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best 2023 park snowboards bindings

The 2023 Best Park Snowboard Bindings: Freestyle Form and Flex to Stomp Those Landings

If you are looking to start park riding this season, you will need the right type of snowboard bindings.

Bindings are a vital piece to every snowboarder’s board setup. Sure, it is excellent to have the best park board. However, the board is only as good as the pair of bindings you mount on it.

Your bindings are your connection to your snowboard. Whether you are doing nose presses or hitting jumps, you need a binding that is responsive enough to get you to the jump or rail yet flexible enough to help you hit the jump or rail.

Freestyle snowboard bindings are slightly different from all-mountain bindings. They have specific unique characteristics that make them perfect for use in the park.

Since every manufacturer’s freestyle snowboard bindings are different, we wanted to compare and review our top 7 to help you find the right gear for your riding style.

So let’s get right to the list.

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Best Freestyle Bindings Overall

Union Ultra Bindings

The Union Ultra bindings are upgraded for the 2023 season with features that will take your park riding to the next level. These bindings are designed specifically to soften your landings, help you tweak your board for tricks in ways that other bindings can’t, and offer an unmatched level of comfort while keeping you locked in.

Here is an image that shows all of the new features that Union worked into the Ultra bindings.

In addition to its lightweight, the real selling features of the Ultra are its flex pattern and shock absorption. These bindings use Union’s Duraflex ST material, which is an engineered material that remains playfully flexible in all temperatures and conditions. You will notice the flex capabilities of the Ultra bindings the most in the S15 Ultra Duraflex ST Highback bindings. The highback has a four out of 10 flex rating. You can twist it left or right easily. However, there is virtually no flex when you try to push it back as if you were to make a heelside carve. The flex in the highback will help you land spins and perfect your balance on jibs without losing too much of the responsiveness in the binding. For the 2023 Ultra, the highback was upgraded to also include six degrees of forward lean. The additional forward lean will help you keep your knees bent to absorb landings and help your board react faster when carving edge to edge.

The Ultra’s S11 ASYM Duraflex ST Baseplates are perfect for butters and presses. The baseplate uses the mini-disk mounting and the same Duraflex material Union used in the highback.

So what makes the baseplate so park-friendly?

If you look at the picture above, you will see that Union removed some material that would be under the ball of your foot and heel. By removing the material, they made the overall weight lighter and dramatically improved the torsional flex and maneuverability of this binding. The unique shape gives this binding a skate-like boardfeel.

These bindings have exceptional shock absorption capabilities. Union added a new Molecular Bushing to line the footbed of the Ultra bindings. These bushings are designed to help you soften landings and get a more natural flex pattern out of your snowboard. The Molecular Bushings are 15% lighter than the standard Union bushing. While you ride, these bushings will reduce chatter and prevent the fatigue you feel in your ankles and knees, allowing you to stay out longer than you normally would.

The ankle strap in the Ultra is called the Forma X Ankle Strap. It features comfortable padding, the perfect level of flex, and is lightweight. Union added a soft lycra padding to comfortably line your boot and a responsive Exoframe exterior to keep you locked in. The straps are stretchy and will mold around your boot so perfectly that it seems like they aren’t even there.

The TS 4.0 toe straps are lightweight and comfortable. The parallel design allows the strap to mold around your toes to keep your snowboard boots locked in without adding any extra pressure points. Both the toe and ankle straps feature magnesium ratchets that are durable and extremely fast to get in and out of. To get out of these bindings, you simply pull up on the ratchet, and you will be out.

If you are looking for a lightweight, flexible, yet still responsive binding, check out the Union Ultra.

Also check out our in-depth Union Ultra Bindings review.


  • Shock Absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Tweakability / Flex in highback and baseplate
  • Minidisk compatible
  • Soft and skate-like boardfeel
  • Upgraded no-slip hardware


  • They are on the more expensive side of this list and well worth it for all of the features you get.
  • They might be too soft / flexible for some


Small (US Men’s 6 – 7.5), Medium (US Men’s 8 – 10), Large (US Men’s 10.5+)

The 2024 Union Ultra Got Released Early

Here is a nice surprise. As of Feb 7th 2023, one very important update to share is that one of the colors of the 2024 Union Ultras has been released early.

