Best Wakeboards 2021

The 10 Best Wakeboards 2021

There is something about having fresh gear that makes you a more confident, better rider.

You get more air because the pop in your wakeboard is snappy on point. The wakeboard tech advances, so your new deck is lighter and more maneuverable. This allows you to dial in those 720s you’ve been working on. When you look down at your deck, the graphic isn’t trashed yet, so you look at it more and that makes you want to ride more.

The better your gear rides, the more you ride. The more you ride, the better you get, and the cycle repeats.

So with that, we compiled our list of the best wakeboards for the 2021 season. There is a wakeboard on this list for every type of rider, so let’s get right to it.

Best Overall Wakeboard (Lightest & Most Durable)

Hyperlite Riot NOVA Wakeboard 2021

The Hyperlite Riot NOVA Wakeboard is the lightest and most durable deck that you can buy. If you a boat rider looking for the top of the line technology to help you explode off the wake, this is the wakeboard you should buy.

The Riot Nova offers a fast, smooth, and forgiving ride. Hyperlite added in a beveled edge between the tip and tail of the wakeboard. The edges have a ten-degree upward curvature on both the heelside and toeside edges between your feet while having sharper, more aggressive edges outside of your feet. This combination of forgiving and sharp edges makes the wakeboard easier to land tricks without sacrificing an ounce of speed. You will be able to charge into the wake, launch into the air, and even if you are slightly off-axis, you will be able to ride away clean.

The rocker type on this deck is an abrupt continuous rocker. The dual concave will help reduce friction while the abrupt angles add in massive levels of pop. This wakeboard is specifically designed to get you in the air.

The Riot NOVA’s base features a spine in the center explicitly designed to help you absorb shock and power through hard landings. The spine disperses water as you land, adding in a level of impact absorption. When you land out in the flat, your knees will thank you.

On the base between your feet, there are two channels. These help the grip into the wake. As you get an aggressive cut into the water, you gain speed. These two channels allow you to hold that speed for a split second longer, offering the deck more pop off the wake than most other boards.

When you look at the wakeboard’s top layer, you will notice that Hyperlite added in the carbon Pop Top. This means that carbon fiber was woven into the top sheet of the deck. The carbon keeps this deck lightweight while giving the board its spring-like pop. Think of the carbon as adding a diving board type feel to the wakeboard. The carbon wants this wakeboard to always return to its original shape. As you load your weight on it, it will launch you with its explosive pop.

The Hyperlite Riot Nova features monocoque construction. The construction of the wakeboard is what makes it extremely durable. Hyperlite has integrated both the top and the bottom sheets of this wakeboard as one. The construction prevents the wakeboard from delaminating or cracking on the sides.

The feature that truly sets this wakeboard above all other wakeboards is its core. Hyperlite added in the industry’s lightest material for the core of this wakeboard. The NOVA core. The NOVA core makes this one of the lightest wakeboards out there. Having a lighter wakeboard allows for less swing weight. This means spin tricks will be easier, and the deck will be more maneuverable all around. You won’t have to put as much energy into riding this as you would other decks.

If you are looking for a deck that will give you explosive pop off the wake, help make landings easier, and is virtually indestructible, then get this wakeboard immediately.


  • Variable beveled edge design – makes it easier to ride
  • Explosive spring board-like pop – This deck has carbon built in.
  • Nova lightweight core
  • Durable construction
  • ABS reinforced fins that won’t wear easily
  • The continuous rocker profile
  • Best wakeboards overall


Sizes: 138cm, 141cm. 144cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 4

Rider Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced / Expert

Editor’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

GTIN: 00054065724418

Best Wakeboard for Beginners

Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard 2022

The Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard is an asymmetrical wakeboard with a lot of added tech to help you learn, progress, and have fun wakeboarding.

This wakeboard is designed to make turning easier for you. The State 2.0 has an asymmetrical wakeboard design where if you looked at the tip and sides, you would notice one side is shorter than the other. On this deck, the toe side edge is shorter, while the heelside is longer. When you are wakeboarding, you are naturally on your heelside more often. Toeside turns tend to require a little more pressure, which can feel awkward while you are learning. The shape of this wakeboard accounts for this. There is less material on the side that is more difficult to turn. Less material means less friction, which reduces your learning curve while offering a smooth ride.

