2022 Powder Snowboards

The Best Powder Snowboards for 2022: Float on Top of the Deep Snow With These Decks

Riding in powder is one of the best feelings you can get on your snowboard. There is just something about carving effortlessly through deep snow while leaving your track as your mark on the world.

However, not all snowboards are made ride in powder, though. To ride in powder, you need a snowboard that was specifically built to float on top of it.

Those are exactly the type of snowboards on this list. Here are the top 5 powder snowboards of the 2022 season.

So let’s get right to it.

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The Best Powder Snowboards Under $800

Bataleon Surfer

The Bataleon Surfer has everything you need for riding in deep snow. It has a positive camber profile, a directional shape, a setback stance, and a gigantic swallowtail. However, that is not all this board has to offer. Bataleon also threw in some incredible tech features that truly make it one of the best powder boards on this list.

This board’s unique shape combined with Bataleon’s 3BT (triple base technology) set it apart from other powder snowboards on this list. Bataleon calls this version of its technology the Pow3BT.

It looks like this.

The POW3BT is what gives this board its superior float. The contact points of the Surfer are uplifted (spoon-like) in both the nose and the swallowtail. Those contact points allow for snow to pass through seamlessly as you ride. When those uplifted points are combined with the tension in the positive camber deck, you get superior edge hold as the contact points dig into the snow as you carve.

The Bataleon Surfer’s core combines 70% swiss paulownia, 30%poplar wood, and dampening composite materials. The combination of wood and other materials makes the Bataleon Surfer a strong, lightweight, and damp board to ride.

To help give the board more pop and power, Bataleon added hollow carbon tubes and stringers into the Surfer. These carbon tubes work along with the camber profile of the board to help you engage your edge and allow this board to carve incredibly well.

The Bataleon surfer has a medium to the softer side of medium flex. You will be able to do butters on top of the powder while still having the response and control you need to ride through the trees.

The base of the Bataleon surfer is a standard sintered base. It will be tough, fast, and durable for you. It will require you to wax it, though.

If you are looking for a snowboard that has everything you need for floating on deep snow while giving you that surf-like feeling, get the 2022 Bataleon Surfer snowboard.


  • 3BT – Spoon like nose and tail to help snow pass through as you ride.
  • This board floats like a dream. It has a wide nose and swallowtail.
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Mid flex to help make it playful
  • Carbon added in to make it powerful


  • The flex might not be stiff enough for some.

Sizes: 149, 154, 159, 162

The Best Powder Snowboards Under $700

Burton Fish 3D 2022

The 2022 Burton Fish 3D takes its inspiration from surfing and the flow of water. This board has all the features you need to make this your quiver’s dedicated powder snowboard.

The Fish 3D has a directional shape with a 1.18-inch taper (30 millimeters), making the nose nice and wide with a more narrow tail. The stance is set back towards the tail.

The board’s profile is Burton’s Directional Flat Top. It is flat underfoot with a large gradual rocker that rises in its nose. It is specifically designed to keep the nose up and float on powder.

It looks like this.

This board has a 3D profile in its nose and tail. If you flipped the Fish 3D over, you would instantly notice its nose has a concave shovel-like shape. The nose’s shape was designed to allow the nose to pass through snow seamlessly as you ride. The tail has the opposite curvature. There is a 3D convex shape to the tail. The tail is designed to help lift the tail as you ride. The combination of 3D sections in combination with the board’s profile are what allow it to float so well on deep snow.

The Burton Fish 3D snowboard has a direction flex pattern. Its flex rating is on the softer side of medium at about a 4.5 out of 10. The board was made stiffer in the tail for extra pop and response, while the nose is a softer to allow snow to pass through and keep you on top of deep snow.

The Fish 3D features Burton’s WFO sintered base. It will be fast and durable for you. You will need to keep up with waxing it so it keeps that perfect glide on powder.

If you’re looking for a powder board with a lot of tech at a great price, check out the Burton Fish 3D.


  • Floats in powder beautifully – Directional shape and 3D profile
  • Burton 3-year warranty
  • Carbon added to give it response
  • Durable and Lightweight – Burton’s Super Fly II™ 700G Core with Dualzone™ EGD™
  • Comes pre broken in
  • Eco-friendly build


  • This is perfect as a powder board. However, you would want to go with a different option if you were going to use it as an all-mountain snowboard.