Some stores began to carry the “Deep Blue” colored 2024 Union Ultra bindings. The only significant update between the 2023 and 2024 Union Ultra models looks to be its new TS 5.0 toe strap. The new toe strap now includes a rubber netting that rests over the toes. It looks very similar to the toe strap in the Union Strata bindings.

At the moment, only the Deep Blue color is available with the new toe strap. As we get closer to September, the other 2024 colors will all become available.

You can buy the 2024 Deep Blue colored Union Ultra bindings here.

2024 Union Ultra in Deep Blue (early release)

Best Snowboard Jib Bindings

Rome Vice

The Rome Vice snowboard bindings are perfect for park riders who want a smooth flex, lightweight binding that offers a ton of customization features. You can adjust every detail of this binding to get it dialed into perfection for you. These are durable, and they will take the abuse of park riding. The Rome Vice are made with a lightweight, durable blend of 70% Nylon and 30% fiberglass material. They also come with a three-year warranty, so if you run into any issues, you have support to get parts or a replacement pair.

A core feature of the Vice is its AsymWrap platform baseplate. When you look at these bindings, the first thing you will notice is that the baseplate’s entire structure is asymmetrical. One side looks like it has more of a side structure than the other. That was deliberate. The Vice was designed to give you more power and maneuverability over the ball of your foot. The shape plus all of the customization these bindings offer makes them a powerhouse of a freestyle binding.

The footbed is canted, so your boots, legs, and knees will align to a more natural position. This will help your legs from getting tired while you ride and allow you to get a few more park laps than you would otherwise. Additionally, the Vice has a superior level of shock absorption and dampness thanks to the EVA foam lining the entire baseplate.

The highback is made with 100% nylon, and it has the perfect level of rotatable, twistable flex for park riding. This highback was designed to help you with presses, jibs, and correcting your landings whenever you are slightly off-center. The Vice’s highback has a tool less lean adjustment, so you can perfect the amount of forward lean that you may or may not need while you ride.

The straps are very light and have a ton of cushioning to make them comfortable. The ankle strap features EVA foam in its padding so it will mold around your boot. Here is a close up image to show you what it looks like and how thick the foam is.

The Progrip Toe strap features Auxtech, which is designed to enhance the comfort and boot hold of the binding. You will notice the Auxtech in the toe strap as the piece that rests over the top of your toes is a thicker, harder plastic, while the piece resting in front of your boot is more of soft, flexible rubber. One additional call-out feature is that the straps feature a PivotMount that allows you to have 16 total custom configurations. The higher up the ankle strap sites, the more turn initiation the Vice offers. While the lower the strap sits, the more surfy, tweakable your riding will be.

If you are looking for park bindings that offer a ton of tech and customization, get the Rome Vice Snowboard Bindings.


  • Asymmetrical shape – allows for the ball of your foot to have more motion.
  • Tons of customization features
  • Comfortable straps with autostrap bungies that make it easy in and out.
  • Tool-less strap adjustments
  • Durable with a three year warranty


  • The heelcup screws can come loose. Leave a snowboard tool in your car, and you will be good to go.


Small (US Men’s 5 – 7.5), Medium (US Men’s 7 – 10.5), Large (US Men’s 10 – 12)

Also check out the sale running on last year’s version here.

Best Medium Flex Park Snowboard Bindings

Burton Malavita

The Burton Malavita is the go-to binding for Burton’s pro riders like Mark McMorris and Danny Davis. The feature the pros love most is how this bindings baseplate can flex to match the same flex of your snowboard. Park riders will love jibbing with these will make it simple for doing nose or tail presses.

The Malavita is freestyle focused all-mountain binding. It has a 5.5/10 flex in most places, yet its baseplate is really where it gets its park friendliness added board feel from while still being responsive enough to get you through all terrain types.

The baseplate is made of 30% composite plastic mixed with fiberglass. Burton managed to make a rigid yet flexible binding with this material. The baseplate features Burton’s AutoCANT Fullbed Cushioning system. The entire baseplate is lined with a soft eva foam with added B3 gel to help reduce shock while stomping your landings. Additionally, the canted position helps your boot rest in its natural position and helps improve comfort while reducing leg fatigue while riding.