The State 2.0 has an abrupt continuous rocker type. This rocker type can be described as a continuous rocker that bends shallower in the middle and then abruptly towards the ends. The added abrupt angle gives the wakeboard additional pop without sacrificing speed into the wake.

This deck has four moldable fins and two removable fins. The idea is tha Hyperlite wanted to keep it simple for you. You wouldn’t have to make any adjustments, and this deck is ready to ride. The molded-in fins were reinforced with ABS plastic to prevent them from wearing down easily. While the removable fins allow you to make any fine-tune adjustments, you might need to. The State 2.0 has an excellent channel design with a slight wedge in the center. The wedge helps you gain an entry and soften the landings if you land out in the flat from a massive air.

The Hyperlite State 2.0 is made with a durable Biolite 3 Core. Hyperlite has been perfecting their recipe of Biolite since they started. Bio 3 is the most durable and lightest material they have used yet.

The laminates of the wakeboard are Layered glass. Traditional woven fiberglass tends to separate. By using layered glass, this deck will have the same feel to its pop year after year. This board also features a monocoque construction. That means that Hyperlite has integrated both the top and bottom layers of fiberglass into one. This makes for a more durable deck while preventing delamination from side impacts.

There are two sizes of the wakeboard, which will vary the angles and dimensions. You should select the version of the wakeboard based on your weight. A rough gauge would be like this. If you are under 155 lbs, you will want the 135cm version of this wakeboard. If you are over 155 lbs, get the 140cm version of this wakeboard.

If you are a beginner to an intermediate rider looking to progress quickly, go with the Hyperlite State 2.0 wakeboard. If you want to see some other beginner friendly wakeboard packages, check out our best wakeboards for beginners guide.


  • Asymmetrical design – makes it easier to ride
  • Added pop
  • Durable wakeboard
  • Lightweight
  • ABS reinforced fins that won’t wear easily
  • Best wakeboards for beginners


  • Not for intermediate or expert riders
  • On the slower, better for beginners side

Sizes: 134cm, 139cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 2

Rider Skill Level: Beginner

Editor’s Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

GTIN: 00054065726511

Best Hybrid Wakeboard / For Boat & Cable Park Riding

Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard 2022

The Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard is perfect if you want a wakeboard that is as great behind a boat as it is in the cable park. The Nomad is a fun, pressable, and durable ride. If you are looking for a crossover board that can do it all, check out the Nomad.

The first detail you will notice about the Slingshot Nomad is that it comes in a few larger sizes. The Nomad set the trend for the larger decks that you see out there today. Slingshot found that having a larger wakeboard when riding behind a boat is less demanding on your body. There is a little more drag in the water, which relieves some of the tension on your arms, allowing you to ride longer. Additionally, there is more surface to help soften your landings, which your knees will thank you for in the long run. The benefits didn’t stop with boat riding, though. Having a larger wakeboard helps significantly in the park too. Longer wakeboards offer more surface for hitting rails and allow for a little more flex and tweakability in your tricks.

The Nomad has a continuous rocker profile. While looking at the wakeboard on its side, you will see it is a very mellow rocker. This helps with keeping speed, reducing arm fatigue, and it gives the board a fun skate like feel. The Nomad gives you a smooth, predictable ride that offers the same level of pop without wearing down over time.

This deck has a medium flex. It feels stiff in the center between your feet, and it is very flexible outside of your feet in the tip and tail. When you are in the park, you will find this wakeboard to be pressable with little effort.

The core of the Nomad is Slingshot’s Atomic Wood core. It is a core made entirely of vertically laminated wood. The wood core gives the wakeboard its pressable flex while keeping your landings soft and giving the board its skate like feel.

The Slingshot Nomad wakeboard has excellent channeling. The channels give the board extra grip and stability while ensuring there is the perfect tension level in the line as you pop off the wake. If you are going to ride park, you also have the option to remove the bolt-on fins. The channeling in the wakeboard is enough to have a solid time jibbing.

