Best Park Snowboards 2022

The Best Park Snowboards of 2021 – 2022: Freestyle Decks for Days

There is something about hitting jumps and rails on a snowboard that can make you feel incredible. When you land a new trick on your snowboard, you have valid proof that you are progressing. If you are like me, this is the type of snowboarding that you get stoked on. Freestyle is the type of riding where you can start to hear that little voice in your head. You know the voice. Its the one that urges you to try new tricks. Its the voice of reason, fear, and excitement that pushes you to try new tricks.

Whether your terrain of choice is called pipe, slopestyle, street, or park, you need to make sure you have the right deck under your feet to stomp your tricks. We compiled a list of the best freestyle snowboards for the 2021 – 2022 season to make sure you find the right board for you.

So let’s get right into it.

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Best Beginner Friendly Park Snowboard

Capita Pathfinder Reverse Snowboard 2022

The Capita Pathfinder Reverse snowboard is the latest version of what was previously called the Capita Horroscope. This is Capita’s award-winning true twin park board. The Pathfinder Reverse is a forgiving freestyle twin snowboard that can also be used as a “do it all” type all-mountain snowboard. This snowboard has a Park V2 Profile which is described as being flat between the feet and reverse camber just outside of the bindings to the contact points. The shape makes the deck feel stable and surfy without being overly aggressive. The reverse camber near the contact points will make the board less catchy and help you land tricks if you are slightly off-axis. The deck features a combination of laminates consisting of Special Blend Fiberglass and Magic Bean Resin. The combination is a park snowboard with a lot of torsional flex (flex from edge to edge). In the deck, there is a wood core called the FSC Dual Core. The dual-core gives the deck added power, extra pop, and durability. The flex rating of this is a 4/10. However, it is on the softer side, so you should consider it closer to a 3/10. This is a deck that will help you with butters and presses. Overall, this is a lightweight, playful, skate-like, and a maneuverable park snowboard at an excellent price.

P.S. also new for 2022 there is a camber version of this deck called Pathfinder Camber. You can check that version out here.

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  • The v2 park profile shape
  • The soft flex for deep presses.
  • Eco friendly build
  • Skateboard-like feel


  • The combination sintered and extruded base will need some wax and maintenance.
  • Pop can feel soggy if timed wrong.

Sizes Available: 145, 147, 149, 151, 151 Wide, 153, 153 Wide, 155, 155 Wide, 157, 157 Wide

Best 3D Shaped Park Snowboard

Bataleon Evil Twin 2022 Snowboard

The Evil Twin is a true twin shape freestyle board that Bataleon has been perfecting since 2003. This board has a full camber profile with Bataleon’s 3BT™ (Triple Base Technology). The Evil Twin’s camber profile gives the deck its stability for both carving and hitting jumps. However, what makes this board truly unique from others on park boards, is its 3BT™ with SideKick™ technology. That means the deck has an uplifted side base. If you were riding the Evil Twin flat on its base, its side edges would curve upwards towards you. The benefit is that it makes it board stable, yet surfy, and extremely catch free. You will notice the 3BT™ makes this board easier to carve, butter, and hit rails. The balance of the camber’s stability mixed with the catch-free playfulness of 3BT™ makes this an excellent park board for your quiver.

The core of the Bataleon Evil Twin is made of 70% Swiss paulownia and 30% poplar wood blend for an incredibly balanced strength to weight ratio. Like some of the other boards on the list, the Evil Twin has carbon stringers running through its core to give it an added layer of pop and stability. The sintered base of the Evil Twin will remain fast and durable as long as you maintain and wax it. Altogether, if you are looking for a playful, positive camber snowboard that can butter and still be stable enough to hit jumps, this is the park board for you.

It is here! The 2022 Evil Twin just became available. This deck sells out fast, so get your order in early to ensure they have your size.