The highback has a medium flex that can twist left or right easily. There is the perfect level of resistance and responsiveness as you will not beable to bend the highback backward while you are doing heelside carves. The highback is canted to contour your legs. This feature offers you maximum control and comfort while you are carving between features in the terrain park. The highback has a heel hammock built into it that is designed to keep your boot locked in with less pressure on your feet. The highback offers a ratchet system to dial in your settings. Additionally, one of those settings is a Zero forward lean. That setting is where the highback is completely vertical. That is the perfect setting for park riders who want a more playful, relaxed feel while hitting rails.

The ankle and toe straps of the Malavita snowboard bindings are asymmetrical. They are designed to allow your feet to maneuver more naturally while your carving, hitting jumps, or doing butters. The ankle and toe straps are both minimal and designed to keep you locked in comfortably. Both straps feature tool-less adjustability, so you can get your settings perfected at any moment while you are on the mountain.

Both the ankle and toe straps are made of an injection-molded, glueless material. The benefit of using injection-molded material is that there is no fabric that will wear down over time. That said, if you prefer the luxury look and feel you might want to check out the leather ankle strap version of the Malavita snowboard bindings here.

The buckles of these bindings are made of the durable composite plastic material. The best feature about the buckles is that they feature Burton’s Insta-Click. This feature increases torque per each ratchet crank, so you will be the first to drop in.

If you are an intermediate to advanced rider looking for a binding with a mid flex that is responsive enough to carve while still perfection in the park, get the Burton Malavita bindings.


  • Flexible base is perfect for butters, presses, and jibs.
  • AutoCant footbed allows your boot to aligns joints in your natural position.
  • Responsive enough to ride the whole mountain.
  • Fits with all major mounting systems – 2×4, 4×4, or Burton’s channel system.


  • There is minimal stance width adjustment on the disk that comes with these snowboard bindings. That said, this does come in an EST version that allows you to use Burton’s channel system to really adjust the width. If you ride a Burton board, go with the EST version. If you don’t go with the version, we reviewed. You will find a stance adjustment that works for you.


Small (US Men’s 6 – 8), Medium (US Men’s 8 – 11), Large (US Men’s 10+)

Also check out the upgraded leather version too.

Best Lightweight Park Snowboard Bindings

Nitro Zero

The Nitro Zero is a lightweight freestyle snowboard binding with a medium flex. This binding has many customization features that were explicitly designed to help you perfect your park riding.

The Zero has an open-air base frame that gives this binding more lateral movement and a skate like feel, and overall lighter weight. Nitro added an airbag right into the heel. This will allow you to softly stomp landings and absorb chatter while you ride rougher terrain.

The footbed of the Zero features a three-degree canted footbed. This allows for more natural leg placement, prevents your legs from getting tired quickly, and adds to the binding’s skate-like feel.

The ankle strap is thin, padded, and designed in a way that maximizes your ability to tweak your snowboard. This is a softer flexing ankle strap that was made with 3D thermoform padding. The toe strap gives you placement options. You can place it over the top toes or put it in front of your toes. Both straps have tool-less adjustments, so you can make adjustments easily while you ride.

The buckles are made with aluminum. They have wide, easy to use levers and are simple to get in and out of. Additionally, the Zero has a stainless steel cable running through its straps. This greatly improves the durability of the straps in cold weather. You won’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on a strap and breaking it.

The Zero features the Asym Zero Highback. This is a flat, forgiving highback with the perfect level of twistable flex for freestyle snowboarding. The highback has a standard forward lean adjustment, and you can easily adjust the heel cup to extend by removing both screws.

The Zero features a 2 x 4 mini disc with an angle adjustment that locks in place. The benefit of using a mini disc is that it adds a smaller footprint and offers your board to flex with the binding more naturally. The locking features allow you to choose your stance and never worry about the angle slipping again.

If you are looking for a lightweight binding with a ton of tech and a skate-like board feel, get the Nitro Zero snowboard bindings.


  • Asymmetrical highback with flex – designed to help in the park
  • Reinforced cable strap connectors to prevent strap breaks
  • Heel airbag to help soften landings
  • Three degree canted foot bed to help reduce fatigue.
  • Mini disc with full stance adjustability – reduces your board’s dead zone underfoot and improves flex.