The base of the Nomad is Slingshot’s sintered Ballistic Base. The base is insanely durable. The Nomad can take the abuse of hitting rails while remaining fast on the water.

Slingshot worked in the same durable material used in skateboard wheels into the Nomad’s sidewalls. The benefit here is that it protects the wakeboard’s core from taking abuse in the park while offering dampening properties to the board for a smoother ride.

If you are looking for a durable, do-it-all wakeboard that is fun and easy to ride, then get the Slingshot Nomad.


  • Reduces arm fatigue so you can ride longer
  • Removable Fins
  • Insanely durable base
  • Very pressable
  • The continuous rocker profile
  • Best wakeboards for both cable parks and behind the boat


  • Not the fastest
  • Mellow rocker – While it won’t give you an explosive pop, It does have a predictable smooth feel.

Sizes: 145cm, 150cm, 155cm, 160cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 4

Rider Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced (Anyone)

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

GTIN: 00840362144383

Best Wakeboard for Intermediate Riders

Ronix One Timebomb 2021

The Ronix One Timebomb is one of the fastest and most explosive wakeboards out there. If you are an intermediate to advanced rider looking for an energetic, responsive, and rapid fast wakeboard, this is it.

The profile of the Ronix One Timebomb is a 3-stage rocker. The rocker line’s angle is abrupt, and it will give you an extra kick of energy off the wake. The Ronix One Timebomb was explicitly designed to launch you off the wake with a snappier pop than some of the other wakeboards on the list.

The main selling feature of this board is the construction of its core. Ronix designed this board with the Timebomb fused core. It is a high-end fused construction that offers a lighter weight and explosive pop. Ronix doesn’t disclose what materials it includes. However, the specs mention a combination of Air Core 3, Mod Pour Foam, and carbon fiber. The high-end foam mixed with carbon construction makes the board stiffer yet more lively. It is a carbon board with the feel of fiberglass.

This board has an I-Beam glass layup. This means that there is a second piece of fiberglass wrapped through the core. The I-Beam gives the board its durability, snappiness while offering an extra level of shock absorption. The result is a responsive construction that offers softer landings than any other wakeboards that use carbon.

The One Timbebomb has Fuse stringers. If you were to look at the board downward at the board, you would notice it has four hollowed-out carbon rods running through the length of the deck. These add to the stiffness of the board while giving the board its reactive, explosive feel. The stringers also make the board stronger, and it won’t lose its pop over time. It will ride the same on your first set as your 100th set.

This board is extremely fast and can hold an edge, unlike any board you have ridden. Ronix designed the base to be low friction and put time into designing its urethane poured speedwalls. The speedwalls will allow the board to get an effective edge with less drag. You will notice it most when you turn into the wake and gain a ton of speed.

If you are looking for a board that is lightweight, fast, has a ton of pop, and will feel the same every time you ride it, check out the Ronix One Timebomb.


  • Explosive pop
  • Urethane speed walls – holds an edge allows you to gain speed into the wake
  • Timebomb fused core – durable and lightweight
  • Lighter and more maneuverable than other carbon boards
  • Best wakeboards for intermediate riders


  • Might be too explosive for beginners
  • Higher price tag

Sizes: 132cm, 138cm, 142cm, 146cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 4

Rider Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced / Expert

Editor’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

GTIN: 00711221321903

Best Wakeboard for Advanced Riders

Ronix RXT Wakeboard 2021

The Ronix RXT wakeboard is one of the highest-end boards for a good reason. This deck rips. It has the lightweight blackout technology construction with a continuous rocker profile. If you are looking for an explosive, lightweight board that will ride smooth and keep your landings soft, go with the Ronix RXT wakeboard.


  • Explosive pop in a continuous rocker
  • Urethane speed walls and saw cut rails – In credible edge hold for gaining speed
  • Blackout technology- durable and lightweight while keeping landings soft
  • Lighter and more maneuverable than other wakeboards on this list
  • Best wakeboards for advanced riders


  • More expensive side – It is worth it though.

