Nidecker Gamma APX

Nidecker Gamma APX Review: The Apex of Slopestyle and Big Air

The Nidecker Gamma APX is the premium, higher-end option of the two Gamma snowboards that Nidecker offers. The APX (apex) version adds several upgrades to the Nidecker Gamma, including a faster base for a smoother feeling glide, additional carbon stringers for increased pop, and Nidecker’s cutting-edge APX edge technology, which is optimized for more aggressive riding, carving control and power transmission. The APX version of the Gamma is ideal for riders looking for a stiffer all-mountain freestyle board that can carve beautifully and dominate the largest of jumps.

Who is this board for: The experienced all-mountain rider who wants to hit very large features in the park.

The Highlights

Nidecker Gamma APX 2024 Snowboard

Nidecker Gamma APX Review


  1. It is built to have an explosive pop with enough response to land massive jumps.
  2. It is outstanding for carving. This board has an asym shape with Nidecker’s APX capped construction. That allows you to drive more power into the edges as you carve. It also dampens the board and makes it durable.
  3. It’s noticeably fast when you keep it waxed.
  4. It’s lightweight.
  5. It floats well, thanks to its 3D spoon nose.
  6. It’s high-end yet still affordable. This is a lot of tech added to this board for its price.


  • It has only two sizes available.
  • It isn’t for everyone. This board will feel too stiff for the park rider who just wants to jib and hit small to medium jumps. This is a hard charger meant for getting massive air.


This board only comes in two sizes so far. It’s available in either a 153cm or 157cm. For this review, I rode the 153cm.

See the Right Size Nidecker Gamma APX for You
Nidecker Gamma APX Weight Range
Size (cm) Rider Weight Range (lbs)
153 132-165
157 165+

Overview Video of The Nidecker Gamma APX

Here is a quick video that covers all of the tech features found in the Nidecker Gamma APX.

Overall Rating of the APX Version of the Nidecker Gamma

ConsiderationsRating Out 5Score Out of 100Weight (Importance to Score)
Resort Riding4.709410
Carving / Turns4.709410
Ice / Poor Conditions4.65935
Durability / Quality5.0010010
Fun to ride4.709410
Weighted Score4.5691.2

Editor’s Rating: 4.56 out of 5 star rating4.56 out of 5 stars

The Gamma APX is an aggressive all mountain freestyle board with a ton of response and enough pop to launch you to the moon. I felt confident riding it and enjoyed that it was reminiscent of the stiffer all-mountain freestyle boards I rode in the late 90s. If you’re looking for a stiffer all mountain freestyle board, this is definitely one to consider.

How Does the APX Version of the Nidecker Gamma Feel to Ride?

This is a board I felt confident riding in all conditions. I thought of it less as a park snowboard and more of an all-mountain board that was exceptional at hitting jumps in the park.

Here were some of the highlights I noticed as I was riding it.

The Gamma APX carves beautifully.

This board’s highlight is its Nidactive APX edge technology. That means it uses a combination of a capped construction in the nose and tail and a 2mm sidewall to improve power and response while carving. The capped construction allows the core to be placed directly over the edge (the core gets closer to the edges than most other snowboards), which increases the force you can exert from your bindings through the core directly to your heel and toes. Essentially, it adds an unreal level of stability, response, and power while carving.

Here is a close up image of the capped construction to show it’s glossy finish and rounded edges.

nidecker gamma apx capped construction

The combination of the APX edge technology and the board’s asymmetrical shape makes the Gamma APX an excellent choice for riders who want to take their carving to the next level.

If you were to look at the outlined shape of the board it would look like this diagram.

The nidecker gamma asymetrical sidecut radius

Asymmetrical snowboards have a deeper sidecut under the heels, which makes it easier to engage the edge and initiate turns. The shorter heelside edge can help you carve deeper turns and improve your overall riding experience.

All in all, this made the Gamma APX a really fun board to ride all over the resort.

The Gamma APX has a noticeably damp feel to it.

The board was noticeably damp from the moment I stepped on it. I rode this on a choppy early season, softer day, and I watched the nose and tail of the board chattering as I rode. However, I felt very few of those vibrations pass through under my feet.

The Gamma Apx Is Built for Jumps of All Sizes.

The APX has a traditional camber profile, stiffer flex, and carbon stringers built into its core. Combining these three details makes for a reactive board that constantly wants to snap back into its original shape. That reactivity translates into a tremendous level of pop you can get from this snowboard.

Nidecker Gamma APX with Union Ultra Bindings

The Gamma APX surprised me with how stiff it was compared to the non-APX version. The Gamma APX has a flex rating that feels like a 7/10, while the non-APX version of this board is closer to a 4/10.

The APX’s stiffer flex makes it more ideal for landing jumps with higher impacts. However, it’s the less ideal option for jibbing and butters. That’s not to say you can’t press this board. You can. It just takes a lot more energy and some speed.

I think of the Gamma APX as the more advanced slopestyle option and the non-APX Gamma as the more approachable “every man’s park board” ready to jib and hit smaller jumps.

It Has a Familiar Feel to It.

If you’ve ever ridden an early 2000s Forum, Jeenyus, or Burton camber freestlye board, you will find the Nidecker APX to have a very familiar feel to it. This board felt like a familiar, all-mountain freestyle board that I used to ride in the early 2000s with upgraded tech to make it faster, easier to carve, and more reliable.