Sizes: 151, 156, 161

The Best Powder Snowboards Under $600 (Great on Hard Pack Too)

Jones Storm Wolf Snowboard 2022

The Jones Storm Wolf is a wide directional powder snowboard with a set back stance of 2.55 inches (65 Millimeters). The board has a .39 inch (10 millimeters) taper, so there is wider nose to help it ride well in powder.

This profile of this board is Jones’ Surf Camber. It is a camber dominant snowboard. There is camber between your feet, a large uprising rocker section in the nose, and then a camber release in the tail. The shape of the board is designed specifically to make this snowboard ride well on powder.

To help with edge hold, there are a few extra contact points added in the Storm Wolf. Jones calls this Traction Tech 3.0. There are extra contact points under your front binding, between your feet, and under your back binding. These help the board grip the snow as you carve. This feature in combination with the board’s progressive sidecut also make the Jones Storm Wolf an excellent board for carving the whole mountain too. It is right at home on those hardpack days.

The Jones Storm Wolf snowboard has a 3D Contour Base. There is a spoon like shape in the nose and tail. The spoon shaping is about .27 of an inch (7 millimeters). The 3D shaping is designed to improve the board’s glide in powder. It helps snow pass through it with as little friction as possible. It also makes the turn initiation feel smoother on both hard pack and deep snow.

To give the board a damp feel, jones added in Carbon with Innegra into the board. When you look at the topsheet of the board, you can see it. It looks like a neat diamond pattern. This helps the Storm Wolf absorb vibrations as you ride on choppier terrain.

The flex of the Storm Wolf is stiff at around an 8 out of 10. It has a directional flex to it. It is stiffer in the tail and a little closer to a medium flex pattern in the nose. The stiffer tail helps give this board more stability while carving fast while the softer nose helps the snowboard bend upwards to stay on top of deep snow.

Jones added in a Sintered 8000 Base into the Storm Wolf. This means the base will be harder and faster than some other powder specific boards. It will need you to wax it, though.

If you’re looking for a powder board that is fun to carve and will also be right at home on harder snow, then check out the Jones Storm Wolf.


  • Floats excellent on powder and still carves well on resort groomers
  • Carbon / Innegra added in to dampen the ride – You won’t feel vibration in your legs.
  • Extra contact points to help it carve
  • Sintered base
  • 3D countered nose and tail to help it glide on deep snow
  • Eco-friendly build


  • This might be too stiff for some. It is 8/10 flex in the tail and the nose is closer to a 6/10.

Sizes: 158, 162

The Best Powder Snowboard Under $500

Capita Navigator 2022

The Navigator is a directional powder snowboard with a setback stance of one inch (25.4 millimeters). This board has a .47 of an inch (12mm millimeters) taper. It is the perfect deck for riding powder or hitting backcountry features. Additionally, this board is also right at home with riding on harder-packed snow at your local resort.

The Navigator has Capita’s Alpine V1 profile. It has a positive camber section between the bindings, a flat tail, and reverse camber in its long nose. It is the right profile for keeping the board floating on top of deep snow while having a lot of pop for hitting backcountry features and stability to carve.

It looks like this.

There is a directional flex in the Capita Navigator. The tail has a stiffer 5.5 out of 10 flex. The nose is on the slightly softer side with a 4 out of 10 flex. The stiffer tail gives this board its power and response, while the more flexible nose helps to improve the board’s float overall. While the nose is pressable with some effort, I wouldn’t say this is the right powder board for doing butters or riding the park.

The Navigator rips as a carving snowboard in all conditions. Capita added a Parabolic Sidecut into the Navigator. This is a large symmetrical sidecut that allows you to get a deeper, tighter carve. The shifted positive camber profile works well with the larger sidecut for going fast and carving in powder.

A new feature for the 2022 season is two cork dampening sheets that were added right into the board’s top sheet. These dampening sheets help make the Capita Navigator one of the smoothest riding boards on this list. You can see these in the graphic. These are the darker streaks that run along the sides. These are added to make the board absorb chatter, so if you’re riding rougher terrain at high speeds, you won’t feel the vibration in your legs.