Sizes: 136cm, 140cm, 144cm, 148cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 4

Rider Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced / Expert

Editor’s Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

GTIN: 00711221321798

Best Wakeboard for Air Tricks

Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard 2021

The Liquid Force Remedy wakeboard is Harley Clifford’s pro model. It is one of the best boards you can get if you are looking for more air time behind a boat. This board has a few features that will improve your riding and launch you even higher and allow for softer landings.

The Remedy has an aggressive three stage rocker profile. There is a flatter curve between your feet and then an exaggerated angle in the tip and tail. The rocker profile was explicitly designed to give you an extra three feet boost as you pop off the wake.

The Remedy’s hull has three channels in the center of the board inside of a single flow that goes down the board’s entire base. This allows water to pass through the wakeboard’s bottom quickly while offering the perfect level of grip while riding. There are quad channels combined with the Bladed RX Quad Fin setup give the wakeboard an added level of grip while allowing a faster, snappier pop off the wake.

Liquid Force gave the Remedy thin profile, low volume rails. The edge design of this wakeboard allows it to sink into the water with surgical precision. The thin design reduces friction, making the wakeboard even faster as you turn into the wake. The thin profile combined with the channel system gives the Remedy an added level of responsiveness while making the board a little more forgiving if you land slightly off-axis.

The Remedy has a wider tip shape to give you more pop off the wake. Since wider tips can often make the wakeboard slower, Liquid Force added a small v like cut out in the tip and tail. As a result, the Remedy has a wider profile to help with the snap off the wake while making it agile and ensuring the board is as fast as possible.

This is a durable wakeboard that will last for years to come. The core of the Remedy is a lightweight and durable compression-molded PU core. The core is wrapped in a Pro-Glass Combo Layup. The core and fiberglass are combined to give the board the ultimate strength to weight ratio.

If you are looking for a fast wakeboard that has additional pop, is responsive, and allows for softer, more forgiving landings, buy the Liquid Force Remedy 2021.


  • Designed to give you more air time
  • Fast while giving extra control
  • Lightweight / Durable Base
  • Bladed RX Quad Fin Setup
  • Pairs perfectly with Liquid Force’s 6x binding system.
  • 3 stage rocker profile
  • Best wakeboards for airs and spins


  • Not very pressable. This is a stiffer wakeboard.
  • This is not a beginner friendly board.

Sizes: 134cm, 138cm, 142cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 4

Rider Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced / Expert

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

GTIN: 00013576496412

Note: The Liquid Force Remedy is starting to sell out online. There is a sale running on last year’s model though. Learn more about the 2020 model here.

Best Wakeboard for Rails

Slingshot Coalition wakeboard 2021

The Slingshot Coalition Wakeboard is a soft flexing deck that is perfect for hitting rails in the park. While it is flexible, it will feel like a versatile, forgiving, and smooth-riding deck (rather than a lifeless noodle). This is an excellent wakeboard for any rider looking for a cable park-specific setup.

The board offers a consistent flex throughout the entire length of the wakeboard. It will flex the same in the board’s center as it does in its tip and tail. You will find that it is easily pressable. You will be able to noseslide and tweak the deck to make it look so stylish.

The Coalition has some carbon built into it to improve the flex and feel of the wakeboard. Slingshot added in inserts that are directly under your feet while you ride. These inserts remove any dead spots in the flex, making the board’s flex feel as consistent in the board’s center as it does in the nose and tail.

There is a hybrid rocker profile in the Slingshot Coalition. If you were looking at the side of the wakeboard, it would look like a smooth continuous rocker through the middle between your feet and then a more exaggerated angle in the nose and tail. The hybrid rocker profile allows you to get faster top water speed while still giving the wakeboard an extra level of pop than you would find in a traditional continuous rocker wakeboard.

This board was designed to be a catch-free park focused board. Looking at the base of the deck, you will notice there are very few features on the base. There are no fins or channels that will catch while you are hitting rails. Instead, Slingshot added in Chined Rails to make boardslides easier and ensure the edges will not catch while you are on rails. You will notice the Chined Rails as the board’s sides curving upward approximately .1875 of an inch. This slight curvature is what makes the board catch-free on rails and boxes.

The Slingshot Coalition Wakeboard comes in five different sizes. If you decide to go with either of the two larger 153cm or 157cm sizes, Slingshot added in an additional fifth insert. This additional stance option allows you to get your boots closer to the board’s center, allowing you to really flex the nose and tail.

This deck is insanely durable. Slingshot added skate wheel urethane into the sidewalls of the deck. You wouldn’t have to worry about the Coalition delaminating if it were to accidentally take a side impact against a rail. Additionally, the urethane provides an added level of flex and dampening while you ride.

The core of the Slingshot Coalition features vertically laminated wood. This gives the board its flex and skate like feel. It is the base that makes this deck a beast in the park, though. Slingshot added in its Ballistic base in the Coalition. It has 0.2756 of an inch of bulletproof protection between your board and the rails and boxes you’re hitting in the park. The bulletproof construction makes this one of the most durable wakeboard bases you can get. It is designed to take the abuse of hitting rails and boxes for years.

If you are looking for a smooth, predictable wakeboard with a ton of flex for hitting a rail park, then get the Slingshot Coalition Wakeboard.


  • Designed to hit rails and flex
  • Predictable smooth ride / skate like feel
  • Durable Base and sidewalls
  • Additional fifth stance option on larger sizes
  • Best wakeboards for hitting rails


  • Some of the flex features might not make it the most beginner friendly option.
  • Won’t have as much pop as some others on this list. (It is more of a press / jib deck.)

Sizes: 141cm, 145cm, 149cm, 153cm, 157cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 0

Rider Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced (Anyone)

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

GTIN: 00840362144185

Best Wakeboards Under $300

Liquid Force Classic Wakeboard 2021

The Liquid Force Classic is Wakeboard legend Shawn Watson’s pro model. The Classic has been a best seller in Liquid Force’s line since 2006. It is designed to be an inexpensive entry-level board with a ton of high-performance features. If you are looking for one board that the entire family could use regardless of their skill level, this is it.

The Classic is designed to be easy to ride with its three stage rocker profile. A three stage rocker can be described similar to the shape of a skateboard. The wakeboard’s nose and tail are curved at upward angles while its base is relatively flat. The profile shape makes the Classic an easy board to ride that can go fast and offer an extra level of pop for higher airs.

On the base of the board, there are four molded-in fins and two additional removable fins. The molded fins are in the side corners of the nose and tail. The removable fins are in the nose and tail’s center. The molded fins are on the shallow yet longer side. These allow the board to lock in an edge easier while turning into the wake, making it easier to generate speed for launching off the wake. The removable fins offer the Classic an added level of grip and stability. If you are a beginner, you have the option of leaving these center fins in. If you are more of an advanced rider, you will probably want to remove them.

The belly of the base has two wider channels. If you were to put the board flat on its base, you would see a slight V shape in the center with two concave sections. These sections allow the board to absorb shock so you can land a little softer while allowing water to pass underneath your feet easier, making the board faster.

The Classic wakeboard is made with Liquid Fore’s Precision PU Core. It was designed to be lightweight and durable, so it will last you for years to come. The board has a Dura-Glass Layup, which makes it a little on the stiffer side. It will be easier to generate speed. However, it isn’t as pressable or flexible as some of the boards on the list.

If you are searching for the best wakeboards that are also under the $300 price point, then check out the Liquid Force Classic. Also check out our review of the Liquid Force Trip on our guide to the best beginner friendly wakeboards. The Liquid Force Trip is also under $300, and it has a rocker line designed to give you an extra little boost of air. Depending on your riding style, you might want to check out the Trip too.


  • Cheap price point while still being an incredible deck
  • One of the best wakeboards for beginners because it is an easy to ride
  • 3 stage rocker profile
  • Two removable fins / four molded in fins – offer an added level of grip
  • Best wakeboards under $300


  • Missing some of the tech features to launch you
  • A little heavier than other wakeboards on this list
  • Not the right deck for a cable park – better for boat riding

Sizes: 130cm, 134cm, 138cm, 142cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 6

Rider Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced / Expert (Anyone)

Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

GTIN: 00013576474168

Best Wakeboards For Soft Landings

Hyperlite Murray Pro Wakeboard 2021

The Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard is a mellow three-stage rocker that is perfect for riders of all skill levels. This wakeboard is Shaun Murray’s signature pro model, and there are a ton of features crammed into it that makes it pop incredibly well, keep it lightweight, and soften your landings to a level you have never felt before.

