Nidecker Supermatic Review

Nidecker Supermatic Bindings Review: An Outstanding All Mountain Step-In Binding

The Nidecker Supermatic Bindings are the first dual-entry snowboard bindings, capable of being used as either step-in or strap-in style bindings. The Supermatic bindings are designed to work with any snowboarding boot, allowing you to easily step in and out of them with a simple lever on the inside heel. The highback collapses backward by pushing down on the lever, making it easy to get your boot out. To get back in, you simply slide your foot underneath the straps and stomp the heel pedal down to lock the highback back into place. It takes virtually no time at all to get in and out of these bindings.

The Supermatic Bindings not only save you time by eliminating the need to strap in, but they are also designed to be mid-flexing and provide enough response for riding in any condition.

The innovation behind these versatile bindings caught my attention, so I decided to put them to the test. In this review, I’ll be sharing my full thoughts on the new Nidecker Supermatic snowboard bindings.

Nidecker Supermatic Bindings Highlights

Nidecker Supermatic Bindings


  • Ridiculously easy in and out / Hybrid step-in style in a traditional two-strap binding
  • Excellent response
  • Durable
  • Dual entry – You can use these as normal strap bindings if you wanted to.
  • Responsive enough to use in all conditions
  • Mid Flex / Versatile – Not the stiffest, also not the softest


  • A little heavier than traditional strap bindings
  • Only go to size 13 at the moment
  • It can be difficult to clear snow from the base of the binding when not strapped in


M (Men’s size 5 to 8), L (Men’s size 8.5 to 10.5), XL (Men’s size 11.0 to 13.0)

First Impression of the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings Review

Back in 2016, Nidecker acquired Flow Bindings, so when I first saw the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings, I thought it was just a rebranded version of a Flow binding where Nidecker put their name on Flow’s highback tech. However, that’s not the case at all. The Nidecker Supermatic Bindings have a different highback technology than Flow uses. With the Nidecker Supermatic bindings, you won’t need to reach down to lock your highback in. You simply step in, and it locks, similar to a true step-in binding.

A new pair of the nidecker supermatic bindings

The Main Difference From the Flow NX2-TM Bindings

As I looked closer, I noticed there was a large difference between the Nidecker Supermatic and Flow Bindings.

You don’t need to bend down to strap into the Supermatic bindings like you would with Flow.

Flow bindings have a tension cable that you need to unfasten and refasten as you step in and out of your bindings, while the Nidecker Supermatic bindings use an intricate system involving a roller, a heel pad, and pins that lock in when you step down on them. There is no need to bend down and fasten anything to lock into these bindings.

The whole system in the Nidecker Supermatic works like this.

The roller in the heel cup allows you to more easily get your foot in and out, while the heel pad acts like a trigger point that locks the pins of the highback in. The result is an easy-to-use binding that you can use as a step-in or strap-in binding.

Why Did I Get the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings?

Toward the end of the 2023 season, I tore the rotator cuff in my shoulder. Since then, I haven’t been able to ride. One of the main pain points was that I couldn’t bend down to strap into my bindings. Every time I would straighten my arm out and reach down to strap in, I felt immense pain in my shoulder as my tendons would get agitated.

I saw the new version of the Nidecker Supermatic was added to the Nidecker website, and so I wanted to try them to see if it would allow me to at least get back on the hill for a few more turns before switching to skateboarding for the season.

These bindings did exactly that.

While the injury has kept me from riding to my full potential, thanks to the Nidecker Supermatic, I was able to get back on the slopes without having to worry about strapping in. These bindings allowed me to get a few runs in when I haven’t been able to strap into traditional bindings in weeks.

To be able to ride without any sort of pain has been incredible.

How Do the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings Feel to Ride?

The Nidecker Supermatic bindings are an excellent choice for riders who are looking for a versatile, mid-flexing binding that also provides enough stability and control to do it all. These bindings offer just the right amount of flex for hitting everything in the park while still providing the response required for all-mountain carving. The Supermatic binding has a heavy-duty, solid feel to it, which translates into a binding that offers an incredible level of control.

The dual-entry system is an incredibly nice feature to have. However, most riders will likely prefer the fast access of the rear entry step-in feature, which they will use 90% of the time. The step-in feature is easy to use, and in the fifth edition of the binding, it has been perfected to the point of being a flawless experience. You simply adjust your straps as normal and slide out by using the lever. For the rest of the day, you can step in with your binding straps requiring only minor adjustments.

