Top 2023 Snowboard Boots

7 Excellent Snowboard Boots for the Season

When you are snowboarding, you need your feet to be comfortable. You also need your board to have the level of responsiveness required to help you with the riding style you like to do most often.

You will need a different snowboard boot if you are hitting rails than you do if you are learning to Eurocarve. Simply put, you need your feet to perform the way you need them to ride the way you want. With that in mind, we created this list. Regardless of your riding style, we want to make sure you have fun on the snow.

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Most Comfortable Snowboard Boots

Burton Ion Boa

The Burton Ion Boa boot has been a staple in the Burton line for years. It is the go-to boot for riders who want a comfortable, responsive boot that does it all. The Ion Boa is on the stiffer side, so while it has freestyle features, this is intended more for the all-mountain rider who wants to tip in total comfort.

The Burton Ion Boa features a dual Boa system with a lifetime warranty on its parts. There is a Boa on the side as well as the front. This diagram does a great job of showing what the second Boa system does.

Having a dual system allows you to adjust the lower part of the boot that holds your foot in place separately from your leg. On the days where you need a ton of responsiveness for carving, you would adjust both systems. However, if you are in the park and need a little more play in your leg, you can lower the tension in the system on the top. The lacing system itself uses a New England style rope designed to provide a firmer hold, be durable, and have less material than traditional laces.

The Ion was made for carving and hiking in comfort. The outer shell of the boot has durable, waterproof rubber zones on the toe cap and heel. One of the neatest features about the Ion is that it was optimized to reduce toe drag. This boot features Shrinkage™ Footprint Reduction Technology. This is a feature that reduces the overall size of the boot to be one entire size smaller. For example, my size 8.5 would fit closer to a size 7.5 on snow. If you were looking to learn eurocarves, this feature would certainly help you without needing to get a board with a wider waist width.

What makes the Ion Boa the most comfortable boot is its instant broken-in feel from the first time you put them on. The Ion has extra cushioning added in right where your binding’s ankle strap rests on your boot. The extra padding was designed to distribute pressure evenly throughout the boot even when you have your bindings extremely tight. To make these boots even more comfortable, Burton designed the shell and outsole to fit together with perfect precision. The tongue of the shell adds in a dual-density material to make it rebound on its own when it is opened wide. The feature helps give the boot its responsiveness, maintain its shape, and give you a tongue that will not get worn out after days (or years) of riding. These boots are designed to feel the same on the first day and the last day that you will ride them. They are high-end boots that will never feel soggy.

The liner of the Ion Bo was designed to be lightweight, breathable, and insanely comfortable. The Ion Boa features Burton’s DryRide Heat Cycle lining. This means the liner is able to capture and reflect body heat to keep your feet warm while also wicking moisture outward. The liner adds ankle support and stability while still being flexible from heel to toe.

The sole of the Ion Boa has a Dual-density EVA that allows your foot to settle into a more natural and relaxed position, resulting in improved comfort, reduced fatigue, and smoother, more direct board control.

The Ion features an extremely dual-density EVA foam footbed with a sole that has added cushioning underneath it. While the sole is designed to pair perfectly with Burton’s EST channel system, you can use this boot in any binding. The Ion Boa eliminated the ramp angle that most other boots have. The idea behind this is to give the boot an added boardfeel and a lower center of gravity. Picture a comfortable skate shoe that was optimized to carve on your snowboard with.

If you are an intermediate to advanced rider looking for an insanely comfortable boot to carve in, this is the boot for you.


  • Footprint Reduction Technology – This reduces toe drag because the overall size is reduced to be one size smaller.
  • Dual boa system – adjust your foot separate from your leg
  • Responsive / Stiffer


  • This is an expensive high end snowboard boot.

Riding Style: All Mountain / Freeride

Made for: Intermediate to Advanced

Best All Mountain Snowboard Boots 2023

Vans Aura Pro

The Vans Aura Pro is an all-mountain mid stiff flex boot that is a staple in the Vans line of snowboard boots. Overall, this is a versatile boot that can allow you to customize how it feels whether you enjoy carving in the backcountry or hitting features in the board park.

The Auro Pro uses a dual Boa lacing system. Having two Boa systems allows you to tighten the boot’s lower part for maximum heel hold while adjusting your boot’s upper part separately. If you enjoy carving, you will want to tighten both systems, and if you want to jib rails, you might want a little more play in the upper part by leaving the front system looser. Regardless of how you tighten these systems, it will not affect how well your foot is held in the boot.