Shaun made the curvature of the three-stage rocker on this deck accelerates right under your feet. The key difference with this 3-stage rocker profile is that it isn’t flat in the belly of the board. The Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard has a more spoonlike in the center. The idea here is that the board’s profile offers a ton of pop for your airs while distributing water evenly to keep your landings soft.

Another key feature to soften your landings is the spine Shaun Murray added to the board’s base. Running down the center of the base, you will see a small ridge. This ridge serves two purposes. It aids in distributing water, and it helps you land more centered. If you’re a beginner just learning to ride, you will find that this deck is easier to land on than others on the list.

The edges of the Murray Wakeboard are rolled to help make your turn initiation easier. This feature helps the board be on the more playful side. You will be able to slide around and do high-speed whips with ease.

The deck is made with Hyperlite’s Biolite 3 core. It is durable and insanely light. The Murray deck has monocoque construction where the top and bottom layers of the glass are all one piece, so you won’t need to worry about delamination. This is a wakeboard that will last you for years to come.

Lastly, while I reviewed the men’s version of this deck, there is a women’s version called the Prizim which you should check out here too.

If you’re looking for the board with tech features for you to go huge and land soft, get the Hyperlite Murray Pro.


  • Unique 3-stage rocker profile on the more mellow beginner friendly side
  • Mellow center landing spine – This helps you land soft by distributing water evenly as you land
  • Lightweight
  • Durable / monocoque construction
  • Lightweight
  • Has tons of pop with carbon fiber layers built into it


  • Some of the features might make this too playful. If you’re looking for a more aggressive edge, you might want to go with another deck on the list.

Sizes: 139cm, 144cm, 150cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 4

Rider Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced (Anyone)

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

GTIN: 00054065725392

Note: The Hyperlite Murray Pro is starting to sell out online. There is a sale running on last year’s model, though. Learn more about the 2020 model here.

Best Women’s Boat Wakeboard Under $350

Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard 2021

The Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight is a boat wakeboard for any skill level designed specifically for the ladies. This has a hybrid-style shape where it blends a continuous rocker in the center with a 3 stage rocker in the nose and tail. The benefit is a board that feels smooth and easy to ride, while it can still give you an extra kick off of the wake.

Ronix added in grip and release channels into the base of this board. You will get additional traction for making your turns feel more powerful (and easier) without adding any additional resistance on the water. This board will carve into the wake faster and get you more air without being overly difficult to ride.

If you are looking for a boat wakeboard that does it all for under $350, then check out the Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight women’s wakeboard.


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent traction from the grip and release channels
  • Lightweight / Durable
  • Hybrid shape – combines the best of a 3 stage rocker with a continuous rocker
  • Best wakeboards for women / riding behind the boat


  • It can take some getting used to. This is on the softer 4/10 flex side. It is still responsive; you will just need to find its sweet spot.

Sizes: 129cm, 134cm, 138cm

Mount Pattern: M6

Fins: 4

Rider Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced (Anyone)

Editor’s Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

GTIN: 00711221314110

So there you have it.

Here are the top 10 wakeboards for the 2021.
  1. Best for Beginners: Hyperlite State 2.0 2021
  2. Best Wakeboards For Both Boat and Parks: Slingshot Nomad
  3. Best Wakeboards Overall: Hyperlite Riot NOVA 2021
  4. Best Wakeboards for Intermediate Riders: Ronix One Timebomb 2021
  5. Best Wakeboards for Advanced Riders: Ronix RXT Wakeboard 2021
  6. Best Wakeboards for Hitting Rails: Slingshot Coalition 2021
  7. Best Wakeboards for Jumping: Liquid Force Remedy 2021
  8. Best Wakeboards Under $300: Liquid Force Classic 2021
  9. Best Wakeboards For Soft Landings: Hyperlite Murray Pro Wakeboard 2021
  10. Best Women’s Boat Wakeboard Under $350: Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard 2021
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