Nidecker Supermatic Reclining Highback

In terms of carving, the Nidecker Supermatic bindings perform exceptionally well without being overly stiff. While the website lists their stiffness rating at an eight out of ten, I found that they are more of a mid-flexing six out of ten, with slightly stiffer parts throughout the binding. If you’re looking for a binding with a very stiff flex, this might not be the right binding for you. It’s worth noting that there is a little bit of play latitudinally above where the ankle strap starts. I noticed that my boot had some extra flex with my calf bending in the direction of my toes before the stiffness of the straps engaged. However, this can be remedied by experimenting with your forward lean, higher strap placement, and pairing the Supermatic with a stiffer boot. I tested these bindings with a park flexing soft boot and recommend using a more mid to stiff flexing boot if you primarily use these bindings for all mountain carving.

The straps offer a six out of ten flex and are comfortable while providing enough support with some flexible play forward, side to side, and forward to back. The highback is slightly stiffer than the straps, rated at around a seven out of ten flex. It is rigid from front to back, while the mid-flex is noticeable side-to-side more towards the top of the highback. The center of the highback, where the forward lean begins, is closer to the listed eight out of ten rigid-flex.

Nidecker Supermatic Straps

With other step-in or speed entry bindings, I always felt like I would have to leave my straps a little looser to help my foot slide in. Sometimes it would actually take longer than strap-in bindings because I would still have to adjust something on the binding to get to the level of tightness I wanted. That isn’t the case with the Nidecker Supermatic. The Supermatic’s step-in system is very generous with the amount of room you have to step your foot into, so you can get your ratchets as tight as you need to and not have to adjust them again. They work exactly as they are described to.

It is worth noting that these bindings feel a little heavier than most others while I am carrying my board. However, I never noticed that extra heft while I was riding. They offer so much support and control that when I needed to pop or skid a turn quickly, the added weight never became an important detail.

They offer some dampness due to their wider footprint. However, they don’t eliminate all shock completely. I’d rate the dampness rating at around a seven out of ten. You will feel some bumps on really rutted-out or icy terrain. That said, the dampness is above average and will feel more damp than most other bindings.

Overall, these bindings are comfortable and offer a hefty, in-control, responsive feel. These are bindings that jump well, jib decently well, and carve exceptionally well.

If you’re looking for a step-in style binding that has the traditional feeling of a higher-end strap-in binding, you need to give the Nidecker Supermatic a try.

What Do I Like About the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings?

The Speed Of Entry and Release

The Nidecker Supermatic bindings are ridiculously quick to get in and out of. You simply slide your foot in and stomp down on the heel pad. This locks your high back in. Once you are done riding, you push down on the release lever with your hand on your heel’s inside. The lever unlocks your highback, which allows you to slide your foot out.

nidecker supermatic with snow on baseplate

I found that this entire system worked well, and I didn’t need to adjust my straps every time I stepped into the Supermatic. I simply hit the release lever to get out, stepped in, and dropped in.

These Are Perfect for Anyone With An Injury

At the time of writing, I’ve been recovering from a rotator cuff tear in my shoulder. Bending down to strap into my bindings has been painful to the point of it preventing me from snowboarding. With the Supermatic’s ability to step in from the back, I was able to get some pain-free runs in, and that alone has been incredible.

If you have an injury that prevents you from bending or sitting down to strap in, I highly recommend you check the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings out.

The Overall Feel and Flex / The Versatility

These bindings offer a flex pattern that works well as a “do-it-all” type of binding. I enjoy park riding, and these weren’t too stiff for that. It felt like a Union Force with a slightly larger footprint to it. They carve well, and they work well in the park without being too overly stiff to tweak your board.

New Tech That Is Easy to Get Used To

There is no break in period or learning curve with the Nidecker Supermatic. These bindings are very easy to get used to.

Sometimes when you’re trying new binding tech, there is a period of time when you need to break your old habits and learn a new way of strapping in. That’s not the case with these. They are intuitive and feel similar to bindings you’re already used to riding.

For anyone who has been riding for 10+ years, you will find these bindings to have a very familiar feel to them. To say it simply, it is a new technology built into a traditional feeling binding.

The Straps Work With Any Boot

A major detail to like about the Supermatic is that these work with any snowboard boot. At the time of writing, Burton’s step-on bindings only work with Burton and a few DC and Nitro boot models. With the Nidecker Supermatic’s stepping in from the back and then working like a traditional binding, you can use any boot you are comfortable with.

I liked the comfortable feel and flex of the AuxTech straps with my ThirtyTwo STW BOA Boots. The aluminum Locking Slap Ratchets kept my boot locked in comfortably, and I never felt like I had to fine-tune my settings. After my initial setup, I simply stepped in and rode.

