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Comparison: The Capita DOA Vs. the Jones Mountain Twin – Which Snowboard Is Right for You?

Choosing the right snowboard can make or break your season. Fortunately for you, though. If you’re thinking of buying either the Capita DOA or the Jones Mountain Twin, you really can’t make a wrong decision. Both of the boards rip, and you’ll enjoy either option. With that said, these boards do have a few differences, and this article will help you get a better understanding of which will be the better option for you.

I also recorded a podcast here that covers the differences of these two boards. If you would rather hear me explain it, you can check that out too.

The Comparison Chart

Snowboarding is all about finding the perfect board for your riding style. In this comparison, we’ll pit the Capita DOA against the Jones Mountain Twin, two exceptional boards that have garnered praise from snowboarders worldwide.

ConsiderationsCapita DOAJones Mountain Twin
Resort Riding11
Carving / Turns1
Ice / Poor Conditions1
Durability / Quality1
Fun to ride11
Total Points78

Summary of Results

The Capita DOA is the more freestyle-friendly option, while the Jones Mountain Twin is the more well-rounded, versatile option. Both carve exceptionally well. However, it comes down to how often you ride in powder or session the park.

  • If you enjoy park laps, go with the Capita DOA.
  • If you want a board that’s versatile enough to ride everywhere, including powder, go with the Jones Mountain Twin.

You can hear me explain the above summary in more detail in this episode of our podcast.

The Capita DOA: The Resort and Park Riding Powerhouse

The Capita Defenders of Awesome (DOA) is a snowboard that shines when it comes to park riding. Its secret weapon? Carbon. The DOA features carbon built into its construction, giving you explosive pop off jumps and park features. It’s a versatile board, that can handle the rigors of the terrain park while still offering stability for cruising around the resort.

The Jones Mountain Twin: The Versatile Resort Ripper for All Conditions

On the other hand, the Jones Mountain Twin is your go-to option for powder days. With a 3D nose and a set-back stance, it excels in deep snow. If you love riding powder as much as carving groomed runs, the Mountain Twin is the most versatile choice.

Similarities Between Both Boards

Before we dive deeper into the differences, it’s important to note the similarities between these two boards. Both the Capita DOA and the Jones Mountain Twin are flagship models that have won numerous snowboard awards. They’re both perfect all-mountain snowboards, built for resort riding on groomed days, and you can charge both in either stance.

Overview for the Capita DOA

Read our full review of the Capita DOA.

  1. Versatile All-Mountain and Park Board:
    • The Capita DOA is a twin-tail snowboard known for excelling in both all-mountain and park riding.
    • It has won seven Transworld Good Wood awards and offers a 6/10 flex rating.
    • The board is stable for carving, lightweight, durable, and provides excellent pop off jumps.
  2. Pros:
    • Exceptional Pop: The carbon construction provides impressive pop and lift off jumps.
    • Lightweight: The 2024 version includes the P2 super light core, enhancing its agility.
    • Suitable for Freestyle: It’s a go-anywhere, do-anything freestyle board.
  3. Cons:
    • Stiff Center: The center of the board is stiffer to maintain springiness for jumps.
    • Popularity: Due to its popularity, it can be sold out, and you might encounter other riders with it on the mountain.
  4. Riding Experience:
    • The DOA is versatile, suitable for carving, park riding, and jumps.
    • It offers decent edge hold, even on icy terrain.
    • It excels for short, tighter carves. However, it is not the best snowboard for riding in deep powder.
  5. Who It Is Meant For:
    • Suitable for intermediate to advanced riders who want a versatile board for carving and park riding.
    • Not recommended for beginners due to its contact points and stiffness.

Overview for the Jones Mountain Twin

Read our full review of the Jones Mountain Twin.

  • Versatile All-Mountain Board:
    • The Jones Mountain Twin is a directional twin-tail snowboard known for excelling in riding anywhere in all types of conditions.
    • It has a strong edge hold on ice (Traction Tech 3.0 / serrated edges)
    • It has a playful freestyle feel packaged in a board with a noticeable level of stability and response.
  • Pros:
    • Lightweight and easy to ride all over the mountain
    • Fast sintered base
    • Outstanding edge hold
  • Cons:
    • Slight chatter at high speeds
    • Requires frequent waxing
    • May be too soft for aggressive riders / It feels like a 4/10 flex
  • Riding Experience:
    • Effortless carving and playfulness
    • Suitable for jumps, presses, and park riding
    • Grips ice and handles various terrains
  • Who It Is Meant For:
    • Ideal for intermediate to advanced riders
    • Suited for all-mountain riders who enjoy launching off side hits and taking the occasional run through the park.
    • Particularly recommended for east coast conditions

How These Boards Compare

For Groomed Resort Riding: It’s a Tie

When it comes to resort riding, both boards perform exceptionally well. Whether you’re carving up the groomers or hitting the terrain park, the Capita DOA and the Jones Mountain Twin won’t disappoint. This category is a tie.

