Snowboarder Joe McEvoy front boarding a hand rail

Joe McEvoy: Snowboarder Profile & Video Parts

Being from this corner of North Eastern Pennsylvania, I am lucky enough to have some incredibly talented riders that I get to call my friend. One of those very talented riders is none other than Joe McEvoy.

If you don’t already, you’ll definitely want to give Joe a follow over on his Instagram profile @joepmcevoy and check out his video parts below.

Joe’s Sponsors:

Joe rides for the following companies:

What Joe Has Been Up To: 

Joe just dropped a signature hoodie and shirt design with CHECKtheFeed.
You can get it here on ChecktheFeed’s webstore.

Joe McEvoy Snowboard Shirt Design

When Joe isn’t riding, he spends his time fishing and hosting guided tours. You can learn more over on his Captain Joe’s Fishing site. 

After that, he’s been clipping up and filming video parts. 

Joe’s Video Parts:

Here are a few of Joe’s video parts.

Second Wind 2023

Not Stoned Just Stupid 2022

This is a split part featuring: Joey McEvoy, Scott Mantua, Liv Ruddell, and Jake Rome

Captains Log: Joey McEvoy 2021

2020 Part

2019 Part

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