Nidecker Supermatic Strapped in on lift

The Nidecker Supermatic bindings use the standard ankle and toe strap design. The only difference from bindings that use that design is that one extra strap piece connects the two together. Look between the toe strap and ankle strap in the picture above. You’ll see what I mean. This extra connection strap offers a little more stability and allows for more leverage when stepping your boot in through the back.

The Highbacks

The Nidecker Supermatic highbacks are made of durable nylon and have an asymmetrical Hadron shape. The benefit of the shape is that it contours your boot to offer more response. The flex feels like a six out of ten from side to side towards the top of your binding by your calf and stiffens up as you get closer to the forward lean adjuster. From front to back, the bindings feel similar at a six out of ten, with the highback feeling less rigid towards the top and stiffening up the closer you get to your heel.

Nidecker Supermatic Asym Hadron Highbacks

Overall, the highbacks feel stiffer than playful yet offer the right amount of flex to be a “do-it-all” type of binding. I found the highback stiffness to be perfect for me. I am an all-mountain rider who enjoys spending around half of my time in the park.

What Do I Dislike About the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings?

Their Weight

The weight of these bindings is their largest deterrent, and I honestly didn’t even notice it while I was riding. It was more when I was carrying my board. I thought, “Wow, this feels heavier than I am used to.” I’d been riding the 2024 Union Ultra Bindings, which are primarily plastic and EVA foam, so there isn’t much to them. The Supermatic is made with durable plastic and metal, which makes it heavier than I am used to while also making it more durable and giving it a more in-control feel. 

Wish There Was More Shock Absorption / Dampness

First, I’ll start off by saying that these bindings do offer a better level of dampness than a lot of bindings out there. I just wish there was a little more given their size.

When you flip the bindings over, you will see that there isn’t a lot of foam or rubber added in to the bottom of the baseplate.

unerneath baseplate of nidecker supermatic

It’s in a few places. However, the majority of the Supermatic’s shock absorption comes from its very large base itself. With some extra padding, it would have been one of the smoothest riding bindings you can buy.

That said, there is some foam that lines the gas pedal that covers the binding’s disc. It looks like this.

padded pedal in the nidecker supermatic bindings

The pedal is where most of the foam you stand on is found. The more gray-looking, lined material in the picture above is made of squishy shock-absorbent foam. The black section my thumb is touching is plastic.

Snow Collects On the Footbed

This is a very minor detail to note. While your straps are closed, it can be difficult to clear out the snow from the footbed. Occasionally, you will need to bend down and clear it out with your hand or give your board the dreaded beaver slap to get the snow off of the heel pad that locks your highback into place.

Snow collecting on footbed of Nidecker Supermatic Bindings

The one tip I have is to try to keep the heel pedal clear of snow. It seemed like as long as that was clear, everything still locked into place without any issues. In deeper snow, you might consider using the Supermatic as a traditional binding by using the straps.

Who Is the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings a Good Fit For?

The Nidecker Supermatic Bindings are perfect for any snowboarder looking to spend less time strapping in and more time riding without investing in a new pair of boots. The Supermatic is a high-performance, do-it-all style binding that works exceptionally well in all types of conditions. Whether you are hitting the jump line in the park or carving icy terrain, the Supermatics will work well for you.

Additionally, the Supermatic Bindings are an excellent choice for riders with disabilities or injuries who find it challenging to use standard strap-in bindings. The simple step-in design of the Supermatic makes it effortless to get in and out of, providing a comfortable and easy-to-use alternative to traditional strap-in bindings.

Overall, the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings offer the best of both worlds with the traditional feel of strap-in bindings and the convenience of a rear-entry step-in design.

Parts of the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings

Asym Rockered Baseplates

Nidecker’s Asym Rockered Baseplate is made with a rigid, durable design by combining a nylon and fiberglass composite blend. The popular Nidecker Axis binding baseplate heavily inspires this baseplate with upgrades that allow you to step in from the rear of the binding.

Asym Hadron Highbacks

Nidecker Supermatic Highbacks

Nidecker’s Asymmetrical Hadron Highbacks are reclining highbacks that provide a fast and effortless automatic entry system. When fully folded down, it creates a generously sized opening, allowing you to easily step your boot in as an alternative to strapping in.

Hybrid Exo Frame Ankle Straps

Nidecker Supermatic Ankle Straps

The Nidecker Hybrid Exo Frame Ankle Straps have a specially designed injected molded ankle-strap frame with a form-fitting hexagonal shape called the Auxetic pattern. This frame is suspended below the Hybrid Spine, which is a firm plastic bar that offers additional support. The combination of these two features creates a distinctive design that provides excellent form-fitting support for maximum comfort and performance.