  • Medium/ Soft flex makes it easier to press and butter
  • Playful and stable feel perfect for park riding
  • Catch free ride thanks to 3BT™
  • The true twin shape


  • You have to be more precise with your edges (due to the 3BT™)
  • Can slide on jump landings due to 3BT™ (Just land bolts)

Sizes Available: 149,151,154,156 Wide, 157, 159, 159 Wide

Most Versatile

Burton Free Thinker 2022 Snowboard


  • The balanced feel and flex of this deck
  • light weight
  • The board comes pre broken in.


  • Unable to use standard binding base plates. This uses Burton Snowboards Channel® Mounting System.

Sizes Available: 150, 154, 157, 160, 160 Wide

Most Durable Park Snowboards

Capita Ultrafear 2022 Snowboard

The Capita Ultrafear is one of those twin shape freestyle snowboards that can do it all. The Ultrafear snowboard was named after that little bit of fear you get right before you hit your jump line in the park. This snowboard deck is highly resilient. The Ultrafear will hold up to all of the demands of park or street riding.

A new feature for 2022 is that this deck has Capita’s Resort V1 Profile. The board profile now has a positive camber between your feet, flat under your feet, with a slight reverse camber (rocker) right before the tip and tail. In previous years the board was primarily flat between your feet, and now there is some camber to give it more pop.

So how does it feel now that it has a camber profile?

The 2022 Capita Ultrafear has managed to retain its flexible and snappy nature. As opposed to last year’s Kevlar body armor, Capita has added in the Carbon Aramid Body Armor to the 2022 version. This better protects the contact points while increasing the responsiveness of the board. Capita also managed to decrease the vibration you would feel riding this by adding more cork into the edges.

The 2022 Ultrafear’s change to the V1 resort profile has not decreased its jib friendliness. It compliments it. The profiles’ flatter “WAH-POW” nose/tail shape, a press is easy to initiate presses and butters. At the same time, the camber section between the bindings adds to the board’s pop and response.

The new profile has improved the snowboard’s ability to launch off jumps too. The camber and carbon added in will boost you while the flatter nose and tail make your landings catch-free.

The wood core of this board was also upgraded for 2022. Now it is called the Dual Blaster V2 Core. The core features a combination of poplar and Paulownia wood. The combination makes this an incredibly light, durable board with a predictable feel. The perimeter of this board is incredibly durable thanks to its Carbon Aramid Body Armor™. If you accidentally hit your nose or tail on a feature in the terrain park, this board was specifically designed to take the impact where most other snowboards would chip or crack. Capita also added cork near the edges of this deck. The added cork helps give the Ultrafear absorb the chatter of rough terrain and make the impact of jumps feel softer. The Ultrafear features a fast and durable sintered base.

Overall, the Ultrafear is the perfect freestyle snowboard for beginner to advanced park riders who want a durable, playful, and fast deck.


  • Durable – Kevlar sidewalls
  • Profile of board is both playful and aggressive when you need it to be
  • Wax-infused sintered base is durable and fast
  • New updated camber profile to give it more pop than previous versions
  • 360 Edges


  • Flex is on the stiffer side
  • One of the more expensive boards on the list

Sizes Available: 147, 149, 151, 153, 153 Wide, 155, 155 Wide, 157

Best for Jibs

GNU Headspace 2022 Snowboard

The Head Space is on sale right now, and it is one of the best snowboard deals going right now. See the sale price here.

Head Space is a freestyle asymmetrical twin snowboard. It is the pro model board for GNU team rider Forest Bailey. This deck has the c3 profile shape to help give it a ton of pop, maintain control and precision, and still remain flexible for jibs and rails. The c3 camber profile shape is described as a camber dominant snowboard. It has a mild rocker between your feet and camber under your feet to the nose or tail. The profile gives this board a playful feel while still maintaining the responsive feel of camber right under your bindings. The Head Space features Magne-Traction Serrated Edges giving it a few extra contact points to help it grip down in ice and firmer snow. The Gnu Head Space snowboard has a designated heelside and toeside edge to help make it easy to ride, pliable, and still maintaining a fierce edge hold. This board is excellent for park features, and it still packs a lot of technology into it that will help you outside of the park as well. The flex rating of this snowboard is around a medium 5/10. It will offer stability and be playful if you put some effort into your butters and presses. Overall, if you are looking for a freestyle snowboard where you can be confident going sideways into nose and tails slides and catch-free if landing slightly off-axis on jumps, this is the deck for you. 