  • Only comes with mini disc plate.
  • A stiffer option on the list – still can butter and press easily.


Small (US Men’s 3.5 – 7), Medium (US Men’s 7 – 10.5), Large (US Men’s 11-14)

Best Park Binding Under $200

Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings 2023

Don’t let the sub $200 price tag fool you. The Union Flite Pro is the lightest snowboard binding you can buy. These bindings have a softer flex with core features that make them perfect for hitting jumps or pressing rails.

Here is a quick overview video of the 2023 Union Flite Pro bindings.

The Flite Pro baseplate has been upgraded to the new Stage 8 Duraflex baseplate. This upgrade reduced the weight of the binding by an additional 10 grams while making them stronger and slightly more flexible than last year’s model. The baseplate now has a flex rating of a four out of ten. It uses a standard size mounting disc and is compatible with all mounting holes that are out right now.

The straps on the Union Flite Pro bindings are the forma ankle straps. They look like this.

These are some of the most comfortable straps you can get to lap the park with. They have a medium flex of a five out of 10. One of the best attributes of these straps is the elastic center that can seamlessly mold over the laces of your boots without any odd pinch points. I find it more comfortable than most of the other molded or padded binding straps. It is the nice middle ground between having a thicker cushioned strap or a molded strap. Union also added aluminum buckles to make sure these straps last you for years.

The high back of the Flite Pros features Union’s Stage 12 Duraflex highback. It has a medium flex rating. It is flexible torsionally and stiff enough laterally to connect your turns. Additionally, this highback was designed to be durable. The Flite Pro can withstand cold temperatures and still give you peak performance without cracking.

If you’re looking for a set of pressable, lite park bindings that are under the $200 price point, get the Union Flite Pro Bindings.


  • Lightweight – these are some of the lightest bindings you can get
  • Pressable / Flexible – These bindings have a base plate with a flex rating of 4/10.
  • Tool-less FLAD – If you need to adjust your highback’s angle you won’t need a screw driver.
  • Soft flexible forma ankle straps
  • Shock absorption – The Thermoformed EVA Bushing will help soften your landings and help match the flex of your board.


  • These are probably not stiff enough for massive jumps or the pipe.
  • Neither strap is toolless – The screws don’t loosen often. However, it is always a good idea to leave a screw driver in the car.


Small (US Men’s 6 – 7.5), Medium (US Men’s 8 – 10), Large (US Men’s 10.5+)

Best All Mountain Freestyle Bindings

Union Strata Bindings

Union just released an upgraded version of the Union Strata.

The Strata is mid flexing freestyle binding that excels all over the mountain. This snowboard binding is perfect for park riders who want a little extra response when they launch jumps or rip trails outside of the park.

Outside of its versatile flex pattern, the Strata’s best feature is in its shock absorption. Union added in an OTE Fused Vaporlite Bushing that lines the entire baseplate. The bushing looks like this.

The benefit of this bushing is that you will feel fewer vibrations when riding on rough, rutted-out terrain. Additionally, when you’re launching off jumps in the park, these bushings will help absorb the impact.

The Stata’s baseplate was made with Union’s Stage 6 Duraflex ST material. It is an insanely durable lightweight material mixed with fiberglass to endure cold temperatures. The mounting plate used in the Strata’s is the mini disc. It can fit any standard 4×4, 4×2, or channel mounting system. Altogether, the Strata is very pressable and works best when you match it with a snowboard around the mid to softer mid-flex rating. Altogether the baseplate and mounting disc feel like they have a four out of ten flex rating.

The highback of the Strata is the Duraflex ST Highback.

This is the same mid-flexing material used in the base. It is a little more rigid torsionally than some of the other highbacks from the other bindings on this list. While it still offers maneuverability for jibbing, the rigidity offers more response when you are launching off jumps or carving powder lines.

The ankle straps in the Strata have been upgraded to the Forma Elite Direct Connect Ankle Strap. These straps have a six out of ten flex. They feature the Union forma cushion to softly rest against the inside of your boot and a more rigid plastic to offer a response on the outside of your boot. The toe strap is Union’s Helixgrip 2.0 strap. It has a soft and stretching helix pattern that grips to the toe curvature of your boot and keeps you locked in against the heelcup. Both straps allow for tool-less adjustments and are made with aluminum.