Hexo Toecap Toe Straps

nidecker supermatic toestrap

The Nidecker Hexo Toecap Toe Straps are designed with AuxTech®, a 3D hexagonal pattern that provides a comfortable and supportive fit around the front of your boot. The toe strap is designed specifically to offer a comfortable and secure ride.

Locking Slap Ratchets (LSR)

Nidecker Supermatic LSR locking ratchets

Nidecker’s Locking Slap Ratchets (LSR) feature an easy-to-use locking mechanism that secures your preferred foot strap tightness. Since the Nidecker Supermatic is a dual-entry binding, these buckles offer two modes. First, the Automatic mode allows you to set your desired tightness, lock it in, and never need to adjust it for the duration of your session. Then, a second mode allows you to use your bindings as a traditional strap-in system. The Locking Slap Ratchets offer an easy in-and-out release, making either mode ridiculously simple.

Notice how the switch I am pulling in the above image shows the color red? When the lever’s red color is showing, you can use the ratchets just as you would use a typical binding ratchet. Simply push that red lever down to lock them, and they won’t budge. This next image shows what it looks like when it is locked.

Nidecker Supermatic Ratchet Locked Mode

When there is no red color showing, you are in the ratchet’s locked mode. It is the mode you would use while you are using the rear entry method. It all works around this easy-to-use lever.

Universal Baseplate

The Supermatic Bindings work with all snowboards, including the standard 4×2 or 4×4 mounting patterns and Burton’s EST channel mounting system. This means you can use them with your board without any compatibility issues.

Nidecker Supermatic Universal Baseplate Disc

Nidecker Supermatic Bindings Size Chart

US Men’s Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe Size
M 5 to 86.5 to 9.5
L8.5 to 10.510+
XL11 to 13

Here is a picture of the full size chart that is shown on the bottom of the Supermatic’s box.
Nidecker Supermatic Binding Size Chart

Overall Rating for the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings

ConsiderationsRating Out 5
Shock Absorption4.30
Presses / Buttering4.50
Ease of Entry / Exit5.00
Overall Quality / Build5.00
Over Rating4.75

Overall Rating

Editor’s Rating:  out of 5 stars 4.75 out of 5 stars

What Makes The Nidecker Supermatic the Best All Mountain Step-In Binding?

While the Supermatic offers a dual entry system that allows you to use either the straps and ratchets like a traditional snowboard binding, the rear entry step-in method makes the Supermatic stand out as the best in its class. With their innovative reclining highback and locking method, these bindings offer a generous opening that lets you easily step your foot in from the rear and lock it into place by stepping down. You won’t need to bend down to secure anything at all. You simply lock your foot in, ride, and tap a lever to let yourself out.

With the Supermatic, you don’t have to worry about constantly bending down to make adjustments. Once the ratchets are in locked mode, they stay in place without any movement. And if you do need to make any fine adjustments, unlocking the ratchets to adjust them is as simple as lifting the locking mechanism.

Overall, the Nidecker Supermatic provides a flawless and uncompromising step-in experience that lives up to its description better than I could have ever expected.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out, these bindings will give you the performance and convenience you need for a great day on the mountain. If you’re looking for the best all-mountain step-in binding, look no further than the Nidecker Supermatic.

So Do I Recommend the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings?

Hands down, yes.

The Supermatic bindings are the first automatic self-closing two-strap bindings that work perfectly with any snowboard boot. If you’re a rider who wants a do-it-all binding that’s easy to get in and out of, I highly recommend these bindings. Simply put, these bindings will allow you to spend more time riding and less time fidgeting with your gear.

The 2025 Supermatic is expected to ship on November 16th, and I recommend preordering these bindings as soon as you can to ensure Nidecker still has your size.

The 2025 version will also have a stiff version, so if that sounds interesting, definitely lock in your preorder early.

Where Can You Buy the Nidecker Supermatic Bindings?

The 2025 Nidecker Supermatic Bindings are available for preorder here on Nidecker’s website.

Nidecker Supermatic Bindings 2025

About the Reviewer

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Pre-Season Mountain Where I Tested These Bindings: Big Snow in East Rutherford NJ

Size / Model: The bindings I reviewed were the men’s size large 2024 Nidecker Supermatic Snowboard Bindings

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Rider Height: 5′ 6″

Boards Used: Nidecker Sensor Plus and the Bataleon Evil Twin Plus

Boots Used: ThirtyTwo STW Boa Snowboard Boots

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