  • The c3 profile shape
  • Magne-Traction™: Unreal edge hold
  • The balance of the asymmetrical shape


  • Limited 1-year manufacturer warranty (some of the other warranties are a little longer)
  • Might not be the best in deeper conditions. (Intended for park)
  • The extruded base isn’t the fastest. It is good enough to accelerate from rails to jumps.

Sizes Available: 149, 152, 152 Wide, 155, 155 Wide, 158

Best for Pop

Solomon Huck Knife 2022 Snowboard

The Solomon Huck Knife is an extremely lightweight, responsive, and fast true twin freestyle snowboard. This snowboard deck has a slightly wider profile to give it added balance and control. The board’s profile is camber between the feet, aggressive camber under your feet, and rocker on the tip and tail. Think of the board profile as a less catchy camber dominant profile. The energy of this snowboard comes from the tech built into its edges and core. The Huck Knife uses paulownia wood in various cuts and thicknesses to keep its weight light. Solomon added carbon strings into the core to give the Solomon Huck Knife a spring-loaded pop that you can load up. There are also carbon stringers added into this snowboard’s sidewalls to give it durability and additional shock absorption. Solomon has detuned the edges in the tip and tail, added a 2-degree edge holding tune in certain areas, and gave the deck a 3-degree bevel between your feet. The tech built into the edges offers an incredible edge hold when you need it while remaining catch-free on rails. The Solomon Huck Knife has a sintered base that will remain fast for you. Just remember to keep it waxed. If you are searching for freestyle snowboards that will give you a ton of pop in a balanced, controllable ride, this board is for you.


  • Pop of this board
  • Playful 3/10 flex in a camber park board
  • The edges – Perfect for edge hold when you need it and dialed back for rails.
  • The balanced feel. The deck is slightly wider than other boards on this list.


  • Flex on this board is on the stiffer side
  • Not beginner friendly (perfect for intermediate to advanced riders)

Sizes Available: 148,152,155,155 Wide, 158, 158 Wide, 162

Best Volume Shifted / Wide Freestyle Snowboard

Ride Twin Pig 2022 Snowboard

Ride Twin Pig is a true twin shape freestyle snowboard that can be a lot of fun carving outside of the board park as well. The board profile is a hybrid camrock. It has a camber section under your feet with reverse camber outside your bindings in the nose and tail. The Twin Pig has an asymmetrical sidecut. There is a little bit of a deeper sidecut on the heels to help you balance out your turns.

There is a wood core in the Twin Pig made of Aspen and Bamboo. The balance of using both strong and lighter, more resilient wood gives the Twin Pig its sturdiness and damp riding feel. You won’t feel the chatter under your boots if riding on uneven terrain. The sidewalls are made with the same material as skateboard wheels to protect your deck against dents while jibbing in the park.

The unique feature of the Twin Pig is its waist width. This is a volume shifted snowboard. It is meant for you to ride a shorter board than you normally would because it comes wider than most other park boards. The wider width makes for more stable jump landings and virtually no toe drag as you are carving around. Being that you can go a few sizes down on this snowboard, you will be able to spin easier and have an overall more maneuverable feel. You can use our snowboard length calculator to gauge which sized board to buy.

The flex of the Twin Pig is on the softer side of medium. Thanks to its rocker sections in the tip and tail, the Twin Pig can butter and press easily. However, the board itself is on the medium to stiff side. It is a useful feature blending a flexible nose in a more stable board. The camber section of the board prevents the deck from being over flexible while jibbing. You will be able to hang on to nose and tail slides easier than some other park boards.

