how to stay positive while recovering from an injury

Top 3 Tips to Keep a Positive Attitude While Recovering From a Snowboard Injury

Four days ago, I caught an edge while hitting an icy Pennsylvania park jump and drifted off the jump right onto my shoulder. In a few seconds, I knew I would have to cancel plans to travel because my snowboarding season was likely over. 

I unstrapped my snowboard, lowered my head, and walked off the hill, severely disappointed. 

I am writing this blog post for anyone in a similar situation.

Here are the top three things to remember while recovering from any injury that will keep you away from the slopes for a while. Please share these three reminders with a friend who might need to hear them.

#1 Try To Stay Positive

We have to keep a positive mindset and know that while our situation isn’t ideal, we will be back out there as soon as we are ready to be. 

Your drive to chase that feeling of landing that new trick, carving in fresh powder, or whatever you like to do will keep you going through your recovery process. So picture riding fondly. Miss those feelings so much that the urge to ride carries you through your rest, recovery, and any physical therapy you might need. 

It is natural to be bummed. However, try to keep your spirits up the best you can and know you are already beginning your healing process.

#2 Know That You Aren’t Alone 

Injuries happen to every single one of us. Anyone progressing their riding will be susceptible to taking a slam that prevents them from riding at some point. 

Think of the pros who are now throwing quads, spinning 2160s, and flipping on and off of rails. The gnarlier the trick, the greater the risk of injury. 

It is so rare to hear about the recovery story of pros who needed to bounce back after an injury. Usually, we get to hear good news like a new video part, a contest win, or news about their sponsors. Here is a video of how Marcus Kleveland bounced back stronger after completely shattering his kneecap.

The goal was just to get him to walk again, and since then, he has gone on to take the gold in the following eight events. 

  • 1st World Championship Bakuriani 2023 Slopestyle
  • 1st X Games Aspen 2023 Knuckle Huck
  • 1st X Games Aspen 2023 Big Air
  • 1st X Games Aspen 2022 Big Air
  • 1st X Games Aspen 2022 Knuckle Huck
  • 1st World Championship Aspen 2021 Slopestyle
  • 1st X Games Aspen 2021 Big Air
  • 1st X Games Norway 2020 Knuckle Huck

So please know that others have come back stronger after their injuries, and you will too.  

#3 Know It Won’t Be This Way Forever

It is normal to think whatever discomfort you are experiencing might stay this way forever.

It won’t.

You will bounce back.

Our brains are wired with a negativity bias to help keep us safe. However, it comes at the expense of drawing our attention more to all the negative things that can harm us rather than the positive ones that can help us.

When you’re hurt, and you aren’t able to ride, it is all you want to think about. Try not to get stuck on that mental loop and remind yourself there are other things to be grateful for and that you will get better soon. It is just a matter of time.

So let’s close this out.

Please know that you are not alone and that both of us need to keep our chins up, stay positive, and keep that stoke burning in our bellies until we can ride again. As much as I wrote this for you, I will be reading these words daily until I heal too.

I am sending both of us some good luck and healing power.

See you on hill soon, friend.

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