I found the camber section of the Nidecker Gamma APX to be pretty exaggerated. I measured it as being .4 inches off the snow. If you were to look at the board’s profile from the side, it would look like this with a noticeably pronounced camber dominant arc.

The Nidecker Gamma APX Camber profile

The Gamma APX has a level of response that I haven’t felt under my feet in quite some time, and I was pleasantly reminded that I missed it while I was launching off the icy jumps we tend to get here on the East Coast.

To say it simply, it’s a snowboard I felt confident having under my feet.

The Gamma Apx Makes Initiating Spins Feel Easier.

Just like with the non-APX version, the Gamma APX’s versatile design makes it incredibly easy to spin with. The Gamma APX’s deeper heelside radius will allow you to get the perfect setup carve, while the additional pop from the massive pop you can get from this board will launch you higher and give you more power to initiate your spins.

The nidecker gamma asymetrical sidecut radius

I found the Gamma APX made landing jumps feel a little easier, too. The evolution spoon nose along with the shock absorption in the board helped me to ride away clean on a few occasions where I probably would have caught an edge on a different board. I came down slightly off axis and just skirted around into place and rode away.

It has a noticeably fast base when you wax it.

The N-9000 base in the Nidecker Gamma APX has a noticeably fast glide, especially compared to this board’s non-app version. The N-9000 base is a higher-end sintered base made with a highly dense/durable molecular structure to it. Nidecker also added carbon nanoparticles to make it the fastest base in their line. The carbon particles work to reduce the weight of the base while also improving the glide performance across a variety of snow conditions.

Here is a close-up image of the base.

nidecker n9000 base

The first time I rode the APX, I just rode it with the factory wax. At first, I wasn’t blown away. I thought the board was just moderately fast. I wrote the note “quick enough.” down. However, when I properly waxed and scraped the board, I really noticed the appeal of the N-9000 base. It’s noticeably fast when you properly wax and scrape it.

It Floats Well In Powder

Nidecker designed the Gamma APX with a 3D shaped nose and tail which helps the board float in powder. The features is called the Evolution Spoon Nose. If you were to rest the board flat and look at its nose or tail it would look like this.

nidecker's evolution spoon nose

The contact points curve upwards to allowing deeper snow to channel around your board which then allows you to float on top of it. The also helps with turn initiation and giving the board a slight catch free feel.

It’s worth noting that the 3D spoon nosed never got in the way while I was hitting jumps or features in the park, either. Sometimes a steeper 3D profile can make a board very difficult to balance on features, and that wasn’t the case with this board.

Who Is the Nidecker Gamma APX a Good Fit For?

Recommended skill level: Intermediate to advanced

Board Category: All mountain / Park Riders

Board Flex Rating: 7/10

The Primary Use: Hitting massive jumps / having speed and stability

The Types of Riders Who Will Enjoy the Nidecker Gamma APX:

  • Park riders who enjoy hitting large jumps
  • All-mountain resort riders seeking an aggressive asymmetrical twin freestyle snowboard to charge and conquer the entire mountain

Nidecker Gamma APX Snowboard 2024 Specs

Board Size (CM)153157
Nose Length (CM)2727
Contact Edge Length (CM)113103
Effective Edge Length (CM)99117
Tail Length (CM)2727
Sidecut Radius (M)7.2 Toe
6.9 Heel
7.5 Toe
7.2 Heel
Nose Width (CM)29.229.6
Underfoot Width : Front Foot (CM)26.126.6
Waist Width (CM)25.225.6
Underfoot Width : Rear Foot (CM)26.126.6
Tail Width (CM)29.229.6
Reference Stance (CM)5354
Minimum – Maximum Stance (IN)19.6 – 24.419.6 – 24.4
Recommended Weight (LBS.)132 – 165165+
Taper (CM)00
Set Back (CM)00

Which Bindings Go Well With the Nidecker Gamma APX Snowboard?

I recommend pairing the Nidecker Gamma APX with the Nidecker Supermatic bindings or Union Ultra Bindings.


Do I Recommend the Nidecker Gamma APX?

I would recommend the Nidecker Gamma APX for the right type of rider. If you’re an advanced rider in the market for a stiffer board so you can hit the largest jump lines, then I’d check the Gamma APX out. However, suppose you’re more of a beginner to intermediate-level rider who is looking to hit a little of everything in the park. In that case, I’d recommend the regular Nidecker Gamma instead of the Gamma APX.

Which Do I Prefer the Nidecker Gamma Apx or the Non-apx Version?

Overall, I found the standard version of the Gamma to be the better fit for me here on the East Coast. The non-APX version is the more well-rounded park option. It’s got a flex rating 4/10, which was more than stable enough for the smaller jumps we see while still being flexible enough to press on features. Even though it isn’t as fast or responsive as the APX version, I found myself wanting to ride the softer version of this board more. I love to nosepress, and the non-APX version made that around 20% easier, so I rode it a little more.

Where Can You Buy a Nidecker Gamma APX?

Nidecker Gamma APX Review

About the reviewer

steve weber holding the nidecker gamma apx snowboard

Rider Name: Steve Weber

Home Mountains: Big Boulder, Jack Frost, Montage – North Eastern Pennsylvania (Lots of east coast ice.)

Pre-Season Mountains: Big Snow

Size / Model: The board I reviewed was a 2024 Nidecker Gamma APX Size 153cm

Rider Weight: 142lbs

Bindings Used: 2024 Union Ultra Bindings

Boots Used: DC Phase Snowboard Boots

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