The Twin Pig has a durable sintered base. It will require wax to maintain and is fast enough. Ultimately its the board’s dimensions that make it not the fastest option rather than its base. All in all, if you are looking for a volume shifted park board that is the perfect blend of playful, damp, and sturdy, then the Twin Pig is for you.


  • The wider / stable feel in a playful freestyle board
  • Pop is great for jumps
  • Flex makes it easier to butter or press
  • The true twin shape makes it easier to ride switch
  • Flex makes it easier to begin presses and not overly flexible (soft flex in the tips and medium in the center)
  • Excellent option if you have large feet


  • Not the best option for steeper or technical terrain
  • Not the fastest board on the list (due to its wider shorter intended size)
  • Not a beginner friendly deck due to its shape

Sizes Available: 136, 142, 148, 151, 154, 156 Wide, 157

Best Do It All Freestyle Snowboard

Nitro T1 2022 Snowboard

For 19 years, the Nitro T1 has been getting refined to make it one of the best park snowboards on the planet. The T1 is a true twin shape freestyle snowboard known for its stability, durability, and overall performance in the park. For the 2022 season, the Nitro T1 has been upgraded to include polyurethane (skateboard wheel material) into its sidewalls. The combination of polyurethane sidewalls with the T1’s impact-resistant Rail Killer edges make the board one of the most durable park snowboards out there.

The T1 is a camber dominant snowboard with a smoother transition into the tip and tail. The smooth transitions make this board easier to lock into presses while the medium flex and camber shape gives the board its responsiveness. This deck can turn on a dime and take the landing impact of huge kickers.

The Nitro T1 has a specialized sintered base that is designed to be fast while being more resistant to scratches than other park snowboards. The core of the snowboard is made of Poplar and Beechwood. What makes the wood core of the T1 unique is that it has a reduced thickness between your bindings while being thicker outside your bindings. The varied thicknesses in the core give the T1 added energy for pop and a consistent flex for nose and tail presses.

If you are looking for a park board that can take abuse, this is the snowboard for you.


  • Durability built into sidewalls, edges, and base
  • Lots of pop
  • Stable ride
  • Twin shape makes it easier to ride switch


  • Might be too aggressive for beginners

Sizes Available: 149, 152, 152 Wide, 155, 155 Wide, 158 Wide

Best Bang for Your Buck

Rome Artifact 2022 Snowboard

The Rome Artifact is a true twin freestyle snowboard with a softer, four out of ten pressable flex. The deck is perfect for hitting jumps, jibbing, and doing presses while still being insanely durable. Rome says the Artifact was created for “total park annihilation,” and they made good on that promise.

The Artifact’s shape is a true twin with a positive camber board profile. What makes the 2021 Rome Artifact unique is its new “double kick” nose and tail. There are two angles in both the nose and tail that look like this.

The benefit is the new shape makes the board more pressable than most other camber decks. Having the positive camber profile gives this board additional pop and stability to hit massive jumps.

The core of the snowboard was made with 100% poplar wood. There are bamboo hot rods running from the board’s center through the nose and tail, which give the board additional pop. To increase the board’s torsional flex, Rome used a Biax fiberglass set on two different axes.

The Artifact has additional impact plates to reduce chatter, add shock absorption, and make this deck durable. When boards break, it is usually right in front or behind one of your bindings. That is where these impact plates are placed. Rome focused on making the deck durable in the areas that take the most impact while you are stomping your landings.

The base of the deck was upgraded to an ISOSPORT 4400 base for the 2020-2021 season. This is primarily an extruded base, so it is durable, holds wax well, and will not require a lot of maintenance.

If you are looking for a camber park snowboard that can press and jib incredibly well, this is the deck to get.


  • Pressable Positive Camber Profile
  • Double Kick Nose and Tail
  • Durable – has added impact plates


  • Not the fastest base

Sizes Available: 147, 150, 153, 156, 152 Wide, 155 Wide

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Honorable Mentions That Are Excellent Freestyle Snowboards: