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Spy Marauder Elite Review: Are They Worth It or Not?

The Spy Marauder Elite is a high-end snow goggle designed to be comfortable and give you a clear, wide field of vision on the slopes. These goggles feature a low-profile design, a ventilation system that eliminates fogging, magnetic lens-changing capabilities, and Spy’s color-enhancing technology to keep you alert and seeing with total precision while you ride.

These goggles came highly recommended to me, so I wanted to see what they were like to wear out on the slopes. This article is my in-depth review of the 2024 Spy Marauder Elite goggles.

The Highlights

Spy Marauder Elite 2024 Goggles

Main Benefits

  1. Magnetic lens-changing goggles that offer total color-enhancing clarity and no fogging
  2. They are comfortable and stay in place
  3. They come with a bonus low-light lens

Overview Video of The Spy Marauder Elite

Spy Marauder Elite Dimensions & Specs

  • Goggle Height: 3.81 Inches
  • Goggle Width: 6.85 inches
  • Goggle Weight: 0.63 LBS
  • Fit: Medium – Large faces
  • Anti-Fog: Anti-Fog coating + RISE Ventilation System
  • Lens: ARC Injected Toric Dual-Lens
  • Lens Change: Magnetic + Locking
  • UV Protection: 100% UV
  • Frame: Polyurethane + Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

Why Did I Get the Spy Marauder Elite Goggles?

I wanted goggles with a wide field of vision that really wouldn’t fog up. My previous pair let snow inside of them once, and they fogged up every time I used them since. It was incredibly frustrating, so I wanted to replace them with a set of goggles that had the higher-end technology to eliminate all fogging. The Spy Marauder Elite goggles earned solid reviews for their fog prevention, so I had to try them for myself.

Overall Rating of the Spy Marauder Elite Goggles 2023 – 2024

ConsiderationsRating Out 5Score Out of 100Weight (Importance to Score)
Lens Quality4.809620
Ventilation / Breathability4.609210
Vision Clarity / Color Enhance5.0010010
Comfort / Padding4.70945
UV Protection5.001005
Helmet Compatibility5.001005
Size Availability3.50705
Prescription Compatibility 4.75955
Additional Features / Bonus Lenses5.001005
Overall Value5.001005
Weighted Score4.7895.76

Editor’s Rating: 4.78 out of 5 stars

The Marauder Elite was comfortable, offered a clear field of vision, and didn’t fog at all. Overall, they were everything I could have hoped for, and their score reflects this.


They Don’t Fog

Fogging occurs when warm, moist air (containing water vapor) comes into contact with a cooler surface of the inside of your Goggles’ lenses. As the warm air cools, the water vapor condenses into tiny water droplets that collect inside, or on, your Goggles lenses. These droplets can freeze, making it impossible to see.

The Spy Marauder Elite goggles completely eliminate fog from collecting thanks to their anti-fog coating and innovative RISE Ventilation System. This system uses strategically placed vents in the goggles’ subframe to create a natural vacuum effect that draws warm, fog-causing air out from behind the lens and toward the front. This airflow works to warm up your lenses and prevent water vapor from collecting, allowing you to see clearly as you ride.

Additionally, the Marauder Elite has a generous layer of foam that lines its top and bottom to keep snowfall and ice out as you ride. If snowfall collects at the top of your goggles, wipe them off and keep riding.

Their Contrast Enhancing Lenses

The 2024 Marauder Elite Goggles have a new feature called Happy Boost, which enhances the goggles’ color and contrast by 30% more than what your naked eye can see. This feature lets you see more detail in the snow as you ride, making it incredibly helpful while getting set up for hitting a feature in the park. Spy named this technology Happy Boost because when you see better, you are more alert, which boosts your mood. They are “tuned to boost mood and alertness.”

Here is an image showing a close-up of a white column in my basement. The picture gives you an idea of how much the black 12.4% LVT lens enhances a white color.

They Are Very Comfortable to Wear

The soft lining conforms to your face, making a tight seal that doesn’t allow air in, yet it is still comfortable to wear. The size seems suitable for most faces; even with my smaller face, they didn’t get in the way. The ventilation system makes them breathable, too. You’ll barely notice they are there as you get used to them.

They Have a Magnetic Lens Locking System

Swapping out lenses is incredibly easy. There are two levers on the side that you flip, and then the lens is held in place by six strategically placed magnets throughout the frame. You simply pull the lens off, put the new one on, and flip the two side levers back in place to lock the lenses down.

They Stay In Place

On the back of the goggle’s band, there is a lining of rubber that works to keep your goggles in place on your helmet.

The Marauder Elite goggles feature dual standard buckles with grooves on top to make them easier to adjust as you ride. These buckles stay securely fastened thanks to the grippy rubber lining, as shown in the picture above.

They Come With a Bonus Low Light Lens

The 2024 Marauder Elite also comes with a bonus low-light lens. For this review, I got the SPY+ Eric Jackson Black Marauder Elite Frames, which came with a Black Mirror Lens and a bonus Coral Red low-light lens.

Here are the lenses mine came with.

  1. S3 12.4% Strong Light Transmission Bronze Black Spectra Lens
  2. S1 54% Low Light Transmission Red Coral Lens

They Have a Wide Field of Vision

The Spy Marauder Elite goggles feature Toric lenses. These lenses combine the shape of both a cylindrical and spherical lens, providing superior optical clarity with a wide field of vision. This design mimics the eye’s curvature with fewer surface points for UV rays to penetrate, offering distortion-free views while preventing fogging.

They Come With a 2 Year Warranty

All Spy snow goggles come with a one-year warranty, covering most issues except lens scratches.

Warranty PeriodSpecific Exclusions
2 years from original date of purchase by the original end-user purchaserThis warranty does not cover scratched lenses.


They Don’t Come With a Hard Shell Case

They only come with a soft shell bag as their case. While it is a really nice soft case with a pocket for the bonus lens, I recommend picking up a cheap hard-shell goggle case from Amazon like this one to avoid any issues.

They Are On The Expensive Side

While these goggles are worth every cent due to their performance, they come with a steeper price tag, typically above $270.

Who Is the Marauder Elite a Good Fit For?

Any skier or snowboarder with a medium to large face is looking for magnetic lens-changing goggles that are comfortable, won’t fog, and offer a fantastic deal with the bonus low-light lens.

The Main Summary: Is the Spy Marauder Elite Worth It?

These goggles worked exactly as described and are 100% worth checking out. 

They didn’t fog. They were breathable, and I could see with total clarity. If you’re looking for a Goggle with magnetic lenses, 100% fog prevention, and color-changing technology, I highly recommend checking out the Spy Marauder Elite goggles.

Which helmets pair well with the Spy Marauder Elite Goggles?

Any Giro, Spy, or Bolle helmet will work well. With no issues, I used these goggles with my Bolle’ Mute and Giro Ledge helmets.

Where Can You Buy a Spy Marauder Elite?

You can buy the 2024 Spy Marauder Elite Goggles right from Spy’s website here.

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