For Powder Performance: The Jones Mountain Twin’s Float Features

In powder, the Jones Mountain & Twin snowboard takes the lead. Thanks to its 3D nose and set-back stance, it effortlessly floats on deep snow. If powder days are your priority, the Mountain Twin is the board for you.

For Carving: It’s a Tie

Both boards excel in carving and turns. However, the Jones Mountain Twin edges out the competition with its superior edge hold. It provides a bit more stability when making those sharp turns.

For Responsiveness: The DOA Takes the Lead

If responsiveness is your top concern, the Capita DOA comes out on top. Its design makes it more responsive, allowing for quick and precise movements on the slopes.

For Speed: It’s a Tie

In terms of speed, both boards are evenly matched. Whether you’re racing down the mountain or cruising at a leisurely pace, you won’t notice a significant difference.

For Ice and Poor Conditions: The Jones Mountain Twin’s Outstanding Edge Hold 

When it comes to icy or poor conditions, the Jones Mountain Twin performs better than the Capita DOA.

The Jones Mountain Twin snowboard Features Jones’ proprietary edge technology called Traction Tech 3.0. Traction Tech 3.0 means that there are three additional contact points built into the edges of this snowboard on both sides. Traction Tech 3.0 is the primary feature that allows the Jones Mountain Twin to have a superior edge hold on ice or in more challenging, harder-packed conditions.

While the Capita DOA has an excellent level of edge hold, too, there is no additional technology worked into its edges, so the Jones Mountain Twin wins in this category.

For Switch Riding: The Capita DOA’s Centered Stance

For those who enjoy riding switch, the Capita DOA has a slight advantage due to its centered stance. It offers a more balanced experience when riding in your opposite stance.

For Jibbing: A Strength of the Capita DOA

While the Jones Mountain Twin is the slightly softer option, the Capita DOA is the stronger option for jibbing. The Capita DOA has a sweet spot that locks into features perfectly, and the carbon construction gives you the pop needed for those stylish moves.

For Jumping: The DOA’s Explosive Pop is its Primary Feature

When it comes to jumps, the Capita DOA shines again. The carbon built into the board provides explosive pop, giving you the springboard effect needed for launching you off every kicker and side hit.

The amount of pop in the Capita DOA is one of the board’s greatest highlights and why resort and park riders love the DOA so much. It’s one of the board’s primary selling features, so if you love to jump, get the DOA.

For Durability and Quality: It’s a Tie

Both the Capita DOA and the Jones Mountain Twin are known for their durability and quality construction. The only notable difference is that the Jones board comes with a one-year longer warranty.

For Buttering & Flat Ground Tricks: The Jones Mountain Twin Wins

For buttering tricks, the Jones Mountain Twin is the better option. Its slightly softer flex and longer nose make it easier to perform flat-ground tricks.

The Fun Factor: It’s a Tie

In terms of pure fun on the slopes, both boards are equally enjoyable. Whether you’re hitting the park, exploring powder, or cruising groomed runs, you’re in for a fantastic time.


In conclusion, both the Capita DOA and the Jones Mountain Twin are solid choices for snowboarders. Your decision should be based on your riding preferences. If you’re a park enthusiast who loves hitting jumps and features, the DOA is the way to go. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time in powder and enjoy buttering tricks, the Mountain Twin is the more versatile option. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either choice.


Where can I purchase these snowboards?

You can find the Capita DOA and the Jones Mountain Twin at most ski shops or online retailers.

Are these boards suitable for beginners?

Both boards can be ridden by beginners, but they are better suited for intermediate to advanced riders. Of the two, the Jones Mountain Twin is the slightly more beginner-friendly option.

Which board is more budget-friendly?

These two boards have the exact same price, so there is no cheaper option between the two. Neither company discounts their boards during the current season. However, both boards can be found on sale for the previous year from June through September. Typically, the lowest price for both of these boards is found during July 4th and Labor Day sales for the past season’s boards. With both of these boards being flagship boards there is rarely a drastic difference in the latest version beyond a new graphic. If you’re not concerned about riding last year’s graphic, you can find some great deals on the Capita DOA and Jones Mountain Twin in the off-season months.

Do I need a specific binding for these boards?

No, you can use standard snowboard bindings with both the Capita DOA and the Jones Mountain Twin. I recommend pairing either of these boards with a Union Force Binding or a Jones Mercury Binding. 

Can I use these boards for backcountry riding?

While both boards can handle some backcountry riding, they are primarily designed for resort and freestyle use. If backcountry riding is your focus, consider dedicated backcountry boards. Checkout our best freeride snowboards award list

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