Capita added some carbon into this board right around where the dampening sheets are. These carbon sections work well with the camber in the board. When the board has tension, the carbon sections lift the nose up. It is a feature that gives the Navigator an excellent float level while adding in some pop and response.

The Navigator has a sintered base. It will be a durable, fast base for you that will remain fast when you wax it. It comes from the Capita Mothership factory with a stone ground base.

If you’re looking for a responsive powder snowboard with a lot of stability that feels fun to ride, check out the Capita Navigator 2022 snowboard.


  • Floats well in powder
  • Perfect stable carving board in all conditions
  • Damp / Smoot ride
  • Has 360 steel edges
  • Fast / Durable Sintered Base
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • A bit too stiff to butter in powder
  • Not a good option for both riding powder and hitting the park – This is more riding backcountry, carving at your resort, or finding natural jump features.

Sizes: 151, 155, 161, 164

The Best Snowboards for Riding Powder and Park

Burton Deep Thinker 2022

The Burton Deep Thinker is the directional shaped version of Burton’s more freestyle-focused Free Thinker. Both boards are Danny Davis’ pro models, and the Deep Thinker is his snowboard specifically designed to float in the powder and still be playful enough to butter and even rider in the park.

The board profile of the Deep Thinker is Burton’s directional camber. That means it has a traditional camber from the front binding through the board’s tail, and it has a rocker profile in the nose to help it float.

It would look like this where the nose is pointing to the right.

This deck has a setback stance of .98 of an inch. Additionally, the Deep Thinker has a .27 of an inch ( 7 millimeters) tapered sidecut, so the nose is slightly wider than the tail. The shape of the board is what makes this an excellent option for riding in deep snow.

The flex of the board is on the medium side at around a six out of ten. The tail is stiffer to give you more response than the nose. The nose is more playful and easier to butter.

The Deep Thinker features Burton’s WFO sintered base. It will remain fast for you. It will just require normal wax and maintenance. Additionally, the Deep Thinker snowboard features Burton’s Super Fly II™ 700G Core. Basically, Burton strategically placed stronger and lighter wood throughout the core. The result is a maneuverable board that is damp, lightweight to help it float, and remain durable.

If you’re looking for an all-mountain snowboard that rides like a full camber deck, and it will still float beautifully in the deep snow, get the Burton Deep Thinker.


  • Poppy
  • Great for carving through trees
  • Flex is a medium to stiff (6 out of 10)
  • Burton Channel mounting system – allows you to fine tune your stance to ensure it is perfect for you.
  • Also an excellent all-mountain snowboard – Rides just as well on hardpack as powder.


  • The only thing to think about is that this has Burton’s channel mounting system, so you need Burton’s EST bindings or an adapter.

Sizes: 154, 157, 157 Wide, 160, 160 Wide, 163 Wide

Best All-Mountain Powder Snowboards for 2022

Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard

The Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard is a supercharged all-mountain, freestyle-focused snowboard that floats incredibly well in powder. Read all about this board over on our best all-mountain snowboards of 2022 list. If you’re looking for a powder board that can ride switch and truly does it all, then check out the Golden Orca.


  • Excellent float in powder while still being one of the best all-mountain snowboards
  • Lightweight and durable
  • ight weight and durable
  • Rides switch well (most of the others on this list won’t)
  • Holds an edge in ice as well as powder thanks to its Magne Traction edges


  • It is on the more expensive side at around $750. You get a lot of tech to help you in all conditions though.

So there you have it. The best powder boards for the 2022 season are these.

  • The Best Powder Snowboards Under $800: Bataleon Surfer
  • The Best Powder Snowboards Under $700: Burton Fish 3D 2022
  • The Best Powder Snowboards Under $600 (Great on Hard Pack Too): Jones Storm Wolf Snowboard 2022
  • The Best Powder Snowboard Under $500: Capita Navigator 2022
  • The Best Powder Snowboard for Park & Butters: Burton Deep Thinker 2022
  • Best All-Mountain Powder Snowboards for 2022: Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca Snowboard

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