If you’re looking for a beast of a park binding that is perfect for the entire mountain, get the 2023 Union Strata.

I am noticing that some of the retailers are offering the Strata at different prices. I recommend getting it at The House as they are listing it at $70 less than some of the others. You can get the Union Strata from The House right here.

I put a full 2023 Union Strata Bindings Review together. I recommend reading through that too.


  • Freestyle / Park focused yet still perfect for All-mountain riding
  • Phenomenal shock absorption / Damp binding
  • Comfortable straps that still offer response
  • Mid to slightly stiff highbacks
  • 3º of canting


  • Due to it being an early release, so far this only one green and black colorway
  • It has a medium to stiff flex (6.5 / 10). It is very pressable and works well for jibbing. However, if you enjoy a very soft flexing binding you might want to check out the flite pro or contact pro instead.


Small (US Men’s 6 – 7.5), Medium (US Men’s 8 – 10), Large (US Men’s 10.5+)

Best Freestyle Snowboard Binding Under $150

Salomon Rhythm Snowboard Bindings 2022

The Salomon Rhythm snowboard bindings are perfect for someone looking for a budget-friendly snowboard setup. While these bindings are more on the entry-level side, they will serve you well in the park as well as the whole mountain. If you are looking for the cheapest yet best quality park bindings, the Salomon Rhythm are the ones you want to buy.

To keep the cost lower on these bindings, the first detail you will notice is that the entire binding uses plastic over aluminum in most areas. The ratchets, heelcup, baseplate, and most of the base itself are all made of durable plastic. While plastic was used to keep the overall cost low, the quality you will get is still there. This is called Composite 30% plastic, and it is insanely durable. You will not need to worry about these cracking from the moment you land your first jib.

The Rhythm snowboard bindings are rated as having a two out of five flex rating. They are on the softer side, and that makes them a perfect option for the park, hitting rails and doing butters.

The Rhythm’s highback features an asymmetrical flex. You will notice the flex while standing in the binding. There will be more flex on the outside of your leg than the inside. This feature will help you in the park as you tweak your board while the binding still offers some rigidity on the opposite side. It also allows the binding to be flexible in the places it needs to be while still keeping the perfect anatomical shape to remove painful pressure points.

The Rhythm snowboard bindings’ straps are comfortable, and the buckles make it easy to get in and out. The ankle strap is a 3D molded padded strap. You will notice it contours around your ankle with a lot of soft padding, so you will not feel any painful pressure points while riding. The toe straps are minimal. They are a cored out durable rubber that allows the tip of your boot to fit through them comfortably while they keep your boot locked in perfectly.

The base of the Rhythm snowboard bindings features a full EVA foam padding. This cushioning adds shock absorption while stomping landings and offering some dampness to reduce the chatter of ridings on rougher terrain. There is an adjustable toe plate, so if you have a larger boot, you can extend the baseplate to fit under your boot comfortably. The base also features a canted style footbed, so your ankles and legs will be in more of their natural position as you ride.

The Rhythm’s baseplate features Salomon’s patented Integrated Mounting system. This is a neat feature where if you were to flip the baseplate over, you would see an additional piece of plastic that keeps your hardware in place without falling out even when they are not screwed in and flipped upside down. The benefit of the additional mounting system is that your bindings will not become loose on your board. When you are hitting the park for the first time, you will want your snowboard bindings to stay where you put them, and these will. The baseplate fits standard 4×4 or 2×4 channel mounting systems.

If you are looking for an inexpensive park binding, go with these.


  • Lightweight
  • Low price point yet still durable option
  • Mounting system will keep your board in place
  • Eva foam cushioning in base and straps


  • The majority ofthe binding is made out of plastic to keep the cost low.
  • They will not be as durable as some of the other aluminum or metal options on this list.


Small (US Men’s 3 – 7), Medium (US Men’s 7 – 10), Large (US Men’s 10 – 15)

So there you have it.

The Top 7 Best Snowboard Bindings for the 2023 Season

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