About Spring Break Snowboards

Does Capita Own Spring Break Snowboards?

No. However, in 2013, Capita and Spring Break created a strategic partnership together that afforded Spring Break access to Capita’s cutting-edge manufacturing facilities to help ensure the creation of snowboards that met the highest quality standards. This partnership allows Spring Break to scale up its production and overall quality of its snowboards.

The collaboration between Spring Break and Capita still exists today. The Capita Spring Break Resort Twin is the collaboration’s first resort-focused board together.

All Spring Break snowboards are built in Austria at Capita’s Mothership facility.

More About Spring Break Snowboards

Corey Smith, the owner and founder of the Spring Break Snowboards brand, was a Capita professional snowboarder from 2004 until 2008. Since then, Corey has been contributing to the art direction of Capita’s snowboard designs. Corey is even the creative mind behind the art direction of Capita’s most popular snowboard, the Capita DOA and the new Capita Spring Break Resort Twin.

In 2010, Corey Smith originally created Spring Break Snowboards as an artistic line of handmade powder-specific snowboards. The goal of Spring Break Snowboards was to rekindle the original spirit of snowboarding—a spirit characterized by boundless creativity and sheer enjoyment.

Here is a video of Corey explaining why he started Spring Break Snowboards in his own words.

Spring Break’s snowboards quickly became popular as they were an alternative to the mundane, mass-produced boards that everyone was riding at their local resort. Spring Break became a creative canvas that riders could use to paint their individuality and distinctive style on the hill.

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