The shell of the Auro Pro boot features an area that offers a natural flex while walking or hiking. The back part of the shell that rests against your calf was softened to make the boot comfortable as you are riding.

These boots feature Vans’ signature V2 Waffle Pro Outsole with an UltraCush midsole. If you ever wore a pair of Vans shoes, you will have a great idea of the level of comfort, grip, and shock absorption that these boots have. The Auro Pro has the same waffle pattern and properties as Vans skate shoes. These boots were designed to give you that same board feel you would get if you were skating in a pair of Vans.

These boots have an extremely comfortable liner that is in collaboration with Smartwool. It is called the V2 Ultracush with Smartwool Liner. Here is an image of what the liner looks it looks like, as well as an explanation of its core features.

The liner has a merino wool layer that offers added warmth moisture-wicking with added foam padding to make the boot incredibly comfortable. The liner also features the V2 Boot Harness. This boot harness removes the feeling of the shell being separate from the liner. As you tighten your Boa systems, the boot harness allows you to customize your level of heel hold. The liner is also heat moldable and designed to keep your foot in close contact with your board at all times.

The footbed of the Aura pro is a dual-density Popcush foam. It has TPU arch support. The footbed is designed to hold your foot in place while being extremely comfortable under your foot. The footbed is moisture-wicking, so your foot will remain dry in even the harshest conditions.

If you are looking for a comfortable boot with a ton of customization for control and response, check out the Vans Aura Pro.


  • Smartwool merino wool to keep your feet warm.
  • Dual Boa system
  • Boardfeel similar to Vans skate shoes
  • Arch support


  • Can run small – we recommend trying one half size larger

Riding Style: All Mountain / Freeride / Park (one boot to do it all)

Made for: Beginner to Advanced

Best Snowboarding Boots For Beginners

Thirty Two STW Double Boa

STW Double Boa is an all-mountain bout that is a perfect boot for beginner to intermediate riders looking for a BOA boot at an excellent price. This boot has a softer, more forgiving flex. The Thirty Two STW Double Boa boot will allow you to have more motion than some of the stiffer freeride boots on this list which can make them a great Boa option for someone who wants to do more freestyle riding.

Here is a quick overview video of the Thirty Two Stw Double Boa Boots

The STW Double Boa has a dual lacing system. The outer shell and liner were designed to fit together perfectly. Additionally, these snowboard boots were designed to fit and feel comfortable from the moment you put them on.

Simply put, the STW is a durable, flexible snowboard boot. The outer shell has double reinforced stitching and flexible notched areas built right into it. The flex notches allow the boot to bend easier from front to back as well as side to side. You will have an easier time walking around the resort and won’t feel any odd pressure points while riding.

There is additional support through the outer shell of the STW Double Boa. The entire boot was created to offer support and maintain its flex without breaking down over time.

The STW Double Boa comes with a comfortable heat moldable liner. The liner has J bars to keep your heel locked in place, and the lacing system is simple to use. You pull the cord and lock the cord in place with the lock on the tab. There is a little added arch support and heel cradle on a soft EVA foam footbed.

What makes the STW Double Boa really stand out is its lightweight nature. This boots outsole was made with an evolution foam rather than rubber. There is a small trade-off, though. The rubber of some other boots makes them more resilient while hiking the backcountry, whereas the foam makes them perfect for resort riding. If you are primarily using these for resorts, the lightweight benefit will work well for you.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly Boa snowboard boot to ride resorts, these are the boots for you.


  • Inexpensive
  • Boa system
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Runs a half size small – When I tried these on they felt a bit small. I wound up getting a size larger and they feel perfect.
  • Lacks Adjustability to get sections of the boot to be different tensions – this has one Boa to control the entire boot
  • Foam sole can breakdown quicker than rubber. This is more of a resort friendly boot over backcountry riding.

Riding Style: All Mountain / Softer – Beginner Friendly

Made for: Beginner to Intermediate

Best Snowboard Boots For The Money

Burton Moto

The Burton Moto has a few different lacing options. The best deal for your money is this version. The version with the traditional tie laces. You can get the boot to your desired level of tightness and be ready to ride in two minutes.

As with the Ion Boa, the Moto also has Burton’s shrinkage technology built into it. This means that the boot was designed to fit on your board one full size smaller than other boots. If you have a men’s size ten boot, it will fit on your board as a men’s size nine boot. To accomplish this, Burton has crafted the liner and the boot so they fit perfectly together with less bulky material than you will find in other boots. The benefit here is that you will get a lightweight boot that allows you to carve with less toe drag.

The Moto features Burton’s DynoLITE Outsole. This is a cushioned sole that gives you the perfect level of board feel while being 20% lighter than most other snowboard boots. Even with having less material, these boots are durable, comfortable, and have an excellent level of shock absorption while riding.

The flex rating of the Moto is a 3/ 10, and there is still a solid level of support thanks to the added support panels, and double reinforced stitching worked into the shell. The shell will not get worn out over time, making this boot ride the same at day one as it does at day 100.

The liner of the Moto is Burton’s new Imprint™ 1+ with an integrated lacing system. It looks like this.

The liner is heat-moldable with j-bars that offer an additional heel hold. The Moto’s footbed is an EVA foam that is also moldable to the sole of your foot. The footbed has arch support built into it, so when you have cranked down your bindings, it won’t flatten out and get uncomfortable.

One additional feature of the Moto is the inner shell of the boot is lined with sleeping bag reflective foil. This foil keeps your body heat in just as a sleeping bag would. While you’re out riding your feet will be comfortable and warm.

Simply put, the Moto is the perfect option for anyone who wants a value-priced boot that can do it all.


  • Price is budget friendly
  • Fit tue to size and width
  • Toe box room


  • No Boa lacing system
  • Traditional laces tend to come loose as they get wet through the day.
  • Might be too soft for advanced riders who need a responsive boot.

Riding Style: Park / All Mountain

Made for: Beginner to Intermediate

Best Double Boa Snowboard Boots 2023

Burton Ruler Boa

The Burton Ruler Boa is an all-mountain freestyle boot at a great price point. These boots offer a ton of tech and value at a low price point. If you are looking for the best snowboard boots under $300, this would be the boot I recommend buying. If you have wider feet, I also recommend considering the Burton Ruler Wide version too.

The Burton Ruler Boa has a medium flex rating of 6 out of 10. There is a balance between playfulness for the park while still being responsive for riders who love to carve. The Ruler Boa is a boot that can do it all.

Here is an overview video that covers all of the core features of the Burton Ruler Boa boots.

The shell of the Ruler Boa has the same durable light weight nature as the other Burton boots on the list. It has double reinforced stitching with flex zones to help it be easier to walk, hike, and carve. It also has the 3d molded rebounding tongue as the Ion Boa and Moto. The Burton Ruler Boa are designed to feel the same on day one as they do on day one hundred.

This Ruler Boa boot features a dual Boa lacing style system. Like other double Boa lacing systems, the configuration allows you to fine-tune your foot separately from your upper leg. The Boa coils themselves are sturdy. However, in some of the other reviews, riders have shared the tip to be careful with them as they can break. In the 2023 version, there is a one year warranty with a limited lifetime warranty on the Boa lacing system. If you ever have a problem, create a claim at Burton’s website.

The Ruler Boa also features Burton’s shrinkage technology. This boot’s overall footprint will be one full size smaller than most other boots while still being comfortable on your foot. Additionally, this boot also has Burton’s Total Comfort construction. This means the boot will have an instantly broken-in feel, and it will not get worn out over time.

The sole of the Ruler Boa features B3 Gel. This is a dampening system designed to take impact. Burton removed the ramp-like angle of the sole to give the Ruler Boa a skate like feel. Burton also added 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation and a reflective foil to keep your feet incredibly warm.

The liner of the Ruler Boa is Burton’s Imprint™ 2. It is a heat-moldable liner that uses Velcro tabs to close it. The liner has J-Bars to help increase the level of heel hold in the boot. The Ruler Boa’s footbed is an EVA foam that is lightweight and offers an added shock absorption level.

If you are looking for a double boa snowboard boot on the budget-friendly side, go with these. There are many of the same features of the Ion while still keeping the cost under $300.


  • Price is budget friendly
  • Shrinkage reduction – these have the footprint of a boot that is one full size smaller
  • Toe box room
  • Double Boa Lacing system


  • Run a little small – try one half size up

Riding Style: All Mountain / Freestyle

Made for: Beginner to Advanced

Best Snowboard Boots to Prevent Heel Lift

Salomon Dialogue Dual BOA

The Salomon Dialogue Dual Boa is a medium flexing all-mountain/freestyle snowboard boot. These are the perfect boots for anyone looking for a double boa lacing system, superior heel hold, and a ton of customization options.

These boots are perfect if you require a boot with a wider toe box. They also have a phenomenal heel hold. This Dialogue Dual Boa’s heel area is more narrow and better designed than some of the other boots on this list.

