Jones added in biax fiberglass that runs both horizontally and laterally across the length of the board. The fiberglass’ placement makes the board a little more rider-friendly by giving this board a softer torsional flex.

The base on the Dream Catcher is Jones’ Sintered 8000 Base. This is a very fast sintered base that is made from a durable Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene mixed with carbon. This material absorbs wax well, will remain fast for you, and is easy to repair should you ever need to fill a deep scratch.

Here is an overview video covering all of its core features.

If you’re looking for a smooth-riding snowboard that can charge through powder, ice, or groomers at your resort, get the Jones Dream Catcher snowboard.


  • Versatile enough to ride anywhere at the resort and still float on powder
  • Lightweight / Durable
  • Easy to ride / Smooth turn initiation
  • Fast sintered base
  • Excellent edge hold / Tech that helps it carve on ice
  • Lots of pop thanks to its camber profile


  • Not the best option for jibbing
  • Medium flex might be too soft for some advanced riders who are specifically looking for a freeride board

Sizes: 142, 145, 148, 151, 154

Flex: Medium (6 out of 10)

The Best Women’s Snowboard for Jibbing (and All-Mountain Riding)

Salomon Gypsy Snowboard

The Salomon Gypsy Snowboard is a versatile all-mountain freestyle board with tech that helps you carve, hit rails, and launch off jumps in the park.

The Gypsy has a true twin shape with a blunted nose and tail. Salomon’s designers removed any unnecessary material in the nose and tail of this snowboard to reduce its swing weight. The benefit is that the board is more maneuverable for your jibs and spins. Additionally, it is lighter and easier to turn than most other all-mountain boards.

The profile of the Salomon Gypsy is a rock out camber. It looks like this.

The profile has a long rocker section in the nose and tail, and then there is an exaggerated camber to flat section between your feet. The benefit is that the rocker sections give the Gypsy its playful, skate-like feel while the camber and flat section give the board its responsiveness, power, and pop.

The Gypsy is a versatile board that can do more than just be your park board. It has features built into its sidecut that make it easy to carve while also giving it a superior edge hold. Here is a quick overview video that covers all of these features.

This board has a sintered stone ground base. It will be fast and durable for you. You will just need to wax it regularly.

If you’re looking for a jib board that can still excel all over the mountain, get the Salmon Gypsy.


  • Versatile Park Board that carves beautifully too
  • Easy to ride profile that still has tons of power and pop
  • Low swing weight – Perfect for jibs and spins of jumps
  • Durable – Stone ground sintered base


  • This board has been selling out often. (A few online shops have it for preorder for a second shipment that will be coming in towards the middle of January.)
  • There aren’t many sizes available.

Sizes: 138,147, 151

Flex: Medium (5.5 out of 10)

The Best Women’s All Mountain Snowboards Overall

Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard 2022

The 2022 Women’s Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard is a responsive, poppy, and fast all-mountain freestyle snowboard that is perfect for all conditions. Read all about this board over on our best all-mountain snowboards of 2022 award list. If you are looking for a fast do it all snowboard, go with the Never Summer Proto Synthesis.


  • Carbon added for pop and responsiveness
  • Lightweight
  • Durable laminates and sidewalls
  • 3 year Warranty
  • Fast base – This has Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base the fastest Never Summer has ever used.
  • Its stiffer flex and dampness.


  • The sizes only go up to 151cm. However, the men’s version (with a different graphic) goes up to 161cm.
  • Not beginner friendly. This is more for intermediate to advanced riders.

Sizes: 139, 142, 145, 148, 151

Flex: Medium (5 out of 10)

So there you have it.

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