These boots have dual-zone Boa lacing systems. The Boa coil on the side allows you to customize the lower part of the boot holding your foot, while the Boa coil on the tongue will enable you to customize the upper part of the boot holding your leg. The Boa systems retract once you snap them again. It is a nice feature that saves you time and ensures the laces are always wound up in place when you are not riding.

The exterior of these boots is where a lot of the support is added in. The outer shell of the boots features focused support panels with reinforced stitching. Salomon has added in additional zones for flex and breathability. One of the shell’s best features is a heel contour built-in to keep your heel locked into your binding. The superior hold in your binding is one subtle detail that sets this apart from other boots. You can tell that comfort, warmth, and support were the main goals while designing these boots.

The sole of these boots are a combination of EVA foam and rubber. The combination makes these boots durable while still being lightweight. These boots are a reliable option for hiking the backcountry. You won’t have to worry about your feet getting cold or the sole losing its grip as you will with other boots that made the entire sole out of foam.

These boots feature a Response Liner with Ultralon Performance foam. This image shows what it looks like as well as highlights some of its key features.

It is a comfortable, fully heat moldable liner in the foot and the leg. There are internal J Bars that keeps your heel locked in place. The liner has Quickdry Insoles. It is a feature designed to speed up the drying process while still keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

If you are looking for a well-rounded snowboard boot that offers a superior fit, customizations, and virtually no heel lift, get the Salomon Dialogue Dual Boa.


  • Price is budget friendly
  • Heel lock
  • Durable and lightweight sole
  • Double Boa Lacing system


  • No added arch support
  • Some riders complain the ankle support is too much for them.

Riding Style: All Mountain / Freestyle / Park

Made for: Beginner to Advanced

Best Freeride Boots For Snowboarding

Ride Insano

The Ride Insano Focus Boa snowboard boots were made for snowboarders who want to carve and bomb hills as fast as humanly possible. These boots have an ultra-stiff flex rating of ten out of ten. These are the stiffest snowboard boots that Ride offers. The support and response these boots offer will be perfect for the backcountry riders hitting the gnarliest of terrain.

The Ride Insano boots use the H4 focus Boa lacing system. The H4 is a dual Boa system where the coil on the front adjusts the upper part of these boots while the side Boa coil tightens the boot’s lower part, which holds your foot in place.

Here is an overview video of all of the core features of the Ride Insano snowboard boots.

The Ride Insano Boa’s shell was made to be durable while focusing on reducing the number of materials used to keep these boots lighter and smaller. The Insano boots feature a TPU Toe Cap. It is a toe cap that is durable and reduced the number of materials used in the boot while offering a better fit and feel. Additionally, these snowboard boots feature HDR Premium Synthetics™. This is Ride’s premium proprietary resin that drastically improves durability and wear resistance. This material was used in high abrasion zones where bindings and board edges typically would wear down the boot.

These boots offer the perfect level of rebounding support when you are carving from heel to toe. To accomplish this, Ride added rebounding features into the heel of the boot and the tongue. The rebounding sections add in padding and rubber to help take the impact of carving all day. This feature alone makes these boots the go-to boots for snowboarders who love to carve. To top it off, Ride also added in a Michelin Peak sole. This sole is made from the same durable rubber as the brand’s tires. It is lightweight and durable while offering the perfect level of grip for hiking in the backcountry.

The liner of the Insano is the Intuition™ Dream Liner. It is a multi-density foam with a structure that was designed to be comfortable while offering the “dream” freeride performance. The liner has a Lock Down™ lacing system and is fully heat moldable. These boots use a bamboo charcoal infused mesh to manage odor and moisture while keeping your feet warm naturally. The liner includes both external and internal J bars to offer a superior reduction of heel lift. Ride added in cored ankle pockets to further enhance the level of heel hold in these boots.

The footbed of the Insano is the Impacto insole. This is a multi density foam footbed with added arch support. The foam offers and added level of shock absorption and comfort while riding all day.

If you are looking for a pair of stiff freeride boots with superior heel hold, check out the Ride Insano Focus Boa.


  • Sole made with Michelin® Tire rubber
  • Dual Boa lacing system
  • Impacto™ insole shock absorption
  • Flex rating around an 10 out of 10 – these are stiff and supportive.
  • Added arch support
  • Rebounding support while carving


  • If you are looking for an all mountain boot, these might be too stiff.
  • Some riders complain the Boa system loosens. Check your gear before every run and you will be fine.

Riding Style: Freeride / All Mountain

Made for: Intermediate to Advanced

So there you have it.

Here Are the Best Snowboard Boots for the 2023 Season:

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